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Legal Requirements and Benefits of Health and Safety

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In the field of health and occupation and safety, health organizations are helping to increase the importance of the establishment of occupational safety. Every kind of organization has different types of various tools are there, including some business plan, strategic plan, and also a long development of the plan. The goal of an organization mainly depends on the workplace and risk associate program to design the facility of management. This study is to help to describe legislative requirements and benefits of health. On the other hand, it will describe risk assessment, economics principle, back care, and autonomy.

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1. Legislation requirements and health benefits

Explain the main components of relevant safety and health legislation

In any kind of organization, health and safety legislation is very much important for developing a successful organization. The act of safety and health at work Act 1974 depends on a primary piece of legislation government. The main piece of regulation is dependent on the safety regulation in Ireland (Alves de Castro 2020, p.10).  Following the guideline of health and safety procedures in Ireland has some key policies and dependent on the work environment of policies and procedure.  

Safety and health at work etc. 1974

This act is helping to define the general duties of every employer and it also depends on owners, and employee maintenance of work premises. It helps to maintain health and safety legislation in most of the workplace. This act itself collection of specific legislation for business sectors and operate in a high-risk environment. It operates with some different types of additions and updates without having to create a new bill (McNamara et al., 2017, p.384). 

Discuss Health organization benefit from an integrated approach to the manual handling management

In every kind of safety and health organization, integrated approach plays a vital role in the development of the organization. A health organization has different types of benefits over the integrated approach. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

●       An organization approach helps to define a health approach on the multidisciplinary and multi-discipline method that helps to increase the method in support of the promotion.

●       Integrated worker of health protection and promotion is dependent on the effectiveness of health care program depended on the current legislation of health and safety management.

●       It helps to identify the studies, including some health-related outcomes and it defined the literature in economic indicators (Hogan et al., 2017, p.522).  

●       Integrated leadership approach help to commitment makes workers safety and the health and well-being of this entire organization. It helps to drive accountability and also provides some necessary changes in health work conditions.       

2. Anatomy and back care

Define the main components of the spinal column includes discs, ligaments, bones, nerves, and muscles

The spine is the backbone of the skill that points to the pelvis. It seemed to be pillars to support the body weight and helps to protect the spinal cord. It has some natural curves that helped to stress by providing some bodyweight (Martin et al. 2016, p.12).   

Interverbel disc

It has flat, round and pads between the acts of absorbers. The function of disks helps to hold the vertebrae together with more flexibility with the verbal column. 


It was mainly dependent on the spinal cords and the column of the nerves responsible and receiving messages from the brain through the spinal cords. It helps to control the movement of the controlling of the functioning organization.

Joints and bones

It was the separate components that help to link from the tunnel to protect the spinal cords and nerves. Lumbar vertebrae help to be exposed to significant and pressure from the weight.

Explain the main risk factor for back injuries related to manual handling

There are multiple risk factor is present that help to make manual handling hazardous and help to motivate the risk of musculoskeletal injury (Nnedinma 2016, p.460). The risk factor is present at the same time as back injuries. It examples within five major risk factor are present in those categories.


●       Bulky, heavy, and unwieldy.

●       It was difficult to grasp.

●       Unstable to move unpredictably.

●       Harmful

●       Very large to handle to avoid the handler.

The task

●       Hold the loads away from the body.

●       Static postures and awkwardness (Manu et al. 2018, p.188).

●       Applying with high forces.

●       Long distances caring.

●       Respective moments involve within the same  joint

Work environment

●       A limited type of space.

●       Intensity and vibration.

●       Excessive heat and cold (Umeokafor, 2017, p.13). 

●       Slippery and dirty floor

Physiological and organizational factor   

●       Work demanding and lack of controlling power.

●       Job satisfaction at a low rate.

●       Lower support from the colleague. 

●       Working without any opportunity.

Individual factor

●       History in medical line.

●       Capability is a physical concern.

●       The characteristics of anthropology

Load characteristics

Highly load is help to define the impact of the MSD’s, typically defined as one of the following conditions that were present during the lifting. It was helped pull pulling pushing loads of back injuries.

Describe the current concepts of back care

In this study, manual handling helps to define physically helping to the other persons and it moves into the other persons to stand up and a chair walk and much more. In the current century, back care is helpful in handling and helps others. It means help to another person to stand up from the physical vulnerability of individual positioning. It helps to reduce the risk of manual handling problems and increased some following basic rules. It is very important to be aware of the limitation of the manual handling project (Russell et al., 2018, p.23). Physically needs strong care that able to certain things like any requirements in certain conditions. It is safe to lift the person that helps to care with the back care ingredients. The skin may be teaching and caring with the risk of developing a pressure source. Always aware form the particular strong person, even though the fill of effect of assisting someone.

Another hazard has to be aware of the risk of the assisted person. That assist slips with evident from the severe consequences.

3. Ergonomic Principle and risk assessment

Describe the concept of ergonomics to include a description         

Ergonomics is a scientific factor that will be concerned with humans and any other elements of a system. The profession is helping to apply some theories and principles for optimizing the wellbeing method on the overall system performance. Ergonomic work is coming to form the Greek word ergon, that means Nomo’s and work (Sirrs 2016, p.23). On the other hand, it defines a law of work as essential. It helps to remove all of the incompleteness between the worker and work that helps to create an optimal work environment. It helps to draw different types of the working environment and also the worker. Some different types of ergonomics are described below.

Physical ergonomics

It was concerned with the human anatomical, physiological and anthropometric and biometric characterize as they relate with the help of the physical activity. It has the largest ergonomics domain that was mostly concerned with the workplace.

Workplace Ergonomics

It helped to fit some workplace conditions and jobs demanding over the capabilities of the working population. Ergonomics mainly depends on an approach or a solution for dealing with a different number of problems (Thomsos 2016, p.12). It consists of a better approach to the workplace. 

Explain mutual handling risk assessment process

It is a process of identifying risk evaluating and defence a strategy. Five approaches to the risk assessment process are defined below.

Avoidance and Retention

It is a method of migration that was risked by the help of injury sickness or death. According to avoiding this kind of lesson, both health and financial risk are very important for the development of the study. It is an acknowledgement of the assessment of the risk given in the study. The cost is helping to down the road in such an option.

Sharing and transferring

Sharing helps to be implemented in the study of the employer basis of benefit and it allows the portion of the premium of the employee (Nie et al. 2018, p.268). In case of some differences, it may not be harmful to transferring the same material.

Describe a range of controls to reduce and avoid the risk of injuries

Injury recovery is very important for the development of health and safety legislation. According to the surgery into the Harvard medical store, some generic hospital sports are helpful. It can take a longer time for developing the injured areas to recover from a smaller injury and areas of remain during the recovery period (Martínez et al. 2016, p.181). Some of the controlled rages are described below.

●       Ligament injuries are helping to control and connect with other bones.

●       Muscle strength injuries are helping to connect the muscle bones.


At the end of the study, it has been concluded that in an organized healthcare legislation and safety protocols are very important for sustainably developing the organization. The sustainability of an organization is mainly dependent on the development of the health legislation and depending upon the health procedures. 


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