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Supply Chain Management Model of Procter and Gamble

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Executive Summary

The report will delineate the Supply Chain Management model of Procter and Gamble in line with the intricate aspects of their information systems, procurement, inventory and distribution issues, along with their solutions respectively. The vitality of the topic as a highly integrated process is duly highlighted in the report. It will also discuss as to how the Supply Chain Management influences the company and its key tasks as well as strategic planning in order to savour the competitive advantage in the market. As Procter and Gamble had very weak supply chain management they planned for a complete change over their management approaches and peculiarities. Throughout the report, various key issues pertaining to the processes involved in delivering the finished products are highlighted. The key steps that the company has taken towards accurate definition of their structure as far as supply chain management is concerned are aligning most of their accounts with prime suppliers and ushering and standardizing this change on an overall level. The main highlight is communication at each level which constitutes the structural process rather than it being a hierarchical channel based communication in a clichéd flow-on fashion. Also recommendations have been provided at the end of the report on the basis of secondary research and underlying facts and case studies. It summarizes and lists opinions based on potential areas that still remain untapped and subject to undue attention. Every aspect has been dealt with while keeping the companies vision, philosophies and unique work ethics in mind.

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Procter and Gamble is a $50 billion organization that as of now is a proud owner of 13 brands creating more than $1 billion of income every year. their objective is to make what might as well be called a fourteenth billion-dollar brand—by stocking retires in stores around the globe all the more precisely by reacting better to what individuals need. Also, they aim at getting 5,000 retailers and 30,000 suppliers to partake in a framework that would instantly flag items supported by clients. In the previous decade, P&G’s business has changed fundamentally, regardless of the possibility that its frameworks for timing the conveyance of items to stores have not. In similar lines to autos, garments, music and even prime-time TV, the offers of mass-created items for the home have ended up hit-driven. Alternately, better put, advancement driven. A few deals information may come in every day, some week by week. Some may stop by thing or item class. Predictable data, got every day or all the more much of the time, would mean getting retailers and suppliers to stick to normal traditions in nourishing and drawing data out of P&g ‘s SAP store network administration framework. In the old form to-estimate days, the plants would just run huge parts, move them to distribution centers and let showcasing work down the stacks of unsold item. “Changeovers of assembling lines were an abomination, on the grounds that the conviction was that long item runs chop down for every unit costs.That holds expenses down. They have attempted to enhance each part of how they convey item to our clients at the most reduced expense,” this was said by Tom Walker, VP of logistics for Costco Wholesale Corp., which offers $41.7 billion value of buyer products a year through its 397 retail distribution centers. “The product, alongside practical judgment skills, has enhanced p&g’s capacity to get precise shipments to our stores in an auspicious manner.

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Product Portfolio

Procter & Gamble produces a comprehensive range of goods from detergents to pet foods to beauty products. The company operates in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, with products sold in over 140 countries. Procter & Gamble ranked 26th in Fortune magazine’s top 100 America’s largest company for the year 2011. (Fortune 500, CNN 2012).

Procter & Gamble began as a small soap and candle Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in 1873. By 1980, Procter and Gamble had grown into a multi-million dollar corporation. The first overseas subsidiary was purchased in 1930 (a UK-based soap manufacturer). From there, start-up operations sprang up in Latin America, Europe and Japan.

Procter & Gamble have many well-known brands, which include Pampers Nappies, max Factor cosmetics, Pantene shampoos, Iams and Eukaneba pet foods and Pringle potato chips.

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The Procter & Gamble Supply Chain Management

Mastering the Supply Chain is vital viewpoint to attain high client fulfillment that will prompt benefit and more prominent piece of the pie. So as to make the Supply Chain capacities as a center of the plan of action, the organization needs to rethink its system. This involves both producing another technique and bringing the Company’s other center exercises into arrangement with this new plan of action above all, the record choice, in the client operations, the channel method, the center operations abilities and Management/Organization Structure. These exercises must experience extensive progressions. Capable Supply Chain makes an unique plan of action that adjusts the real destination of Supply Chain Management from expense control to income improvement to Customer fulfillment.

Procter & Gamble awhile ago utilized Supply Chain authority to pare out solid, long haul Competitive Advantage. The Company’s key center to Supply Chain-based administration modernization changed both the purchaser items and retail commercial enterprises. The strategy obliged immediate conveyance to significant records. This channel game plan empowered Procter and Gamble to create an outstandingly high level of client certainty and on-going rounds of Supply Chain modernization in these records. In the meantime, Procter and Gamble quietly moved to end its guide associations with various more modest records, setting up a set of expert merchants to administration them. Thusly, the primary wholesalers had become enough volume to maintain immediate worth included associations with Procter & Gamble.

As far as concerns it, Procter and Gamble created operations capacities in two key territories: First, it made a clearing new set of industry change programs, e.g., Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), Customer Requirements Planning (CRP), and streamlined logistics. The projects obliged a robust new understanding of system economies and the effect of Supply Chain advancement. Second, to empower to raise administration levels to help the new framework, the Company made refined Information Technology (IT) bonds to arrange its item stream. These going on progressions stayed authoritative safety, from promoting directors particularly who were worried about the other appropriated sellers’ items by the new business. Concern likewise communicated over what would finished with the significant records that did not “fit” the plan of action.

There was a significant requirement for imaginative and progressed answers for defeat these issues and achieve the client at once and loss of piece of the pie. Subsequently, they chose to utilize executor based demonstrating intricate, versatile frameworks in the wake of doing a great deal of examination.

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The Strategies

Procter & Gamble Supply Chain procedures are for the most part includes on:

1. Focus on obtaining of the organizations and items, which are now entrenched in the commercial center and with great exhibitions with sensible requests. What’s more, getting to be settled items starts with a decent, productively run Supply Chains. In this way, these Supply Chains empower their items to be sold at focused costs to their expected markets.

2. Redevelopment and combining with the assistance of the decently qualified and accomplished researchers, with a dream to grow their customer base on a decreased number of items for every item sort.

3. Decrease its capital using to a certain rate of Sales. For instance, Supply Chain costs and those shoppers ought to profit from, as a result of decreased item costs.

4. Develop their centre organizations (fabric, hair, child and female mind) and heading brands into stronger market pioneers. They create worth creating exercises all through the whole Supply Chain for each of its centre items, through for instance, the pooling of information, aptitude and compass.

Key assignments for Supply Chain Management

1. Making of methods that help the stream of crude materials and completed merchandise to and from Procter & bet offices;

2. Help of the transportation of crude materials to its assembling areas;

3. Improvement of techniques that will keep Procter & bet heading the commercial center in logistics administrations;

4. Administration of logistics data; client requests and the brief conveyance of completed item to the exchange clients.

Supply Network

An executor based demonstrating unpredictable, versatile framework

Procter & Gamble change its Supply Chain framework with the utilized of an operator based displaying in which its essentials helped the organization until they probably won’t even calls it a Supply Chain. “The Cincinnati-based creator of Tide, Crest, Pringles, Pampers, Clairol and 300 different items now call its associations with 5 billion customers in 140 nations a “Supply Network”. (Computerworld 2010)

Larry Kellam, the Procter & Gamble’s Director of Supply Network (Memo to Oracle 2012) expresses that, ‘Chain hints something that is successive, that obliges taking care of off data in succession. We trust it need to work like a system, in the same way as a web, so everyone has perceivability to the data.’

The said model are to a great degree mind boggling in a hefty portion of its frameworks general are truth be told made up of semi-autonomous nearby “executors” following up on a couple of basic standards. One can secure and improve the entire framework by demonstrating and changing the conduct of the operator. Also by utilizing this, Procter & Gamble spares in expenses, inventories will be decreased and the purchaser administration will be better.

In the reenactments of the organization’s machines, the operators of the product speak to the individual segments of the supply framework, for example, trucks, drivers, stores, and so on. The conduct of every executor is customized by means of decides that copy genuine conduct, e.g., ‘Dispatch this truck just when it is full” or “Make more cleanser when stock tumbles to x days request.’ (Memo to Oracle 2012)

These reenactments let Procter & Gamble performs consider the possibility that examines to evaluate the impact of new logistics methods on three key measurements: (1) stock levels, (2) transportation costs, (3) in-store stock-outs. The models considered option administers on events, for example, in requesting and delivery, strategies on item portion in dispersion focus, guaging of interest, and so on.

” Agent-based demonstrating is accepted to have brought a few changes that Procter & Gamble in a broad sense needed to make in the event that they were to be adaptable and versatile, “Kellam (Procter & Gamble’s Director of Supply Network Innovation) says, clarifying that changes fell into the accompanying three expansive regions:

1. Unwinding of unbending tenets, frequently irrationally, so as to enhance the general execution of the supply organize that obliged some social progressions, for example, persuading cargo administrators that it is at times adequate to release a truck half-full.

2. More adaptability in circulation. For instance, it is conceivable to restock a retailer in 24 hours instead of the standard 48 to 72 hours.

3. More adaptability in assembling. In view of bits of knowledge picked up by the models, Procter & Gamble is “in a far-reaching way re-tooling” its assembling courses of action with the goal that it is no more creates long runs of a solitary item however rather has the capacity create each item consistently. The profits incorporate less stock-outs and more content clients.

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Procter & Gamble uses Supply Chain Management programming from SAP AG, however it turned to a minor New Mexico organization when its long endeavors to abatement stock levels delivered just minimal changes. “Procter & Gamble went to Bios Group on the grounds that they think uniquely in contrast to the way Procter & Gamble does things.” utilizing this most recent engineering

has made Procter & Gamble convey merchandise to the correct spot at the opportune time giving great client fulfillment and expanding its piece of the overall industry. ( Daily Finance 2012)

A.g. Lafley, President and Chief Executive Officer Procter & Gamble, says, “In this way, by utilizing this engineering, the greatest effects on our business have been upgrades in administration, cost and velocity. We know we’re conveying better purchaser administration, better client and supplier administration and better worker benefit all through the world as an aftereffect of the way we’re utilizing the Internet based, Agent-based displaying of unpredictable, versatile frameworks Supply Network.”

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The Influence of the System to the company

Jeff Schomburger, Procter & Gamble’s Customer Business Development pioneer in Western Europe (Computerworld 2003) expresses that, ‘Out-of-stocks are an extensive issue, frustrating and putting at hazard our dedicated customers. We can alter these issues by making out-of-stock diminishment a top industry need. Retailers and Manufacturers need to cooperate on instruments and methodologies to dispose of it.’

The most influential brand names are useless unless they are on items that show up on the right retire at the opportune time to meet the desires of their clients, the customers all inclusive.

The Supply Chain Management is so basic to Procter & Gamble’s productivity, and to its notoriety for quality and dependability. Their Supply Chain groups have the test of guaranteeing that the items are on-rack, on-calendar and on plan. Procter & Gamble lives up to expectations towards accomplishing the ideal offset including its business techniques, its gigantic stores of specialized assets and above all, its kin. Procter & Gamble has a solid record of mechanical and scholarly accomplishment and interpersonal abilities, so one can successfully work with individuals from assorted foundations internationally.

Procter & bet convey predominant client and logistics administrations. Quality, worth and engineering are the center of their item supply association, which incorporates Customer Services, Integrated Logistics, Purchases, Manufacturing and Engineering. Together, these orders convey results of remarkable quality at the most moderate costs and boat those items in the most secure, most effective way that is available, all to profit purchasers as far and wide as possible.

Logistics is in charge of anticipating client request, then guaranteeing the productive circulation of their items through the Supply Chain to store racks. Client administration individuals concentrate on the last venture of the Supply Chain that of conveying items to the clients in the right qualities at the opportune time and in immaculate condition.

Acquiring has the aptitudes in business investigation, building connections, counseling top administration, arranging, and advancing worldwide sourcing procedures to improve the Company’s general Competitive Advantage.

Assembling includes making the items. Procter & Gamble apply heading edge, high engineering frameworks and procedures to create high caliber at the most reduced expense, which helps it to accomplish high esteem for its clients.


• Secure administration help before beginning to overhaul supply organize. Not to let governmental issues sentence the activity to disappointment. Coordinated effort inside the association is normally just as troublesome as outer cooperation with exchanging accomplices. Distinctive capacities and offices need to create genuine inner coordinated effort to make a consistent “purchaser driven supply arrange” conceivable.

• Leverage the worth IT can acquire joining request and supply side business forms. Senior chiefs won’t require much inciting to perceive the waste of showcasing assets that happens when customers land at a vacant rack. Persuading them that interest in IT and a speedier, more adaptable store network can take care of the issue may take longer.

• Simplify their applications structural planning to permit shared business procedures and adapt to changes in system collusions. It is pivotal to outline an adaptable, corresponded business applications structural planning for collective business forms. Not to sit tight for flawlessness, yet put resources into comprehension engineering and its potential effect on your business. It is critical that new operations can be included or separated rapidly (in under six months) when the inexorable acquisitions and divestitures happen. Limit the quantity of frameworks used to abstain from being overpowered by interfacing issues that add little to how the money adds up.

• “Webifying” their internal frameworks will only open their insufficiencies to a greater group of onlookers. Since this gathering of people is precisely the gathering of outside accomplices they require as close and sure co-conspirators, not to promote their shortcomings. They can’t make progressed close ongoing cooperation work without secure and productive inside system.


Procter and Gamble is an eminent global organization which has its plants operating all around the world in several countries henceforth creating jobs in developed as well as developing economies. They have successfully diversified their product line and captured a higher market share as compared to their competitors. Though there is no single competitive set for the company due to its range of products, the supply chain management has a vital role to maintaining this advantage. The introduction and adherence to Network Chain communication over flow-on fashion, they have really aligned all their major accounts with the suppliers. This system is the pivotal change as to where Procter and Gamble stands currently. Steering and regulating the supply chain attributes a sense of accomplishment to the company. Hence, the efficacious management of this aspect will definitely prove to be a worthily contributing factor towards product excellence.


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Procter & Gamble Supply Chain


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