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Company Analysis Of Huawei Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 2416 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The subject that I am profiling about is Huawei Company. The company has been around for 22 years. Huawei started out as a company that provides other telecom company devices and spaces to rent to start their business. Slowly in Huawei had its own Huawei is a telecommunication company. By analysing the company, helps people to better understand the growth of the company .It provides network convergence and advanced devices to network providers. Over a short period of time, Huawei is one of the world’s renowned telecommunication companies.

The objective

To do a SWOT analysis on the company.

To better understand Huawei’s competitors and partnership with different company.

Company goal

Background Information

Huawei origins from China in 1988 and founded by Ren Zhengfei. Ren Zhengfei is a graduate from Chongqing University of Civil Engineering and Achitecture . He worked as a PLA (People’s Liberation Army) in research of new technologies. He has been known for the most advanced technologies researched. After Ren was entrenched from the army, due to a reduction by the army, he moved to Shenzen and was employed as an electronic reseller. By 1988 is then when he opened his own company. Then is when Huawei was formed.


There were ample of challenges i had to face to complete my research and analysis.

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As Huawei is one of the most renowned companies, i only could use resources likely from the internet, such as articles, reviews and also from my experience of using Huawei’s convergence as well. There are limited resources of whereabouts of huawei to find, hence i tried my best to complete my PP scope to the best of my research. I hope my PP scope is sufficient in giving a brief and understanding to all of how and why Huawei is one of the world renowned telecommunication company.


Creating partnership with other company helps a company to be widely known in the industry. By having other organisation or company to be involved in the same activity, it creates a better reputation for the company. For example, Huawei has maintained several partnerships with few international companies that are world widely known. Such companies are, IT company (Hewlett Packard), Microsoft, telecommunication company (Motorola). This company are familiar to us, by creating partnership with international company helps Huawei to gain reputation and trust by people.

Huawei cooperates with International Business Machine (IBM); the world’s few top company. This helps Huawei improved productivity rate and enhance devices such as software and hardware. Besides that, this also helps increase Huawei status in the telecommunication world.

Huawei has a wide range of devices, up to date and reliable, this helps Huawei find more operators and telecom companies to cooperate with them. The latest device was the 4T4R operator convergence. It helps operator handle multi task at once, giving them much more convergence and thus handling situation efficiently. This new device launched in 2009, enable Huawei to be a better telecom provider to the global standings.

Huawei also provides a better solution in any coverage problems, allowing customers to have a smooth interface between any changes of network convergence. In order to help troubleshoot and find solutions to network difficulties, Huawei researched on a solution and came up with a device called Backhaul OAM, this helps provide better solution in troubleshooting any problems found interfaced in the network of a particular IP. As more viruses are found in any transferred applications or uploads, devices also helps in reducing risks found such as viruses and software operations.


: Huawei main competitors is Cisco.

Cisco (another telecoms company) has been Huawei’s competitor for quite a period of time. Cisco has made lots of complaint lodged against Huawei for trying to steal information and concepts of Cisco. This complain or court matter is being provided with an evidence of an CCTV camera which one of Huawei’s employee is

SWOT analysis


: Firstly, the feature that Huawei has that helps them to achieve their goal is by getting supply and technology from highly rated corporate companies. Therefore, this helps Huawei to obtain higher qualification and status.

Secondly, the strength of Huawei is, they are able to get higher quality and up-to-date software and hardware to meet the consumer expectation. Having higher quality will improve the devices. As a consumer, personally, i preferred the up-to-date devices so that i able to progress with my work efficiently. For example, having the latest modem that increase the speed of my internet connection.

Thirdly, Huawei management gives pressure to the employees. Giving pressure to the employees is strength to a company especially for company that has a large group of worker. Giving pressure able to maintain self-discipline and also self-motivation to help sustain the company reputation. For example, having mentor programs that help to guide new employees. New employees will feel that they are being observed by the mentor. Therefore, to continue working in the company they have to develop self-discipline and self-motivation. These give a standard procedure in the company so that new employees know what is expected of them. As a result, new employees are able to progress efficiently.

Huawei Company in Bangladesh has shown massive improvement in developing its company’s status and progression. With given pressure to employees, employees are able to work within target given. Although they started out small and weak, they persevere to attain the best and giving the best. They have positive attitude that strive them to achieve their goal. First they studied a good point of what a good human resource (HR) must have, and slowly studied and develop an HR of their own. Now complete with training and progression board. With this enthusiasm and spirit from employees, Huawei can achieve goals to great lengths with employees with dedication and perseverance like this worker from Huawei Bangladesh. Besides having positive attitude, Huawei Company in Bangladesh creates work culture. Work culture is an important tool so that the employees look forward to work. Examples of work culture is having salary on time and having classes for employees to upgrade their skills.


: Huawei weaknesses have to fail to organise the structure of the company. Leading to having too many new employees which leads to high labour cost. For example, in a logistic department, the department able to progress with 50 employee. However, having more than the required number of employees will result in failure in the organisation structure.

: Another weakness of Huawei Company is having more employee which results in new division or department to be formed. These cause disadvantages to the company as it affect the company progress. For example, employees produce slow rate of sales activity.


: Rumours are one of the threats that will affect the company reputation. Examples of rumours are scams, false information by ministers that foreign technology has the ability to stop network and possess security threat.For example, an article in India, officials and ministers are protesting of Huawei’s development in India. The reason to the slight conflict and misunderstanding is the fear of more foreign workers or domination of Chinese employees then Indian employee.

: Beside the rumours, another threat occurs between 1973 to 2005. There is ample percentage of Carbon Emission which then leads to global warming. This poses threat to Telecommunication Company.

Huawei participated in a go green campaign since global warming effects due to networks have been releasing too much carbon emission. They came up with a few strategies such as geothermal cooling system, to reduce Carbon Emission, and help to keep an up use of network as well. Without such strategies, network accessibility won’t be as to what we are using now e.g. network will be banned as they would cause global warming effects, as every network company has to stop its functions. It also allows consumers to use a global warming free connections which also allows customers and operators to have a high percentage of energy saving and network consumption as well .By participating in this campaign also it allows Huawei to be recognised as an Green telecommunication company, hence giving them an opportunity to attract more providers and customers.


: Huawei cooperates with few provider companies to get more profits and customers. Huawei aim is to commerce the use of WiMAX(Worldwide Microwave access of connection). This enables global access to internet connectivity and by using other operators company to further wide its WiMAX introduction. By doing this Huawei is able to get profits which will also help sustain its labour cost and other production costs as in manufacturing devices and development of devices. When this is achieved, Huawei is also able to increase productivity rate and employee recruitment, thus bringing Huawei’s status to a new and higher level.

Cross SWOT analysis

Strength VS Opportunity

With better resources and technology, Huawei will be able to support its growth and labour cost as they have a better chance in creating high- tech devices. With better convergence, the more corporate will want to merge and create more opportunity. Therefore, this strength of having a better resource able to support the opportunity of having more profits and customer.

Strength VS Threat

Although Huawei has good quality resources from highly renowned corporate, they still face threats such as, global warming. This is led by the carbon emission released by devices around the world. To have a greater technology, means more effects may take place. Example, greater volume of carbon emission released by high tech devices. Huawei could improve this situation by reducing pollutants caused by devices. Given, suppliers are better and top listed, rumours can easily be denied. Such as the accuse of India minister, saying that the foreign devices are infection and unreliable.

Weaknesses VS Opportunity (Will the company weakness cause it to lose the opportunities?

The company weaknesses able to affect the opportunities that the company are able to gain. Having failed to organise the structure, might loosen their chance of getting opportunity to improve the company reputation and getting more profits. Too many employees might slow down the progress of the work. If the company structure fail to be organise efficiently, it will lead to lose of potential employees than unpotential and inexperienced employees.

When this happens, suppliers and cooperating corporate will lose faith and trust to Huawei and will then lead to the downfall of the company.

Weaknesses VS Threat

Having too many workers and also inexperienced workers will invite countless problems to any company which has these traits. In order for Huawei to solve threats such as high carbon emission, downfall of company, lack of resources and resignation of potential workers, they must first overcome their weakness, which is to efficient their HR and have only sufficient employees to reduce labour cost. Without the right concept, research on reducing Carbon Emission in the polluted air will lead to nothing. If Huawei has their potential and experienced employees resigned, all the inexperienced employers will not be able to handle problems sufficiently, with no support, and they will eventually make a mess of the situation. With the Carbon Emission around, though reduced, it will rise up again and eventually polluting our earth, only if Huawei is not able to maintain such research and advanced suppliers chain. And without a formed group of employees, the company will not stand a chance to stabilise and improve their growth.

Survey Questions and Response Diagram

1. Are you aware of the Huawei Company?

 a) Yes

b) No

2. If yes, where did you hear about the company?

3. Did you tend to trust company that has partnership with international companies more compared to company that has partnership with non international companies?

 a) Yes b) No

4. Have you bought any of Huawei product?

 a) Yes b) No

5. Are you aware of Huawei partnership with other telecommunication company?

a) Yes

b) No

If yes, which company?



I learned valuable information and lessons of the many obstacle to overcome in order to achieve and be successful. I had done my best to complete my objectives of which is to analysis and to give others a better understanding of Huawei existence and the service they give. I had the S.W.O.T analysed and to get readers an easy understanding to their valuable points which had its own solutions.

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Giving that Huawei is a telecommunication company, they are not able to share their such information of the company to just to anyone. The reason which i could depict is because of the rivalry and other corporate that might be digging up information on their technologies and recent development. Given such status of secrecy, i am only able to have limited information and resources for my research.

From my opinion, by subscribing Huawei’s convergence, we could all help participate and help activist in reducing the effect of global warming.By doing so, we are giving ourselves and the earth to have the chance to heal, hence giving us a good place to be living in.

Huawei could better expand its existence to public by having promotions on its products, good beneficial and cooperation By doing soo, many of those who are concerned with the Global warming effect, would prefer Huawei and Trust its service. Since more telecoms provider is taking Huawei as its convergence provider, Global Warming would have one less participants to its pact, the Carbon Emissions.


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