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The HR Department Roles In Organizational Strategic Planning Commerce Essay

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It is said that the HR department is playing a more significant role in organizational strategic planning processes today than it did 20 years ago, how do you explain this? In a company, what difficulties would an HRM executive face in assessing and then communicating to other department heads, the contribution of his or her area to the company profit margin?

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The human resource management (HRM) strategies are integrated within the organization, HRM plays a major role in clarifying the enterprice’s human resource problem and develops solutions to them. It is oriented toward action, the individual, worldwide independence, and the future. Today it would be difficult to imagine any organization achieving and sustaining effectiveness without efficient HRM programs and activities. The strategies and competitive advantage importance of HRM to the survival of an organization.

The strategic HRM differs significant from traditional HRM. The main responsibility for managing human resource in a traditional arrangement rests with specialists in a division or team. Today, there are many factors affect and impact on enterprice such as: global competition, technological changes, the speed of business, opportunities change rapidly, the workforce globalization. Thus, HRM has to new management methods to match these changes: the capability of innovation of people are developing, so that the enterprice can use maximum human potential effectively; the role of HRM area is to lead, inspire and understand the people.

Managers need to play a major role in setting the direction, control and effectiveness of the relationship between the employees, the firm, and the work performed. Managers must understand the HRM and carry out HRM activities in their function effectively. Because of HRM executive and other manager have the same staffs, and this may cause conflicts and contradictions in the management process. In this process, manager can monitor, evaluate his or her employees to make decision about the reward, discipline, promotion of his or her staff, manager has different point of view on issues related to personnel.

So that HR staff have knowledge and skill about professional to understand and control his or her workers; have knowledge of economic management, management of labor organization, psychology and social work, knowledge about the legal owner-worker relations.

They must be in close harmony intelligent, quick, capture requirements, listeners from employees etc. Moreover, they have to be involved in leadership, strategic planning for thier enterprice.

In my enterprice, the difficulties and limitations encountered in human resources management such as: Perception of many leaders and employees on key role of human resources and human resources management is not true; Professional and technical qualifications of workers is not high, lack of skilled managers and professionals on human resource management; Sense of respect for the law of employees is not high, the law also is not strict implementation; A number of regulations on assessment, appointment, reward and discipline, sack … no longer fit the new conditions of business enterprises etc.

Question II: Historically, HRM activities and tools were developed and implemented by a department or functional unit. Today, however, operating managers are in the forefront in applying and modifying HRM tools and activities. Why has this shift in application occurred? How is the work of operating managers similar to that of physicians who must conduct a diagnosis before treating a patient? 


The role of HRM in organizations has been changing significantly in the past decade. Taking a strategic HRM approach requires a greater focus on strategic thinking and processes. It means placing the management of human resources as a top priority and also integrating HRM with the company’s strategy, mission, and goals.

Nowaday, HRM strategy is considered as equal with priority strategic in the overall strategy of the enterprise. HRM activities are not limited to those working in human resource department but also apply to everyone in that organization, especially the operating managers who have to carry out HRM activities effectively for their functions because they manage and control their resource directly. They also have to solve problems, make decisions, and prevent future difficulties. The operating managers have many HRM responsibilities, such as recruitment and selection, reward and punishment, promotion. Using HRM activities effectively will bring the benefit and reach the organization’s goal.

Strategic HRM is defined as the development and implementation of human resource processes to enhance and facilitate the achievement of the organization’s strategic objectives. The physicians is diagnosing the problem by examination an observation. After making a diagnosis, the physicians will prescribe medicine or a course of action. Almost these cases the patient will implement the prescription, and physicians will evaluate how the prescription is working.

In the process of implementing, operating HRM activities, managers use the ARDM model (A = Acquiring, R = rewarding, D = developing, M = maintaining and protecting). The ARDM will help the operating managers focus on a set of relevant factors. Therefore, managers have appropriate solutions to solve the problem.

Question III: Sexual harassment is often found in our society. How does EEOC explain sexual harassment? What can managers do to minimize their chance of litigation and being found negligent with regard to sexual harassment?


Sexual harassment is considered discrimination and is against the law, sexual harassment is the actions and comments as shame or humiliation of sexual and gender-related, the approach may not be the desire, to reach the promised reward relationship and/or suppressed. The sexual harassment action was about right in the party held by the company, send messages or hospital reason to discuss the work as “prey” … “This is the new form so that they can act if there were accusations that the hospital will cause confusion is drunk or something”.

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that EEOC violations of U.S. law. According to the EEOC defines two types of sexual harassment as following:

Quid pro quo harassment is the exchange of sexual favor for job benefits: Acts clearly or hide comments as a condition of employment to bring for individual; Comply with or against acts that would be reasons to affect individual.

Hostile work environment is creation of an offensive working environment: The sexually suggestive actions are not approve of will become a kind of sexual harassment “hostile environment” when the activitties aim or interfere unreasonably for the work of an individual or cause the working environment was intimidating, hostile, or offensive.

Prevention is the best tool to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace. Employers are encouraged to take necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. Companies should communicate clearly to employees that sexual harassment will not be tolerated. They can do so by establishing an effective complaint or grievance process and taking immediate and appropriate action when an employee complains.

In addition, the court has also indicated, “An employer is subject to vicarious liability to a victimized employee for an actionable hostile environment created by a supervisor with immediate (or successively higher) authority over the employee. (The employer’s) defense comprises two necessary elements: (a) that the employer exercised reasonable care to prevent and correct promptly any sexually harassing behavior, and (b) that the plaintiff employee unreasonably failed to take advantage of any preventive or corrective opportunities provided by the employer or to avoid harm otherwise.” In the past, sexual harassment lawsuits were dismissed by federal judges because the employer argued it was unaware of the harassment.

The U. S. Supreme Court recently made it easier for victims to win sexual harassment lawsuits against an employer if the supervisor is guilty of sexual harassment. The Court held that an employer is liable under the Federal Civil Rights Act for any harassment by a supervisor that results in a tangible job detriment.

In our Vietnam and the world, people were sexual harassment often incurs heavy consequences: complexity, fear of people around goofy conversation, lost faith in people, health decline to make victims fall into silent approval status, orange bear alone. This is cause sexual harassment victims are developing.

Today in our Vietnam, not a legal financial institutions strong enough to handle that those who commit acts of sexual harassment (Article 116 of Criminal Code provisions only treatment for sexual acts with minors but not considered a minor victim or specific acts of sexual harassment). So instead of fear, fear, the victim should boldly condemned and if there is enough evidence to denounce acts of our bodies to function for at least not being dependent on them. People need to protect themselves, avoid the environment to generate behavior sexual harassment and no words.

Question IV: Where would you place yourself on each of the five work-related cultural dimensions identified by Hofstede (e.g., high on individualism)? Why? Explain the Sullivan Principles? How have these principles helped organizations understand the ethical issues they face when conducting business in foreign cultures?


The real issue which most HR professionals no longer think that there are important cultural differences between nations that might influence the effectiveness of HRM policies and practices is understanding these differences and ensuring that HRM and the cultural orientation of workers are congruent with one another. Some of models of how culture influences work behavior exist. Hofstede argues that national cultural differences are not changing much at all, even though more superficial work related norms and values might be. He feels that national culture will continue to have a strong influence on the effectiveness of various business practices.

According to Hofstede, there are five dimensions of theory (Individualism versus Collectivism; Power distance; Avoidance of uncertainty; Masculinity: Long-term versus short-term orientation).

I always appreciate and think that the role and capacities of individual. Individualism versus Collectivism describes the degree to which a culture relies on and has allegiance to the self or the group. Hofstede found a strong negative correlation between a culture’s scores on the power distance index and its scores on the individualism collectivism index. Collectivism cultures tend to be group oriented, impose a large psychological distance between “in group” and “out group” members are expected to have unquestioning loyalty to their group. In a conflict situation, members of the collectivism cultures are likely to use avoidance, intermediaries, or other face saving techniques.

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A person with outstanding ability may influence or impact the benefit to a group. Employees may be involved in decision making, thier comments or ideas should be respected. Low power distance culture may encourage the development of good ideas of every people. Avoidance of uncertainty is important because this can keep the stability of the future plans and cost saving rather than spend more money to deal with the risk.

Question V: As a current (or future) manager, how will you communicate the requirements of an entry-level customer service representative to a candidate who just arrived at your office for an interview? Will you describe the job in terms of competencies? Knowledge, skills, or abilities? Explain your answer.


As a current (or Future) manager, while meeting to interview candidates, we need to convey to the candidate understand the requirements of the organization as a candidate for an entry level Customer Service Representative. The actual specific requirements identified in the job design and job specification that the applicants have studied.

So, the interviews what the manager needs to communicate to candidates that the candidates to know clearly about requirements beyond the immediate requirements, see all the future requirements of organizations, associated with the strategic requirements of the organization to know how candidates can match the strategic plan of the organization, fit the changing business environment quickly now.

In doing so the other candidates with traditional requirements, applicants need only meet KSAO (Knowledge, Skill, Abilities, and Other characteristic) for an entry-level duties Customer Service Representative is enough, organizations need the right candidate competencies to be able to do more work, or interdisciplinary work within an organization. The manager must provide programs to support staff to perform competencies can increase the flexibility of the labor forces of the organization

For example, an entry-level Customer Service Representative is not just simply work out to customers in the first stage then move to other parts of treatment. If staff competencies such as marketing, are in many cases the customer will settle better. On the other way, when necessary, to mobilize institutions can do the other.

The determination of knowledge, skills, and abilities are requested to performing any job because they are very importance of job task. They will contribute to the company and link with other tasks effectively.

Question VI: Recently some companies began to use temporary employees? Do you know why? Assume your company wants you to make a recruitment advertising for hiring temporary employees, what guidelines will you follow to make sure that recruitment advertising does not violate equal employment laws?


In recent years, the trend to use temporary employees is increasing. This is because today’s business environment tough competition, global, technological development greatly affect business operations. So enterprises are facing restructuring thus creating a challenge for HRM is why there may be a team to meet changing requirements. So the next team is required competencies, many entrepreneurs to hire employees plan to address seasonal shortages HR, rapid response requirements of the business.

Using seasonal employees have many advantages are low labor costs, companies reduce the worry of social welfare, not the coach, was soon to find workers with appropriate skills and flexibility in meeting with the reconstruction.

The advantages of using temporary employees are as folowing:

Temporary employees can be available when needed and let go without notice when a project is completed.

Temporary employees can be used for special projects that are difficult to get completed by other staff members.

Compensation costs can be much less. Even though we typically pay a higher hourly rate, the other benefit costs of an employee are not there.

Many organizations use temporary employees on a trial basis to “test” their ability to do the job and assess their compatibility with the organization.

Most temporary employees are motivated to make a good impression and have a good work ethic.

Temporary employment agencies can offer different levels of skills to meet the need of employer requests.

Temporary employees can be used indefinitely or for a short period of time.

Assuming that advertising companies want to find seasonal workers. When building your ad should be studied carefully in violation of the laws or government regulations. Especially the EEO statutes. Recruitment advertising must be represented of the value that the organization is seeking in its temporary employees. Recruiters’ effectiveness and sources can also be viewed and evaluated. The organization assign goals to recruit by types of employees. For example, a goal for recruiter of a hospital might be to hire 25 physicians, 50 nurses, 10 technicians comming year. The hospital can calculate the cost of method of recruitment advertising and divide it by benefits it yields. Ads should make clear information for misunderstanding of scope of work as well as regulation.


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