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Recommendations for improving Employee Attitudes and Performance

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The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of employee attitudes on performance. The findings in the previous chapter highlighted very interesting results whereby it clearly showed that attitudes do have a considerable impact on performance.

5.2 Recommendations

Teleservices Ltd can benefit from the recommendations discussed below:

5.2.1 Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the major concerns at Teleservices Ltd. Most of the employees are happy with their job but some are not, therefore to increase job satisfaction, the organization can implement the following:

Management should continuously encourage and enhance an understanding of and an appreciation for the roles of the employees in the organization. This will naturally lead to individual satisfaction.

Managers must give clear guidance about his expectations from the employees and this will generate better and improved performance. The staffs expect sufficient communication from peers and managers because it is a way to make them feel important.

Managers can implement what’s typically called a “work/life balance program.”

5.2.2 Leadership style

From the findings it has been viewed that employees seems somewhat dissatisfied regarding the decision making process and the attitude of their superior. Some improvements that can be proposed are:

Management need to develop a climate of trust by being honest with people and treating them equitably this will encourage the development of positive attitudes.

The company must be effective in decision making so that employees have full trust in management and does not feel that there exist favouritism.

5.2.3 Employee commitment

Committed employees are crucial for the success of any organization. At Teleservices Ltd there seems to be a lack of commitment towards the customers and also employees cannot clearly define company’s mission and strategy. This issue can be solved by applying certain measure:

Advise on methods of communicating the values and aims of management and the achievement of the organisation so that employees are more likely to aligned their jobs with it.

Apply the law of reciprocity. To get commitment and loyalty from employees, one must be committed and loyal to them. Commitment and loyalty are two-way contracts.

Management should recognize that employees are the most valuable asset – ‘Happy employees equal to happy customers’

5.2.4 Job involvement

As per the information gathered from the analysis it can be seen that this factor is not given much importance at Teleservices Ltd though as from literature it is considered to be an essential element in developing positive attitude and hence better performance. Some recommendations proposed are mention below:

Management should recognise that employee performance results in enhanced organisational performance. In other words, workers should be appropriately and equitably rewarded for their effort.

Creating an environment where individual members can speak freely for creating a cohesive and successful team. It can adopt an open door philosophy.

Managers must devise way to make employees feel that their capabilities, efforts and performance contributions are recognized and appreciated.

Although compensation provides some recognition managers must put emphasis on non-monetary recognition which is also important. Examples of non-monetary recognition include praises from managers, team members and customers.

5.2.5 Career satisfaction

The training and development of employees is increasingly recognised as an important aspect. Training and development are commonly considered to be different forms of human capital investment for individual and organizational improvements. However at the company the employees show some dissatisfaction concerning their career progress. Certain measures to be taken in this context can be as follows:

Develop a positive psychological contract by treating people as stakeholders relying on consensus and cooperation rather then control and coercion and focusing on the provision of opportunities for learning, development and career progression.

Management must communicate to its employees about the achievement and progress of the company so as to ensure the staffs that the company does have a good future.

To establish a career path for the employees upon recruitment so that they know how to perform and grow with the company, this might encourage the employee to become loyal to the organisation.

5.2.6 Personality Traits

From the analysis conducted it has been viewed that traits like being affectionate and sympathetic are least considered though these traits are important when dealing with customers. This gives an indication why the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty is low at Teleservices Ltd. The company must provide training regarding this matter so as to make the employees aware of the importance of being affectionate and sympathetic. This is mainly to improve the skills of the employees and to provide change to the person’s attitudes and mentality. The important thing is that his behaviour should be customer focused. This will lead to greater satisfied customers and consequently contribute to the organisation success.

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5.2.7 Motivation

At Teleservices it has been seen that not only recognition is important for them but also much importance is given to rewards. They do feel motivated when they receive praise and recognition for their performance but in addition they more emphasis it put on the financial aspects. In order to make the employees feel more motivated certain measures can be applied:

Small, informal celebrations are many times more effective. A pat on the back, a personal note from a peer or a supervisor does wonders. 

To increase the status of employees, they should be given good treatment. For example, distribution of gifts to employees Christmas or to send them a card on their birthday in order to show that the company cares for them

To give promote to employees who deserve a promotion.

5.2.8 Customer Satisfaction

This is a fundamental determinant of long term consumer behaviour. The more satisfied customers are, the greater is their retention and the higher is the financial benefits for the company who serves them. Thus it is imperative for Teleservices Ltd to build a customer database that keeps track of the needs of the customers, their profiles, preferences and amongst others.

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any business. Teleservices Ltd must ensure that improvements are done regarding customer satisfaction as the employees do not give much importance to the customers’ needs and requirements. Success in any company depends on understanding the key issues that affect customer needs and also an understanding of how well the company meets or exceeds customers’ needs.

One of the most important things Teleservices Ltd can do is to give customers more than they expect then just delivering the service. They should always strive to give them something extra, something beyond their expectation. Customers will be more likely to do business again with the company and thus leading to customer loyalty.

Top management, through its actions, must show that customer satisfaction is important to it. This can be done in several ways.

Acknowledging areas where the company needs to improve,

Allocating appropriate resources to the improvement of customer satisfaction,

Involvement of management and employees in the development of plans for customer satisfaction improvement,

Clear and frequent communication of what is being done to improve customer satisfaction.

5.3 Conclusion

The recommendations provided can provide essential guidance to the company Teleservices Ltd to improve the company’s performance and at the same time having a committed workforce with positive attitudes.


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