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TESCO Human Resources Management Company

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TESCO (Tesco translation of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan Tesco translation), a large British supermarket chain. It is currently the UK’s largest retailer, is second only to Wal-Mart (USA), Carrefour (France) and Home Depot (USA), the world’s fourth largest supermarket group.

TESCO supermarkets first started selling the food, and gradually extended to clothing, electrical appliances, customer financial services, Internet services and telecommunications services. As of February 2006, TESCO’s turnover (52 weeks) reached 38.3 billion pounds. • TESCO’s founder Jack Cohen, who in east London since 1919, a market selling food. “TESCO” The name first appeared in 1924, the first store opened in London in 1929. In 1947, the company listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1948, the first self-service shops open for business, to date, it remains the city as a TESCO store (Metro) operations.

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Tesco was founded in 1919, is the UK’s leading retailer, is one of the world’s top three retailers. Tesco in the world with more than 2,800 stores and distribution in 12 countries. Per week more than 3,000 million customers around the world to provide quality services. Tesco has become the annual sales of 46.6 billion pounds (about 712.98 billion yuan) of international retail enterprises in the world “Fortune 500” ranking No. 59 and topped the “Fortune” magazine recently released “2006 the world’s most respected food and medicine shops “and” in 2006 Britain’s most respected local enterprises “list of the first. Tesco for their customers monograph proud, Tesco in the world established the “create value for customers to earn their lifelong trust” the core concept, and the “tireless efforts to provide customers with the necessary goods and services” and “put ourselves in aged people and others to treat customers and staff “values. In 2004, Tesco entered China. Currently, Tesco’s has developed into a chain of hypermarkets in China with 48 stores, located in North China (including Beijing and Tianjin), East China (including Shanghai) and South China (including Guangzhou) three regions of the large retail chain

TESCO first supermarket in 1956, opened in Essex County, said the house is transformed into a cinema’s. First “major” supermarket was built in 1968, the location is West Sussex. In 1974, TESCO began selling gasoline, and in 1979 its annual turnover of over 1 billion pounds. In 1975, the first high-level department store opened. In 1997 the first large store (Extra) opened.

In 1995, TESCO released his first card, and then expand its Internet services business. In the 1990s, it expanded its business to Europe, Ireland and East Asia. July 2001, TESCO began online in the United States food retail business. October 2003, began operating telecom services, including mobile phones and home phone services. August 2004, the official operation of broadband services.

(B) TESCO strategy in China

1. China Market Research

According to retail consultancy Retail Forward estimates made in 2005, the situation view, within the next four years, China is likely to more than Italy and France as the world’s fifth largest retail market. After all, in China is the world’s seventh-largest retail market after the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France and Italy. If current development of the country up to 13 million consumers and is growing the middle class is hard to ignore anyone. According to international consulting firm Bain & Co. Predicts that by 2010 the number of China’s middle class families will be based on the current San Francisco fan, overall spending will be more than 5 trillion. Retail Forward company specializes in the retail market Jingjixuejia Badi Luo also concluded that China’s retail industry in the past five years, the annual growth rate of 7%, 5% higher than the U.S. growth rate. Market prospects can be seen.

Tesco is mainly through the acquisition of Taiwan’s top new Tesco supermarket group officially entered the domestic market. Since then, Tesco’s operations in China, significantly speeding up. First, the use of the existing sales network Tesco, Tesco quickly completed in Northeast China, North China, East China market, the strategic layout, the shop in Beijing has also been identified and actively build and are expected to be officially opened in 2007 . Six months later, Tesco has started to look into the development of South China, and in April 2005, the official signing of Guangdong, which laid the foundation of its major expansion in South China, the foundation, the next step, Tesco will be mainly into the retail market in Shenzhen, the initial locations have been selected in Shenzhen Nanshan, new stores are also expected to be officially opened in 2007 … … signs that, Tesco is launching offensive to the Chinese market. In this regard, Tesco has made no secret of their ambitions, Tesco chief executive Lacey has more than once in public, revealed the attempt to catch up with Wal-Mart, Carrefour will. Tesco’s aim is to do the boss of China’s retail industry.

2. Main ways

Sourcing: Tesco in many countries have established procurement center, which makes Tesco the lowest cost to our customers around the world with cheap goods. In addition, we adopted the cooperation with local suppliers, and they share the Tesco experience in related industries and technologies.

China is a can for our shops around the world to provide cheap products sourcing land.

Tesco has been in China a lot of purchasing investments. We are sourcing from China worth about 11 billion of products in our stores in all global sales. As our business continues to grow, we expect this number be increased.

Distribution: Our warehouse in Shanghai and set up a Commission (DC) and fresh Distribution Center (FFDC). Warehouse and distribution center systems have fresh through strict quality control procedures, advanced equipment and highly trained employees, customers continue to provide quality goods distribution. The logistics and distribution centers also contributed to the environment, so that delivery to each of the number of stores decreased from 100 times a day to only two to three times, thereby reducing traffic congestion.

Supermarket operators: In 2004, we have adopted and then Tesco supermarket 25 Ting Hsin International Group to work together to enter the Chinese market. In 2006, we will hold shares from 50% to 90%. We are currently focused on the East China (including Shanghai), North China (including Beijing), South China (including Guangzhou) in these three regions continue to develop our business. In early 2008, we completed all the stores in the country’s image rectification, the existing store was renamed “Tesco Tesco.” As of the end of May 2008, we have 56 supermarkets in China, hypermarkets, is committed to provide customers with a shopping trip.

(C) edge

1. Tesco’s confidence stems from its main business excels on the

Of Tesco, the most proud of is the relationship with customers very well handled, and this is the main source of confidence in Tesco all. Over the years, to provide customers with more quality products and services business growth has been the key to Tesco. Tesco, wrote in the brochure: “Our core philosophy is to create enough value for customers, to win the trust of their life.”

2. Tesco praised another feature is its promotion of thriving e-commerce

Tesco has now become the world’s largest network of supermarket business, its online store orders received each week up to 15 million, need to mobilize 1,000 trucks to placing an in the hands of these goods. Today, Tesco is on its successful experience in promoting e-commerce to open up their markets to any one, I believe the near future, Chinese consumers will also benefit from the crowded supermarket suppressing nausea and narrow the total liberation of the shopping channel out, replaced by a fresh and fast, and highly personalized online orders, the goods sent home immediately.

3. Tesco there is a big difference between its own brand has many

Tesco to sell their original is a baked bread and other foods supermarket started, and now it is home to many of the production of goods placed on the supermarket shelves for reference by the customer to buy. So far, Tesco has been gradually introduced in supermarkets in Tesco than 400 own-brand goods in the next five or six years, the number of these proprietary brands are expected to grow to 3,000 species of -4000 species.

4. Tesco’s other big surprise move is to choose to open up overseas markets in the form of supermarkets

As we all know, Tesco began to move out of their own country If we can not, a hypermarket, supermarket are all small and flexible to supermarkets in the form of special in a strange success of the overseas market has become a big unknown. To the Chinese market as an example. China seems all supermarkets are carved out of a mold, we are imitating each other, a high degree of homogeneity. Even so, Tecso still believes he can achieve excellent results. Because Tecso believe that, although models can copy, but the competition between enterprises, the total number of quality is difficult to copy, these unique qualities to become Tesco’s advantage.

Second, human resources management

(A) TESCO core concept

Advocating people-oriented, our success is inseparable from the customer support and our employees. TESCO only customer satisfaction, goods and services provided, they will care again. Only employees feel their pay can be paid off, they will redouble their efforts to provide customers with even better service.

Our philosophy is to create value for customers to earn their lifelong trust. We hope they will become repeat customers, often care for our supermarket.

Our values reflected in how we treat our customers and employees: We put ourselves in, appreciate others.

(B) Career development

In one of the world’s top three retailers TESCO Group, each employee has the full freedom and career development opportunities. We respect each employee’s personal interests, talents, and enthusiasm. Staff are encouraged to pay their posts beyond the self and progress. The career development of creative ways to help employees to be experts in their fields, and continuously provide customers with more excellent services, but also determine our leading position in the retail business.

Put ourselves in, the core values of Reciprocity is TESCO is the company to employees Connaught, to respect every employee, access to competent help, have an interesting work, self-development opportunities.

(C) a professional HR team

Excellent staff is to ensure that the key to the successful development of TESCO in China, I attract and retain the best talent, the company formed a team of professional human resources. From the head office, regional headquarters until every one of our stores, has a professional HR staff across the country in time for our nearly 18,000 employees service; in terms of functions, our human resources team is divided into recruitment, employee relations, compensation and benefits , training and development and organizational structure design, and to the company and employees to ensure that we provide more professional and better service. Our recruiting team gathered a group of rich experience in human resources professionals.

(Iv) the recruitment and hiring procedures

The company will pass a written, interviews and a series of screening and assessment process confirmed that the last hiring of qualified personnel. After being hired by the authorized officer shall report on relevant information to the personnel department to carry coverage for the entry procedures; same time the company will organize orientation for new employees to staff a more accurate understanding of TESCO.

Third, the revelation

As an international enterprise, not only to communicate with the staff concerned, but the idea of including human resource management, training, assessment leading all-round. As we all know, the international business world’s most powerful contemporary carrier has also been recognized as the competitive ability of a country marked an important symbol. Era of knowledge economy to international enterprises with an unprecedented opportunity for development with the same time bringing more challenges. When a company truly entered the international stage, despite all basic human resource management activity is still retained, but they form a complex. TESCO overall business strategy in order to achieve objectives, to be more effective, access, distribution and use of human resources.

1. Emphasis on human resource management theory of

TESCO is emphasis on human resource management theories, guiding it as the basis for human resource management practices. From the “economic man”, “social” and “self-realization” and “complicated man” hypothesis of human nature to the “hierarchy of needs theory,” “two-factor theory”, “Expectancy Theory”, “equity theory”, “Reinforcement Theory “and other incentive theory; from the” piecework “to” employee stock ownership plan “; from the” Assessment Center “to” 360-degree performance appraisal method “; from the human resources theory to the human capital theory, human resources, strategic theory, and so no one does not reflect the United States Theoretical Studies of human resources management attention, and as such, so we can see that both the human resource management theory and practice of human resource management, TESCO’s business are in the forefront of the world.

2. Human resource management and corporate culture is consistent

Culture is individualism, heroism, and the three characteristics of rationalism. These characteristics reflected in the corporate culture is the pursuit of independence, freedom, the adventure competition, relying on legal regulations, self-centered and so on. TESCO Human Resources Management in the free movement of employees, emphasizing the evaluation capacity, promoted rapidly, encouraging innovation and competitive performance of Deng Deng features are closely linked to its corporate culture. TESCO Enterprises as deeply rooted in human resource management in its corporate culture, soil, therefore, TESCO’s corporate human resources management a competitive advantage for their businesses an important guarantee.

3. Human resources management with the times

With the political, economic, cultural, etc. continues to evolve, the living environment are constantly changing, to corresponding, TESCO Human Resources Management is also developing with the times and continue to develop.

4. Focus on the country to learn it

Although TESCO Human Resources Management in a leading position in the world, but it does not rest on its laurels, but also pay attention to other countries to learn some advanced, its useful.

5. Human resources management strategy become an important component of strategic management

Levin and U.S. management scholars Mitchell (Lewin Michell, 1995) pointed out that human resource management with strategy and business strategy can help enterprises to increase the use of market opportunities, improve internal organizational advantages, to help companies achieve their strategic goals. Business strategy can be divided into corporate strategy and business level strategy, TESCO Human resources management strategy is based on corporate strategy and business strategy development and business level consistent basis, through human resources management to improve enterprise performance, enterprise strategic goals, to play the strategic role of human resources management. Human Resource Management is a management function from a purely business into a strategic partnership, human resource management practices of recruitment, motivation, evaluation, compensation, training, etc., have become businesses gain a competitive advantage and achieve overall business objectives and effective way. In addition to human resources management of things, taking into account the employees of shareholders, customers, other businesses, governments and other stakeholders, the balance of interests.

6. Open recruitment, scientific election contract by contract before the formation of the employment relationship

Enterprise managers and employees are the social and professional, freely mobile, decided to hire or dismissal under the contract. Enterprises and the employment relationship between employees, contract by contract to form the one hand, a clear interest, it also provides more mobility for employees opportunities. Enterprises have vacancies to be advertised publicly, they are considered open and public-oriented recruitment advertising is the most effective means of recruitment advertisements can also open before the election to expand the scope of enterprises, while job-seekers face of all vacancies to compete. Fully embodies the principle of equality. The requirements of business-to-recruit employees in addition attention Zhiwei’s requirements, also focus on interpersonal skills Hu Zhi Ye Jin Quxin. When companies in the recruitment of employees generally need to experience: (l) advertised; (2) candidates to submit a job application report; (3) According to preliminary data of the applicant and the first test screening; (4) to include those who pass the first test criminal record and the original work of the review; (5) to include those who pass the first test of knowledge, abilities, interests and occupational tests; (6) Interview; (7) to interview those who pass a comprehensive evaluation. Choose the best and a series of steps.

(A) the status of human resource management and strategic positioning in the highly

International human resource management point of departure in order to match business objectives of the strategic development, first by establishing a common set of corporate management, in line with the interests of all internal and external, are the entire staff agreed with the strategic goals of enterprise development and corporate vision basis. With the economy to the breadth, depth, enterprise demand for high quality talent will become urgent.

(B) the development of human resource management was the development of three-dimensional

TESCO, the career development of staff is not in the traditional sense to the post of promotion. Through the introduction of constructive human resource management mechanism, and constantly challenging the work of the employees; job enrichment; work rotation; human resources planning.

(C) focus on corporate culture and team building

TESCO staff of the enterprise culture as the company’s valuable asset. Enterprises should cooperate in good faith with the staff to create the company’s value, and create staff development opportunities in the enterprise, efforts to train staff of the enterprise sense of belonging, the personal development linked with the fate of the company.


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