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Crest Clean Company, NZ: Internal and External Analysis

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Crest Clean

Introduction –  

Mclauchlan and Rene Mangnus began an organization called Dunedin cleaning organization 20 years back which was rebranded as Crest clean and it turned into the principal business cleaning business having 300 Franchise in NZ and India with the working income of $25m. Presently the organization holds around at least 500 establishments all over in NZ itself.

1.1 Internal Factors –

  • Skills – There are many numbers of cleaning businesses in NZ and because of such big numbers some of the businesses absence of professionalism is seen in most of them. Crest Clean does held 200 workshops every year for proper training to their staffs.
  • Staff – Staffing and recruitment is done on the basis of merits and experiences of candidate and they are hired by the franchise owners who owner the franchise. Even referrals are taken in consideration of the present employs. Most transferring of the employees doesn’t take place and promotions are done on the appreciation of the work of the employees.
  • Structure – Structure of the company is franchise structure in which the Franchise owner is manages the team working for him or her. Master Franchise helps for the set up of smaller franchises and looks after the rules and policies
  • Shared Values – The Shared value is the ultimate goal of the company which is to provide the best services with competitive prices for the customer satisfaction keeping in mind the environmental conservation factors and work ethics.

External Factors (PESTLE Analysis of Crest Clean)-

  • Political – Any business which has to sustain in NZ has to shape itself according to the government policies and rules and regulations.
    For a business it is inevitable to perform its duties towards the economy and community.
  • Economic– Economy does affect crest clean in terms of profit making. Any income of any business is directly dependent upon the economy of a country and the spending power of their clients.
  • Social – Business always got a responsibility towards the society which is needed to be fulfilled.
  • Technological– In this business technology play a very important role and as the equipments used for cleaning are highly taken in consideration by the clients before handing over the project. Company needs to always on their toes to remain in the competition of booming technology.
  • Legal– Being in NZ business is abiding by rules and regulations imposed by the government on the businesses. Crestclean has to follow all the employment laws.
  • Environmental– Environmental influence is also related to the geography of the company and its environmental surrounding. Requirements of the potential clientele have to be sought after. Even the environmental laws during providing services have to be taken in consideration which also affects company’s production costing.


  • Company is facing too much competition in the market as various new companies are adding up in the cleaning market and market is getting more claustrophobic for companies like Crest clean in terms of business. .
  • Company should be looking into other target markets which can be potential in terms of business as the market now is getting saturated.


  • Crest clean has opportunity to grab the competitive market through superior service and proper customer dealing.
  • Crest clean can explore more areas to of business to expand.
  • Crest Clean can provide franchises in the area where there is less competition and have the monopoly.

1.2 Consequences of the Impacts –

  • Skills – Skilled employs will lead Crest clean to more prominent future in terms of business. It is getting more clients because of professional and educated staff and business is growing and even more franchises are opening throughout NZ every month.
  • Staff – Professional staff and personals of Crest clean has made it easier for the franchise owners and has provided great amount of satisfaction in regards to the services they are providing because of word to mouth marketing Crest clean is getting popular day by day.
  • Structure – Because of the structure of Crest clean the small franchises have to go according to the master franchise’s rules and regulation and have to provide the goodwill and the business profit shares. In which both the parties are benefiting mutually.
  • Shared Values – Shared values has made the company pretty much popular in the circle of clients and as well as community. Company is now well known in terms of providing good cleaning services at professional level.
  • Political – Political policies has made it really compulsory for the company to work on availing better option to the clients which will be more environment friendly and even company has a gotten into a strict policy of preserving employ and franchise rights which are in aligned with the government rules and regulations.
  • Economic- Company is growing and the need of service is growing too.  Crest clean has been providing franchises to families and immigrants to balance their life and to settle in NZ and at the same time this is benefiting the company as well as the business is much spread now and profits are reaching the apex.
  • Social – Socially Crest clean has a large amount of goodwill in the market and is known as a premium cleaning option in the community. Company has made a name for itself and will continue doing it in future as well with improved quality of work they will put in.
  • Technological- Because of the up gradation in the machinery company has able to fetch more clients by through the ace card of Technology. Highly upgraded technology is being used in Crest clean for cleaning purposes which is helping the business to grow more and which enable to client to put more trust on the company for better services and increases the reliability.
  • Legal– Company has been following the legal terms and conditions put up by the government and it will be doing that in future too.
  • Environmental– For the conservation of the environment company has equipped itself with technology which will cause minimum change while they execute their services. And at the same time company has educated their employ so that they always see to it that no harm is caused to environment while they are performing their duties.

Recommendations –

Crest clean has to work more on its future strategies for marketing their services in way that they can’t go unseen and community and as well as people will see them overcoming odds put up by the competitors. And they will do this through good quality services and sheer professionalism. Company needs to explore new market and business opportunities in order to grow their profits and expand the business. Crest clean has a good name and has got goodwill of itself so at the end of the day they also need to concentrate maintaining it. 


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