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Analysing and Identifying a Strategic Plan for Ben and Jerrys

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Ben and Jerry’s homemade Inc. is two major players in the premium ice-cream market in the United States of America. B&J were successful throughout the 1980s.control by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. It current holds 42% of its market.it profits from its high product quality, marketing strategy is to employee satisfaction, and there is good financial situation but it suffers from high costs of while the company had a loss of $1.9 million in 1994, these is because asset down of $6.8 million and introduces a new line of ice-cream both can be regarded as nonrecurring events .lose ratio indicate that this financial crisis is for less time. Even slowly American economy reduced ice-cream sales B&J, its highly differentiated product with luxury character is not as affected by the downturn. The company faces risk of falling down strong competition.in order to strength its competitive position will have driven down the cost of sales, expand internationally, and expand domestically.

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The main purpose of strategic plan is to identify and suggest the optimal solution for B&J to get a strong competitive position in terms of market share and profit in its business area. The study group believes that B&J should adopt ways to (1) defend its current market position, (2) expand domestic or international market demand, and (3) same time drive down production costs.


The reports begin strategy analysis for B&J followed the analysis of internal and external environment. The reasons for select the strategy were present. The implementation plan incorporates information about resources as well as outcomes, both financial and non-financial, of the proposal. In section7, projected outcomes of the strategies were presented finally, the study group recommendation to investor on pre-and post-investment strategies.


The founder of the super-premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, and ice cream novelties in rich and original flavour were the Ben & jerry. Who were not indeed a big businessmen but they were distinguished by a cooperate philosophy that stress social action and liberal ideal in addition to the profit making for innovative and creative marketing. The first ice cream shop opened by ben & jerry was in May 1978, in Burlington. The shop consists of 12 flavours. For the growth of the company they started promoting their company in different, different ways like free summer movie festivals, banners, hooding of their products on big buildings. They also started distributing their products to different restaurant, café’s. They became one of the most popular ice cream makers of that time. In order to do the paper work they have to close their shop at least for a day in a week. They were not earning for themselves but also looking about the society and poor peoples by doing their 7.5 % of their company profit in charity. In the year 1992 the company also added a pint production line in order to increase their production and their satisfaction level to their required wants.

Current Status

In 2005 ben and jerry supported to protest oil drilling the arctic national wildlife refuge. We conducted 900 pound to baked Alaska from fossil fuel ice cream. In 2006 bens and jerry’s support to trade adding vanilla and chocolate to the coffee. The farmers who grow the vanilla cocoa and coffee beans get a fair trade certificate guarantee’s and fair price for their harvest in their land and communities. In 2007 ben and jerry’s teams up with Stephen Colbert for the flavour American cone dream! This flavour literally flow off the shelves as Stephen was determined to out-sell Willy nelson’s new flavour peach cobbler. They even had a friendly competition o Stephen’s television show.

Problems and challenges faced by the Ben and jerry

The manufacturer of ice-cream was going for a fast and reliable way to collect and study the vital quality data of their product as it was seem to be off production line. Weight, volume. Air addition and add in amounts were the four main products attributes which was measure, maintain and control by B&J for the operator to take down the individuals reading and calculate an average of those reading to plot there on a chart, paper and pencil was used. The paper- based system they had previously been using to track this data was proving be cumber some for operators and data administer. Quality assurance personnel would perform manual calculation to competitor reporting and trending. The system was costly in term of main hours needed for calculation and analysis; it was also slow and inflexible.

Situation Analysis: The situation analysis of the company depends upon the internal and external behaviour of the company i.e. the strength and weakness are the internal behaviour, and the opportunities and threats are the external behaviour of the company. The situational analysis will show the company status.



The production and give idea to improvements. This gives opportunity to select a wider range of applicants. Low gearing ratio the debts of total assets is 27% in Strength Reputation for quality the quality of product is a crucial factor for the success of proposed strategy. These helps to cutting edge to stand ahead of the competition. Social marketing B&J beliefs social responsibility to earned brand loyalty of socially ‘baby – boomer’ generation. The B&J saved lot of money by providing marketing to media of social events. Employee satisfaction is causes for company’s low employee turnover rate of 12% the low rate of employee impact training costs, and employee commitment. The longer workers like to understand 1994. Is a good further investments and expansion


The structure of B&J is due to intensive production. The company also lost control over its distribution channels. The important competitors put pressure on price the importance costs control will raise. Low shareholder value these caused due to lack of dividends. The 48% stocks collectively by “principal stockholder” the main competitor, resources is longer. Lack of international the U.K, Russia and Israel had made lots of effort to expand their business activity, the international potential is not been used by the companies. The current position of the company make a first yearly loss in 1994. The portion of debt accounted by asset write – down of $ 6.8 million. The lowest debt of assets ratio is high liquidity ($20 million 12) the studies of B&J have a good position in market to secure longer-term in future profit.


The sorbet ice- cream market and the super-premium, ice-cream market in the U.S and in the Europe respectively are still in very early stages of the life cycle. The first move advantage was gain by Hagen dazes in Europe. Still few markets are underdeveloped in Europe and Asia in term of presence of super-premium ice-cream. New market and new distribution channels could be opened. The rise in production capacity will boost opportunities of B&J to get back production into their own hands and increase productivity at the production facilities. As per the following data, the further growth is possible in that segment, will be useful for the company in future.


The total weak economy in United States has impact on sales of super- premium ice-cream market. The competitors expand its business in Europe and Asia. The risk of stock in American market is no growing up of European market. The population is growing up in health awareness decided to enter in super-premium ice-cream market. B&J is depending on one sole distributor.

PEST Analysis:


The main market of bens and jerry is in U.S.A. new labelling requirements by FDA. The water bury has a fine waste dumping area.


The total sale in 1994 was high in U.S market. The frozen yoghurt is sold more in U.S. the ice cream market in world-wide doesn’t grow faster. The price of product must be reasonable to customer to purchase or consume. As the sale was not so high the tax environment was also low by bens and jerry.


The health conscious customer has risk to consume ice cream they don’t prefer to have ice cream and some customers want low fat and sugar free ice cream. The target of company was dealing. So the problem arise was high.


The innovation of technology was high. The customer wants fast service. So far that new high. The customer wants fast service, so far that new techniques was used to serve them in a quick time. There are low barrier of imitation towards the customer.

Porters Five Force Analysis:

Rivalry among sellers:

The competitor’s against ben’s and jerry in the super-premium ice-cream industry are large. The main primary competitors are dryers Hagen daze. The costs of switching to rival brands are low. The other theatres rivals to boosts rivals unit volume of production.


The buyer’s demands are high because buyers are in large number. If the retailers purchased the commodities’ in a high number than the discount is provided to them. If the company has to differ the solution than they have to launch the strong product, so that buyers are less able to switch over without incurring large costs.


The suppliers to the ice cream industry include dairy farmer’s paper container manufacturers, and suppliers of various flavourings. The suppliers have the moderate leverage to bargain over price. The supplier’s ability is tied to the well-being of large.

Substitute products:

There are many substitutes products are available within the dessert and frozen food industry (cookies, pies, cake). The strength of competitive force is the buyers switch to substitute products. When the company enter in the super-premium market then it has to adopt the defensive strategies that convince the buyers about these products and its price which must be relevant to buyer.

Potential new enchants:

The barriers to entry within the ice cream industry are due to brand preferences and customer loyalty toward the larger and more established rival companies. Other obstacles to new entrants include strong brand. Loyalty to established firms and economic factors ben and jerry had launched there ice cream in trends market successfully. The staffs they are having are loyal towards their jobs and hard workers.

Implementation plan:


Bens and jerry the ice cream manufacturer was looking for a fast and reliable way to collect and analyse the vital quality data of their product as it was coming off production lines the system used by bens and jerry was out dated and the system but as costly in terms of man hours needed for calculation and analysis. The employee of bens and jerry use notepad, pencil and pen to take the order, the annual reports is prepared manually which is hand written. High costs of bens and jerry is due to intensive production. The competitors put pressure on price the importance cost control will raise. The weak economy in United States has impact on sales of super-premium ice cream market. Bens and jerry is depending on one sole distributor. Owed to build forward moving force and declining budgetary display, they have now been defined by the danger of a takeover. Just four ensembles’ submitted offers and administration is in the methodology of precisely assessing every of them. The gear bought are not sufficient to offer the items, at a certain time radiates of store needs to be operated, which make some situation to serve the visitor


Bens and jerry able to streamline their quality control procedure by using proficient tm, Infinity QS’ real time statistical process control (SPC) software due to powerful data ben’s and jerry is able to maintain the quality department to make quick and accurate decisions based on the data coming of the line. Now, wasting of their precious time in calculating average operators and executing quality objectives, they manage to focus their efforts on improving production related issue by using infinity QS’software they are able to safe their time, money and resource (man power). This resource is used in production department which increase the profit of ben’s and jerry. Most important they are able to make guest satisfied by providing them best quality. Quick service and perfect billing.

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Fuse with Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream at a proposition cost of $31 (stock). While Dreyer’s give of $31 (stock) isn’t the most lifted up of the four offers, there are a large number of urging motivations to recognize. The group is most nearly associated with that of Ben & Jerry’s, as they are even now in the business of pushing premium sorbet and offer the same business sector. Both associations likewise impart comparable social targets and are exceptionally dynamic in the group. With the merger, Ben and Jerry’s could now have access to their incomprehensible conveyance lattice and abundance of business sector learning and bringing about an expand in bargains and benefits and a diminishment in prices. Moreover, Dreyer’s could manage Ben & Jerry’s as a semi-independent business unit and administers the present administration group. While this could permit B & J to keep following their corporate vision and not give up too much control in the procedure, this would not be able to be the most fit plan as the administration group is an impressive part of the explanation they are not in a favourable position in the in front of the rest of the competition.

Since I was to plan Ben & Jerry’s information warehouse I could utilize numerous extents of data. The main size could comprise of the association’s units; frozen dessert, solidified yogurt or stock. The advertising branch needs to know which items are offering, if Ben & Jerry’s didn’t know that their T-shirts are advertising out whenever they hit the stores, then they wouldn’t have the ability to capitalize on the opening to advertise the shirts. The second size could comprise of the diverse ranges of bargains; US, Canada, Mexico, or Europe. I am not certain if they pitch their frozen dessert in Mexico, but with information gathering they can root out if their frozen custard could be a preferred merchant in the sizzling atmosphere, as opposed to prodding for more excellent dissemination in Canada. The third size could comprise of the “specifics”; where the bargain was made, when the bargain was made, and who bought the unit. This data can accommodate in the objective of the unit to centre on the purchaser; it could probably tailor characters to flavours, and bundling to purchaser who searches for the preferable-looking unit. In the event that Ben & Jerry’s would be able to know when a time of year was arriving at a closure in a particular region, then they would be able to conjecture they require or the downfall in requirement and speed up, or back off dispersion to those territories. The centre of the data is that it ought to be suitable, and practically any info is handy.

Ben & Jerry’s could require an immense number of records. The documents I could make could be Store, Product, and Employee documents. The Store record could hold data concerning each and every save that pitches Ben & Jerry’s, it could educate me all items regarding each transaction with a Ben & Jerry’s item. The essential key for the Store index could be the store number, or code. Some of the outside keys could be; conveyance dates, request dates, bargains, and client grumblings. The Employee records essential key could be a representative number. The strange keys for the Employee documents could be; begin date, wage, change, and representative location, paid time off. The gear which was put in store for utility was lacking to serve the visitor. The gear should be put in classes like aid outfits should be put in better segment and cutlery of utility in distinctive area this will assist in rooting out as a matter of fact which sort of cutler is needed. The aid will be speedier and expand the value of utility.


The inquiry crew accepts that there are no groups who figure out how to stay on the way of good fortune and gainfulness without any for appearance. When major financings are made, minor impermanent misfortunes need to be looked for. B&J are still at the top of the super-premium gelato industry. The inquiry bunch thinks that the mogul ought to have expectancy in putting encourage into the community.

Generally speaking, Ben & Jerry’s made advance on a large portion of it’s enter social mission targets in 1999. Its most unbelievable attainments were in the domain of tolerability and safeguard. The Company fell short on some destinations, incorporating Partners hops, however it made advancement in that dominion. Differing qualities remains a domain of concern, absolutely concerning recruitment and maintenance of individuals of colour. On a few issues-the Greenpeace drive and infrastructure of tamper-apparent bundling-the Company fell far short of its targets. The formation of a Values Council and the selection of Global Operating Guidelines, as a single unit with extra staffing in retail operations, safeguard and worldwide operations, act for essential administration responsibilities to social mission actions.

What’s more to its record on particular goals, the Company improved a much more excellent comprehending in 1999 of how its business actions alter its social mission, especially actions including an effect on nature. A more extensive and deeper comprehending of the connection in the middle of Ben & Jerry’s business exercises and the effect of those exercises on the earth would be able to make energizing new-fangled social mission openings in the destiny.

The Company’s sheet and administration in addition worked as one more concordantly in 1999. While administration and some slat parts kept on to contrast on in case the Company was giving sufficient stress to the social mission, the slat and administration in any case moulded a valuable confederate.

Personal Development Plan

What is Consultant?

A consultant is an experienced individual that is trained to analyze and advise a client in order to help the client make the best possible choices. A strategic consultant may evaluate a business plan and help the client develop a plan to meet those strategic goals. The consultant is a professional who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area like marketing, finance etc. A consultant is usually an expert in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. A consultant usually works for a consultancy firm or is self-employed, and engages with multiple and changing clients. Thus, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, and may purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired.

Role of the Consultant

The consultant uses experience and skills to provide client with recommendations and advise. The consultant utilizes experienced professionals to assist management to diagnose problems, develop factual information, recommend optimum solutions, and aid in implementation activities. The consultant relates the client’s situation, capabilities and overall business attitudes to practical, action-oriented, solutions based on experience and obtained market or management input. The consultant must analyze the information provided and data obtained and, supported by facts, arrive at the most economical and profitable recommendations. The implementation of the recommendations may be performed by a consultant. The Consultants must use their detachment from the organization as a source for objectivity in their analysis. He Works with managers to develop solutions.

Skill of consultant

2.1 Technical Skills

Customer service is learning to respond to customers for their needs in ways that make them feel good about being served. It’s about learning the personal side of the customer beyond the technical needs. Customer service is the intent to make the customer feel good about the interaction. Good technical consultants practice active listening and control their enthusiasm in ways that make the customer comfortable. The good technical consultant uses techniques that allow customers to understand technical explanations. Good consultants are hungry for problems to solve. They are fed by learning the root problems that are driving the customer and finding the best resolutions to those problems that they can.

 2.2 Interpersonal skills

The consultant being able to listen to what client has to say to uncover the truth about an issue. A good consultant will ask the right probing questions until he is satisfied that client has given up all they know. Knowing what to ask and having been prepared well prior to every meeting is the key. A patience is something that consultant learn to have a lot of. They have to keep patience during meetings with clients personnel. Consultants have to be as objective as at all times. They have to maintain objectivity and keeping open mind every time. They must have to engage the client on particular topic to find out more information about the organizations current status. They are not supposed to threating for clients.

A consultant needs consulting skills. There is a sequential process to consulting that consultant have to follow to get from start to finish. The consultant supposed to knows the ins and outs of the industry. The consultant must be confident enough. He needs to have an ability to analyze and resolve the problems being faced by clients. Also he must have the ability to understand the pressing issues and he must know how and when to resolve them.

Behaviour of a Consultant

A consultant is an individual but he is obliged to provide major decisions to reputed firms and organisations. To perform his duties a consultant has to meet international delegates and financial leaders around the world. Therefore the behaviour makes significant influence while communicating with corporates. Consultant should follow ethical practices as it defines individual and its organisations behaviour to the client. Consultant is a prime source of inspiration for its colleagues as they learn technical and speculative knowledge working with him. The consultant should have patience; work serenely as final verdicts depends upon him. Many times the alterations proposed are rejected by the authorities so consultant should be optimistic and search for options to solve the problems. Consultant should motivate the contemporaries and probe them to give solutions. This would help to gain self-confidence and learn from their mistakes.


The skills which I have from above skills of consultant like self-starter, highly motivated and hard working. Along with doing of such type of research I was very well trained in the analyzing of a particular topic like which I had research on Ben and jerry’s for the subject called Business consultancy. By pursuing the studies of hotel management I got to know how to work in the group assignment. Being in the hotelier I got to know what the importance of the customers (Guest) is. So it makes the work easier to maintain a relationship with the guest.

The skills which I don’t have that is experience of consulting a particular business. Because ‘the practice makes man perfect’ and automatically along with the practice the skill called experience comes.


The knowledge which I have gain from this studies that we should also look after the strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and also along with this political, economical, social, and technological issues to open a new company or property. Research also plays an important role for opening a new company because it includes the SWOT and PEST and also the porter five forces of the company is the one thing to give you also information of bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, threats of substitute product, threats new entrance and the competitive rivals within an industry. Over all this research multiply our knowledge about the certain field like I had learned about the Retail Market in the subject called Business consultancy.


Behavior is the one important factor that shows that how the consultant is because to be a good consultant your behavior should be good if you are good in your behavior people will come to you with their problems and very politely you have to tell the solution. If you behave good people will again come to you whenever they will be in problem and will become very popular.


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