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Cross cultural communication and quality management

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This assignment explains about the cross culture management with the support of the authors, books, journals, articles, newspaper and website etc. This Assignment explains about the people’s culture background it tells about views and ideas of the members in the team. And this report is supported by Peter’s links for the cross culture management. The two links are cross cultural communication and quality management. And these two links have clearly explained in below assignment.

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What does the word culture means?

People from the same community are united with their own religion, beliefs, language, costumes, food etc are called culture. Culture is like a weapon for survival for human being. Culture may vary from one community to another. Culture could or will not be same for all. Culture is not standard one due the globalisation traditional culture is changing to cross-culture.

How can be culture defined

Culture is the collective knowledge, behavior, beliefs, skills, language, religion, and collective of programs which control people to follow their customs or their tradition. Culture can also be symbolic for communication.

“A culture requires a unity and diversity with respect to regions, religious sects, and social classes: By this he means there should be a constellation of cultures sharing a common core as in Britain or Western Europe but with enough diversity to provide stimulation for each other.”(T.S.ELIOT)

How can be cross culture defined

The people of different culture meet each other in a place is called cross culture. Cross culture explains how the people from different community or different culture interact with each other and how they share their feelings, ideas, food etc.


1. This report is done with the help of websites, articles, journals and authors which support the topic. This assignment also came across with help of many authors, who have explain about the cross culture management with evident of journals and books. In this reports, it is clearly state about the cross culture and also people from other country this have done by supporting the links like cross culture communication (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-cultural_communication) and Quality management : a cross-cultural perspective (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/Insight/viewContentItem.do;jsessionid=4E6779B84E7B9FB1689E81123174751F?contentType=Article&contentId=1786448)

2. This is given by the university library Mr. Peters. By doing this report, it tells about main core of cultural background, customs, perception, languages, region, place, religion and communication etc which helps to lean about culture in other country.


Cross culture communication

Cross culture makes way for the people to make business, organization and study over their boundaries. Global economy is tool for changing the fundamental of government, organization and business and it helps people to explore mind for the betterment of the exposure. It also helps to interact with people from the various nations in the simple and easiest way. Cross culture communication helps us to make international network for various activities.

In cross culture communication there is a plus to start communicating with peoples from different places in the world and with their language and also with their culture, in process of communicating with the different people comes to know other countries cultural background and their traditional way of communicating with other people in the international level. Cross culture communication makes easy way for making international network.

In the cross culture communication in the most vital area is to succeed in the market place and also acquiring knowledge by a particular organization with support of progress and interact. This is recognized by the cultural knowledge and linguistic.

uses of cross cultural communication

Cross cultural communication works hard to fetch the traditional area of communication and also a comparatively and isolated areas as cultural anthropology and also combination of other ground like anthropology, cultural studies, psychology and also in communication. Cross cultural communication help human being to know different languages so people can communicate easily with other language people without any hesitation. Cross cultural communication helps to examine people from the different culture. Cross cultural communication helps each member in the group to share views and ideas from each individual person of the group in which it help to know about opinion and also helps to increases mutual understanding between the members of the group.

global rise of cross cultural communication studies

At present cross cultural communication studies increases very fast because of the globalization in the world. Students from one country travel for their studies to another country. For example student from India goes mostly to U.K, U.S and Australia, Canada, Singapore etc for their under graduation and post graduation. In the process of studying abroad student can meet other students who are from different back ground and from different cultures and they will come to know about others culture. Students can easily groom themselves and also find business deals with other countries. Due to the rise of global cross culture communication studies lots of MNC companies are developing their business and their organization in different in the different field.

Quality MANAGEMENT: a cross-cultural perspective

For the cross culture the quality management plays important role to make a team to be consistency. Quality management can help to create a popper quality culture succeed of supportive quality culture with the consistency improvement of the team to achieve the particular goal by the members of the group. The word quality management is essential for the team member to keep up the time and build the good relationship with the team members. Each members in the team have their own vision to develop the organizational culture through quality oriented which is essential for the cross culture.

In this assignment quality management is the important link to support the cross culture. Peoples from the different country mainly interact for one particular reason with people from other cultural background that is none other than that quality management because in this case they interact with the people who have proper knowledge and skill to share with their team and make the members of the team to be success. In quality management member of team mainly wants to be team’s qualities like maintaining the time, sharing different ideas, discussing the given topic with focusing and also building good relationship with communicating and sharing the ideas, by doing this each members in the team feel comfort and come know about the point of view of their group members. Quality management can be disturbed by understanding and learning about the qualities and barriers like

Management should know about their responsibility and take their leadership.

Break down barriers between the departments.

Institute of program of education and self improvement.

For the success of the team member the quality management plays important role with the help of three main components for the quality management they are

Quality improvement.

Quality control.

Quality assurance.

People from the different background culture will interact effectively and it will be useful to share different ideas and opinion to gain the knowledge of the other country with the help of components like

Quality terms.

Quality improvement.

Quality management evolution.

Quality standard.

Quality resources.

Hence in the cross culture management the quality management is the main evident of the people from the different background. This link helps to gain the people to interact with other people for their different ideas and different views. So quality management will be powerful tool then other links which is given by university librarian Mr. Peter.

comparison of the links

The links which is given by university librarian Mr. Peter to managing cross culture is

Cross-cultural communication ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-cultural_communication)

Quality management : a cross-cultural perspective (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/Insight/viewContentItem.do;jsessionid=4E6779B84E7B9FB1689E81123174751F?contentType=Article&contentId=1786448)

Cross-cultural training: Learning to make the most of increasing internationalization ( http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/300d8cea-c1f4-11d9-866a-00000e2511c8.html)

Managing cross-cultural differences (http://www.1000ventures.com/ten3_operations/customized/cross-cultural_differences_china-us.html)

Anthropologists in cross-cultural management (Culture Matters) (http://culturematters.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/anthropologists-in-cross-cultural-management/)

Handbook of cross-cultural : social behavior and applications (http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=Z0L7dwJKel8C&pg=PA380&dq=multicultural+communication+management&lr=&as_brr=1&ei=NAnCSoDaG4eSNaKJ8fAD&client=firefox-a#v=onepage&q=multicultural%20communication%20management&f=false)

From the out of the six links the two links have been selected to support the cross culture management because these two links have selected for the main purpose of effective and powerful tool than other four links.

The two links are cross culture communication and quality management – a cross-cultural perspective in which it helps to manage the cross culture.

These two links have the evidence of supporting the members in the group to come know about the different languages by the members of the team and also can built the relationship by increasing the communication with their team members, by doing this it helps to gain more information about the other country, their traditional and costumes through comminuting effectively with the members of the team and in the second link it tells about quality managing by the team members in order to save the time and sharing the good ideas and opinion of the team members which helps to manage the cross culture, however other links it does not show the main evident to manage the people from different back ground areas. Hence in this report its mainly explain about the cross culture management and quality management rather than that other four links.


Hence it is concluding by saying this assignment as the evident of cross culture communication and cross culture quality management to manage the cross culture. This assignment is prepared with the help of evident of web sites and books and also by supporting the authors, journals and articles. In this report it has also supported the cross culture management with help of two links which is given by Mr. Peter, and these two links are cross culture communication and quality management. This two links help to bring out

ideas and build relationship in-between the group members.





Anthropologists in cross-cultural management







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