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Amey Company Analysis

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Intro to Civil Engineering




As a new graduate being brought into the industry by Amey the purpose of this report is to review the company and the construction industry as whole to gain a better understanding as to how Amey as a company operates and how they fit into the construction industry not only now but into the future of construction as well. I will be carrying out research for this report backing It up from a variety of different sources. Covering the M8 DBFO assets team where my employment begins bringing myself up to speed with the network they cover and the projects they are involved in. To bring the review, into conclusion I will be carrying out a SWOT analysis of Amey and highlighting areas within the company.

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Introduction To Amey

Founded in 1921 by William Charles Amey, based in Oxfordshire as a plant-based Quarry operator seen his company go from strength to strength after large contracts throughout the World War and beyond. Evolving almost to 100 years in the industry to what now is a multinational business that employs over 20,000 staff UK and internationally Amey is now leading supplier in both consultants and infrastructure support. Although took over in 2003 by Spanish Company “ Ferrovial” who are a major global player employing 96,000 staff across 15 countries across the globe whom Amey are part of their service division. Amey plc Ltd continues to trade under their original name which has a great deal of Industry history behind it. Located in United States, Middle East and Australia, Amey thrive to continually expand and improve the everyday services rely on.

They work alongside some of major clients within a variety of sectors in the UK effecting much of the population who use the network today.

Engineering – Taking on some of the most complex issues facing the worlds infrastructure, Amey assist in designing, building and maintaining these.

Facilities – Supporting safe and clean schools, hospitals, prisons, workplaces, airports, military bases ensuring they operate smoothly.

Utilities – Making sure water, heat and power are safe and working as its vital to the network.

Transport – Making journeys better! Ensuring railways, roads, motorways and airports are running efficiently and safely.

Environmental – Encouraging a natural environment, recycling waste, keeping public areas clean and safe.

Defense – Supporting the people who keep us safe. Maintain, operate and improve the country defense organizations.

Justice – System services, court maintenance, prisoner transports, prisoner rehab committing to safe guarding society.

The core values of the company which are key to building excellent relationships with clients and the public and within the workforce consist of “Putting People First”, “Delivering Great Service”, “Creating Better Solutions”.(Our values, no date)

As putting people first is one of the core values it saw Amey introduce the Zero Code which mainly focuses on a simple work code to minimize the hazards to the workforce and the public as stated by Gary Booton, Amey’s Group HSEQ Director, said: “Putting people first is one of our core values at Amey and I strongly believe that the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and those around us should be the priority over everything else.

“The introduction of Zero Code represents reinforces our continuous improvement by not accepting things the way they are.  The code allows our people to ‘Shout Out!’ when a working situation changes and their health and safety could be at risk. Our approach ensures that we prioritise the aspects of health, safety and wellbeing management; that will have the greatest impact on reducing harm within our business by engaging our people in a simple set of behaviours that can be easily adopted and has far reaching, positive impacts.”(Amey revitalises its safety approach to deliver zero harm by 2021 – Safer Highways, no date)

Below is the basic concept of the important zero code which by 2021 targets are to be aimed at reaching zero lost time due to injury and accidents. The red button policy is designed to be for serious calls which therefore all operatives and their machinery on site will stop the actions instantly until the matter is resolved.

(Our values, no date)



Amey are no doubt a leading player in the Uk where it primarily focuses on. With an annual turnover of 2.2bn which is expected to rise with the current forecasts for construction work for the in the UK for 2018/2022

After the boom of 2006/2008 the market faced a tough few years with orders being decreased every year. As showed below after a few years of stability the market has a gradual rise back up almost to the height of the boom in 2007. Industry professional bodies predict great expectations for construction for the years ahead.

(Construction statistics – Office for National Statistics, no date)

According to the Sic Code Support, SIC CODES 41 through to 43

Were highest contributing to the employment sector across Great Britain with Civil Engineering being SIC CODE 42. (SIC Code Support – UK Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Description of 2007 Codes, no date)

This division includes general construction for civil engineering works. It includes new design work, repair, additions and alterations, the erection of pre-fabricated structures on the site

Included is the construction of heavy constructions such as motorways, streets, bridges, tunnels, railways, airfields, harbours and other water projects, irrigation systems, sewerage systems, industrial facilities, pipelines and electric lines, waterways, dams, dykes, power plants, etc.

According to CITB its estimated 300 civil engineers per year are required to keep up with the expansion rate for the construction industry. 4.5% increase for civil engineers is deemed as a medium requirement although now there is no high requirements for specific trades, civil engineers, logistic and trade supervisors are amongst the most in demand.(UK – CITB, no date) Civil engineers are using cutting edge technology and innovation to improve and access the infrastructure creating cities and towns better places to live in.

Over 50% of the planets population live in so called urban areas, forecasted an additional two to five billion people will residence these areas by 2050.(World’s population increasingly urban with more than half living in urban areas | UN DESA | United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, no date)

By 2030 it is recommended that an investment of £43 billion is needed for transport in the city regions and a need to prepare 100% electric vehicle sales by 2030.(nic ice)

Projects & Network

Although there any many great projects in the UK and worldwide that Amey have carried out and been a part of I will be Primarily Focusing on Scottish projects and the Network I will be working within. As part of Amey M8 DBFO team (design, build, finance, operate).

Below is the current 4G network map that consists of the 3 teams spread across Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Stirlingshire. As per below our we can see the M8 DBFO Network.

(M8 M73 M74 Improvements map, no date)

The Scottish Roads Partnership led by Ferrovial, appointed by Transport Scotland. Amey are responsible for the new engineering designs layouts for the new roads and the maintenance scheme until 2047. In total the network covers around 30km of road which includes 12km of new roads and 16km of network upgrades.

As stated by William James Haughey, SRP chairman, said, “Scottish Roads Partnership is delighted to achieve financial close and reach this key milestone in the project. We look forward to using our infrastructure design, build, financing and operations expertise to deliver these important infrastructure improvements, whilst ensuring we provide best value, bringing economic growth and employment to Scotland, as well as benefits to road users.”(no date a)

The ongoing work and layouts will improve the everyday commuters who use this section of road shaving upto 18 minutes of the commute time alongside a safer and more economical commute.

New structures being designed and maintained on the M8 DBFO below. These will start from design process through to building, maintaining and regular inspections. Below are allocated new structures within the network.

One of the major improvements has been the new M8 road stretching from Glasgow Baillieston Interchange to the Newhouse Junction which has significant benefits including:

  • improving journey times and journey time reliability through the Central Scotland motorway network
  • helping promote sustainable economic growth by improving access to facilities and employment areas
  • reducing emissions and tackling climate change by improving air quality and providing health improvement
  • reducing the time to transport goods and services
  • better connectivity between Glasgow and Edinburgh and to the south
  • cutting congestion
  • improving road safety through the reduction of traffic on local roads, reducing lane changing and helping prevent weaving between lanes

This has also provided hundreds of jobs to the local community both qualified and trainees to assist during the next 30 years.(Everything You Need to Know About M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Project, no date)

With Ameys contract for this section running until 2047, new structures and improvements to the network are scheduled to further improve the route for everyday commuters. With the net value early £500 million for the DBFO scheme for the 30 years it is the first infrastructure scheme to qualify as part of the (NPD) Non-Profit Distributing model to ensure the publics money is being used effectively.(no date b)

Attracting interest from investors, the project is being funded by some of the world’s leading financial providers. These include the European Investment Bank (EIB), and Allianz Global Investors, who are one of the world’s leading integrated financial services providers.

A Recent important maintenance project within the M8 DBFO assets team at the Wardie Road bridge which bypasses over the popular M8 motorway which is used by thousands of commuters each day. Pictured below. (tdatadrive)

The structure required maintenance works to ensure the safety of those using the bridge and the commuters of the M8 motorway. Provisional steelwork repairs were put in place to reinforce the security of the beams and immediate supports. (figured below) Re waterproofing / surfacing the bridge was undertook alongside widespread cracking on the deck surface adjacent to the expansion joints indicated that it needed replaced. Columns mounted to the parapet beams (figured below) ( PIref) of the structure showing signs of its ages and required to be replaced. Full refurbishment of the top deck was carried out totaling around £85000 which included pre-warning systems prior to the work being carried out with a full installation of a carriageway closure.

Stakeholders & Management

Ameys major management structure is as follows:

Andy Milner – Amey Chief Executive

James Haluch – Managing Director Highways

Robert Edmonson – Managing Director Environmental Services

Amanda Fisher – Managing Director Facilities, Defense and Justice

David Mcloughlin – Managing Director Utilities

Nicola Hindle – Managing Director Consulting And Rail

Asif Ghafoor – Managing Director Investments

Andrew Nelson – Chief Financial Officer

Ian Dennison – Group HR Communications Director

Jayne Bowie – Group Legal Director

John Faulkner – Group Strategy Director

Ameys corporate sustainability policy is all about creating shareholder value as they are a people business and everything they do is done by their employees – the future success is determined the quality and of Ameys people and their skills. Investing in employees so they can acknowledge their full potential not only for the company but for them as an individual and this is thriving part of Ameys business strategy. Continuous learning and development are adhered within the business with useful learning resources offered such as the online academy, 360 feedback, personal development plans, training courses, safety events, apprenticeship academy and leader by learning programmes. Making sure the staff including team leaders are trained to the best they can be.

The fit 4 The Future primarily focuses on making Amey better for both their staff and their customers. Again, reverting to Ameys values and customer care they follow these procedures in the new campaign at becoming fit 4 the future:

  • Process – Creating a clearer, simpler process of the systems they use to save time on what they need to do.
  • Performance – Protecting there profibility putting them ahead of their competitors by maximizing their performance to deliver there promised to their customers.
  • Leadership – Ensuring managers do what they do best. Having the required expertise to hit targets and beyond their vision.
  • Direction – Vision and values being embedded in customers and staff maximizing their roles in how the business gets there.

One of the key principles in planning to deliver a positive social impact is the importance of connecting and working alongside other organizations. has connected with many other partnerships both community and commercial which allows them to reach out to a wide range of people and places who need their help and most of all, who need it the most.

As a provider in a high percentage of areas throughout the UK Amey already have a major impact on the community’s that they are active in, continuously supporting them, listening to their individual needs which may include designing personal services to them meeting their priorities and without the investigations into the future generations and the future also of the environment. How will they do this?

  • Community Fund raising and volunteering
  • Work alongside social enterprise
  • Nonprofit pairing with communities
  • Promote people to engage in science, math’s, engineering and technology within schools and communities
  • Active life cycle benefit with shareholders
  • Environmental awareness
  • Promoting a healthy and natural environment to work and live in.
  • Environmental sustainability progress reports
  • Designing and delivering climate change services
  • £1.5 million social enterprise community goal (2018)
  • Competition of community days (2018)
  • 2% reduction in carbon footprint (2018, per £m turnover) (Corporate Sustainability Policy 1.0 Summary, 2018)

Engaging with the public and communities is very much at the heart of Ameys ventures. Judging by their involvement they take great pride in their engagement with their partnerships.

Having a long-standing partnership with DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Award) for 13 years, Ameys strategic relationship provides the goal of giving young people from a wide range of challenging backgrounds and a variety of circumstances a fair chance to successfully complete the DofE qualification developing skills gaining towards better career prospects.

Keeping in terms with the business values A all the apprentices are offered the DofE programme which helps them learn new practical skills, leadership, and distinctive characteristics that will hopefully be a new advantage in life alongside pursuing long term career prospects. As quoted by Andy Milner, Amey Chief executive officer

“Amey has sponsored apprentices to achieve their DofE awards for six years and in that time, we’ve seen it have a real impact on the young people we work with. Our young people are encouraged to push themselves outside there comfort zone when doing the programme and the skills they develop can be life-changing. (Amey – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, no date)

During a volunteering initiative the DofE, 250 Amey apprentices successfully refurbished 13 youth hostels in five days.

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