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Business Essays - Commercial Domestic Cleaning

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Wordcount: 1307 words Published: 8th Mar 2016

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Commercial Domestic Cleaning

  • Business Description

This is the perfect time to starting this new venture after patiently searching for nine months for the perfect location, finally we realise we could use our own house as an office. Our business is locate in Gateshead and our cleaning contractors cover Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland. The demand from the owners clients as well as the ambitions of the owner to one day start his own business will make this business to be one of greatest and potencial business in the region.

  • Business Idea

Avelino Family Commercial Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Service is a full cleaning service dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by providing the best possible highest standards office, domestic cleaning and ironing service at an acceptable price and value relationship. We also will maintain a friendly, fair, and good working environment which respects, ideas and hard work.

The key to success in archiving our business goal are:

  • Genuine client care
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to our work and customers
  • Providing an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service

We are dedicated not just to meeting our customer’s expectation, but rather exceeding them. AFCD cleaning service has the Experience, Expertise and Resources to provide the best value contract cleaning service.

  • Management & Ownership

The AFCD cleaning service sole trade is owned by Antonio Avelino and in addition will be helped by his wife Helena Van-dunem. Antonio Avelino has a vast experience in business administration working at commercial bank for 5 years and his primary objective is to provide a confortable work environment. Helena as most of African women have a vast experience of domestic housework and also has been in cleaning service for more than 8 years.

Organizational Structure

Antonio Avelino and Helena Van-dunem will both work as a team consulting each other in decisions making. Helena will organize and carries on thee day to day operations.

  • Objectives

The objective of Avelino Family Commercial Domestic cleaning service are:

  • One of the primary reasons is to help more African women and in general to joining work.
  • To be viewed as a premium commercial and domestic cleaning service
  • Expand to two location after third year operation

The Avelino Family Commercial Domestic cleaning and Ironing service mission is to providing the best possible highest standards office, domestic cleaning and ironing service within Tyne & Wear.

  • Strategies

Our strategy focuses on cleaning business market with good quality service. AFCD service are determined to be part of that market. To achieve that we will provide the following:

  • Friendly staff
  • Good atmosphere with customers
  • Law price with quality service for everyone
  • Green environment
  • Service

AFCD cleaning service offer offices and house cleaning service

  • Description

Every house needs one-off cleaning during the year separately from the regular weekly cleaning. Our service is suitable for all customers who do not require a cleaning on regular basis.

The one-off cleaning service includes:

  • Kitchen – cleaning all kitchen surfaces, cleaning inside outside cupboards, oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher, wiping light switches, door frames, washing machine, skirting boards, washing inside windows, hoover and mop the floor;
  • Bedrooms – hoover and wipe the floors, clean door, light switches and skirting boards, clean mirrors, dust all surfaces, wash windows inside;
  • Living room – dust and polish all surfaces, clean windows inside, mirrors and pictures, wipe skirting boards, light switches and door frame, hoover and mop the floor;
  • Bathrooms – scrub and discalce bath and showers, sinks, shower doors and tiles, wipe all surfaces, clean mirrors, wash inside windows, scrub and disinfect toilets, hoover and wash floors;
  • Entrance area and stairs – hoover and wash (if necessary) floor and stairs, wipe skirting boards, entrance door and light switches.
  • Offices – cleaning all desks, hoover and mop the floor.
  • Unique Features

A a sole trader I will run my business, with a good eye for detail, that as got the experience of years in the business and knowing what my customers needs are. The AFCD cleaning service staff are highly trained in all aspects of cleaning to a very high standard, and are fully vetted, honest, reliable, friendly, uniformed staff so if customers are tied of housework or to busy with work! want their evenings and weekends back, well let AFCD cleaning service take the work out of housework, so they can relax of an evening, or just enjoy they weekends having fun, while we leave they home spick n span.

  • Pricing & Value Issues

We have decided to offer prices a bit lower than the average to acquire new customers. Our price will start from £8 to £10 per hour.

  • The Market

Our specialty is doing the work of a housekeeper in one half day per week or as scheduled by the client. As more families move to both parents working full time, they look for ways to ease their burden at home and free up time to spend with their children. Avelino Family Domestic and Comercial Cleaning Service will meet those needs in the following ways: specialized spring and fall cleaning services, weekly offices and house cleaning, freelance housekeeping service (laundry, ironing, washing windows, and house cleaning).

Besides the largest demographic of professional couples, A.F. Commercial Domestic Cleaning service will target three other groups with their marketing campaign: work from home mothers, elderly, football players and small business. Work from home mothers (and fathers) will find relief when we come in as a two or three person team for two hours to scrub the house from top to bottom. The elderly will find the help we can provide catching the cobwebs and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen. Small businesses need A.F Commercial Domestic trustworthy and confidential cleaning or spring cleaning service.

  • Primary Research

After nine month of observation and talk with some African and migrant female I concluded that there are many women who wish to work but don’t have the necessary skills, experience or qualification for many jobs. Most of women have the experience of domestic housework and they are happy to earn an income whether it is three or thirty hours per week. There will always be those with family commitments and are only able to work during school hours and this is a perfect time for domestic cleaner that will help deprived families where both the husband and wife work.

  • Price research: prices range from £10 per hour
  • Advertising research: most of cleaning services advertise they services using flyes.
  • Market Size

Cleaning service market is huge in the region, today 60% rely on cleaning service to clean they homes, offices industry etc. The size of AFCD cleaning service market is enourmose because it involve small and medium business from Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland and also all every householders in the region.

  • The Demand


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