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Definition of McDonald's Culture

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The definition of culture is rich and colorful. It includes literature, art, music, history, or religious beliefs, traditions and customs. And food culture, which is a part of the customs, can reflect a country’s culture in a certain sense. We found that as one of the largest food retailers in the world, McDonald’s culture reflects the essence of American culture. Bing a miniature of American culture, McDonald’s carries with it 3 features, namely, aggressiveness, integration and equality, which are also prominent in the American culture. Tracing back to American history, brave Americans in the creation of innovative and pioneering spirit is embodied in the movement. In addition, the early Americans behind Europe, and they also desire to promote their material wealth to conquer new lands. This is caused by two aggressive American nations. As a big country of immigrants, American culture is a multi-ethnic integration. US history independence revolution in the people for freedom, equality has played an important role. The concept of equality increasingly popular. McDonald’s culture is reflected in the concept of equality provided in the garden of the world provide a consistent service. McDonald’s in China’s development also reflects the fact that more than three features. He opened 3,200 outlets in China and learns Chinese traditional culture and realizing the localization business.

Definition of McDonald’s Culture.

What is culture? There are three explanations of culture:

  1. The integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon man’s capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations;
  2. The customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group;
  3. The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a company or corporation.

(Kroeber, A. L. and C. Kluckhohn, 1952.)

Mc Donald’s culture is a set of shared attitudes, values goals that characterizes the company. As far as we know, Mc Donald’s supplies both fast food and service. When we refer to Mc Donald’s culture, we should not only pay attention to the food, but also the wonderful serves. For this reason Mc Donald’s make great success both in America and in the foreign counties. We regard Mc Donald’s as a symbol of American culture. For Mc Donald’s three features also reflect the American culture.

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McDonald’s development in China

Mc Donald became popular soon after its first store was opened in Beijing’s WangFuJing Street. Now, the fast store was all gone because of dismantling, but Mc Donald’s branches has spread all over the whole city, without saying the streets within the three wreaths, but also every county of suburban area hung with the dazzling red placard embedded with a huge yellow word M that can be see far from a way.

To a big country with a population of, the ancient saying that “hunger breeds discontentment” will be a basic consideration for the national leader and common people. Being added with the traditional food culture like “the food does not be disgusted with the best”, the diet concerning issue still plays an important part in the Chinese people’s life. The Pekingneses, who are now not troubled with the basic need, has the ability and also eager to change their traditional diet habit. For the people who don’t want to spend too much money but can taste something special, especially for the salary-person with only one child, the western fast food that is totally different from everyday Chinese food in the eating way and consuming things, naturally has great temptation because it is fast, clean, cheap.

Because we china shut ourselves up too long. We are looking forward to the outside world. The stories in the Movies and TV also show us the westerner’s and westernilized Hongkong people’s wealth: luxurious villa, private car, delicious food and wine. These formed an image in Chinese people’s mind that western world is a perfect paradise’ world which must be the destination of Chinese. But not everyone can offer money, time to go abroad because of the big cost, complicated procedure. So Taking food in the western fast food canteens became a good choice to experience the western style.

Maybe it is in order to cater to the modern Chinese’s favor for western, The Mc Donald’s store in Peking are all arranged in the western style. From the decoration of the front store to the employee’s cloth, nothing is connected with locality and nationality. The form unifies completely with the content. The Mc Donald that establishes in the ground flood of Xi Dang Huawei building is one of the most representative shop in this style. The whole restaurant was arranged as an ocean warship: The fan light glass window present as oval, just as the porthole on the boat; the seats inside all Parted with the cordage; the employees are all in seaman’s cloth.

Mcdonald’s development in China reflects its some features

Why is Mc Donald so popular with the people in China? It also embodies the three characteristics of McDonald’s culture, which vividly reflected in McDonald’s advertising in China.

  1. The advertisement about social status.
  2. These kinds of advertisements promote a way of the white collar.

    They promise that we can enjoy a modern decency life there and we feel more relaxed and happier than the people who don’t go to the McDonald.

    (Advertisement 1)

    On a noisy crowded street, a man is bundling up the newspaper and a worker is pushing a handcart, which is filled with the bottles of mineral water. In addition, some passer-bys passes humidly. But at this moment, we can clear hear a lady is reciting poetry in McDonald’s shop. She looks simple but elegant. From the dear window a huge “M” could be seen there. Suddenly, she stops smiling while she is facing with the delicious food and a subtitle “wonderful morning begins with McDonald draws on the screen. There comes the song of McDonald’s–“happy get-together in every moment.”

    At the Middle of the 80s, The Chinese advocate collectivism and regard the individualism as immoral. We have the same way of life: Everyone dress the same simple clothing and enjoy the same music and work for the same goal of prosperity of our nation. But from them on, when Den Xiao Ping put the development of economy as the first mission forward, the notion of seeking individual wealth is becoming acceptable and is regarded as the criterion of individual achievements. The successful people are able to show off their status by seeking the different life style. McDonald’s catches this information and make the successful People’ wishes come true.

  3. The advertisements about the traditional customs and values.
  4. This group of advertisements shows that the McDonald’s follows the Chinese traditional customs and values, Such as celebrating the Spring Festival, Making wishes for the New Year, loving calligraphy and art and respecting the old. These are Chinese precious value.

    (Advertisement 2)

    A group of children are drawing on the kite in a big courtyard. After finishing the drawing, they are holding the skits at hand and running to the streets. They are running along with a line of houses and arrive at the lawn along the lake. Their red beautiful skits are flying gracefully in the sky. The continuous sounds of firecracker imply the coming of the New Year.

    The end of this advertisement: A big door is closed and writes “good weather for crops”.

    (Advertisement 3)

    A grandfather and his grandson are sitting on a sofa. Each of them keeps a box of McDonald’s chicken at their hands.

    Seeing his grandfather was asleep, he draws the window curtain down to keep the sunshine away. And take his grandfather’s glasses away. After that, he takes the box of McDonald’s chicken from his grandfather’s hand into his own box. And he begins to eat happily. At that moment, His grandfather embraces his grandson with smile.

    These advertisements indicate that McDonald is becoming the initiator and supporter of Chinese traditional cultures and values. For Spring Festival is the best time of the whole year for people to give their wishes to each other. The flying skits welcome the coming of new spring.

    The Chinese cherishes the calligraphy, a history of 2000 years. All sorts of traditional cultures are intertwined together. It reveals the well understanding and respecting for Chinese people.

    It takes on a warm and emotional pedicure for us in advertisement 4. It is well known that respecting the old is the traditional virtue in our country. Nowadays. Such virtue still remains stable and important in spite of the structure of family is changing, from big to small. This advertisement implied the inheritance of this virtue through the grandson show loving care for his grandfather. In addition, it also tell us that the common interest (like McDonald’s food) help to reduce the generation gap and bring the happiness for the family.

    All these examples declare McDonald’s indigenization and strengthen the Chinese traditional virtues as well as the latest culture, which is forming under the particular policy of Chinese economical development.

  5. What do we learn from McDonald’s culture?
  6. McDonald’s entrepreneurship in the global food industry and the most characteristic charm, its “Q+S+C” cultural, Quality Service Cleanness (quality artistic work of high order, and thoughtful service, and a clean environment) is McDonald’s has always followed Corker business entrepreneurship. With modern socio-economic development and improve the quality of consumer culture, he found that only three is not enough, then “V” that Value as an important supplementary content, to construct a complete McDonald’s entrepreneurship “Q+S+C” spirit.

    Purchased from the first hamburger booth, Lei Croatia attaches great importance to the McDonald’s on food quality, and the greatest efforts to achieve quality artistic work of high order. He ordered a large number of chain stores have more money and time to implement food standardization : hire experts specialized study for the production of “mass like taste” food and assiduous; production processes to develop specific operation procedures and details; overtime up not sell products, not because of spoiled or defective, but will “not sell food taste bad” business approach.

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    “A well-run restaurant is like a baseball team invincible, give full play to the talent of each member, just like a fleeting seize every opportunity to accelerate our services.” Therefore, the “thoughtful service” will become the basic principle of this industry. Corker that focuses on the selection and training of personnel is of great significance, not only as a symbol of corporate social image, but on the survival and development of enterprises. He therefore called for “McDonald’s” must have two conditions: first, that “interpersonal learning,” good at receiving customers. To this end, he established a series of regulations, such as “collection of customers and smiling eyes to watch, and requested service personnel strictly enforced; Second, the acceptance of specialized training. Where New Tactics training staff to 10 days before officially became members and managers must be given as he founded the “hamburger study” before his first degree.

    McDonald stressed that the environment clean, not only to shop desks, the environment comfortable elegant, but also including members of the mental outlook. Promote a clean environment for entrepreneurship, McDonald’s regularly send investigators to inspect the chain of supervision cleanliness of all branches throughout the world – if adverse results of the review, the shop manager performance will be assessed directly affected. In such system supervision, keeping the environment clean is not only a service obligation, but also the customers’ responsibility. Customers in many countries and regions are also after eating habits attention to clean, will be leaving the former consciously blooming food boxes, paper cups filled in. dedicated bins, which would save manpower, customers nor pay tips, customers, the restaurant come good.

    The purpose is to convey the value of McDonald’s “high-quality goods more valuable to customers,” cultural theory. Since high quality standard of today’s society, consumers are becoming increasingly diversified demand choice, individuality, and show great differences. In such conditions, a business only provides a model, a single commodity and content services will gradually lose novelty in the minds of consumers have tired psychological, thereby negatively effect on enterprises. McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast-food industry, but changing consumer market prompted the need to continuously adjust its business strategy and corporate culture, the social environment and needs to adapt to the changes, otherwise unable to survive, let alone to create a good economic returns. Therefore McDonald emphasizing the “value” that is added to the new value. Design dramatic propaganda posters, phased price concessions, and with the seasonal changes in customer taste the flavor of beverages adjustment measures not only protect the value of the McDonald’s positioning, closely seize the customer, while increasing the McDonald’s corporate culture more profound connotations. McDonald’s culture and the food culture is closely integrated, on the other hand excellent expansion of McDonald’s, the customer has an imperceptible accept its food culture. Highly cultural characteristics franchising created McDonald’s kingdom in the world within the license chain operations may be the most stringent and most scientific, most of the culture, this is McDonald’s own business culture rooted in the local customs of another successful initiative! To safeguard its own image, McDonald’s joining must have the following four conditions; Entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to succeed, a strong business background, in particular those dealing with the special skills and financial management skills required to participate in the training project and should go all out, and may require a year or more to complete the corresponding financial qualifications. The accommodation of their culture is reflected in all its branches almost similar, and a local culture atmosphere of business ideas. After China’s accession to the WTO, with the McDonald’s imports of raw materials tariff reduction, new development opportunities will be placed in front of McDonald’s and the people!

    McDonald, as a cultural broker, establishes Chinese consumers approve the links with national emotions in the way of supplying the productions. In the advertisements that we have mentioned above, McDonald also make point on how to make consumers’ wishes come true and help them to experience the wonderful hours. It not only lead our Consumers to experience the Unite State’s modernization, but also to seek the cheerfulness in enjoy the foods there. McDonald is not only regarded as the American fast food, but also is considered as the best choice for the American, the high standard of diet custom culture.

    It is well amalgamated with other’s diet customs for McDonald is the process of learning foreign Cultures. His continuous Marketing adjustment and enterprising culture also help him to adapt the new social environment and satisfy the consumers. In turn, the successful managing strategy creates good economical benefit for McDonald. It is worth learning by Chinese enterprises.


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