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Importance Of Ability And Personality Of Applicants Commerce Essay

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The linear approach is the one approach that was involved in the case of career development of the person. This approach is the best one to the person in order to decide his career path and goal. This linear approach provides the guidelines to the person in order to achieve his goal and his career development in his life. It also concentrates to the person in the case of improving the strength of the person and it focus the strength and weakness of the person. This approach was involved in the case of providing the step-by-step process to the response of the person that’s why person can be motivated positively. The person can get his career options without any interruption.


Tricia Jackson.(2000). Career Development. British Library publications of Data.

2. Importance of ability and personality of applicants

The applicants were selected primarily on the basis of ability and the personality fit in order to obtain the enhancement of organization. These both elements are deciding the concentration and the strength of the application in the organization. The management requires the better ability and the personality from the applicant that’s why applicant can fit for accessing the organization. The better ability and the personality both concepts are necessary in the case of resolving the critical situation in the organizations. The applicant can also manage the products and services of the organization. The ability and personality provide the new technical ideas and concepts to the applicant in order to improve the profits of the organization.


Heller, D., Judge, T. A., & Watson, D. (2002). The confounding role of personality and trait affectivity in the relationship between job and life satisfaction. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

3. Advantage and disadvantages of seniority layoff

The laying off employees on the basis of seniority is taking some process in order to provide the sense of fairness to the workers. The advantages are keeping experienced workers, showing employee loyalty. Keeping the experienced workers refers the laying off workers that were based upon the seniority most experienced workers in order to maintain the organizational products and services. This will provide the better level to the organization. Showing employee loyalty is the advantage to the organization that shows sense of loyalty to the organization. The employee loyalty can improve the worker morale in the organization. The disadvantages are limiting improvements and keeping highly paid workers that are giving the poor products and services to the organization. Keeping experienced workers, employee loyalty and keeping high paid employees are the alternatives to the seniority.


Ricky W. Griffin.(2005). Human Resources Management. DreamTech Publishing.

4. Career development of organization

The modern organizations are flatter and offer fewer opportunities for advancement. The career development is the one that involves developing the key strategic asset of organization. The careers must develop the excellence and goal of the organization in order to provide the innovations to the organizations. They must encompass the vertical issues including the upward mobility and promotions. The careers must deal with the fundamental nature of relationship among the work and employee in the organization. The career must be developed the empowerment in the case of expressing the demands of organization. The career development program must be implemented by careers in order to provide the organizational innovations.


Jonathan E. DeGraff (21 February 2010). “The Changing Environment of Professional HR Associations”. Cornell HR Review.

5. Training and career development

The training and the career development are having some differences in the case of improving the organizational activities. The training is the desired outcome in the case of improving the skills of individual and productivity. The productivity includes the personnel professional activities. The training can lead the development of individual in the organizations. But the career development is the measurement in the course time and that develops the long term process of organization. The career development concerns the nature and development of personal attitudes and it includes plans for potential employee and management. Training must provide the better skills and knowledge to the employees that will lead to employee turnover. The career development must develop the employees, senior management to improve retention.


Diane Arthur (1995). “Training and Development”. Managing Human Resources in Small & Mid-Sized Companies.

6. Challenges of post- traditional family

The several challenges occur to the organization by the post- traditional families and they impact the organizational functions. The post -traditional families are giving the challenges to the organization in the case of health insurance and the life insurance coverage. These are the major challenges to the organization in the case of mitigating the employee benefit problems. The health insurance and the life insurance were having the trouble to give the employee benefit by the post traditional families. The organization is having the pleasure to provide the better mitigation techniques to meet these challenges. The organizations are making the employee benefit strategies to face these challenges in order to make the value to life insurance and health insurance coverage.


Charles Handy.21 Ideas for Managers: Practical Wisdom for Managing Your Company and Yourself, First ed San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2000 Print.

7. Employee motivation

The training is the better solution in order to improve the employee motivation. The training expands the high level responsibilities to the employees and they are providing the new types of jobs to the employees. The authority is provided to the employee in order to make the decisions by the training and the training is inviting the employee in order to contribute for making more planning. It also provides more access to significant meeting for the participation of employees. The establishment of goals, measurements and priorities can be provided by training in order to improve their motivation. The training can be used to assign the head up projects to the employees for providing the motivation.


Fishbein, M.; Ajzen, I. (1975), Belief, attitude, intention, and behavior: An introduction to theory and research, Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley

8. Human Resource Management

The HR management is having the pleasure to hire and eliminate the employees in the organization. According to HR management, the unqualified employees will be eliminated from the organization and because of unqualified employees are making the less experience and waste of time for managers. HR management must make the solution for this problem. The HR management must hire the employees that are based upon the effectives of employees. Additionally, HR management must consider some factors when hiring the employees that are training, development, career planning, performance evolution, compensation, collective action and personnel control. These factors will give the solution for those problems.


Wright, Patrick. “The 2011 CHRO Challenge: Building Organizational, Functional, and Personal Talent”. Cornell Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies (CAHRS). Retrieved 3 September 2011.

9. Organizational commitment

Watkins’s company have done something to make her see the whole picture and gain an understanding of commitment to know the work of organization. The company must explain the importance of software documentation and commitment of organization in order to teach the wok and abilities. According to this case, she is affected by lack of knowing the things and she doesn’t know how to contribute to the whole that’s why company must make the better awareness to her. The company must clarity her doubts then only she can able see the picture and know the things about the commitment and works of organization. The company must involve her in the case of practically oriented things. These things the company must have done to make her see the picture and the organizational commitment.


Meyer, J P and Allen, N J (1991). A three-component conceptualization of organizational commitment: Some methodological considerations, Human Resource Management Review,

10. Managing Survivors

The organizational manger would have about the surviving workforce after the layoff in order to mitigate the organizational risks. Then the manger must concentre to restructure the organization, increase the organizational efficiency, make cost-cutting efforts, and reduce the demand of products, implementing the mergers and acquisitions. These are the primary concerns that associated to the managers in order to make the decision. HR management supports to the survivors of layoff. HR management implements several strategies that are used to provide the support to survivors of layoff. Re-emphasizing the mission, vision and the goal of survivors can give the major supporting points to survivors of layoff by HR management. Recreating the work environment is the best one to remove the survivors in organization.


Henry Mintzberg (1981). “Organization Design: Fashion or Fit” Harvard Business Review (January February).

11. Importance of training

The conflict resolution training method is the one that is the approach to the organizational conflicts. This is the suitable training in order to mitigate the organizational conflicts. This training provides the better communication to maintain the organizational relationships. The lack of role in organization is the causes of conflict in organization and this training improves the organizational role by assigning corresponding work to the organizational roles and hence the organizational conflict will be reduced. This training is also used to address the leadership problem in the organization and because of leadership problem is the causes of conflict in organization. The leadership problem will be avoided satisfying the requirements and the expectations of the organizations that’s why this training is the best one to mitigate the organizational risks.


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