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Changing Attitudes of Stakeholders Towards CSR

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I. Introduction:

Today, the businesses are more sensitive than with the problems affecting communities and their field activities. A narrow ideological is just only the benefits and the profits of the enterprise itself, which is not longer relevant. The capacity building and awareness for businesses are the driving force to help them accelerate the process of consideration and attention to social aspects when making business decisions. Increasingly, businesses must not only gain competitive advantage, reap the profits, but to create confidence for consumers through the implementation of social responsibility Consumers are not only pay attention to quality and price of goods, they have paid more attention to the effects of production on the environment.. Therefore, to further enhance corporate social responsibility is seen as essential requirements to ensure the sustainable development of the economy.

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Businesses increasingly interested in corporate social responsibility activities because society increasingly poses more requirements for enterprises. Businesses benefit from the resources from the community so they must be responsible for contributing to the community. It does not mean companies do corporate social responsibility is really responsible that actually bring many benefits for businesses that typically enhance business reputation. Derived from the roots of corporate social responsibility, it means that a business should consider other things more out of profits if the business wants to protect his reputation and more for increased competitive advantage for Business.

II. The role of international multilateral organization and media in corporate social responsibility

1. Social responsibility of enterprises:

Social responsibility of enterprises includes many issues. Firstly, businesses must ensure their activities do not cause harm to the environment, which means to show the friendliness with environment in the production processes and their business activities. Wastes from the production process must be handled through a process safe and friendly to environment. Hygiene of staff is also a matter of concern. Employees need to learn to raise awareness of environmental protection work around them. To ensure a clean environment will also contribute to raising productivity and improving work efficiency.

The following is a typical example for the successful implementation of environmental safety issues of the business. Corporation Pharmaceutical and veterinary supplies (HANVET) was established on 01/10/1988. Over 20 years of construction and development, to date, the company has become one of the veterinary Drug Business in Vietnam. With over 400 employees, including professors, doctors, veterinarians skilled professional, plus the force skilled workers, equipped with mechanical systems, modern equipment, advanced technology, the company has been continuously offering quality products, giving practical effect to farmers and environmentally safe. The company soon plans and programs to implement environmental protection, regularly organizes periodic training on the knowledge of occupational safety for officers and employees.

Every year, the company maintains the observation impact on the environment, timely corrective plan for repair and upgrades to ensure products meet sanitation standards. Domestic wastewater has high organic matter content, so the company has used methods for microbiological water treatment. Domestic wastes from offices, restaurants, public toilets are estimated to be 12m3/day is processed by methods of anaerobic (septic tank) before being discharged into the receiving source.

Wastewater of production is including cooling water, sanitation closed bottle of medicine in liquid form…company is using biological methods combined physicochemical to ensure the entire process and inorganic solids in wastewater. Through various water treatment systems intermediary, the water was given the biology lake to deposit sediment. The water in lake discharge standards TCVN 5945 – 1945, level B, will follow the sewage system spilled sewage system area. HANVET product veterinary drug so solid waste mainly containing packaging material, empty medicine bottles closed form solution, peel packages containing pills, powders, equipment replacement, sludge from wastewater treatment systems, slag, …

Therefore, the company has built warehouses to hold all types of solid waste. For solid waste can be recycled, collected, classified for use, solid waste is not recyclable, the company signed a contract with the company to collect and transport units arrive with hygienic treatment. In addition to the waste treatment measures, a technology that the company is more focused investment in research and applications contribute to environmental protection that is oil sludge processing technology using biodegradable of system. Through this system, the toxic sludge on the environment has become a useful fertilizer for crops. In 2004, at Green Week Fair International in Haiphong, HANVET was awarded the Cup of sustainable development for the Green Industry of Vietnam by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. (Source hanviet.com Website: www.hanvet.com.vn)

Secondly, enterprises must take care to employees, who serve not only materially but also spiritually. They produce directly products, serve their labor power for the development of the company. The Company need care to workers, such as annual health check, social welfare, trade unions, safety in production…

Third, enterprises shall respect the equality between men and women, not employment discrimination about gender and salaries that must be based on equality of each person’s capacity. Some countries such as China, India…or more than as South American countries, the U.S. still exists gender discrimination issues.

Next, may not discriminate in ethnic group, not discriminating between normal and impaired body, their past. Another one, providing good quality product, not harm the health of consumers. Continue, to a portion of their profits to the aid community, because enterprise exists in the heart of a community that they can not just be know themselves. Last one, they must enjoy contribute the peace and security of the country and world.

Through that, we can see at least four groups that businesses are been responsible behavior, including:

+Market and consumers


+Community in the region and in society

+Living Environment

The benefits of building good social responsibility of business was express clearly by:

  • Construction’s reputation and brand value
  • Strengthen the commitment of workers and enterprises
  • Improve the financial capacity through cost-saving activities of the business and increase share value
  • Ensure the sustainable development of enterprises
  • Risk management and crisis better
  • Increase productivity, ethics and dedication of worker
  • Increased ability to attract a quality workforce
  • Establish good relationships with government and community
  • A good tool to integrate

Over the world, the leading large companies have adopted corporate social responsibility plan successfully such as: Burgerville is a chain of restaurants serving quality fast efficiently, saving time. They have invested $ 1.4 millions in health insurance to care for employees. That investment was paid off, work productivity of employees increased dramatically higher.

Burgerville began paying over 90% of each of its 1,050 hourly employee’s premiums in January 2006 as part of Holland Inc. ‘s (the parent company’s) mission statement of “Serve with Love”. To qualify, employees are required to have already worked in the restaurant for 20-plus hours a week for 6 months and agree to pay a monthly $15 for coverage. (Feel good fast food. January 21, 2008 http://www.feelgoodfastfood.org/wordpress/?p=327)

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Some enterprises have put corporate social responsibility into their business strategies. Typically, these social programs such as ‘6 million cups of milk for children Vietnam ‘and funds scholarships’ fireflies light’ of the big brands like Vinamilk, Dutch Lady has resonated and consumer support households. Vinamilk will be awarded 6 million cups of milk which the equivalent of $ 25 billion for a total of 48,000 children throughout Vietnam. Each child was selected who will be drank Vinamilk 2 times/day throughout months. The main objective of the program are 18,000 primary school pupils from 15 provinces who have difficulties about economic of the 15 provinces and 30,000 thousands of disabled children, orphans, have special circumstances around the country.

(Source http://www.dutchlady.com.vn and http://dantri.com.vn/c167/s167-316631/khoi-dong-quy-6-trieu-ly-sua-cho-tre-em-viet-nam.htm HYPERLINK “http://dantri.com.vn/c167/s167-316631/khoi-dong-quy-6-trieu-ly-sua-cho-tre-em-viet-nam.htm 31/03/2009″31/03/2009)

2. Social responsibility of media:

Beside companies, media also plays an important role in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The first role is to support an efficient way for businesses to promote corporate social responsibility programs. Enterprises can use mass media to inform the community and other stakeholders which are aware of CSR activities of their company. This is a useful tool for people who do PR for brand development and image of a product or an organization while ensuring the professional ethics of the PR industry which has met the wishes of the owner Industry. Especially in industries where the quality and price of products is almost equal, consumers will become more disturbed in making decisions, their choices. In that cases, users often choose products according to sensory and their liking so that CSR can be seen as an effective method to increase business reputation, or otherwise increase “feelings” of consumers to brand your product or business, it is increasing revenue for the company. The media has a direct influence thinking and actions of people and politicians. If used appropriately, the media can perform tasks inform, educate, reassure, make connections and understanding, suggesting the optical center, favorites, or create the ability to accept a situation that occurs when out. More and more people realize that all organizations whether large or small, public or private, limited liability or joint stock, which has more responsibility in their activities. Today, the media and the public are always interested in optical their activities than ever before. The communication principle is similar in scope to apply different organizations bloc private organizations, voluntary, charitable or non-charitable. The significant increase in number and frequency of operation of the charitable organization has led to public demand for domestic and international recognition and appreciation are higher. This is the cause of the appearance of a series of media activities. The role of media is to inform and guide the public and the media reports, make them known to your organization, explain the nature of work and general activities of the organization.

III. Recommendation:

In the 21st century, in the globalization economy, when human consciousness about the risks to the environment, the demand for social responsibility increased as required to control emissions of cars circulating on the streets, controlling dust levels in residential areas, etc. To sum up, corporate social responsibility social responsibility is seen as committed for mental, moral, cultural, for families, local communities and society, employees and environment. In market economies, individuals and businesses are actions that are best for them under the law permits. CSR is committed to the company’s behavior in line with the advantage of society in activities related to the advantage of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and environment. SCR is considered a category of business ethics (Business Ethics) relating to all business activities of enterprises. Media is a part important of SCR which contributes to the formation of people’s thinking and success of the business. The media is grower, the faster, more sensitive…


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