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Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Red Panda Technologies

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Wordcount: 1200 words Published: 15th Mar 2021

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Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Red Panda Technologies (RPT) is the simulation company that’s set on global domination of the computer industry. Employees of the RPT are motivated and ready to use creative thinking, innovation, that’s guided by the company’s vision, mission and core values.

The vision statement for my simulation is aligned with Microsoft’s corporate vision.  About an analysis article, Microsoft’s vision statement shows that the company presents its business and computing products as tools that people, and business organizations can use for their development. The first component of the vision statement partly defines Microsoft’s target market, which is the global market. Instead of selling software products to individual customers only, the company also sells its products to organizations. The second component of Microsoft’s corporate vision statement shows what the business intends to do. For example, the company aims to provide products that assist customers toward the achievement of their full potential, which is specified in the third component of the corporate vision. Thus, Microsoft’s corporate vision presents the target market, what the company’s technology products do, and what customers can achieve through such products. (Gregory, 2019)

Red Panda Technologies' mission is to enable every person and every organization on the planet to accomplish more. We are committed to our customers in providing the technology efficiently needed to the world. We are aligned and well connected with our end-users' expectations of excellence.

The simulation company of Red Panda Technologies' mission statement aligns with my operational experiences in the Navy. The purpose of our mission is to explain to our customers who we are and the expectations of the services we will provide. Mission statements are important and remind the employees and leadership of the quality and excellent customer service we must provide consistently. For example, on board the aircraft carrier that's deployed to remote locations that's difficult to receive parts needed for aircraft. The jet engine shop onboard knew the purpose of the mission and acknowledge the importance of quality engines to the squadrons that are tested and ready for operations without failure. Our customers onboard the ship were Maintenance Master Chiefs of each squadron with daily communication on upcoming high time components, scheduled, and unscheduled dates of engine removals to support the demand when called upon.

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Our core values are social responsibility, innovation, diversity, integrity, personal excellence, continuous process improvement, self-improvement, commitment to customers, empowerment, and respect the environment. My simulation company goals, and strategy target segments are travelers, Mercedes, and the workforce. Our core values are to take the lead and keep it, be first to market, and be the leader in all things. To dominate the industry, we must first invest in our employees and their families to focus on personal excellence, continuous process improvement, and commitment to customers. One of the important core values is to respect the environment. We’ll accomplish this with our initiative of going green. According to research, Hewlett-Packard is one of the first companies to have reported its greenhouse gas emissions, after which they have initiated plans that are aimed at reducing emissions and cutting back on toxic substances used in manufacturing its products like cartridges. The company also has an aggressive recycling program that ensures most of the manufacturing waste does not end up in landfills. Furthermore, it has taken the lead in spreading the word on the importance of environmental responsibility in its ads that promote green initiatives. (Compactor Management Company, 2019)

As the CEO of Red Panda Technologies, I decided to utilize planning that I’ve been involved in for 23 years. Top-Down Strategic Planning is a rational strategy process through which top management attempts to program future success; typically concentrates strategic intelligence and decision-making responsibilities in the office of the CEO. PROS- Provides a clear strategy process and lines of communication. Affords coordination and control of various business activities. Readily accepted and understood as the process is well established and widely used. Works relatively well in stable environments. CONS- Rigid and inhibits flexibility. Top-down, one-way communication feedback. Assumes that the future can usually be predicted based on past data. Separates elements of AFI framework so that top management (analysis and formulation) are removed from line employees (implementation). Where Best Used- Highly regulated and stable industries, such as utilities, e.g., Georgia Power in the Southeast United States or Area, the state-owned nuclear operator in France, Government, and Military. (Rothaermel, 2019, p. 46)

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The decision-making process of all-important decisions should be made by the president after reviewing the relevant information and opinions is an example of top-down strategic planning. According to marketplace simulation regarding team norms listed are, attendance at all meetings is mandatory unless members inform others in advance of conflict. Meetings start and end on time. Members come prepared for all meetings. Outsiders must be approved before they can attend meetings. An agenda is prepared and followed in each meeting. If a topic is going beyond the allotted time, they must decide to either table it for later or consider the agenda. Members brainstorm solutions to problems, and only critique suggestions after all ideas are on the table. Everyone has an opportunity to participate in discussions. (Virtual Business World of Marketplace® Live, 2020)

RPT’s vision, mission, and values will help the marketing brand of RPT Elite and RPT (basic) laptop computer systems to be the high service provider in the market along with being the technology leader in the industry.


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