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The Performance Appraisal System In British Airways Commerce Essay

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Effective People resources include not only the acquisition of quantity and quality of people, as well as management employees to endorse that performance is constantly reviewed, and at a level that meets the objectives of the organization. It is important that employees should know what is expected from of them, not only in terms of roles and responsibilities, but also in terms of performance. The research proposal involves mainly the performance appraisal system of British Airways. The study aims to analyze the performance, evaluation, monitoring, hearten and build up and improve their effectiveness, in turn contributes to the success of the organization. Performance appraisal includes an assessment of the employee, opinion for people and confrontation, as productivity can be improved.

Definition of performance appraisal:

Managing people at work of all fears in the management of the interaction between what is inside people have the human potential, and the inclination and needs, and the fact that in the work, i.e. quantity and quality “output”, and the satisfaction that people can get from their work.

By BSPS 2003 ‘expertise is regularly record the evaluation of the employee, the potential and development needs. Certification is an opportunity to take an overview of the work content, loads and volume, to look at what was achieved during the reporting period and agree objectives for the next ‘

Reference Organization:

The structure of the world’s leading airline focused on improving operational efficiency and financial fit, In order to achieve strategic objectives. British Airways is necessary to measure HR performance in business and make their managers abide the responsibility for the delivery of objectives.

British Airways is the UK’s largest international scheduled airline, flying more than 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports. Whether customers in the air or on the ground, British Airways is proud of providing a full service experience. British Airways group consists of British Airways PLC and a number of subsidiaries, including, in particular, British Airways Holidays Limited and “British Airways Travel Shops Limited.


  Consultation, conciliation and arbitration (2003 employees Appraisal)

Performance measurement and objective:

“My purpose of the study is to analyze and evaluate the activities of British Airways evaluation and performance management system, which is used to measure the effectiveness of staff

I developed the following questions about the support of my statement of the problem:

What is an appraisal management system, which is used in British Airways?

What is the difference between the performance appraisal management in British Airways?

What tools, techniques and standards, British Airways uses to analyze and evaluate effectiveness?

As British Airways can increase their efficiency, quality, motivation and employee satisfaction?


There are a few goals of my research:

• Measuring performance against goals and objectives, ie what has been achieved

• Measuring the performance of core competencies, ie how it was achieved

• Feedback results

• To improve communication and understanding between managers and staff

• identification of functions that need to be improved

• recognition and validation of performance

• To fulfill the goals and objectives

• Identification of key competencies


Literature Review

2,1 PAS:

PAS is the official system, which assesses the quality organization.The managing people at work are most concerned about controlling the interaction between what is inside people have the human potential, aptitude and needs, and that in the work, ie quantity and quality of “output”, and the satisfaction that people can get from their work.

People go to work, to apply their capabilities, inclinations and needs to target the organization of production of goods and services in the economic quantity and quality. To assess how well they perform in the organization to achieve its objectives is assessing effectiveness.

According to official Gluck evaluation is “a system created at the plant regularly and systematically assess the work of employees”

Although Kenney, Donnelly and Reed defined it as “assessment of the employee on his staff strengths and weaknesses”

On the other hand, Anderson describes the performance appraisal as a tool for learning and development, he said “if the strengths and weaknesses of the employee, not known, it would be only a coincidence that development efforts will be directed in the right direction.”

By BSPS 2003 ‘expertise is regularly record the evaluation of the employee, the potential and development needs. Certification is an opportunity to take an overview of the work content, loads and volume, to look at what was achieved during the reporting period and agree objectives for the next ‘

Fletcher and Williams (in 1985) went even further. They said that judging people is not the only thing they do when they evaluate the effectiveness of rights. They believe that there are actually two conflicting roles, participating in the evaluation, ie, the referee and assistant.

This certification can be seen, at least in theory, but a process that brings together all the various approaches to managing performance and allows managers to implement them. This procedure, which can both reward and discipline, through which employees can be a coach and counseling, as well as vehicles through which improvements in productivity can be negotiated.

a.d.b.p “p”

author. Date.book name. Place of publication, publisher

What 2,2 PAS?

PAS involves the identification, measurement and management of human activities in the organization, as shown in Figure 1.1

Figure 1.1: Model evaluation

2.2.1 Identification:

This means determining the direction of the manager should consider when measuring performance.

The first step in the implementation of the evaluation process is to determine what to measure. It must be rational and legally justified on the basis of analysis work. The process of determining the performance dimensions very similar to the work of the analysis. The evaluation system should focus on performance, which affects the organizational success, not the performance is irrelevant characteristics such as race, age or sex.

Definition of performance measurement is one of the most important steps in the process of certification. If you missed, it will demoralize the staff, because he will not be recognized in this dimension. In addition, if a value dimension included employees may perceive the process as meaningless.

2.2.2 Units of measurement:

The second part of the evaluation is to measure employee performance. This entails making management decisions, as “good” or “employee Bad ‘was or is. The good results of the measurements should be consistent throughout the organization. All managers in the organization must maintain comparable standards of evaluation.

Measuring employee involves assigning number reflects the performance of the employee to determine characteristics or dimensions.

In general, this measurement is to determine the level of performance to judge the quantity, quality, timeliness and / or economic performance with a set of standards. For example, what has been achieved? It can also serve as a basis for determining when these achievements deserve special recognition.

It is difficult to quantify the performance measurements. E.g. “Creativity” can be one of the important aspects of the advertising copywriter, but the measure “creativity” is difficult. How can you measure creativity?

– This is the number of ads written year

– The number of ads win industry awards,

– Or any other criterion?

These are some of the issues that managers will face when trying to assess the effectiveness of the employee.

2.2.3 Management:

The Office is the main objective of any evaluation system. Score more than in the past-oriented activities, which criticizes or praises employees for their work in the previous year, rather, an assessment should perspective view of the fact that the employee can do to realize their potential in the organization. This means that the manager must ensure that workers with feedback and coach them to higher levels of productivity.

2,3 is the difference between the results of evaluation and performance management

It is usually assumed that the performance appraisal is the same as Performance Management. But there are significant differences. PAS is an important part of performance management. This in itself is not performance, but is one of the tools that can be used to manage performance.

First, we must understand the word performance. What does that word mean? It is important to clarify what it means. There are different views on that performance.

Bates and Holton said that “The performance of a multidimensional construct, the measurement of which varies depending on various factors.

Kane (1996) argues that performance is that people leave behind and that there is a separate form of goals.

According to Al Bernadine and others’ performance should be defined as the work because they provide a strong connection with the strategic objectives of the organization, customer satisfaction and economic contribution.

The initial value of productivity in the Oxford Dictionary is “the achievement, performance, conduct, develop anything ordered or undertaken. From this we can pass on performance of doing the work, as well as about the result achieved.

As productivity Campbell behavior, and should be distinguished from the result, because the behavior may be infected system factors

A more complete picture of the performance behavior of hugs and out forward. It is well placed Brumbrach:

 “Performance means that both behaviors and results. The behavior comes from the artist and transform the performance of abstraction to action. Not only documents the results, the behavior and results in themselves a product of mental and physical effort in relation to problems and can judge, except the results.

Now we know that the performance of both inputs (the behavior) and outputs (results) groups, individual or organization.

PAS can be defined as a formal evaluation and assessment of people on their heads. On the other hand performance on the management of the organization. This strategy that we are talking about broader issues and long-term goals.

Performance management is a natural process management rather than systems or equipment.

Armstrong and Baron (1998) to determine the effectiveness of management, such as:

‘The process, which contributes to the effective management of individuals and groups in order to achieve a high level of organizational effectiveness. Thus, it establishes a common understanding of what needs to be achieved, and the approach to leading and developing people who will ensure this is achieved.

According to Armstrong, Baron (1998) Performance management should be a device or means to ensure that managers of good governance. Managers must ensure that individuals or groups they manage:

• Know and understand what is expected of them.

• Have the skills necessary to meet these expectations.

• Supports the organization in developing the capacity to meet these expectations.

• We give feedback.

• Be able to discuss and contribute to individual and team goals and objectives.

The differences between them, and summed up Armstrong and Baron are in Table 1.1

Performance evaluation of management effectiveness

From top to bottom evaluation of a collaborative process based on dialogue

The annual assessment meeting constant review with one or more formal reviews

Use of estimates Rating least

Monolithic System Flexible process

The focus on quantitative goals focus on values and behavior, as well as goals

Often linked to pay less likely to be a direct link to pay

Bureaucratic complex documents Documentation kept to a minimum

Owner The owner of the personnel department line manager


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