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Determine Marketing Segmentations, Targeting and Positioning

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Determine marketing segmentations, targeting and positioning decisions

Unit 2934

Task 1

Market Segmentation:- : The way toward characterizing and subdividing an expansive homogenous market into unmistakably identifiable sections having comparable needs, needs, or request qualities. Its goal is to outline a promoting blend that unequivocally coordinates the desires of clients in the focused on portion.

Advertise division should be possible from various perspectives however three of the most widely recognized sorts are:

  • Geographic division – in light of area, for example, personal residences;
  • Demographic division – in light of quantifiable insights, for example, age or pay;
  • Psychographic division – in light of way of life inclinations, for example, being urban inhabitants or pet significant others.

There are Four fundamental variables that influence advertise division:

(1)clear recognizable proof of the section, (2) quantifiability of its successful size, (3) its availability through limited time endeavors, and (4) its suitability to the strategies and assets of the organization. The four essential market division methodologies depend on (a) behavioral (b) statistic, (c) psychographic, and (d) geological contrasts.


  • Which segments to targeting?
  • How many products to offer.
  • Which products to offer in which segments.


  • Market maturity.
  • Diversity of buyers’ needs and preferences.
  • Strength of the competition.
  • The volume of sales required for profitability

Meanings of Positioning: An item’s position is the way potential purchasers see the item, and is communicated in respect to the position of contenders. Situating is a stage for the brand. It encourages the brand to break through to the brain of the objective shopper.

Ventures to Choosing and Implementing a PositioningStrategy:

  • Step 1. Distinguishing Possible Competitive Advantages: Competitive Differentiation.
  • Step 2. Choosing the Right Competitive Advantage: Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • Step 3. Imparting and Delivering the Chosen Position.
  • Step 4. Bolster the situating technique with an interesting showcasing blend

In total process of market segmentation, targeting and positioning is a very important attribute of marketing mix. All these three process is very closely interrelated with each other.



Market segmentation. (2007). Retrieved from Decision Analyst:

I select a Delight pizza restaurant it is situated in Papakura close to the Papakura Countdown. This is a small pizza store like other but it is an Indian Pizza store. And they make pizza in Indian style. This pizza store running very well. I visit there so many times.

Part A:

Delight Pizza

Market Segmentation Variables of Delight pizza:
Geographic segmentation of Delight Pizza is not a national wide it is located in a papakura district.
Delight pizza’s general market portion is more youthful era. Be that as it may, they go wide in this thing. They portion high livelihoods and business class families which can burn through cash on the best pizzas in the market. Enjoyment pizza’s trademark is “Share the great circumstances”. Primary age gathering is 12-30 years. Charm pizza offers Indian sustenance’s to every one of its clients.

Delight pizza’s psychographic division incorporates individuals with having great state of mind about sustenance sense particularly pizza gathering and they need to have a decent time with their loved ones as portrayed in Delight pizzaslogan. It serves a wide range of identities

Delight pizza’s behavioral fragment is the class where individuals love to burn through cash on eating. Enchant pizzaof Papakura is not huge. The offer of joy pizza is incredible. At night time enchant pizza turn out to be extremely occupied

Target market of Delight pizza According to the customer:

  • Delight pizza have target the families who like to go for dinner.
  • They also target teenager of schools.
  • Spending habits of college freshmen also indicates a high percentage of money being spent on non-essential items.
  • You can also order on phone but you have to come here to pick your pizza.

Delight pizza is targeting those people which are more active in spending money on non-essential thing like eating. Delight pizza is also offering product for vegetarians.

Delight pizza Selecting Target Markets on the bases of need, want and behavior of market:

There are number of bases on which Delight pizza select target markets for their business. Number one is that they want the individuals with somewhat high pay and nourishment beaus. Who are ready to spend and appreciate the best sustenance in best condition? There is Indian in New Zealand as well as some minorities that are experiencing their lives. They need some vegan sustenance and pleasure pizza is the main brand that offers some veggie lover stuff to their clients, vegans trust delight pizza for best nourishment. Guests, who come to New Zealand, don’t backpedal without paying visit to New Zealand’s sustenance market. Delight pizza has additionally chosen its objective market on the premise of this thing so it could give the more to their customers and more than only nourishment as the delight pizza.

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Delight pizza has also selected its target market because of the new generation which is more active than the previous generation. New generation is more aware about the things as the time is goingwith new technologies in every sector. New generation wants thefood which can fully satisfy their needs and hunger so that itcould be the most memorable times for them.

Identification of delight pizza competitorsDelight pizza evaluate the unique skill, position of the delight pizza into the market is identified so that delight pizza can survive into the market among the competitors. Like other Indian pizza store who make same kind of pizza.

Part B:

Consumer Profiling:

Enjoyment pizza’s clients are offered various types of nourishment as per their needs. The entire client profiling table is given underneath which demonstrates the total examination of Delight pizza.








10-40 years, male, female

Manurewa, Takanini, Papakura

Mostly Indian People, Student , Some New Zealander

Middle and upper class

Meal Deal

10-40 Male ,Female

Manurewa, Takanini, Papakura

Mostly Indian People, Student , Some New Zealander

Middle and upper class

Drink and chips

8-17 Male and female

Manurewa, Takanini, Papakura

School Students, Children

Mostly All

Marketing objectives of delight pizza

Objective is needed in every area where performance and results directly and vital affect the survival and prosperity of the business:

  • To go beyond customer satisfaction to customer delight.
  • To increase profit and sales.
  • To fulfill their consumers demands efficiently.

Delight pizza’s aims and organizational objective:

  • To break in and expand in the NZ market.

Delight pizza have not yet fully broken into the NZ market and would like to expand more

  • To enhance clients relationship they might want to be more on one bases with their and require some serious energy with them.
  • To improve speed and proficiency of pizza making.
  • Improve productivity and speed of conveyance.

Segment attractive:-

Engaging quality is their Indian pizza. Please pizza keeps on developing. This is the business that they require and have centered the most around. One of the principle components of achievement is unmistakably identified with their arrangements for extension. Furthermore, centered on only on the previous. Another reality that delineates the need to focus on this section is the progression of general industry appeals their claim to fame pizza fragment. It is beneficial for them to give careful consideration to this portion. Despite the fact that concentrating on its most imperative section, Delight pizza ought to likewise give careful consideration to this fragment too with a specific end goal to accomplish their ideal industry appeal.

Human resource:

Delight pizza Restaurants, our people are our most valuable resource. Most of our staff commences work. Restaurants in our stores, serving our customers. We provide structured on the job training that can see our staff, through hard work and dedication, move through the ranks. Our manager understands our business from “the ground up” and the importance of Customer Service to our company.

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It is important to know something about the competition within a given market, as it serves as an indicator as to how difficult (or easy) it is to operate within that market. Fierce competition will undoubtedly affect for example marketing expenses, thus it is useful to know what kind of competition one can be expected to face within that market.

Part C

Target market strategies of delight pizza:

Undifferentiated Marketing

Company marketing mixMarket Target Broadly

Differentiated Marketing

Company marketing mix1 Segment1

Company marketing mix2Segment2

Company marketing mix3Segment3

Concentrated Marketing

Company marketing mixSegment1



Individual marketing

Company marketing mix Target Narrowly

Applying this framework tonational marketing:

Undifferentiated Marketing

  • Treating all markets as similar
  • No attempt is made to adapt the product or marketing strategies

Differentiated Marketing

  • Treat each market as being unique
  • Adapt marketing programs for each market
  • Expect better customer responses due to localization
  • But higher costs of marketing due to adaptation
  • Likely confusion of brand positioning across markets

Concentrated Marketing

  • Strategic focus
  • Deliberately concentrating on one or few markets
  • Good strategy when we use sequential entry approach- picks selectively to enter
  • Regional marketing strategy use this approach- focus on a few markets only.

Delight pizza is enormous, yet its items, bundling, and promoting are tailored to deferent markets. Squid is a prevalent fixing in Asia, for example. Organizations tailor products for deferent nations as well as for different clients in different nations. For instance, Procter and Gamble’s China division now offers items intended for different nearby market fragments in that nation. P&G has a propelled detailing of clothing cleanser for the top notch section, a modified item for the second (economy) portion, and an exceptionally fundamental, reasonable product created for the third (country) fragment.

Positioning variables:

Brands are all around characterized product offerings including various items or administrations. Re situating brands and items in the commercial center is a showcasing strategy used to bring new life into maturing items and brands. Advertisers can re position brands utilizing a scope of strategies, for the most part publicizing and deals advancements. Having a comprehension of brand re situating systems can bail you to get the most out of your present brands and items.

Brand positioning:-

Alludes to “target consumer’s” motivation to purchase your image in inclination to others. It is guarantees that all brand action has a typical point; is guided, coordinated and conveyed by the brand’s advantages/motivations to purchase; and it centers at all purposes of contact with the shopper.

Brand positioning must think that:

Is it one of a kind/particular versus contenders?

Is it huge and urging to the specialty advertise?

Is it suitable to all major geographic markets and organizations?

Is the recommendation approved with special, proper and unique items?

Is it practical – would it be able to be conveyed continually over all purposes of contact with the customer?

Is it useful for association to accomplish its money related objectives?

Is it ready to support and lift up the association?

Part D

Marketing mix:

The expression “showcasing blend” is assembled into four essential advertising systems known as the “four Ps”- – item, place, cost and advancement

Item: “Item” is the unmistakable, physical item or administration that an organization offers. Normal item choices organizations make when promoting their items are the way to mark the item, deciding the objective market and choosing how the item is bundled and circulated to clients.


“Place” depicts the areas the item or administration is produced, sold and devoured by the end client. Organizations need to choose how they will disperse their items and administrations – whether through discount, retail, middle of the road or online channels. They likewise should settle on choices about where stock and appropriation focuses will be found, how coordinations and transportation will be organized and where the end client will at last utilize the item or administration.

Price: “Value” alludes to the costs organizations choose to charge their clients for their items and administration offerings. Entrepreneurs pick how to value their item or administration in view of their intended interest group.

Promotion: “Advancement” is imparting data about your item or administration to produce a positive reaction from your client. While actualizing the special technique of the showcasing blend, organizations must choose what their offering model resembles, what publicizing strategies they will use to bolster their limited time systems and how they will speak with their intended interest groups about organization news and item or administration upgrades.

Monitoring mechanism for market positioning strategies

Assessment is an imperative piece of advertising: it helps your organization dispense with insufficient techniques and build up a general arrangement that assembles your business. By booking customary assessments of your showcasing arrangement, you can spare squandered cash by altering or wiping out crusades that are not achieving your objective market or accumulating the reaction you require. As you plan, work in systems to screen the achievement of each promoting push to make assessment less expensive and simpler. The Delight pizza is checking its market situating methodologies by taking after these basic strides:

1. Check the reaction of offers. Since the true objective of most advertising endeavors is to raise deals and benefits, utilize the numbers to gauge how your crusades are influencing client conduct. Take a gander at the deals before a promoting effort, amid its rollout and for six months a short time later; monitor the long haul reaction to screen deferred impacts.

2. Send out a poll. A simple and modest approach to assess the adequacy of a promoting method is to talk straightforwardly to purchasers. On the off chance that you need to beware of how well you are advancing new components or administrations to existing customers, converse with clients who have been with your organization for quite a while.

3. Monitor the advance towards vital business objectives. Advertising can be utilized to bolster your general business goals. At consistent interims, direct an assessment of every objective. On the off chance that you find that the advance toward one is slower than the others, you’re promoting techniques for that objective might be insufficient or should be increase.

4. Compare you’re showcasing techniques with those of your rivals. On the off chance that you are utilizing comparative systems, you can contrast them with discover contrasts in recurrence, quality, substance and reaction. Like the quantity of spots contenders’ notices show up, what number of online networking supporters they have, how their benefits changed after a crusade or how they have modified their other advertising procedures.

5. Evaluate the arrival on speculation. Regardless of the possibility that you’re promoting systems are accomplishing your organization objectives, they can be unsustainable in the event that they cost more than they make. Ascertain the cost of each crusade and the worker hours that go into each venture, then measure that cost against the battle’s benefits. In the event that there is no adjustment in benefit, the crusade may not be worth keeping.


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