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Global Business Management Trends And Practices Business Essay

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Organizations face inflated world competition, economic uncertainties, and dynamic markets. Technology is dynamic the way we tend to conduct business and manage info. Outsourcing of serious functions at intervals businesses and organizations complicates the landscape of provider relations. Suppliers and trafficker partners could also be set within the same town, region or country. However they’re even as probably to be set halfway round the world, adding new challenges to business management.

The growth of international strategic partnerships has up exponentially within the last twenty years. Competitive during an international marketplace has created it progressively vital to align business ways with a risk management strategy that features strengthening international offer chains and seller partnerships. As Wiley points out, “In the near future, it is supply chains that will compete, not companies” (Wiley, 2004). International offer chains should be rigorously designated and monitored to confirm the competitive edge needed to attain success within the international market place. Typically, the primary order of business has been supply and operations. Businesses determine viable suppliers, hospitable host countries, remunerative markets, and amenable seller partners world-wide. Then they set concerning drawing up agreements and operationalizing the new seller relationships. Then the realities of operation world business move and businesses scramble to grasp what went wrong.

I believe that a part of what went wrong is that companies lost the large image. They become targeted on the lowest line – keeping prices down and dashing merchandise to the buyer – which they fail to contemplate different factors that will directly impact their operations. Risk management of Applied Business and economic science strategies should embody plans for coping with AN array of recent threats and considerations – terrorism; cybercrime; piracy; potential political and economic instability round the globe; ethnic, spiritual and cultural differences; compatibility and ability of technological systems; international communications and transportation. 


Factors with reference supply and distribution square measure usually the sole essential factors of one transnational enterprise to determine or broaden international offer chains. Way less thought of square measure discourse factors which will facilitate organizations higher perceive potential marketers and higher choose vendor partners, thereby mitigating potential vendor-related issues. Figure one presents a discourse model of the foremost factors. The square measures culture (external and internal), company governance, politics, law, and technology. Whereas logistic and distribution considerations yet as problems with infrastructure and presence tend to drive several international business selections, it’s equally necessary that organizations contemplate these broader to discourse problems.



Attention to culture within the international business setting is essential to the entry and property of organizations, international enterprises, within the international marketplace. For the aim of this paper, culture is outlined as “the knowledge, beliefs, art, law, morals, customs and other capabilities of one group distinguishing it from other groups” (Whiteley and England, 2004, p. 439-453). Nearly each structure, function, and operation of any in international business is influenced by its own residence culture and therefore the culture of its host country, strategic formulation, structure style, human resource management, leadership, marketing, accounting, mergers and alliances, and the management of its offer chain. As operating within the international arena is replete with each opportunities and challenges, care should lean once businesses establish and enter into outsourcing agreements with international partners and suppliers.

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Research has shown that failures in international business relationships most often result from an inability to grasp and adapt to foreign ways that of thinking and acting (Ferraro, 1998). Folks are fast to visualize “irreconcilable” variations and once they do, relationships breakdown despite potential economic gains (Friedman, 2002). Thus, entry the property of international marketer relationships is usually a matter of whether or not organizations concerned learn to accommodate a distinct perspective, one that features the notion of a bigger “us”.

Generally, organizations enter the worldwide marketplace supported economic motives. Victorious international companies increase their returns on investment through a mixture of completed advantages – lower prices, larger client market, larger tax relief or tax advantages, access to massive, cheaper labor pools, improved access to resources, and larger productivity, all of that yield higher revenues. These successively end in higher market shares and sales. Given the magnitude of international business conducted nowadays, clearly several organizations have learned to beat important challenges. As an example of the speed of growth, in one year alone, from 1999 to 2000, world merchandise exports reached $6.2 trillion, a rise of twelve.5 percent over 1999. World exports of business services reached $1.4 trillion, a rise of over six percent (WTO, 2001).


Cultural compatibility refers to the degree to which individuals from totally different cultures perceive or area unit doubtless to accommodate cultural variations, thus potential for conflict is probably going to be reduced. The premise of this accommodation comes from either holding or learning to understand values or cultural assumptions expressed in another culture. In any given society, values represent the standards by that behavior is evaluated. An ordinarily used framework for discerning “value orientations” was urged by Kluckhom Strodbeck, (Kluckhom, Strodbeck, 1961) and applied to a society context by Hofstede (Hofstede, 1980). The framework relies on the thought that folks each wherever face a universal set of issues of that there’s a restricted set of solutions. The manner during issues is self-addressed fall on a time, and includes:

– performing on behalf of the individual versus the collective.

– reckoning time exactly versus less so.

– Holding toward and valuing the longer term versus the past.

– Action versus thinking.

– harnessing nature versus living consonant with nature.

– Ennobling youth versus observance elders.

– Affirmative formal versus informal interactions.

– Competitor versus collaborations.


Perhaps one among the harder factors to deal with is that of politics and law. In some countries, economic trade is discontinuous by internal strife, political corruption, war and uncontrolled graft. Differing or unstable political systems typically cause serious pitfalls and obstacles to doing business in those countries and impede managing international offer chains. Differing price systems, native labor markets, and native practices could force transnational firms to have interaction in conduct and transactions that on the surface, at least, seem to be unethical (Sternberg, 2000). However, will a company conduct business during a society wherever corruption runs rampant and social control of laws tends to be capricious and capricious? However, will a company manage suppliers United Nations agency happen to be settled in nations with whom our government is at odds? There aren’t any straight forward answers, however they’ll be avenues and techniques an original business will use to manage or reduce the risks it takes doing business in unfriendly or unstable societies.


Outsourcing of products and services permits corporations to require advantage of lower prices in areas like labor, energy, land and capital. By doing this, corporations hope to lower their overall value structure, improve profit margins, and enhance product quality, dependableness and distribution, therefore permitting them to contend a lot of effectively. However, as a lot of American corporations expand into world markets and provide chains lengthen and diversify across countries, the excellence between American product and Japanese product, as an example, has blurred.

According to parliamentarian Reich, former secretary of Labor within the executive, outsourcing may be a positive strategy in this it ends up in the creation of world product and services Maskus and Reichman, 2004).


The various business operations of a firm may be thought of as a worth chain, composed of a series of distinct worth creation activities (Braithwaite and Drahos, 2000). Primary activities include: production, selling and sales, analysis and development and services. Support activities embrace structure infrastructure, trafficker management, human resources, and knowledge resources. If a firm is to implement a competitive international business strategy, it should establish effective management structures to administrate and coordinate numerous activities and vendors.

In the past, most provide chain management selections were created at the company level, guaranteeing potency and adherence to overall company goals. However, in large, advanced organizations with several producing plants, vendors and suppliers, a centralized approach could typically overwhelm company management, resulting in reduced potency, gaps in commission or quality, and ultimately higher company prices.


The international community is swing pressure upon international businesses and their native suppliers to demonstrate that whereas they’re creating cash, they’re doing thus as accountable world voters (Jackson and Winkler, 2004). additionally to considerations regarding however best to manage risks and maintain economical world provide chains, international laws and policies area unit requiring international companies and non-governmental organizations to demonstrate a way of company social responsibility (CSR), sensible billet of the setting and natural resources, protective human rights, rising the living and dealing conditions of native populations World Health Organization labor in their factories, and fascinating in truthful labor practices.

What area organizations presently doing to manage or maintain world provide chains? How are unit businesses addressing the discourse factors – culture, politics, governance, law and technology? Current trends and practices in world provide chain management vary greatly. However in analyzing trends and practices, eight major themes and practices emerged. They are:

1. Profiling

2. Mapping

3. Creating regional Hubs

5. Communicating

6. Seamlessly Networking

7. Training

8. Aligning


Technology has reworked society at many various levels. However it’s had the foremost exceptional and pervasive impact upon world trade and commerce. From the personal computer to advanced AI, from TV to satellite communications, technology has connected the globe in an exceedingly approach no different innovation has done before. And with the technology, have come back issues. As corporations become additional dependent upon laptop networks to manage their databases, finances, inventories, etc., they become targets of hackers, saboteurs, and international crime rings. Organizations that interact in E-commerce, reaching resolute a worldwide market via the web, became susceptible to Cyber Crime. Several have found it progressively to shield their merchandise, services, trade secrets, client base, and personnel from those determined to achieve access to privileged data. It’s no surprise that data security is one amongst the quickest growing service areas in today’s economy (Moeller, Egol, and Martin, 2004, p.1).

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Issues of compatibility, ability and connectedness have an effect on communications between a company and its suppliers. The matter is combined by the very fact that variations in technology from one company or region to a different could create troubles to make sure sensible communications between suppliers and organizations, and keep customers proud of the product or services they’re getting. Likewise, variations in standards and internal control could occur thanks to the age, degeneration, or condition of technology utilized by suppliers in less developed elements of the globe. Communications is also difficult by language variations.

Technological practices and standards could dissent as a result of cultural, political or non-secular factors. Native workforces are also unskilled within the use of technologies and this could have an effect on the standard of the ultimate product. The power to take care of sensible communications with suppliers and to watch compliance with structure standards and practices is important to company stigmatization, client confidence, and market share.

One suggests that by that businesses manage international chain is by exploitation technology in strategic outsourcing. The methodology of exploitation strategic outsourcing to maximize efficiencies and therefore the effectiveness of provider relationships is a rising field within the United State.

State per Roger Ball, there square measure six crucial steps to strategic outsourcing:

1. Conduct Internal Assessment.

2. Conduct Market Assessment.

3. Collect provider data.

4. Develop Outsourcing Strategy.

5. Talk over and choose Suppliers.

6. Implement Recommendations.


Advances, like the World Wide net, satellite communications, Electronic knowledge interchange, cellular phones, wireless technologies, and inventory pursuit systems have enabled businesses to expand their partnerships, offer chains and markets into distance regions of the globe. In 1990, less than one thousand users were connected to the net. By the year 2005, it’s calculable that quite one.12 billion users are connected, representing over eighteen of the world’s population (Booz, Gotshal, and Manges, 2004).

This increasing dependence on technology for communication brings with it some definite blessings for communication with reference to international provider choice. The fast time interval of technology makes it fast and helpful to gather data on provider and market variables. This, in turn, ends up in a lot of economical and effective ways in which to settle on outsourcing suppliers. The constant necessity of reducing prices, increasing productivity, and higher manage expenses makes technology as a communication tool elemental and very important to success.


Increasingly technology is changing into a crucial tool in international business development and maintenance. Organizations are currently able to sign contracts with international suppliers that handle delivery, storage, banking and client interactions. There are several international suppliers which will watch out of everything occurring behind the scenes from one purpose of contact. Customers are handed one bill for the combined services, which offer them with a Web-based center to observe all operations (Duffy, 2003).

The quality and speed by that e-commerce is conferred nowadays makes it vital that organizations deliver the goods the foremost skillful speed and irresponsibleness that’s on the market so as to vie. U.S. business on the net was $43 billion in 1998 and had enlarged to over $1.3 trillion by 2003 (Duffy, 2004). As this range still climb it becomes progressively vital that each one choices are viewed in orientating strategic spoiling with structure methods of effectiveness and potency.


When playacting due diligence in choosing a service supplier, organizations contemplate the supplier’s level of experience, status, and skill to deliver product or services. They review the service provider’s method for any of its vital supporting agents (i.e., subcontractors, support vendors, and different parties). Betting on the services being outsourced and also the level of in-house experience, organizations decide whether or not to rent or refer to qualified freelance sources. These sources embrace consultants, user teams, and trade associations that square measure accustomed to product and services offered by third parties. Ultimately, the depth of due diligence can vary betting on the scope and importance of the outsourced services still because the risk to the organizations.

Assessing the service provider’s expertise and skill to supply the mandatory services and supporting technology for current and anticipated desires could be a positive and proactive approach to managing the link. It’s conjointly necessary to gauge the expertise of the service supplier in providing services within the anticipated operational surroundings.


Organizations area usually involved with written agreement problems like scope of service, performance standards, security and confidentiality, controls/audits/reports, sub-contracting, dispute resolution, and indemnification. The amount of detail and importance of contract provisions varies with the scope and risks of the services outsourced.

Contracts describe the rights and responsibilities of parties. Special stress is given to timeframes and activities for implementation and assignment of responsibility. Additionally, the outsourcing supplier performs different services, together with duties like support and maintenance, coaching of staff or client service. A collection of goals and objectives area unit developed and communicated within the contract to help in future management problems.

Supply chain partner choice becomes additional essential because the role of suppliers expands and changes over time (Frook and Karpinski, 1999). As relationships become additional integrated, and organizations attempt to be seamless, strategic buying ability centers tend to focus additional on however suppliers contribute across the provision chain. The importance of choosing outsourcing partners that may each offer the mandatory product or services, and proactively develop a partnership setting is crucial. For roaring management, organizations clearly communicate expectations up front, involving all the aspects of performance.


The model given in this paper encourages organizations to contemplate discourse factors in international offer chain management. Whereas factors associated with provision and distribution are vital issues, once thought of alone, they supply associate degree incomplete image of the potential health of the provider relationship. By considering extra discourse factors like culture, governance, politics, law, and technology, future issues will be alleviated and alliances created stronger. The foremost economical and effective thanks to manage international relationships and partnerships are to be proactive and to possess a thought within the choice, development, and engagement of the outsourcing partners. The choice of a service or product partner ought to be through with the utmost caution. By operating along the organization and also the outsourcing partner will focus vital resources on the merchandise cycle management. This partnership can allow future efficiencies to be maximized and a strategic outsourcing relationship to evolve.


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