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The Worlds Largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation

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Gano Excel is a rapid growing multilevel marketing company established since 1995. They have the world largest organic ganoderma plantation, which is at Pekan Asun and internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) factory and an effective direct selling network in over 28 countries and it is still growing. They are a leading and big company in terms of research, cultivation and production of innovative world class ganoderma health care products, beverages, personal care and skin care products.

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Gano Excel was founded in 1995, in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. The address of Gano Excel is at No. 3, 4, 5, Susuran Shahab Perdana, Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah, 05350 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia. Gano Excel International is the premier wellness company dedicated and committed to Ganoderma nutritional immunology. Gano Excel corporate mission is to change people’s lives by providing unique high quality of products and a proven business opportunity that help people to achieve their own dreams, goals and ambitions. 

Within a span of less than a decade has spread its networking business wings to 28 countries that includes Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Philippines, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh, Laos, Pakistan, Mongolia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Qatar. Gano Excel is expected to experience an explosive growth in the year 2006 align with its International Perspective of 100 Nations by Year 2010 corporate vision. With its current business operations in the region of Asia, USA, Middle East and Australasia, Gano Excel is paving its path to the European and African regions as part of the global expansion plan.

Gano Excel has one of the most enduring mission statements, that is ‘To Bring Health and Wealth to Every Family’. Gano Excel within a year of operation in the USA has acquired 42,000 square feet of office space that locates the administrative, sales and customer service as well as the warehouse. A trademark as a Malaysian company, Gano Excel will never abandon the principle of generosity, honesty and integrity that have brought the success to this point. And as recently as in September 2006, Gano Excel Thailand acquired an 8 storey building in Bangkok to cater for the massive expansion in their mission to “Bring Health and Wealth to Every Family in Thailand”.

Background of the Company

Gano Excel is the leader in Ganoderma lucidium health food industry in Malaysia and it is the only local MLM company that is truly committed in championing ”Ganoderma Nutritional Immunology” at the international level. Their own webs of researches, cultivation, and distribution of products have placed them prominently in the MLM industry locally and internationally.

Gano Excel was founded in 1995 in Kedah, Malaysia. However, its history started back in 1983 when President of Gano Excel International Mr. Lew Soon Seng discovered that the temperature (28°C – 32°C) and level of humidity in Malaysia were very conducive for cultivating Ganoderma. After conducting different types of tests and experiments, he found that Ganoderma lucidium has the highest therapeutic value. Although there were over 200 species of Ganoderma, only six types have the greatest medicinal properties. Subsequently, these six species of Ganoderma are Kimshen, Brain-shaped, Ruyi, Peacock-shaped, Liver-shaped and Heart-shaped and are used to produce all Ganoderma related products in Gano Excel.

Gano Excel started its business by renting out a modest first floor of a shop lot in Mergong, Alor Setar, Kedah and marketed only 3 products- Ganoderma, Excellium and Ganocafe 3 in 1. Perseverance and determinations are the keys of success in the expansion of their health products to more than 50 choices now.

The success of Gano Excel mission and vision is further stimulated by having their own Gano Excel Industries with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and the world’s largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation. Now, Gano Excel has conquered more than 65 countries worldwide that includes Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania (EU), Sudan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Peru, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Uzbeksitan, and continues to strive for excellence in market penetration.

Gano Excel’s success is impossible without the hard work and close cooperation between the distributors and the company. The 100% commitment between both parties have guaranteed success in life and translated their dreams into realities through Gano Excel business opportunities.

Gano Excel has lived its vision of ”Bringing Health and Wealth into Every Family” and can be proud that they have fulfilled their mission to the community. Their 5K philosophy of Health (Kesihatan), Wealth (Kekayaan), Success (Kejayaan), Community Service (Kebajikan), and Happiness (Kebahagiaan) will continue to be their guiding light in overcoming any challenges that MLM industry may present.

The World’s Largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation

If want to produce high quality Ganoderma with therapeutic effects, it needs to depend on its cultivation method because Ganoderma growth is very sensitive towards the environment. Gano Excel specializes in the production of high quality Ganoderma with therapeutic effects.

Gano Excel’s Ganoderma are cultivated in organic plantation which incorporates organic concept. It is situated in a clean and natural area, also surrounded by orchards and rubber plantations will certainly ensure a pollution free environment.

Gano Excel’s Organic Ganoderma Plantation is about 50 acres with 100 room for the cultivation of Ganoderma. Each of the room is able to accommodate to around 30000 polybags of Ganoderma at a time.

Gano Excel Industries

The Gano Excel Industries Sdn Bhd is worth over RM 20 million and is heading toward Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). It is also recognized for Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP). GMP is an international recognition from Malaysian Ministry of Health through Food Safety and Quality Department, Gano Excel was awarded the GMP certification for successfully implementing and fulfilling all the criteria effectively and sustainable at all levels of product processing.

In short, Gano Excel’s products are tested to meet the international standards. A scientific and systematic method of process and production ensures that Gano Excel’s products are consistently high in quality.

Company Detail



Address : No. 3, 4, 5, Susuran Shahab, Shahab Perdana, Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah,05350 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.

Tel : 604-7346828

Fax no. : 604-7323828

Email : info@ganoexcel.com

Website : www.ganoexcel.my

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit. This recruit force is referred to as the participant’s downline, and can provide multiple levels of compensation.

You receive income by introducing products or services to others as well as recruit and train your sponsorship partners to duplicate this way. You are called upline when you recruit a partner to be a member of your group. Then, your partner will be known as a downline. The responsibility of upline partners is train and guides the downline in the early stages of the business until it can make the referrals sponsorship and sales to grow the business.

As a conclusion, MLM practitioners claim that cooperate with each other because in this industry, the members need to have a different way of thinking, thinking ”To succeed we must contrive to others” must be holding for those who want to succeed in MLM.


Ganoderma lucidium or commonly known by people as a red mushroom is a type of fungus that is well known in the field of traditional medicine. There are over 2500 species of fungi in the world and this number is still increasing from time to time with the discovery of new species by mycologists.

However, only 200 species of Ganoderma lucidium are known to have therapeutic value for us. Among of the 200 species of Ganoderma lucidium, there are only 6 species that contain the high therapeutic values that are Ruyi, Kimshen, Peacock, Brain, Liver and Heart. Gano Excel’s Ganoderma are derived from there six species of high therapeutic values of Ganoderma which are now grown in Gano Excel’s Organic Ganoderma Plantation.

Ganoderma has the ability of giving us a medical check-up on the body to find out whether we have any hidden diseases in the body without known by us. Then it helps to remove the toxins and enable the body to become the best doctor to treat a wide spectrum of diseases with the natural immune system. The basic functions of Ganoderma are to cleanse the blood, remove toxins, boost the function of the kidney, protect the liver, cleanse the colon and strengthen the heart. It also acts as a relaxant with anti-cancer properties.

Furthermore, Ganoderma has more than 200 active elements which can be divided into three categories: water soluble elements, organic soluble elements and volatile elements.

Products and Services



Food Supplement

Ganoderma, Excellium, Reishi Gold, Excellium Gold, Gano Garcinia, Sakanno, Spirograss, Royal Excellium, Ng Beau Klenz, Ng Pearl Femining, eternity Cordyceps


Eternity Nakodi, Mixed Oyster Powder, Gano Honey


Ganocafe 3 in 1, Ganocafe Mocha, Ganocafe Classic, Ganocafe Ginseng Tongkat Ali, Supreno Premium Coffee, Ganotea Sod, Ganoc’real Spirulina, Gano Schokolade, Bellagene

Personal Care

Gano Soap, Gano Transparent Soap, Gano Fresh, Nano Cool Nano-Silver toothbrush


Ge-Clean Multi Purpose Active Detergent Powder, Setzen Ge-Multipurpose Cleaner, Ge Autowash, Nanocal Calcium Alkaline Water Filter


Bio Energy Pendant

Table 1.0 Gano Excel Enterprise Sdn. Bhd Product and Services

The Certifications and Accreditations of the Company

Ministry of Health Malaysia

Ministry of Health Thailand

Ministry of Health Indonesia

Ministry of Health Singapore

Halal Certificate

ISO 9001:2008

Member of

Direct Selling Association of Malaysia

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

Organization Structure

Responsibilities of Department

Human Resources Department

Responsible for all the function that deal with the needs and activities of the organization such as recruiting, hiring, training, organization development, communication, performance management, coaching, policy recommendation, salary and benefits, team building, employee relations and leadership.

Sales Department

Deal with customer on a daily basis and provide the correct information of product for the customers.

Accounting Department

Responsible to prepare invoice, key in data and prepare the account in the company.

Data Process Department

Responsible to process the data from the stockist

IT Department

Responsible to fix the problems of computer and calculate the commission of stockist.

Marketing Department

Responsible to prepare the brochures, advertisement of products, give the training to the new entrepreneur of the company, and prepare the monthly bulletin of the company.

Nature of Business

Gano Excel Ganoderma is produced with a combination of six best species with the highest therapeutic effect selected from over 200 species of the red fungi family. Tissue culture method is used for an exact reproduction of the parent plant to control of highest quality species.

Besides that, Gano Excel uses 100% organic plantation where no chemical fertilizer, pesticide and hormone are used. Highly nutritional cultivation media are sed such as paddy husks, brown rice powder and rubber tree scraps. The amount of sunlight and humidity are carefully controlled to ensure the best result.

Gano Excel Ganoderma has a high efficiency of curative effect technic in freeze-drying process to preserve 100% active elements. The dried Ganoderma is then treated with ultra-violet ray to enhance the therapeutic effect. They use a unique method to cultivate Gano Excel Excellium which takes only around 21 days to produce Excellium with high therapeutic effect.

Gano Excel sells their products through sales department in the office or stockist. Any customers are welcome to buy their products, includes the employees. For the long-term users, they are encouraged to become the company’s members. This is because the members of the company can purchase their products with member price, which is lower than the normal price.

Besides that, there are stockists of Gano Excel in every state such as Kedah, Johor, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Sabah, Pahang and the list goes on. Consumers can purchase the company products through the nearest stockist in their hometown. To contact the stockist, consumers can get the contact number of stockist through the office, and then the workers in the office will direct give the contact number of stockist in the state of consumers. Other than that, consumers can get the contact number of stockist through the bulletin of Gano Excel directly because all the bulletin of Gano Excel has the contact number or fax number of stockist in all the state.

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2.0 Detail of Working Experience

2.1 Description of Tasks

During my internship training, I was responsible to work in marketing department of Gano Excel Company. My supervisor is Mr Haslah Hashim. He is an assistant marketing manager, which is our head of department. Besides that, there are other colleagues in the marketing department; they are Miss Nabila Muhamad Najib, Miss Safiena Zieta Saad, Miss Faridah Suid, Mr Benji, Mr Azizi Mohamad, Mr Norhisyam M. Hassan, and Miss Tan Ean Lee. All of them are very friendly and easy to mix with them. They had guided me a alot when i faced some problems for some given task during the internship training.

My job in the office is incharge of the marketing department counter. I was responsible to serve customers and to pick up telefon. Start from the first day of my traning, my supervisor taught me the way to trasnfer telefon to them and he gave me the list of number to pass the call the them at thier own places.

The call was either from intercom or customers, I must greet and speak politely when I was pick up the call. For example, whenever I received some call, I must start with ”Hello, Good morning, Gano Excel Marketing Department, anything that I can help you? ”. This is the most basic customer service and a respect to other people; it also helps to give a good impression to others.

The first task during the training is to prepare the birthday card to all the members of the company. My supervisor prints out the list of address of members according to their birthday. There is average of 650 members have their birthday in each month. I had to cut out the list of address by using paper cutter machine, and then I need to put glue the address on each envelope one by one. After that, I had to put the company’s birthday card and voucher into the envelope. When completed all the thing, I need to put the envelope according to the month into the empty box and write the total number of envelope that have in the box. The boxes were taken to the logistic department and then will send to the post office.

In addition, my supervisor also passed me some translation work. Any documents that prepare to customer must be prepared in 3 languages that are Malay languages, English Languages and Chinese languages but most of the time I had to translate it from Malay languages into Chinese languages. I had faced some problems when I translating the documents. There are many terms that I make me confuse to translate it. Therefore, I had consulted with my colleague; she had guided me a lot when i doing the translating work. The documents that I had translated include advertisement, memo, article, marketing plan and so on.

Furthermore, there are a lot of activities held by the company. For example the road show of G’Beaute, new entrepreneur orientation, program product training, anti-cancer program and the list goes on. My task is to type the article about the activities and need to describe the situation at there. At the beginning, I had faced some problems about the writing skill, my supervisor was gave me some bulletin for refer. Besides that, I also get some guidance from my colleague; she had taught me some skill to write the article.

Moreover, my supervisor also had asked me to prepare some participation form for certain activities. It is a project suggested from a stockist in Muar with a company, the way of participation is as long as the consumers take the photo of before and after using of the products, and write some slogan to promote the products, they will be received a free gift from the company as a reward. Therefore, I need to describe the function of the product to attract the consumers and make the participation form become more attractive.

Additionally, my supervisor was asked me to prepare a flow chart of stockist when they ordering the stock. He gave me some documents as a refer and I need to go to the department that involve in the process, that are account department and logistic department to get more information. The workers in the department are very friendly; they took out some time to give the information to me. Sometime my colleagues will also ask me to help them fax some documents. For the first time, they teach me the way of using the faxing machine, it is very easy to use it.

Other than that, there is only one time I had an outside training during my internship training in the company. My colleague was brought me to the factory and the world largest organic ganoderma plantation in Pekan Asun. Although it is only one time of the training, I had experienced a lot during the visiting of their factory and farm. From there, I had seen the cultivation and the growth stages of ganoderma.

2.2 Knowledge and Skill Learned

During the 2 month of internship, I had gain a lot of experience, knowledge and skill. My supervisor and my colleagues were guide and taught me many things that cannot learn in the class. Every time when I faced some problems and meet some confusion, they had helped me and guide me to handle the problems.

I learned that when preparing an advertisement must not only be in 1 language, this is because if with only 1 languages, the consumer group will only fix into a small group only. Some of them may be cannot understand the Chinese word, Malay word or English. If the advertisement are preparing in multi-language, people from other races can understand as well when they willing to buy the product. Therefore, a good advertisement must be not only in 1 language, but with multi-languages. The photo of the product inside the advertisement should be clear and bright enough. This helped to make the advertisement become more attractive and consumers also can see the product more clearly and more have more confidence about the products.

Besides that, the packaging of a product is very important in a company. The packaging will help consumer to recognise the product and can attract their attention if it is beautiful. From what I observed, all the products of Gano Excel have a beautiful packaging and the logo of the company. Once we see the products, we are known that it is the Gano Excel’s product. All of the packaging all specially design, especially for the new product, this shows that Gano Excel’s Company is not stop at the certain level, they are keep on improving so that they will not been kick out by the competitor and they are able to compete in the market.

When doing business, we must also pay attention on the news. For example, ‘The Stars’ newspaper had published out that the news about ”Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer”. The company can use this chance to share out this news to all the consumers; this will decrease the worried for the people who scare drinking coffee will affect their health. Besides that, we can translate it into multi-language so that people with different races can understand as well.

In addition, I learned that communication skill is very important. The skill is very important no matter you are communicate with your boss, colleagues, friends, manager, and other people. A good communication skill will help to avoid a lot of conflict happens in an organization and it also can help to build up a good relationship between the workers. If the relationship between workers and the organization is strong and stable, then the performance of workers can reach the maximum and help the company to reach the goals. It also important when you are picking a phone, you must greet with them once you pick up the call. Among the callers, some of them will choose to leave their message if the people they willing to find are away while others may not. They will call another time to communicate with the people themselves. Besides that, listening skill is also very important. For those who choose to leave their message, they must have some important message that wants to send to the people as soon as possible. Therefore, we must note down all the message carefully and correctly for the person that the caller intended to look for.

My colleagues also had taught me the way of calculation about the marketing plan. They show me the relationship between the upline and downline, the personal value that need to maintain each month so that they can get the bonus from the company. They also taught me about the function of Ganoderma; it takes a long time to recover all the body function.

From 1-30 days, it is a scanning process by Ganoderma. It helps to detect some hidden diseases and toxins in the body and proceed to regulate the body functions. During the process, symptom will be shown by our body, it also known as ‘ailment reflection’. This reaction is not a side effect but to help us identify the ailing area. This is the scanning effect of Ganoderma.

From 1-30 weeks, it is a cleansing and detoxification process. It has the power to remove uric acid, lactic acid, excess cholesterol, fat deposit, dead tissue and chemical accumulated toxins in the body. Toxins are discharged through the circulation system by urination and stool, through perspiration, boils, rashes, phlegm and mucus.

For the 1-12 months, it comes to a regulating process. During the restoring process, many reactions can be observed by us. We must do not be scared, this is the sign of body healing itself. If the reaction is too vigorous, reduce the dosage, but do not stop consuming Ganoderma. After the reaction, consume the proposed dosage to maintain a good health for our body.

During the 6-24 months, it comes to the recovery process. Ganoderma will continue to repair the damaged body parts and helps to strengthen the immune system to be more resistance to diseases. It also supplies the essential elements and vitamins for speedy recovery.

For the 1-3 years, it is a rejuvenating process. The ultimate aim in consuming Ganoderma is to maintain the body functions at its optimum level and restore youthfulness.

Furthermore, I had experienced and learn a lot about the detail of the process in planting ganoderma. When I went to the World Largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation, there are many workers busy with the process of planting of Ganoderma. They are using 100% organic materials as a medium of Ganoderma cultivation such as rubber tree scrapes, paddy husks and brown rice flour. Then, they are mixed together and put into polybags. The polybags will close by some plastics. Next, all of the polybags will then moved into a high technology equipments to decontaminate germs and bacteria found in the polybags. The high technology equipments can accommodate a total of 5000 polybags at one time. The process of decontaminate germs will take around 3-4 hours and the temperature is around 110 °C. Then, the polybags are taken out and cooled before Ganoderma spores are added into the polybags.

Gano Excel adopts tissue culture and 100% organic method for cultivation of its Ganoderma. There are no any chemicals, pesticides, or hormones are used in the process. We are very safe to consume their products. From the growth rates of Ganoderma that I observed, at the first to second week, the Ganoderma is a ‘deer horn’ shaped. Starting from the second months, the Ganoderma has grown with yellowish line appears around the edge. For the third months, the Ganoderma starts to turn into red colour and mature.

In the room of planting Ganoderma, there are a few safety and quality control features. For what I know, Ganoderma does not require direct exposure to the sunlight and need not to be watered. If not, the quality of Ganoderma will affect. It is suitable to grow in a temperature or humidity of 28 °C to 32 °C. To control the room temperature, water will be sprayed on the floor and roof so that the Ganoderma can grow smoothly. Black nets are also fixed around the room; the functions of black nets are for better air ventilation and to prevent some smaller insects. Besides that, the thermometer is placed in each room intended to control the appropriate temperature and humidity of the room. However, if the temperature in the room is too high and beyond a certain level, artificial rain will be used to ensure that Ganoderma in the room will not be too dry and always at the appropriate temperate. The hanging method to plant the Ganoderma is practised to ensure cleanliness to the surrounding and the quality of Ganoderma itself.

After visit the World Largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation, my colleague brought me to the Gano Excel industries. The company is places utmost the importance of quality control in all the processes from cultivation right up to the packaging stage. The process of preparing capsule are very strict, every staff is compulsory to wear uniform, head cover, face mask and special shoes provided before entering the Capsulation Room. Other than that, before they wearing the gloves, every staff must comply with the ‘7 Steps of Proper Hand Washing Procedure’.

The first step of washing hand is squeeze a small amount of sanitizer gel or soap over left palm and dip all the fingers of right hand into left palm, and vice versa. Second step is rubbing from palm to palm. The third step is the right palm over left dorsum and left palm over right dorsum. The fourth step is from palm to palm, fingers interlaced. The fifth step is the backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked. The sixth step is rotational rubbing of right thumb clasped in left palm and vice versa. The last step of washing hand is rotational rubbing of right wrist and vice versa. Then, just rinse and dry your hand thoroughly.

After the 7 steps of washing hand process, the staffs still needs to undergoes some sterilization process. After the staff wearing the uniform provided, all of them are required to go through air shower to cleanse and prevent from harmful microorganisms.

Inside the capsulation room, the Ganoderma powder that has been tested in the laboratories lab will then be filled into capsule automatically. Each of the machine can produce average of 50000 of capsules within one hour, which mean that it can produce average of 900 capsules per minute.

After that, capsule will then sent to the other laboratories for further testing on cleanliness and safety level. Therefore, the quality of the products in Gano Excel can be guaranteed. Capsules which have passed the test are then stored in Filled Capsule Room before undergoes polishing process. A machine is used to cleanse and polish the capsules. The last step is bottling the capsules using the capsule counting machine and it is labelled for easy identification. The completed product will be stored in Logistic for distribution.

2.3 Applications of Theory and Soft Skill

The theory X and theory Y are showed in all the company. The theory X is showed the laziness of the employees inside an organization. The employees are dislike to work hard and try to avoid their responsibility. However, theory Y is the positive attitude of the employees. The employees are motivated to work hard and help the organization to reach the goals.

Most of the workers in the Gano Excel Enterprise Sdn Bhd are applying the theory Y. They are working hard and do their best to protect the reputation of the company. Besides that, all of the workers are very responsible for their own job; they never delay their work until the last minute. Having the industries training in the Gano Excel Company is my honoured, the positive attitude of the workers had affected me to be hardworking during the office hour and become a responsible workers.

In addition, I had learned and applied some soft skill during my industries training. For the first, there are many calls from customer every day. Some of them are insist to hold on the call although the people they look for are very busy and doesn’t have any time to talk with them, then I just try my best to negotiate with them, talk politely with them and asked them to call back few minute or few hour later.

Thinking skill are the most important when working in an organization. When doing a task, we must able to think and work it; we cannot simply do a work and avoid the responsibilities on it.


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