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Business Plan to Secure Funding

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Wordcount: 6814 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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                                            Business Plan


II. Table of content

I.  Confidentiality agreement………………………………………2

II. Table of Content…………………………………………………3

III. Introduction………………………………………………………4

IV. Executive Summary…………………………………………….4

V. Market Analysis…………………………………………………..7

VI. Staffing/Operations……………………………………………..11

VII. Financial Projections…………………………………………..13

VIII. Conclusions……………………………………………………16

IX. Appendices………………………………………………………18

X. References……………………………………………………….19

III. Introduction

The following document is the business plan of Majestic Surveyors Ltd here referred

as MSL. This business plan is produced in order to secure funding our company requires in order to take care of the set up costs and subsequently, which will allow cash flow for the next 3 months.

IV. Executive Summary

The plan will underline the concept of our business, the superiority of services we provide; also, it will portray the management structure of the company. In addition, the plan will highlight our market target and the opportunities that we may exploit. Lastly, in the plan we will evaluate the target market jointly with analyze the financial forecasts and envisaged future growth strategy.

      Financial projections


Sales Forecast




     Year 1

     Year 2

    Year 3


Residential Assessment Services




Commercial Assessment Services




Field Assessment




Property Maintenance Services




Total Sales




Immediate Cost of Sales

        Year 1

        Year 2

       Year 3





Report Materials




Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales





      Company description

Majestic Surveyors Ltd, here referred to as MSL, is a survey company based in Bromley and headed by Ryan Mbuyamba, an experienced chartered surveyor and arbitrator with more than 35 years’ experience in the commercial property industry.

MSL will offer the most comprehensive surveys in the business for both residential and commercial properties in Kent area and the surrounding community for a radius of 50 miles. MSL will therefore offer complete expertise in a range of property services; this includes:

-          Party wall matters

-          Building surveys

-          Defect diagnosis

-          Structural matters

-          Commercial surveys

Our office is located in a £6,000k per annum leased stand-alone building at 54 Bromley high streets. The facilities include offices for the principals, storage area for tools and marketing supplies, and employee lounge.

As company director, I bring good organizational skill and compliance; and I have 35 years’ experience working for five different housing developers; including years of experience working as site manager and customer care manager. Therefore, I have comprehensive knowledge of the new build process.

As managing director, Mrs. Megan brings 15 years’ experience like residential realtor. Mrs. Megan therefore will use her existing relationship in order to refer homebuyers and sellers to Majestic Surveyors Ltd.

Majestic surveyor Ltd will incorporate as Limited company in order to limit the risk of loss; also because this will bring to the company the flexibility to grow or sell it in case we wish to do so.

The insurances cover required for MSL will be Professional Liability Insurance. This policy provides defense for omitting to or improperly providing professional services, vehicle coverage, property damage and alleged body injury.

Our initial equity is £11,837 which will take care of the set up costs and subsequently allows cash flow for the next 3 months.

The additional funding Majestic Surveyors Ltd requires is £35,000 In addition to this, we would request a variable interest rate of 0.5% to ensure we remain in positive cash flow and subsequently give the company the flexibility to bring in more staff.

Net profit is predicted to generate a 3 years on a year growth at £235,983.


MSL objective is to develop a high quality and a complete property survey company which will get the praise of the community where it operates.

      MSL goals are:

-          A market share of10% for the first year.

-          Increasing 15% of the gross margins in Year 2.

-          Proliferate at least by 10% in our market share each year.

Presently, there are few high quality property survey companies in Bromley, or the nearby areas. Therefore, our company believes that by establishing quality standards, we will become and remain a leader in the property survey services industry in the Bromley and it surroundings.



MSL want to establish a financially solid, profitable and well-managed company; and we wish to create a market leading service based on professionalism, integrity and personalized customer service.


      Keys to Success

Keys to success for the company include:

-          Preserving an immaculate reputation in the community 

-          Offer high quality client service

-          Competitive pricing 

-          Flexible hours

-          Confidential, reliable, honest expertise and information


      SWOT Analysis


Technical skills

Established contacts

35 years industry experience

People skills and financial planning

BSC Hon Surveyors Degree 2011



Cash flow

Not established in the area


Internet inspection request






V. Market Analysis Summary

Bromley is an administrative centre and is 13 miles southeast of central London. The town is an important commercial centre and commuter town. There is an excellent rail service towards London Victoria including a rapid travel time of about 16 minutes. The nearest international airports are Gatwick and London City. The borough comprises a population of 309,400 people, which has increased from 295,500 people since 2001.

Bromley has recently softening in new buyer demand. The price balance slipped to -10% in the latest results, representing the weakest reading since September 2012.

Companies like Robsons chartered surveyors, Dobson&Poole chartered surveyors and Sinclair Jones are well established and leading the market in the area since 1982.

Hence, Bromley offers a great opportunity for our business because of the amount of the transactions that would happen in the property market.



Majestic Surveyors Ltd will therefore focus on the residential sector (including apartment buildings) and the commercial segment (including buildings used for professional purposes).

The commercial market currently calls for qualified survey firms to offer services to themselves or their clients. As our inspection outcomes can significantly alter any business profitability, it is important for our services to stay perfect and complete.

Alternatively, the residential sector requires quality inspections that meet the client needs; the residential market demands surveyors that are predisposed for more flexibility, also willing to listen and work openly with the client.

However, for the past years a number of new events impacted the property industry this includes: the constant growth of the local economy, the increased percentage of property transactions that involve surveys and the need of a license to perform inspections.

Market target

MSL will essentially focus on the residential and the commercial segments.

The commercial sector will generate the most cash flow; therefore, our company goal will be to control the third of the business emanating from there also, it will offer MSL low percentage of variable costs.

Alternatively, the residential market will be our company source of income because we are expecting to have a several residential contracts during the slow winter months.

There is currently a limited competition in the commercial survey services. Therefore, MSL projects to expand it marketing tactic to gain share in this growing business.

      Services analysis

Majestic Surveyors Ltd will be performing in a competitive and demanding market.

So, our company aspires to differentiate its services in order to penetrate the market; as the result, we will be running strong leadership principles, aggressive sales and a high level of quality services that we will offer to our customers.


      Competition and servicing patterns

MSL will expand its business services and marketing during the winter in order to preserve consistent level of work.

This because the property industry is a bit seasonal; consequently Majestic Surveyors Ltd may become more engaged during summer months period and would opportunistically invest in certain forte sectors and strategies such as self-storage and real estate debt that should be less linked with the main commercial markets.


      Implementation Strategy

MSL will concentrate on larger service through a good scheduling, project management; therefore, in order to complete efficiently our tasks we will be using the most advanced communications, scheduling and reporting technology available.

Further, MSL will be significantly active in the Kent area through our marketing organization. This includes web listings, direct mailings and strategic partnership with key industry professionals.

      Marketing Strategy

MSL will be running an aggressive marketing in order to promote the company and its services; this includes our website, telephone index flyer, mail poster, personal mailing delivering and idle talk between important trade professionals.

We will also promote our website on all of our marketing publications and promo pieces. Moreover, we will link to various trade and government sites; and MSL is currently at the Google search engines.

      Short term planning



Target customer(s)


Budget cost

Launch date

Direct mail


Price, Location, promotional offer and inspection services


Launch date

Estate agents magazines

First time buyers

Become a recommended inspector service


Launch date quarterly

Watch magazines


Promotional offer


Month 1

Networking meetings


Register our inspection services



Local council for inspection works


Register our inspection services, prices, location and promotional offers.



Yellow pages

Residential and commercial

Where to get our details



For new customers our site will include: graphics and tutorials of the complete service types, booking and scheduling process, client’s feedback, explanations on our pricing method, a list of additional services. Also, our site will be used as a tool for future promotional events and market analysis.


      Competitive Edge

Majestic Surveyors Ltd will establish its competitive advantage in the commercial market in order to multiply the number of customer contact and services. 

Accordingly, our company managing directors have 50 years’ experience between them and a well-established contact in the business that the company can exploit. In addition, our company has the essential skills to deliver the quality services required in this domain.

      Sales Strategy

Our company intends to produce the growth that we need through our developing marketing agenda. Ultimately, MSL base sales forecast on the existing established contact of the two principals’ directors, plus their ability to generate new sales.

VI. Staffing/Operation plan

Ryan will run the day-to-day operation providing 100% time activity. Thus, his primary role is to promote the business services, monitor email bookings for further inspections tasks.

Moreover, Ryan role will be estimating work and gather correct information for both commercial and residential client`s requirements. Megan will assist in tendering, estimate and collect information for commercial works.

Our company will firstly contract bookkeeping/HR functions and will employ a bookkeeper in year 3. We will begin with four people; in year 2, the company would employ two more peoples; therefore, in year 3 the company personnel will be seven.





      Administration requirements include

Our administration services includes Inspections invoicing, customer service, dealing promptly with queries. In addition, our administration will implicate banking and month/year end accounts; plus profit and loss ledgers, tools control. Moreover, we will facilitate staff planning and liaise with subcontractor’s inspections schedule.



Survey Prices for building Surveys

Buying Price  Beds           Price

Up to £100                2            £500

Up to £200                3            POA

Up to £300                3            POA

Up to £400                4            POA

Up to £500                5            POA

Up to £600                5            POA

Up to £700                5            POA

Up to £800                5            POA

Up to £1M                6            POA

Over £1M                        POA

Survey Prices for homebuyer Reports

Buying Price Beds         Price

Up to £100               2          £395

Up to £200               3          £395

Up to £300               3          £405

Up to £400               4          £425

Up to £500               5          £445

Up to £600               5          £495

Up to £700               5          £545

Up to £800                5          £595

Up to £1M                6           £675

Over £1M                       POA

All prices include VAT so this is the price for you pay.  However, in case you would like to have an RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey with a valuation & insurance valuation, you are required to add £50 to the prices quoted.

      Revenue streams

MSL plan to establish a partnership with insurance companies in order to capitalize on insurance claim work until we can become well-known as a surveyor company.

Mrs. Megan who worked as realtor for 15 years will work part time for the first year from set up in order to support and establish the business further.


      Long term planning

There is a limited service provided in the commercial sector in general. Meanwhile, due to skill shortage in this sector, this represents the company greatest risk because the issue will be getting the property surveyed correctly. For this reason, company like Sinclair Jones has set up an academy to resolve such problem of skill shortage. Hence, our company plans to train more local people into this skilled vocation in order to reduce the labour costs.


VII. Financial projection

This financial plan for Majestic Inspectors Ltd covers a break-even Analysis, 12 months cash flow statement and P & L statement.

Majestic Inspectors Ltd is assuming steady growth from our good management, excepting any unforeseen local or national economic slowdown following the Brexit.

      Break-even Analysis

This analysis establishes the company average monthly expenses. The total expenses are predicted over 12 month’s period in order to set up the monthly average.

Break-even Analysis


Monthly Revenue Break-even



Mean Percent Changeable Cost


Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost





      Table: Profit and Loss






Year 1

Year 2

Year 3





Direct Cost of Sales




Other Costs of Sales




Total Cost of Sales




Gross Margin




Gross Margin %





























Website Hosting and Maintenance








Payroll Taxes




Total Operating Expenses




Profit Before Interest and Taxes




  Interest Expense




  Taxes Incurred




Net Profit




Net Profit/Sales






      Projected monthly cash flow


      Gross Profit from sales

Majestic Surveyors Ltd expects to see increase profits from our market share growth by the end of Year 1; also we aim to reach the predicted operating margin of 79.50% as indicated in Profit and Loss statement. In Year 2, we expect a lower profit because we are settling into the market, plus we look ahead to increase salaries of £143,000. However, we reckon that we will be able to maintain marginal costs also increase overall profitability by Year 3 as our company grows.


      Managing risks/Alternative scenarios

The industry is currently going through a difficult period due the uncertain climate behind the Brexit. However, we consider that regardless the current economic climate; this is the ideal moment in time to introduce our company as we may benefit from the unexpected boom. Consequently, MSL will complete an accurate risk assessment for our business; accordingly, we intend to secure the appropriate insurance cover in order to manage the unexpected risks associated to the industry.

In addition, MSL is prepared to longer work hours as the company become known in Bromley and the direct surrounding areas.



VIII. Conclusion

Bromley has been selected as we consider that it is the ideal location to establish our company according to different factors we have described in the market analysis. In order to reach the company profitability, we have identified the risks that we aim to manage for the benefit of MSL.

Subsequently, MSL will trade with a well-qualified team. Further, we believe that by reviewing this business plan on a monthly basis, MSL will be a solid and new business model. Accordingly, the company financial projections are conservative due the current economic climate.

We are confident that this business will definitely be profitable and deserve your loan process approval.

IX. Appendices

Area of London

Percent of First Time Buyers Buying a House

Average Property Price for First Time Buyer

Average Property Price

House Price Growth in Two Years






Harold Wood (Romford)





Northolt (Ealing)










Belmont (Sutton)





Upper Holloway & Archway (Islington)














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