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Mcdonalds: Knowledge management and organizational structure

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McDonald’s is the largest chain of hamburgers fast food restaurant in the world. The company’s headquarter near Oak brook, U.S and lllinois.It serving more than 58000 customers daily in the world. Moreover McDonald’s is operated by either a franchisee or the corporation itself.

The company was founded in 1940 as restaurant by two brothers Richard and Maurice in San Bernardino, California. It found in 119 countries and Company also operates over 31,000 restaurants in the worldwide and also employing the more than 1.5 million people in the world. Company start the divesting itself of other chain and it had acquired during the 1990s.The company start the Drive-Thru to get the orders easily and it first introduced in Arizona in 1975 for following the lead in other fast food chains. Other more change in company is opening the McCafe. It first starts in Australia in 1993. Moreover in 1961 company field a logo of their company foe overlapping, double arched ‘M’ symbol.

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Business demographics:

Every business has lots of problems with communication. In business demographics all the employees have a different position and they communicate each other in different matters and different ways. Organisation Manager, Manager and Crew trainer communicate face to face each other and the other employees. People are from different region are working together and communication in different accent and in Business demographics communicate nationally and internationally are the main barriers which create some problems for company. Some of the barriers are introduced in business demographics are listed below.

1.1. Sender oriented barriers:

This barrier is only removed or identified by the Sender. It also introduced in voluntary and involuntary. Some of the sender oriented barriers are:

*Don’t speak loudly and clearly break the conversation.

*Transmission loss: sometime transmission is stop working so choose the right channel.

*Semantic problems: use the simple and correct words.

*Always avoid ‘I’ attitude.

*Prejudices: keep their mind fresh while communication.

1.2Receiver oriented barriers:

*Listener inattentive: The listener has a poor concentration.

*Don’t give the urgent answer.

*Attitude and interest: Listener develops the interest for good communication.

*Information and conflicts: Listener also confirms with the feedback and clarifies the sender of conversation.

*Arguments and refutations: The listeners also do the healthy discussion.

*Listener have a responsibility to have a flexible while conversation.

* Different positions: All the managers and crew trainer encourage their junior employees to come up and create new ideas and listen to them carefully.

Organisation goals:

2.1 McDonald’s has a goal to get a 100% satisfaction of customers and have a better customer service in future. They want make the orders of customers while they waiting.

2.2 The atmosphere of company was very noisy and it always break the communication between employees and customers and there is some beeping, banging and yelling come from the service area which create sometime problem.

2.3 McDonald’s leadership and the communication was also very lacking. Moreover the employees are not provide the feedback in all the terms of double checking orders or the communicating any delay that may occur.

2.4 They also want develop the effective communication be ensured by sound meeting management skills.

Organisation ethics and culture:

Ethics and culture are very important in organisation. In McDonald’s the multicultural society working. Employees are from different region and its sometime creates problems in communication but this organisation applied the professional ethics which is called the communication ethics. It applies almost all type of organisation which helps for better development of company. Moreover good leaders also create a better and more ethical organisation.

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Different region working together creates some problems so some things help to make a good organisation culture and ethics. First is written a code of ethics and standards in an organisation. Second is give ethical training to the managers, crew trainers and other employees and all the employees working in an organisation respect each other. Moreover senior employees teach the junior employees.

Management of knowledge resources:

Organisation management will come through outstanding collaboration and partnership working. It helps to ensure the region maximize value to their information and knowledge which help it use to skills and creativity better and also improve their innovation.

4.1. Identify the business problems:

First organisation identified their problems which break the development of company. Organisation arranges the meetings and all the employees give suggestion to minimize the problems and organisation make some strategies for better communication between employees and customers.

4.2 .Performing the knowledge audit:

A knowledge audit starts by working with employees to locate the knowledge when they need. They also will know that what is missing in their company. Senior employees give more training to the junior employees for better work performance. They arrange the meetings and suggest from employees to solve the problems.

5 Group Dynamics:

A group dynamics is that the several individuals come together to accomplish a particular goal. Moreover it is group that two or more individuals connected to each other by social relationship. A group dynamics is a theory that why and how organisation develop. In the group dynamics different region working together and they shared their experience in same work.

All the different members of organisation working as team and they do the group work. All the employees have different accents of language and work as group they communicate effectively. It also improves their listening and they also listen each other very good. In the group dynamics various processes include norms, rolls, relations, development, need to belong, social influence, and effects on behaviour. Working as a group is being a real team which help to complete the task easily. In organisational development, the phrase ‘group process’ refers to the understanding of the behaviour shown by the people in groups, such as the task groups that are trying to make a decision or solve a problem. Moreover group work develop the communication skills of employees and solve the problems with interact the employees which also very benefitional for development of company.

Meeting management:

Meetings are the very important part of any organisation. They arrange the meetings for various purposes.With the meetings they do many things which help for development of company. Moreover company arrange the meetings for the reason of chat, charge, collude, create, for communicate, cultivate and for comments. The reasons of meetings are shown below:

6.1 Planning:

Organisation plan about their structure of their company. They plan their organisation structures by get the different suggestions from their employees. In the meetings all the employees participate in that and they have a freedom to give any suggestion about the company and with the meetings they talk to each other and it help them to improve their communication skills and more understanding.

6.2 Outcomes and communication purpose:

In the meetings company identify their outcomes. They also discuss about the different matters and all the meeting members take participate and give suggestion to solve the problems. All the employees open the issues about the company and debate about those issues. They also discuss about how to provide the good service. They also discuss about the good communication skills and improve better understanding between employees and customers.

Stakeholders :

Stakeholders are a person that can be affected by the actions of the business as a whole. Organisation takes more steps for satisfaction of stakeholders A stakeholder is any person that is affected by the actions of a business. They may have a direct or indirect interest in the business, and may be in get in touch with the business on a daily basis or occasionally. Stakeholders will be interested in their dividend and principal development of their shares. Moreover company give benefits to the stakeholders like they give good customer service to the stakeholders. They advertise their company by make a company website and via newspaper. Moreover businesses have social responsibilities for the other stakeholders. First is for stakeholders to good return on investment. Second is for customer for better price and safe and quality product. Moreover a company do disposal of waste in environment friendly manner.

Networks :

A communication network is a collection of terminals, contacts and notes which connect each other for disable telecommunication between users of the terminals. Company employees use the internet to communicate and connect each other via use of wireless. Communication network explain the essential model of communication. Communication networks have point to point communication link between network roles well described by three original model of communication.

Networks are another aspect of direction and flow of communication. Company create a online services which makes a work of company very easy and comfortable. With online services company become more famous and they easily get the orders via internet. There have been many McDonald’s advertising campaign and slogans over the years through the internet. Communication networks may affect the group’s achievement of the assign duty on time, the position of the head in the group, or they may affect the group members’ satisfaction from occupying certain positions in the network.


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