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Enterprise Architecture Justification Paper

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The Department of Motor Vehicles is an agency overseen by the Secretary of Transportation in which motor vehicle related services are provided to private citizens, government entities and transportation clients alike. Of these services the most common that are provided by the DMV include: credentialing, tax processing, and oversight of related programs, such as transportation safety and organization management. According to the case study, the DMV has opted to implement the CSI Redesign Initiative in order to transform the aforementioned three core business processes into a joint modernized system that will fulfill the agency’s mission, provide exceptional service, and implement its core functions. The components of the redesign must include: user interfaces for the staff, core business services, infrastructure services, and interfaces to the DMV’s other systems. The purpose of this paper is to explain how an Enterprise Architecture solution is the best option to implement the DMV’s CSI Resign Initiative and meet their desired goals.

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The DMV can use an enterprise architecture solution as a management practice to maximize its resources, IT investments, and system development activities in order to achieve its projected goals. Enterprise architecture has many definitions, perhaps the best way to describe EA is as the fundamental organization of a system, the communication between its components, and the principles governing its design and evolution (Ivanov, 2009). The purpose of EA link an organization’s business mission, strategy, and processes to its IT strategy, by designing its future state through the support of architectural controls and standards (Anthony Hill, 2018). The DMV will greatly benefit from an EA solution by assisting the agency in their transition from an obsolete system into a more modernized one, it will also ensure that all the important disciplines, policies, and standards are applied to meet the laws and regulations of the DMV.

In order to fully appreciate the impacts of an EA program, one must analyze its benefits. Furthermore, if the DMV decides to use an EA program to reach its CSI Redesign goals, it will benefit from aligning its IT goals with its business goals.

  • The purpose of an EA solution is to consolidate the three major business processes into an organized cycle through the use of the new system. The new system will gradually create a joint cycle from the DMV’s major processes: Credentialing, Tax processing, and Oversight of Programs.
  • By using an EA solution, business processes would be improved by being more customer-oriented and aligned with partners (Colbert, 2014). The DMV will also be able to reduce risk factors associated with fraud by creating a more secure credentialing system for customer ID verification (Colbert, 2014). And this in turn saves the agency revenue.
  • An EA solution will also ensure that the DMV’s CSI Redesign Initiative goals are met at a timely manner, using documentation.
  • Another important factor of an EA solution is the ability to allow the agency to retain the vital existing technology’s, in addition to adding new emerging technologies (Colbert, 2014).The agency will be able to reduce its costs, by integrating a new system that it compatible to older systems as well. This will effectively make the transition to the new system a lot smoother. Users will be assisted in learning new programs while the old system is gradually disintegrated.
  • Understandably it will not be that simple to migrate from an old system to a new one, that being said the EA program will use project management to design roles and increase collaboration for all of those who are working on the project (Colbert, 2014). Each participant will have someone to answer to, such as in a waterfall model.

Nissan’s AMIE (Africa, Middle East, India, and Europe) Division decided to use an EA framework when it had multiple demands to align IT with business, standardized its processes, and document its rapidly changing data. The company is the 6th largest car manufacturer in the world and is using EA to meet potential business challenges and security incidents (Meyers, 2013). Nissan’s initiative resulted in having better visibility into the connections between business processes and technology, and more accessible information on how each application relates to technology resources (Meyers, 2013). The documentation also eases knowledge transfer between groups, or with outside vendors (Meyers, 2013). Nissan will be able to use the information from the program to support effective corporate decisions as the company evolves over time.

Yum Brands is one of the world’s largest restaurant companies. Yum Brands required a business/technology strategy to move from a mass marketing approach to a more intimate approach with the customer (Cullen, 2013). They wanted to implement new technologies such as mobile ordering, social media, etc. (Cullen, 2013). The EA team’s job was to raise awareness of technology innovations that could make or break the business and its processes. The EA team began making creative ways to address consumer expectations and the impact of technology on the business. They created customer journey maps overlaid with technology-based opportunities, augmented with best practices employed by other companies along with other market research (Cullen, 2013). The EA team was able to use digital awareness and experimentation to allow the company to leverage opportunities and as a result, transformed the market for that company.

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The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is the second-largest bank in the United Arab Emirates. The bank is geographically dispersed and has a sprawling IT infrastructure focused on managing day-to-day activities (Cullen, 2013). The bank needed a form of standardization at the center of its business, as well as with customization at the regional level to meet business and regulatory constraints (Cullen, 2013). The EA team provided guidance and direction for business transformation initiatives and developed standards in business development, applications, and technology (Cullen, 2013). Major points included a comprehensive blueprint aligning business initiatives and infrastructure, which was used for impact analysis & planning (Cullen, 2013). The EA team created a more efficient project assessment and selection process within the bank (Cullen, 2013). And as a result, the bank was able to eliminate its redundancies and enable growth in its locations. They also saved profit with asset reuse and by reducing unnecessary spending.

To summarize, this paper has outlined the definitions, reasons, and examples of why an EA program will benefit the Department of Motor Vehicles in reaching their goals that are set in the CSI Redesign Initiative. Enterprise Architecture has the ability to transform the DMV into a more organized and goal-oriented agency just as it did with the previous companies that utilized an EA framework into their businesses. The DMV will be able to integrate a more modern system to help increase the efficiency of their core processes such as credentialing, tax processing, and oversight of related programs. Using an EA program will result in reducing costs, increasing the efficiency of their business processes, and creating an effective and seamless migration to the new system.


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