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The Background Of Human Resource Management Commerce Essay

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Human resource management is an important asset for any company. First, human resource management is between employer and employee. These two groups are the determining factor of the company. The challenges faced by human resource management include the number of people is needed, being employed and to train them. If employees are hired, employer must give them an appropriate compensates. Employee should be given a reasonable salary for their effort. Without this, employer must grant awards to employees’ merits and carries out penalty to those employees that do not abide to the rules and regulation of the company fairly. Subsequently, the connection between employer and employee is important for success of the company.


Human resource management is a personnel management that focuses on one individual rather than a group of people. The human resource management responsibility is often devolved to line management. It is illustrated by stressing on strategic integration, employee commitment, workforce flexibility, and quality of goods and services.

Theories/concepts of human resource management


Recruitment which is a part of the human resource management, it is a behavior impact achievement of an organization. It determines the internal or external of a candidate whether they are the best, and choose suitable applicants.


Selection which is gathering information and decide that who should be hired, and choose the best for the whole organization. Selection is a very important process in all business; because it will give an impact to the whole organization achieve its goal.


Training is also a part that very important in an organization, because it to let employee need to know the way how to apply the equipment when work. The purpose of training to the employee is to improve more productivity by increasing each of the employee ability to perform.


Development and training are impact with each other, training is a focus on short-term skills while development which is a focus on long-term skills. Both of these two functions which is a assess needs of the organization.

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK)

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) is one of the largest research-based pharmaceutical companies in the world that discovers, develops, manufactures and markets human health products. An innovative company that produces branded products only, which it has develops itself. Pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare is the two main division of the company. The pharmaceuticals division is the biggest division in the company and is divided into prescription drugs and vaccines. GSK headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.

GSK manufactures pharmaceutical as well as consumer healthcare products. GSK marketed pharmaceutical products like Zentel, Pentosam, Tuberculosis, vaccines and anti-malarial products and anti-retrovirals products. And for the consumer’s healthcare products, such as the toothpaste brand Aquafresh, Macleans and Sensodyne, and nutritional healthcare drinks.

Based on one of the GSK Malaysia employee’s explanation, GSK Malaysia company structure is manage by Managing Director and supported by Finance department, Business Units and the Human Resource (HR) department. In the business units, they have four business units and in each unit, there are marketing staff and sales staff. Under marketing, consist of product managers and product executives. Under sales unit, consist of sales managers, sales executives and medical sales reps whereas in the HR department, the head of department is assist by managers and executive. The finance department operates by the financial controller, managers and executives. Mr. Andy Lim (GSK Senior Professional Medical Representative) confirmed verbally that the information on the company structure is true on 25 May 2010.

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In order for GSK to achieve their business goal; to be the world leader in the pharmaceutical industry, GSK would have to enhance their Research and Development (R&D) pipeline. With that, the company can maximize their R&D portfolio and linking R&D closely to commercial operation. Furthermore, by increasing the brand recognition among costumers and seeking to improve version of older products is one of the company’s marketing strategies. Besides that, GSK is using the Direct-to-consumer (DTC) method and it is the most important element of their marketing strategy. From DTC advertising, consumers will be updated with the latest information about their products. Subsequently, consumers may request specific brands of medicines to their physicians.

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Human Resource Management process.

GSK’s Human Resource Management (HRM) process consists of recruitment, selection and training and development. Firstly, the company requires the applicants to use the search functions in the particular company’s website to search for their desired vacancy. Fill in the online application form and submit the application. Then, the company will inform applicants by an on-screen message that stated that the application has successfully been submitted. By providing a valid email address, applicants will receive a confirmation email that their applications arrived in the recruiter’s inbox. The recruiters will review the applicant’s applications. If the applicant’s resume fulfils the job requirements, the applicant’s resume will advance to the appropriate hiring manager. The company will only inform applicants that are granted an interview. The recruiter will contact the selected applicants to make them a verbal offer and a written offer letter will be followed up and the company will also explain the next steps include their pre-employment screening process. The selected applicants will go through the pre-employment screening, which after the company will finalize their starting date and induction detail.

The selection process used by GSK was designed to give an opportunity to these ambitious and talented applicants, to exhibit their leadership quality so that these applicants can lead the company. The company is interested not only in the qualification of the applicants but also the personality in each applicant. Performance is not the only factor that the company would put into consideration to hire new employee; they are also interested in the level of integrity, initiative and the passionate commitment by the applicants towards the people that they may work with. Furthermore, GSK would prefer the applicant to have a degree in science or pharmacy, experience in healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, then applicant also need to be good in the communication skill and especially in English language. Applicant need to have the spirit of highly self-motivated and result-oriented. The company requires the applicant to have their own car and willing to travel.

GSK gives the employee training and development. Their training includes training, mentoring, coaching, performance appraisals and volunteering opportunities. Such training will help the employees to upgrade themselves to a higher level and it will help to develop the employee to advance in their career. For the training, the employees are provided work-related training courses. GSK offered learning programs in 19 languages to their employees in over 100 countries and these programs were offer through the company online learning management system. Furthermore, project secondments were offered to help the employee to develop new skills. In mentoring system, the high-performing employees are given support and inspiration; this will help to create leaders of the coming years and another important component of employee development is coaching. Internal and external coaching resources will help to speed up growth and develop leadership skills. Performance and development planning (PDP) is a key people process in the company. This is the basic on how the company establishes what they will achieve through the company personal objectives, as well as how the company will achieve through GSK behaviours and most of the employees take part in performance appraisals through the PDP process. GSK promote employee volunteering. Through employee volunteering process, employees will gain new experiences and skills, and it will also help the employees to deepen the understanding of the patients need.

Human Resource Management Process

Highlight any positive and negative effects of implementation.

(Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development)

There are a few of positive and negative effects when you are working with this company. After I done my research on this company, I found that only those who are highly educated are qualified to work in this company. For this reason, I can conclude that most of the human resources management process designed by this company, demonstrates a positive outcome.

In recruitment, the positive effect shown in this company is online application. With the presence of such technology, employer can reduce their work by only contact those applicants who are granted an interview. This type of recruitment widely used because it works faster and easier.

The positive selection on this company depends on the employees’ qualification. Basically, the selection requires at least three years of working experience. Although an employee maybe a PhD holder, experience is equally as important in order to have a job. The negative effect identified is that the probability of employing experienced employee is low compared to fresh graduates. This is because in this century, the number of unemployed fresh graduates is high.

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There are a few highlight positive effects about training for employees in this company. Their training process is designed to give an opportunity to all those talented and ambitious students to demonstrate their potential, to be the leaders of the future. The company are not just seeking performance, but also integrity, initiative, and a passionate commitment to the people they work with-whether they’re at the next desk or on the other side of the world. In the other hand they also had learning opportunities that teach flexible thinking skills, employment practices that support career development, benefits and rewards that reflect changing needs, and performance-based flexible work practices and policies that meet both business and personal life needs. Of course there are also had a negative effect about the worker selection on this company. For those who want to get a career on this company must a person that have a high self-confident, because this company wanted to train their worker to become a very strong leader ship worker as what this company requite.

The positive effect can be shown on this company development when everyone who works in this company can enjoy a work-life balance. With this, you are able to have a Flexible Working Policy, which applies to all staff, covers a variety of working patterns, including home working, part-time working, annualised hours and term-time working. Of course, these kinds of flexible working options are particularly attractive to parents and care-givers. This approach is to support flexible working arrangements wherever this company can make life better for their employees, while ensuring business needs are met. While the negative effect on this company development on flexible working is employer or the manager will faced some problem when they want to give training or speak for their employee because employer need to separate it into two sections, so that it will cause more expenses and time are needed.

Example of the implementation of human resource management process in GSK

(Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development)

After doing some research on this company regarding their recruitment, selection, training, and development process, it shows that this company is quite strong, but there’s more to improve for a better. In my opinion, this company should implement new strategy on their recruitment and selection by set a higher standard recruitment. For example, for those who wanted to work in this company should have a minimum working experience of three to four years with other pharmaceutical company and at least a degree holder. With such requirement set by the company, the employees that work in the company are efficient. In addition, this company must also improve their training by instil job management skills. For example, as a result of the training given by the company, employees will possess leadership quality in them as to prevent any of the employees to cross over the moral codes of the company. Does the company’s development important? It is important as it will determine the future of the company. Therefore, they should improve further on their development. For example, employer should give more incentives to their employees as to reduce the frequency of absence of employees and to increase the efficiency of the employees. Subsequently, the employees will work harder for the company and it may contribute to improve the company’s profit.


In a nutshell, I have learned that the human resource management is a significant asset for any company to grow and advance further in the future. Furthermore, human resource will also assist to nurture the employers and employees in their self-development, so that they will be more productive to the company. In human resource management, I have learned that, in order to work with people effectively, we’ll have to be aware of various type of human behaviour in them, and to be knowledgeable regarding various systems and practices available in order to facilitate in building a skilled and motivated workforce.


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