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Alpine Pharmaceuticals Distributors

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Company Profile

Alpine Pharmaceuticals Distributors is a medicine wholesale company which imports and distributes International and national medicines in the Nepali market. They import medicines mostly from India.

Alpine Pharmaceuticals was established on Bhadra 20 2057. It was registered in accordance to the Company Registered Act 2053. The registered number for Alpine Pharmaceuticals is 13804/057/58. They registered it as partnership business and was given license to import and distribute medicines. As every medicine stockist has to be registered with the Department of Drug Administration. Alpine Pharmaceuticals is also registered with it. The DDA number is Ra. Pa. No. 14218 Cha. No. 3892. The corporate office of Alpine Pharmaceuticals is in Chhetrapati, Gangalal Marg, Ward No. 17, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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It was initially the idea of three people Mr. Sushil Pradhan, Mrs. Jogmaya Shrestha and Mr. Nabin Adhikari of forming a wholesale by which they could import medicines and then distribute it to the other wholesalers. Mr. Sushil Pradhan and Mrs. Jogmaya Shrestha had been working in the medicine field before the establishment of Alpine Pharmaceuticals Distributors. Mr. Pradhan had a wholesale company named P.Q. Pharmaceuticals which distributed medicines from different Indian and Nepali companies like Geno, Pharmaco etc. Likewise Mrs. Shrestha owned a pharmacy named new Siddhartha Pharmacy while she was in Maitidevi and when later she shifted to Boudha she left New Siddhartha Pharmacy and then opened New Boudha Pharmacy. New Boudha Pharmacy is still there in Boudha. As they had been working in the same field they had known each other for quite a while and so they shared a common idea of opening a wholesale company. After their proposal to form a distributing company, four others joined the group namely Mr. Pradip Raj Sharma, Mrs. Usha Adhikari (Acharya), Mrs. Bharati Shrestha and Mr. Niranjan Prasad Risal. Together they invested Rs. 30 Lakhs. They worked together for a while and then slowly the group broke down. Mr. Sharma, Mrs. Adhikari, Mrs. Bharati Shrestha and Mr. Risal left the group. Mr. Pradhan, Mrs. Jogmaya Shrestha and Mr. Nabin Adhikari were only left in the group. After some time new partners joined them after agreeing to invest in the business. Mr. Jeevan Rai and Mr. Yam Prasad Adhikari came and joined the group. Mr. Jeevan Rai had previously worked as a Medicine Representative so he was not new to the Pharmaceutical Field likewise Mr. Yam Prasad Adhikari was also working in the same field. He worked in Department of Drug Administration (DDA) as……………. And he also worked as a Medical Representative for Optho Remedies. Initially the investment in the company was Rupees Thirty Lakhs but now it has increased to Rupees Fifty Lakhs.

It has signed a memorandum of understanding with different Indian companies regarding the import of medicines. It has signed the understanding with Charak Pharmaceuticals which is one of India’s leading Medicine Companies. Charak Pharmaceuticals produces Ayurvedic medicines. They have also signed the understanding with Optho Remedies. Optho Remedies is a company which specializes in the production of ENT ( Ear, Nose and Throat) medicines, Stallion Laboratories, Lincoln Pharmaceuticals. Similarly Alpine Pharmaceuticals has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Alliance Pharmaceuticals; it is one of the emerging Nepali medicines producing company.

The current administration posts of the business are also taken by the share holders. Mr. Sushil Pradhan is The Chairman of the company, Mrs. Jogmaya Shrestha is the Marketing director, Mr. Nabin Adhikari is the Finance director and Mr. Yam Prasad Adhikari is the Managing Director of the company.

5. The common types of communication used in the organization are Written, Oral and Non verbal communication.

Written Communication

The company also uses written communication while dealing with the companies in India. As they cannot always talk on the phone with the companies they have another medium through which they can contact the Indian companies. As they have access to the internet, they use E-mail to contact the companies in India. Sometimes the company may have to have a detailed conversation with the company representatives, in that case talking through the telephone would be a lengthy process. For example If Alpine Pharmaceuticals has to order a new product from Charak Pharmaceuticals. They might ask about the composition of the product, if the product can be registered here in Nepal or not, the quantity needed, the price of the product, the delivery time and the arrival time etc. So as this would be a long conversation the receiver might not understand the whole information given by the company. So if the company needs to have a detailed conversation with the company representatives in India. They use E-mail as the information would be clear and correct and it also gives chance for the receiver to give feedbacks if they find something unclear. This gives chance for an effective communication to prevail.

Reports are very important in a company. The preparation of reports helps the company to find out exact purchase, sales and expenditures of the company. The report also helps the company to review their progress and their current status. They can find out through report whether their targeted sales has been achieved or not. The company prepares reports regarding the purchase, sales and expenditures every month. The company also has to show the report to the company representatives who come once a month. The representatives come every month to see the purchase and sales of their respective company products. The company has to prepare a detailed report annually. The report contains the profit and loss account, balance sheet and also auditors report. The preparation of report can be an effective measure of communication as the report prepared will be clear, correct and even concrete.

After each meeting the company has a policy of keeping minutes. Minutes contains information regarding the meeting. It contains brief and correct information on the related topic of the meeting. It contains information like the number of people present in the meeting, the decisions made on the key points during the meeting and the response of others present in the meeting.

The company uses notices as a reminder for other members of the company. Sometimes a company gets important information regarding a subject and has to convey it immediately. For example when it is urgent to deliver goods to a certain wholesale, everybody in the company might not be informed about it. So in this case the manager places notice and then informs the workers regarding the urgency to the deliver the goods on time.

Oral Communication

The most commonly used method of communication while communicating externally is Telephone. The company uses Telephone to call the company and place their orders and also to take orders from different other wholesalers. They take orders from Janakpur in the east to Nepalgunj in the west. So as it is not possible to go and take orders everyday they use telephone.

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Meeting is one of the most essential parts of communication within and outside the business. It can help in transferring the required information effectively as the sender and receiver will both be in the meeting, and if the receiver doesn’t understand the given information, they can always clear things out. As every company has to have meeting even if it is the smallest of problems the shareholders of the company also have a meeting atleast once a month. They stay together and plan about the following month and also review about the previous month’s purchase, sales and expenditures. They also look at their targeted sales and check whether they have achieved it or not. They discuss on importing more products and also talk about the plans of expanding the business. The company has to organize meetings with the company representatives when they arrive here in Nepal. The company representatives from India come to Nepal once a month and they stay together with representatives from Alpine Pharmaceuticals. They discuss on matters like sales of a certain product, the availability of the product, the price of the product. Sometimes the Indian companies might produce a new product, in this case the company representative come here and talk about the way they will market the product here in Nepal and also when to register the product. Registering a product is a lengthy process. So when Alpine Pharmaceuticals have to register a new product in DDA (Department of drug administration), they have to prepare a proposal regarding the product. They have to mention each and everything about the product. So for this case the company representatives and representatives from Alpine Pharmaceuticals stay together and have a meeting and discuss about how they will register the product. So as a single party cannot take the whole decision, meeting is very important in a company.

This is the most common method of Oral communication used within the business. As the shareholders in the business are working as mangers in the company, they have to make sure that the orders are delivered in time. They get orders from different wholesalers everyday and so have to deliver the goods in the right places and at the right time. So they constantly communicate with the workers in the company on this matter. They have face to face communication.

Non verbal communication

Non verbal communication also takes place in this company. During a meeting, one of the shareholders might feel sleepy and he might be yawning in the meeting. So the other shareholders must understand that the meeting is not interesting and it should end before the scheduled time as going on with the interview will be a waste of time if the shareholders sleep. This kind of non verbal communication takes place continuously within the organization. There have been instances when a worker has been clapped at the back because the manager felt that the worker did a great job. So this type of non verbal communication takes place constantly in the company.

6. The most common method of communication used both internally and externally in the company is Telephone. This medium helps the company to communicate with the Indian Companies and also with other Nepali wholesalers inside and outside the valley. It is also one of the effective means by which the company can transfer the desired information. Telephone is also accessible to many rural areas of Nepal where the company has its business. They could have used the email but it is not accessible in certain places of Nepal where the company deals and on top of that the receiver might not be educated on using the Email as well.

Visual communication is lacking in the company. The company while making monthly reports or annual reports hardly uses visual method of communication like preparation of Pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs. They simply copy down all the information in their file and then save it. Visual communication is an effective way of communicating and transferring information. If the company can use visual communicaiton they will benefit from it.

My suggestion to the company would be to emphasize more in visual communication. During the meeting if the company representatives can present using all the types of communication the meeting will be more effective. If they can present it using Visual communication such as bar graphs and line graphs, the presentation would look more interesting and people will grab the required information easily. They can relate it with the reports that will be present in their table. Through visual communication the company can also predict future changes based on past data’s.


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