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Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) Analysis

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I chose to research the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF). FEAF is the enterprise architecture reference of a federal government. The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Founded it in 1999. At the time, the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 was issue creating a need for a U.S. reference of enterprise architecture for the federal government. The FEAF is supposed to boost collective enhancement of standard information and processes amongst the federal departments. FEAF is also responsible for boosting fast-track federal business alterations and aid in the advancement of innovative technology. This is done by requiring regulation, evaluation and reporting devices, an enterprise-wide navigation, and an architecture project process that can be duplicated while also being able to yield more convincing data for federal departmental use.

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The FEAF includes a universal ideology in what way(s) it should function. This includes being “future” ready, able possesses investment provisions, shared amenities, compatible, access to data, security and privacy, and able to adapt to future technology. When I say “future” ready that means to have unsurpassed practices that allow a federal department to advance their potentials to successfully carry out any needed services on behalf of constantly changing mission requirements. Federal departments must guarantee that their investment choices are founded on architectural determinations that produce an success of strategic outcomes by using technology in a valuable manner. Federal departments should choose recyclable and communal products to get their mission/support serviceability. Homogeny on normal roles and clients will help Federal Agencies execute modernization quickly. Federal Enterprise Architecture furthers federal department guidelines for supporting strategic route alongside corporate activities and technology facilitation. The Federal Enterprise Architecture should provide resolutions that helps a variety of public or private entry approaches for federal municipal data, like access points. Fitting security analysis and management comprises of an examination of risks and contingencies. Fitting security analysis and management, also comprises of the application of suitable contingency arrangements and they need to be completed to avoid unauthorized entry to federal data. Integrating new ascertained technology quickly will assist federal departments to manage with alterations.

The FEAF is centered around the consolidated reference model (CRM). The consolidated reference model  (CRM) uses federal departments with a similar framework and common language. This is desirable to unbiasedly portray and scrutinize investments. Currently, there is 6 sub-arch domains inside the Framework. They are:

  • Security
  • Information
  • Strategy


  • Business
  • Applications

The Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework has a version 2.0 called FEAF-II. It must meets certain standards. For example, in image 2, the illustration of  FEAF-II displays the outline of the hierarchical connection of all the areas of the federal architecture. This helps to highlight the strategic goals driven by business services, that will favor to give provisions for allowing technology. In the same way the framework displays the connection of other architecture domains. Lastly, FEAF-II also relates to other areas of business governance.

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FEAF has many advantages for federal departments. When FEAF is integrated into the 6 sub design spaces to boost organization amid investigation.  Once this examination is complete, the federal departments could understand where duplicate conjectures have occurred. This would open opportunities for a harmonized effort, both within and across departments, could similarly be known. This examination is meant to increase proficiencies and increase return on investments. The use of FEAF’s 6 sub engineering spaces could advance the business’s volume to create dynamic goal. With prioritization, the likelihood of effectively completing goals will be extended. At the highest hierarchical level to the programming framework, FEAF causes businesses to observe in what way to be the most effective to achieve the mission goals. However the disadvantages of FEAF include the framework might become tax friendly like a Zachman framework, or  like the DoD Architecture Framework become more secure to cyber attacks.

The government practices FEAF in order to create an enterprise architecture that is for a multi-organizational sections that can operate within its intended scope. It has become a enforced rule of thumb by Office of Management & Budget that any federal department information system investment leave in continual with US federal departmental architectures. Other companies have also successfully used FEAF. For example, RAJA Passenger Trains Company from Iran, uses FEAF to create an Enterprise Architecture within the preservation of the department. The very final instance of a company that uses FEAF are the partners of the government like the Sub federal department/bureau systems. The company HHS influences Enterprise Architecture that can assist the federal department’s goals.


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