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Theories of Organizational Behaviour

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Organization is an influential association or society processing towards the identified target expecting positive outcomes through the specific mission and vision. Each organization is consisting of two main systems, named as technical and social. Technical System regards the way supplies and services proceed and Social system is the employees are organized, trained and consulted. Balance between the technical and the social systems determine the final outcome. Accomplished, flexible and dedicated people are obligatory to facilitate the organization to achieve improved performance. Commonplace industry climate is amplified with the fast modifications and violent competition. It is well-known truth; happy workers who work in the peaceful and supportive environment play the vital role behind any success business story in the today’s point of view. Especially in today’s context, Organization is seldom succeeded, exclusive of the physically powerful study of organizational behavior because employee job satisfaction is adding extra weighed averaged force to drive the company towards its correct direction reducing the friction occurred due to hostile competition and the complicated employee movements.

1.2 Importance/significance of the organization behavior

Recruitment interviews hardly determine the employees’ attitudes over the assign work as well as the behavior within the working environment. Therefore, “Organization Behavior” is the most significant measuring tool which helps the Managers to evaluate employee capacities and interactions within their departments.

Smooth handling of social system is vital to maintain the quality production.

It is not that easy to preserve the peaceful social environment without identifying the attitude and behavior of the people who work for the organization.

Today’s organizations are frequently tolerated with variable demands, experiencing surprising mutations, and unrest changes in each moment. In this situations, Smart and quick management changes will help and leadership will be more effective to face ———

Screening organization as stopped up system is no longer valid, it is necessity to treat it as a live organized system sharing the resources and the metabolites each other. Organization Behavior assists to keep the institution alive through the globalization.

Since organization is a social system, relationships are crucial to the organization for their popularity. Improving quality and productivity solely depends on the positive relationships of the organizations.

1.3 Although, Organization Behavior associates several components this article is restricted for only following four areas.

Literature Revive

According to the definition, Organization behavior is a study and application of awareness concerning how individuals and groups act in organization. Mainly, Organization behavior can be separated in to two main processes for easy understands.

Formal Organization Behavior

Each and every employee undergoes with certain law and order towards carried out their duties. Controlling professional movement by applied regulations and condition is known as formal organizational behavior. Example arrival and departure times, leave criteria’s, uniform requirements etc. Formal organizational behavior helps to keep the organization in correct track but it does enough to produce effective and quality service generating significance.

Informal Organization Behavior

Informal Organization Behavior that have to do with interactions or relationships among employees in the organization forming a group to give their selves of belongingness and oneness. Informal Organization Behavior is critical and essential for the success. Although workers who work under one roof aiming one direction, they came from different environmental strata. In this situation, organization environment must be employee friendly to motivate all as one team.

Organization Behavior is practical behavioral science; it is built upon the contribution from a number of behavioral disciplines such as such as Psychology, Sociology, Social Psychology, Anthropology, etc. Common role of the above mentioned sciences is to build better relationships by achieving human objectives, organizational objectives, and social objectives.

4.1 Leadership

All the organizations are driven with a desire to achieve a set of goals. Any organization without a goal will not survive in the present context or simply may not be considered as an organization. Once the goals are set or agreed upon its very important to motivate, supervise, innovate new ideas and make necessary changes in the organization to accomplish them. There are several changes take place in every moment and one may have to adapt different approaches to keep the goals alive. A strong leadership is one of the most significant factors that help to become successful.

Good leader should be able to get the maximum service from everybody while providing them a self satisfaction. He should be a person that others could rely upon. Unexpected situations may arise suddenly in any place. Natural disasters, economical hardships, and illnesses are some to be mentioned as some examples. The leadership should take corrective measures instantly to face such changes.

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The leadership provided by the work foreman during the last year’s disaster in coal mine in Chile was a good example for such an unexpected situation. His goal was to look after the day to day activities of the mine. But when they faced a situation that had to struggle for life he quickly led everybody to achieve that. He provided them with necessary organizational structure for long survival with whatever the foods available at that moment. He kept everybody’s moral and they ended up in success at the end as the group that survived in such a depth in ground for the longest period

4.2 Group behaviour

Positive organizational behaviour is essential for an organization to achieve their goals. Understanding the individual and group behaviour is key part of it. The groups’ attitudes, communication systems, different personalities, abilities (skills), virtues and leadership qualities affect the working capacity of the organization. The managerial structure and the leaders of the organization should identify all these aspects in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their workers. The strengths need praises and improvements. Weaknesses should be address promptly with positive approach.

Recently most of the government and private sector organizations have started to train new batches of workers together for sometime. This will improve the inter relationships of group members and when they start to work it eases the communication barriers. They tend to work as a group rather than trying their individual skills. The army and other security forces apply the same principals while training small groups for specific targets. They have shown utmost success in this process during the war situations.

Sri Lanka is one of the countries with lot of disputes among professionals in health sector. This has become an unpleasant experience to the general public. One of the proposed solutions to overcome this is to train the entire health professional in a single institute as a single group at the beginning. They do things together; learn together for some time developing special bonds among them. Then the various groups will divert in to different training process depending on their requirements and they will have different exit points. Still they will have the opportunity to get together when ever there are common learning and teaching goals. This will minimize the disputes and fighting among them in future while practicing their professions.

4.3 Training and Development

The technology, approach, culture and requirements of people change gradually. Even though the changes may not be readily visible they take place in slow pace. The early pick up of these changes and making necessary changes would upgrade the organizations to a leader in the society.

Constant training of the workers on the newer developments in the field of technology, especially things like equipments and information technology will keep the organization updated. The one who achieve this goal will ultimately become the winner.

The world is facing an uphill task in managing the fossil fuels. The available fossil fuel level is going down and the demand is sky rocketing daily. Various countries are taking different approaches to control the situation. India, China and Korea came forward with small fuel efficient vehicles and now they have become the market leaders ahead of European and Japanese auto makers.

The changes are coming in the field of education too. The curricular in universities and schools are changing gradually. The teaching methods are reaching in to different era. More teaching is done with the help of information technology. The face to face teacher student sessions are being replaced with other activities. The students are able to obtain degree and post graduate qualifications online.

4.4 Change of management

Change management is an accepted concept in organizations. It will bring forward several changes into an organization to achieve future targets. The mission, vision, leadership, technology, attitude, planning and personal changes have to take place in order to face the current and future challengers. Especially organizations targeting the market need to keep a vigilant eye on the trends. Accurate prediction of their market share and how to improve from the present situation depend on the success of the changes that were adapted.

It is very important to monitor the changes applied as to see whether they are reaching towards the set goal. It will be wasting of money and resources if a proper monitoring process is not there to do so.

Recent research in to the most demanding jobs in the world revealed that the seven out of ten of the most demanding jobs were not listed as jobs a decade ago. No one had predicted that such a demand will arise for unknown jobs in ten years time. This shows the available scope for the management change to take place in society.


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