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Internal And External Factors Influencing Human Resource Planning Commerce Essay

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It is the procedure between the management and a trade union that represents its employees. It usually relates to the negotiation of wages, hours of work and its conditions and some other matters in the interest of the employees. It is beneficial to both parties because it only presents one set of people to negotiate with and it gives the employees the enhanced power to bargain their demands.


This is a form of decision-making of two or more parties having their own objectives and will produce a conclusion that meets both parties set of goals. It must have some goals in common and some in conflict in order to get negotiated. Like for example, employers and employees wanted the business to expand and further be developed. However, the employers would like to refuse to accept the high pay rise demand from the employees to keep the costs down, whereas the staff will want salary increase to improve their services and their morale. Then negotiation will take place.

Disciplinary procedures

This is the process used to tell employees about the performance or their conduct at work that is not up to the expected standards and encourage them to improve their service. This procedure is a way that the employer can tell that something is wrong about how the employee is performing at work. This will allow them to explain what is needed to be done and what should be prioritized as well as to explain the employee’s side with the certain situation. This is a better way on how to resolve issues and problems within the workplace quickly and efficiently.

Task 2.2

Contracts of Employment

This is an agreement between an employer and an employee stating their employment rights, duties and responsibilities called as the terms. It does necessarily need to be in writing. Nevertheless, an employee is permitted to a written statement of the main employment terms from the start of their work.


Employers have the right to terminate the employees employment and likewise the employees have the right to terminate their employment with an employer yet it come with responsibilities. Usually in most cases is to provide notice of intention to terminate.

Task 3.1

Job description

Job description is a narrative list of job specifications which includes the general tasks and responsibilities of a certain position. Often times it includes qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job or a salary rates. It may also include relationships such as the supervisory level, managerial requirement and relationships with other colleagues in the organisation. This is very useful to aspiring employees in order for them to identify and be able to advance to their expected level of service needed to sustain customer satisfaction. It helps both employees and employers to set standards of competent service being rendered to the customers. This is very important for the industry because it protects both employees and employers in such cases like in the event that an employee files termination or discrimination lawsuit against the company, this could serve as a legal document.

Person specifications

This is a profile of the most ideal aspirant for a certain job. It includes lists of the criteria that are essential in carrying out the job. This document enables potential applicants to establish whether they are capable of meeting the desired requirements for the job, it also filters inappropriate candidates at an early stage of recruitment. This is important to employers in identifying the qualities of a potential applicant for the job.

Methods of recruitment advertising

Managers recruit potential staff through two different ways such as internally and externally. Internal recruitment is when the business looks to fill the vacancy from within its existing workforce while on the other hand external recruitment is filling the vacancy from any suitable applicant outside the business. This is important for the industry because it benefits both parties in a way that they recruit employees cheaper.

Task 3.2

Selection methods and practices

McDonald’s methods of selection process

McDonald’s method of selecting their staff is divided into two parts. The first part is the informal interview wherein the applicant will undergo one to one interview with the store manager. It is called informal because in a way that the manager only asks simple questions just to see the communication skill capabilities of the potential aspirant. After the success of the informal interview the applicant will be scheduled to undergo a panel interview where in the questions here will be regarding the job roles and work related experiences that will help the applicant meet the requirements they needed to get the job. Successful applicants will then undergo inductions and orientations about the company before starting the job. This process is the standard procedure of the company and in here they relies the success of effective staff selection and screening in order for them to meet the standards of service they require.

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On the other hand, hotels initial method of selection is the preparation such as identifying what position is in need for hiring. Then a selection committee will be made ensuring that at least one member was trained in staff selection. A preliminary interview is important for hotel staff because this is where they screen the potential staff for the required job vacancy. Successful aspirants will then undergo selection tests. This test will be about the qualifications and person specifications, job roles and work related experiences that the applicant should have in order to get the job. After its success will be the employment interview wherein work requirements and salary rates will be discussed as well as the hours of work requirements. After the employment contract has been made the successful applicant is now ready to undergo training and orientations before staring their specific job.

Task 4

Training and Development

Types of training and development activities

The technical training sessions are practical training such as on-the-job-trainings and e-learning’s. The benefit of providing technical training is to improve on work performance and update knowledge of the staff on their job roles. Quality training is a type of which that includes customer service training. It involves putting up knowledge of total quality management and finding solutions to improve processes and products.

Training Needs Analysis

Is the formal process of identifying the training gap and its related training need. Training Analysis is most often used as as part of the system development process. Due to the close tie between the design of the system and the training required, in most cases it runs alongside the development to capture the training requirements. The role of training analysis is to build a formal bridge between the available design data and the training elements into the operational environment. A training needs analysis should always be performed where a major new development in policy, equipment acquisition or procedures is deemed to have potential impact upon the current training regime.

Benefits of training and development

General benefits from employee training and development includes; Increase job satisfaction and morale among employees, increase employee motivation, increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain, increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods, increase innovation in strategies and products, reduce employee turnover and enhanced company image.


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