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Rules Of E Business In Dominos Pizza Commerce Essay

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Based on the first rule of e-business which is “Technology is no longer an afterthought in forming business strategy, but the actual cause and driver”, the Domino was one of the first companies to apply their product with technology. The plan was when customers felt starving while they watched the television, they could order a Pepperoni Passion using their remote control, without having to move from the sofa. At the meantime, Domino only had seven week to get the technology up and provide the service to customer, this is a very big challenge to Domino. To reach the goal, Domino Company also invests in interactive to attitude to technology. With the interactive TV system in place, Domino’s started to think about what it was going to do next. They realized that the infrastructure we had built could take a lot more than just interactive TV orders. Therefore, within three-and-a-half weeks, the firm had developed the online system. The decision made to enable customers to order over the internet has paid handsomely and interactive TV or broadband will be the more successful platform at future. (Anh Nguyen , 2012)

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Based on research, Cutting-edge IT and Pizza may seem an unlikely alliance, but Domino’s says that technology is the key to keeping customers and shareholders happy. In earlier 2011, Domino’s Pizza have launched their Australian iphone app and allowing customer to simply use their phone to order Domino’s product. In 2012, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader in Pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the USA and international markets. The vision of Domino’s Pizza’s is a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best Pizza delivery company in the world. (Market Watch,2012)

Rule 2

Based on the second rule of e-business and stated by Mich (1991) Domino’s Pizza reduce the size of its field management network by eliminating a layer of manage and consolidating regional offices to make its field forces more responsive to its individual markets. Domino streamlined eliminates three field offices in USA, which had been subordinate to a network of regional offices. The regional offices have been reduced from eleven to nine. (Business Applications, 2012)

The management information system (MIS) has applied to helping Domino become and stay efficient and effective. Managers of Domino’s Pizza use this computer-based system to organize, analyze, and execute plans to help Domino flow and accomplish its goals. Domino’s Pizza uses this management information system to influence, and control information of employees, cost, profit, technology, procedures and documents. (Anna-Louise, 2011)

Rule 3

Based on the third rule of e-business which is “Inability to overthrow the dominant, outdated business design often leads to business failure,” Domino’s Pizza is a company with innovation and creative as well. Domino’s Pizza has launched an innovative new “Real Time” monitoring system in UK and Ireland where are fastest growing Pizza delivery company, to measure service performance in order to get Pizza “out-the-door” in the minimum amount of time. This industry leading initiative is set to boost customer service levels at Domino’s worldwide. ( Nation’s Restaurant News, 1991)

Results by using Real Time Monitoring System:

33% increase in performance across the board following the launch

Customer service was the best on record

System sales being up 13.1% from the same six-week

Motivation and competition increased in-store and across the whole Domino’s system.

Rule 4

Based on the fourth rule of e-business which is “E-commerce is enabling companies to listen to their customers and become either “the cheapest,” “the most familiar,” or “the best”,” For a company, one advantage of social media involvement is the chance to generate instant customer feedback.  (shyspeak.net, 2009)

The new strategy Domino is a great example of a company using social media to listen to and react to its customers in order to solve a problem. When Dominos decided to completely change its Pizza recipe, they spend two years of research involving customer taste tests of 50 blends of seasonings, 15 sauces and dozens of cheeses and also created a website www.Pizzaturnaround.com, which features a new video documentary on YouTube that uses real Dominos employees to introduce the story of how Dominos listened to its critics and is changing its Pizza recipe for the better. (Pamela Seiple, 2009)

Rule 5

Based on the fifth rule of e-business which is “Don’t use technology just to create the product; use it to innovate, entertain, and enhance the entire experience surrounding the product, from selection and ordering to receiving and service,” Domino’s Pizza creation and development the mobile application to do promotion online and allow customer using their phone to order the meal. In earlier 2011, Domino’s Pizza have launched their Australian iphone app and allowing customer to simply use their phone to order Domino’s product. In 2012, Domino’s Pizza is the recognized world leader in Pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the USA and international markets. The vision of Domino’s Pizza is a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best Pizza delivery company in the world. (shyspeak.net, 2009) (Which Franchise Ireland, 2009)

Rule 6

Based on the sixth rule of e-business which is “The business design of the future increasingly uses reconfigurable e-business community models to best meet customers’ needs,” Domino’s Pizza build their own extranet to link business and suppliers and using online feedback to contact customers. Domino’s Pizza Inc using extranet connects all of their suppliers to have maintained active relationships with suppliers. Besides that, to increasing corporate and saving money, Domino’s Pizza has moved its online payment, back-office, E-commerce and corporate e-mail system to the cloud. Therefore, Domino’s allow their IT teams focus less one maintenance activities and more in reconfigurable and innovation. (shyspeak.net, 2009)

Rule 7

Based on the next rule of e-business which is “The goal of new business designs is for companies to create flexible outsourcing alliances that not only off-load costs but also make customers ecstatic,” outsourcing partnership is very important to Domino’s Pizza especially in IT area. The first IT outsourcing in Domino’s Pizza is focuses on continued innovation meet the demands of impressive online growth and also meet the customer requirement. Kcom is the IT outsourcing partner of Domino’s Pizza at now and it provide managed Wide Area Network (WAN) to Domino’s Pizza Group to help them to build the connectivity between each of their 672 stores around UK and Ireland. The WAN provide by Kcom company which is unmanaged 20CN based network to a fully managed 21CN infrastructure and also it will future proof the Domino’s store network and allow them to introduce more complex applications. (Kcom, 2011)

Rule 10

Based on the lest rule of e-business which is “The tough task for management is to align business strategies, processes, and applications fast, right, and all at once, strong leadership is imperative”, the Domino’s Pizza has been found by Patrick Doyle. Doyle and his leader team had always view their specialty as convenience to the customer. Any complaints about the food by customers will be offset many times over by the customers who kept coming back for the efficient service. Ultimate, this philosophy made Domino’s the worldwide gold standard in pizza delivery, with yearly sales in the billions.

At first, Domino’s Pizza launched a new advertisement campaign called “You Got 30” which means the customers will get their pizza inside 30 minutes. To make the product have better taste and faster delivery, Doyle and his team had to go directly to the source. Doyle and his leader team stayed quiet, listened and took their verbal lumps as consumers launched repeated salvos, comparing the crust to cardboard from 2008 to 2009.

Besides that, Domino’s retrain 4,900 franchises on how to make a pizza. The manager has to ensure that the old ingredients ran out and new ingredients were stocked as close as possible to the changeover period. Doyle and his leader team made a lot of meaningful change and innovation to this company, because if a manager who vacillates to shoulder responsibility for technological change by understanding how the technology supports business goals will delay progress and harmfully impact future operations. (Erik Cassano, 2011)

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