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The Advantages Of Self Employed Commerce Essay

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When we graduate from the university, we must face to so many challenge and choice. Someone want to join in a big company and working there, because they feel there will have more chance and can improve them, but another people just want to self-employed. Maybe they are feel self-employed will be more freedom or make more money. So the next will compare and contrast self-employed and working in a big company.


Self-employed: A situation in which an individual works for himself or herself instead of working for an employer that pays a salary or a wage. A self-employed individual earns their income through conducting profitable operations from a trade or business that they operate directly

Working in a big company: the short meaning of “a person working in a big company” is employment: Employment means is a contract between two parties, one is employer and another one is employee.

An employee is a person who is hired to work for another or for a business, firm, etc, in return for payment. Employed contributes labor and expertise to the company and fulfill its responsibility.

Advantages of self-employed

The reason why people choice self-employed, at least have five reasons: personal satisfaction, freedom, profits, job security, social status and flexibility.

Personal satisfaction

For some people, the self-employed will achieve self-satisfaction. Personal satisfaction to be able to do their own things. Choose self-employed, you can do something you enjoy every day. For example, you like photography, you should open one own studio, very satisfied with your service whenever the customer, strong self-satisfaction will remember with affection.

You can also obtain satisfaction through helping surrounding crowd. Can provide products and services and create employment opportunities for others.

Independence, control and freedom from routine

Another advantage of self-employed is to get freedom. – If you choice the self-employed you can get the freedom. You did not worried about the control by others and you just play you are own knowledge, skills and competence.


The main purpose of the self-employed is profit, Income minus all expenses is profit, and the profits go to business owners. Their own businesses can control their own income. Generally, if you pay more attention to you company you can get more profit, this is a different point to the employment. When the enterprise running smoothly, you want to much? Do you want to earn 2,000 yuan a year, and 5000 yuan or 10,000 yuan, or higher? Different types of businesses have different revenue potential, type of enterprise is one of the important factors in determining the level of income. Many businesses with long-term potential for success in the short term, however, they may be difficult to get profit returns.

Job security

From the self-employed, people can get the lack of job security for other forms of employment. Job security means is to ensure sustainable access to employment opportunities and income.

Social status

To some extent is all of people pursuit the social status. Self-employed through the successful operation and participate in social activities to attract the attention of the people, obtain to certain social status, which allowed them to enjoy other people cannot be happy and proud.

Disadvantages of Self-Employment

Less security – you must make sure you always have work to do, this is your responsibility. This means you may sometimes don’t have work and don’t have income.

Fewer free benefits – You will have to pay for your own holiday time, pay for retirement plans by yourself, and also buy your own dental, disability and life insurance by yourself.

Paying taxes – As a self-employed person, you are solely responsible for doing all the paperwork and paying your taxes on time.

Working in a big company

The reasons to work in a big company

Working for a big company you learn to think big.

Working for a big company can learn to many experience. In the big company will have more change to improve ourselves and can learn to each other with colleague. In the big company you also can learn to some different skills.

Big companies invest money in innovations and staff education.  

A lot of company invest money in staff education, for example: training, conferences, coaching, ect.

Health benefit

Many large companies will pay the money for the employees to purchase health insurance. To the medical staff on a regular basis.

More opportunities:

working in the big company will meet many others company and meet so many different people. In this way can meet so many opportunities. And improve ourselves.

disadvantages of working in a big company

Difficulty to adapting quickly:

In the big company, the pace of work is very fast, so as a newly graduated students cannot quickly adapt to large companies.

Bosses & hierarchy: In the big company you work for boss.The boss has authority over what you do and how you do it. Also have many pressure in a big company because in here have many excellent colleague.

Coworkers: in the big company have so many people working in here, and in here we must face to many difference types of people. And we must have a good relationship with the coworkers.

Influences: in the big company we always work with each day for 8 hours or more, this can easily rub off on you. Most of your bosses, coworkers and subordinates will influence your lifestyles, values, and morals.

Case study

In China, to encourage college student to self-employed, the government give a new preferential policy from January 1, 2011: within 3 years of college graduates start their self-employed can enjoy tax breaks.

Preferential policies are as follows

Concessions: exemption from more than 10 charges

Tax incentives: part of the industry, tax-free for two years

Loan offers: provide small start-up loans


No matter working in a big company or self-employed, they both have advantages and disadvantages. Working in a big company we can accumulate experience and learn from each other; and self-employed we can get more profit and freedom. Whether you self-employed or working in a big company you also must work hard, only in this way you can achieve succeed

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In my opinion, now I am not willing to self-employed because self-employed need all the conditions, but now I have nothing, no experience, no money, no cooperator, etc. I do not want to take the liberty to go to self-employed, after I have all the experience, I will self-employed. And now the most important things is to find the good company and work hard, strive for in the shortest possible time to self-employed. As a graduating students, too much things to learn and I hope I can meet a real good company, and I can contributed to company and get what I want. Where is a visionary company? Looking forward to…


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