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Importance of Manpower Planning

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1 Manpower planning is very important to the managerial function the four managerial function i e -planning, organizing, direction and controlling these four factor are based on manpower. Human resources also useful to help to implant these managerial activities.

2 Utilization- today’s industrial world we should know how to utilize the manpower planning setting a large scale of enterprise require management of large scale manpower this can be effectively done by staffing function.

3 Motivation- staffing is not only include of putting right people on right place but it is also comes in motivational programs for example give the incentive to the employees ,make them to participate in the development programs , give them promotions according to their performance this is very important in one organisation.

4 Better human relation- better human relations can develop through effective control, clear communication, effective supervision, excellent leadership concern; staffing function also looks after the personal training and development programs which are helpful to built the better relation and good coordination with in the staff.

Need of manpower planning

Manpower planning has a two types process because it not only analysis the current human recourses but it also put the focus on the manpower forecast manpower planning has advantages:

  • Efficiency of staff or extra can be without difficulty known so that we can take fast action whenever it requisite
  • All the employment programs are based upon man power planning
  • By manpower planning we can help to reduce the labour cost and excess staff can be identified there for over staffing can be avoided
  • It also help to find out available talent within the organisation and make the better use of that talent by giving them special training
  • It also helps to grow the diversification of the business A good manpower planning and human resources can help diversification of the business in a better way.
  • Manpower planning is ultimately helpful to the business sustainability

Influence of range of external factor on quality of labour and supply- there are the external factor and internal factor effect the quality of labour and supply Washington Mayfair hotel includes on micro and macro environmental factor such as PEST and SWOT analysis.

Introduction of PESTLE- Stands for political, Economical, Sociological, Technological, Legal, And Environmental

Pestle analysis is an effect an check of an environmental manipulate with the purpose of using the information to guide calculated decision making

Economic – economic issue of Washington Mayfair hotel

Last year economy was very strong and nearly every part of it the company was doing very well room occupancy was very good we had lots of party booking however things change now because of the reaction we have to reduce our staff from almost every department we are hiring the skill worker in less pay but most skill worker if you pay them less then they don’t work for the company for longer periods so this the problem for the organisation because again we need to give them training and it takes little time to understand their own duties.

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Technological – Before Washington Mayfair hotel was having a very Morden technological instrument especially in the kitchen, concierge and in the house keeping department but now these instrument is not up to date because the hotel cant sped too much money on repairing these machines the use of technology impact on employ hire example Apple Mac book due to the internet people can search the job online for the relevant jobs so it again effects the hotel .people can book the room online

Sociological – the customer trend life style and the fashion change from time to time according to the current trends now the level of education gone high so the Washington hotel staff manager and supervisor are been selected on their education and experience . The hotels suffer the quality of labour for example kitchen department the sociological factor such as demographic change in age and gender. Number of working affecting the Washington Mayfair hotel.

The four manpower demand factor –

Future expansion- According to me Washington hotels future plane expansion to expand their property by 2012 so the supply will increase to meet the supply the demand needs to be there The human resources manager need to hire the new staff to met the supply and demand factor in future.

Customer demand – As there are the major events in London such as Olympic common wealth, so the customers supply will be huge to meet this customer expectation an organisation needs to hire highly skill staff that will be future demand factor

Internal demand – The internal factor are those with the manager or senior member can apply to the organization for the manpower demand for future. The food and beverage manager need the staff to work the hard for the long hour to meet the expectation of customer. In this case manager can demand the staff for future.

Economy factor- the most common factor is economy has major labour turnover over the period of time. The recession has been stable from 2010 according to the newspaper from evening standard stated that the growth has grown of 0.5 upward because of that the average spending power has been gone up. This economy can growth can give the business to hospitality and can raise average spending power of customer.

The principal of supply and demand factor are as follow.

The supply and demand are the inversely related with each other. The supply goes high the demand also raise to meet the expectation from of the customer. To meet the strategic plan for future the organization need to hire the staff meet the organization of hotel. When the supply is low the demand goes down directly has the organization has to plan for the training and development in organization to raise the supply factor

Labour turnover- labour turnover is the major issue for most employers it impose the cost of them that they are keen to avoid. The personal and development labour turnover survey because in the some fields there are unusual rapid turnover

The annual rate of the turn over for the whole economy has remained fairly stable at around 20 % but beneath this figure there are large variation in turnover

Opportunity if the company strategy doesn’t meet the expectation of the staff the proper policy has to be efficient and also provide the motivation and education for the staff

Formulas for labour turn over -staff income sometimes called wastage can be calculated for the organisation as whole or by specific job or skill categories, which is more useful.

Number of staff leaving in a year

Average number of employed in the same periods – 100

Effect of labour turn over on organisation – Because of the labour turn over organisation has to face some problem like they have to reduce the staff because of cost cutting again hire new staff and give them proper training that training can cost to the company also skill workers they don’t work for less pay so they don’t work with such organisation who pays less the reason for that all new employees are not skill and not highly experiences so it automatically drop the organisation business and their future plan. The cost increase of the employer such as advertised and hiring process.

Retention plan – exit the interviews immediately before the staff leave the organisation. It can give the complete details information the cause of staff turnover and can be the channel for the introduction of new initiative

The payment systems can be unsuitable or not match up to that offered by the competition we need to give good payment to the staff

The working hour may not be good or not suitable for some individual staff. We need to adjust the working timing according to the staff the nature of the work or the way it organised some time it can be boring.

The management process may be too lengthy because if you are hiring the new staff and the organisation process is too length then it can cause the delay in requiting the new staff

From the exit interview we can implement the new development t and training to the staff. Where the about turn over can be stop.

The development and training to the staff may be too limited.

Different types working arrangement

Full time employee – full time employees can work for the 40 hour in a week and they are entitled to have 2 days off in a week these employees can be permanent they provides more benefits to the company because they work for the longer years with the company they also have more knowledge about their work full time employees also have more benefits then part time employees for example they have medical leave and different holidays

Part time employees- part time employees they work as hourly bases they are not the permanent employees of the organisation they are allowed to work for 20 hour per week part time employees they don’t provide that much profit to the organisation because they don’t work for longer time in one organisation

Agency – most of the organisation they have tie up with the agency because they hire people and supply to the big organisation according to their need in a busy time big hotels they don’t have a time to take the interviews so that time agency provide them the staff for that they give commission to the agency .

Casual basis- company has to hire the staff on casual basis o the casual basis the new hire staff doesn’t get the benefit of the organisation this worker are not the permanent they don’t get the benefits from the company

Contract – the people are hiring on contract basis for the certain period of time they are not the fix staff they can work until their contract ends this contract can be short or the long term if the particular employee having the good repetition while working then his contract can be renew

Job sharing – Two staff share their work load in order to work as a team this can be very effective in crunch situation because one person can’t handle all the responsibilities at one time so the his colleges.


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