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The Use Of Innovation At Pizza Hut Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 3131 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The pizza hut has rivals like domino pizza, papa john and gogo pizza always the rival of pizza hut try to make or introduce new pizza or new food to attract the customers. But pizza hut management is thinking some think new which could be innovation but technological, which can reduce the staff, time and cost of the organization as well as which can provide good and efficient services and also attract the customers, so after the consideration the pizza hut technology management innovate the mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and online ordering such kinds of devices are the innovation as well as the new technology for the pizza hut. The pizza hut is 1st organization who introduce this innovation in the form of technology introduce in the pizza chain restaurant. So we can say that it is a technology but innovation for the pizza hut as well as in the pizza chain restaurant.


”Innovation is not a single action but a total process of interrelated sub-processes. Is not just the conception of a new idea, not the invention of a new device, nor the development of a new market. the prcess is all these things acting in an integrated fashion.(Myers & Marquis, 1969)”

All activities which is involved in the procedure of generating ideas, development of technology marketing and producing new products and the process of manufacturing is called innovation (Trott, 2005)

The innovation approach adopted by the management:-

The organization benefits through innovation

How the innovation improved the overall organization performance

Estimate the successful of the innovation (Questionnaires from the customers)

Conclusion and Recommendation


In the restaurant chain pizza hut is the world biggest pizza delivery organization as well as it is no.1 in the restaurant of pizza chain. The branches of pizza hut all over the world is 1300 out of 100 are outside the country. This organization has variety of pizza like flagship pan pizza as well as Sicilian, hand tossed and stuffed crust. The pizza hut expertise is to deliver fresh and hot pizza won the many awards as well as the loyalty of the million customers who loves the pizza.

Pizza hut Mission Statement:-

Mission statement is very important for every organization rather small or large, because a mission statement sets the general goals or purpose of the organization. It is very vital for the employees to obtain the organization goals. The Pizza hut mission statement is

”We make pride in making the perfect pizza and providing a courteous and helpful service on the time all the time. Every customer says, “I will be back”.

We are the employer of choice offering team members opportunities for growth , Advancement, And Rewarding Careers in a Fun, Safe Working Environment.


PASSION for excellence in doing everything

EXECUTE with positive energy and urgency.

ACCOUNT-ABLE for growth in customer satisfaction and profitability.

RECOGNIZE the achievement of others and have fun doing it.

LISTEN and more importantly, respond to the voice of the customer. ,,

There purpose is to add value for the customers to serve them by designing their store in a modern way, hiring the local community, respecting the environment, appreciating the team members, taking skills in to colleges and schools and supporting local organizations worldwide, to provide the unbeatable service to the customers. Pizza hut has very high quality of technology for online ordering for the great customer service of their customers. (Source: pizzahuthawaii.com)

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If anyone write ”Pizza hut” in the search box of the Google instantly the company possible detail come up like offers, Bog of deals, Voucher, coupons, regular deals, pizza hut codes etc. The new and old customers can easily choose the field of her/his choice and get all the relevant information as well as if any one write ”Pizza hut” in the search box of the Google it shows many links of the company to select from which we can be seen in the second picture.

Source: Google.com

The website of the company gives you very easy way to order online, location of the nearest store, food guide, feedback system, participating events, memberships, business information etc. The given below websites picture is describing that how Pizza hut is facilitating to their customers. For example if any customer enter the post code on the website he/she can easily track the nearest store, store phone number, store address as well as get information about the special offers, regular etc.

Secondly while using the mobile phone the customer can easily give order by sending the text message to the pizza hut. This text message automatically will go to the nearest local store and they will deliver the pizza very quickly at the customer home. The customer can easily online register with the pizza hut as well.

Order online

Please enter you postcode, town or hut name below:

Please enter your postcode, town or hut name below:

Source: pizzahut.ca/

The Estimation/Evaluation:-

Time by time Pizza hut considers the many things to check its improvement/progress.

Increasing in number of customers (weekly, monthly and yearly)

What are the customers views/suggestion/reviews regarding services and food

Customers can give feedback thorough online as well as direct regarding their services etc

The weekly average sale in a certain period.

Change model:-

Beckhard and Levin in 1969 and 1951 respectively developed the most famous change models. However other important contributions have been introduced by Quinn 1980 and Lewin 1980.


The introductory methods for managing change are as follows according Lewin 1951.

Unfreezing, existing behaviour and attitudes are supported by changing the present state equilibrium.

According to new information new responses can be developed.

Refreezing, by introduction of new responses in to personality concern can stabilize change.

Field force analysis is a methodology for analysing change suggested by lewin which involves

Transition to the future state is affected by analysing driving or restraining forces

Differentiating between driving and restraining forces is essential.

Action should be taking to increase critical driving forces and decrease critical restraining forces (Martin, 2006)

Value change analysis can be applied to an organization , every time cost is reduce value substitution should be implemented, through this organization and customers both gain this has been practiced by Pizza hut self service check outs have not only reduce the staff cost but it also has made shopping experience easier for the consumer. (Horovitz, 2004)

Guideline for Change Management:-

Armstrong has explained the following factors to make sure that change management is successfully implemented in an organization. Understanding of the organizational structure and levels of change needs to be affective with the help of a strong and visionary leadership. Appropriate attitude and leadership is required to those concerned at all levels when implementing change strategies. Encourage workers who accept the idea of change participation in planning and implementation. Change should be advocated with the help of hard evidence and data. Instead of attitudes or corporate culture change should be implemented by process and behaviours. This should be completed by awarding people who encourage change and challenges. (Armstrong, 2006)


There are two types of trigger are involved in this change

Internal Trigger: The management of Pizza hut realized that the sale and services are going bad due to negligence of staff and the shortage of staff so they need to change something, after the consideration they recognized the technology which can provide better customer services.

External Trigger: Every organization is brining change introducing different technologies so Pizza hut also needs to bring the change in the organization and change could be innovation and innovation could be technology, however Pizza hut adapted the computer technology to satisfy the customers.

Innovation Analysis:-

Like many others companies Pizza hut is also affected in every season as well as environment and lots of staff mistakes. Pizza hut needs are to introduce a technology that can expand its way, and Pizza hut swap the workforce in to the computer technology.

The Pizza hut management considered that our services are going to low level due to lack of staff, however empty spaces could be filled with the help of computer technology as well as efficient performance. The world is changed due to the new development in science since last decades. Computer technology is very good as well as very affordable. Pizza hut can easily use the technology and new improvement in technology is very important trigger for the Pizza hut, from last 10 years the information system is more advance and fast. The customer’s behaviour has been changed due to the computers. So mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and online ordering are the innovation for the pizza hut but these are the part of the technology which Pizza hut is using very efficiently.

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Benefits of Innovation:-

Pizza hut is one of the biggest pizza restaurant in Britain, so Pizza hut needs an innovation and innovation could be a technology which can reduce the cost of staff and increase its profit as well as compete its rivals like dominos pizza, gogo pizza and papa johns. There are many benefits for the Pizza hut after introducing the technology which we discussed above mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines. The customers can give order very easily at home through online as well as through text message which is very good for Pizza hut to increase its customers as well as sale and reduce the cost of staff, customers can order online at any time and day. This technology is very important or bon of Pizza hut. Pizza hut is the first organization whom introduced this facility, mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and online ordering are also very vital for Pizza hut because with the help of this technology Pizza hut is saving the time and money as well as reducing the staff and also giving better facility to their customers. Adapting this technology is one of the huge changes in the organization. By using good technology Pizza hut needs to handle the customer demands.

Primary Research:-

In order to understand the role of manager in the innovation, we took an interview one of the Pizza hut store manager. In an interview the store manager of Pizza hut described the basic role of the manager when any change or innovation adapted the Pizza hut as well he also described the factors while adapting the new technology, which are as given below.

Understanding the innovation:-

In an interview the store manager said that the manager always ensure that the innovation should be in new technology and understandable as well as supportable for the management and the staff as well as its also very helpful to achieve some benefits from the head office.

Staff training:-

The basic role of the manager that they train the staff according to the new technology as well they make sure that all staff must have full information regarding the technology. The managers also confirm that the technology is suitable for the organization and staff. They solve the staff problem regarding the new technology. Managers train the staff very efficiently in order to provide the good service and quality of the product. In every organization staff training is very essential because they tell the customers about the new technology which is very good for the organization to increase the sale.

Role of Deputy Store Manager:-

The interview of deputy store manager of pizza hut after the store manager interview.

We also took an interview from the deputy store manager of pizza hut, during an interview he told us about his role when any innovation introduce. He makes sure that all the staffs have idea about the innovation as well as the advantages for this purpose he call the staff meeting and tell them about the innovation and then they train them.

The deputy store manager also keep watching the performance of staff regarding the technology and he also ensure that every single staff must have the knowledge about the new technology, staff after getting the training then they could be able to help and teach the customer about the self check outs and online ordering by themselves. He also said that after the innovation which is a technology the pizza hut need to maintain and provide good quality of services to their customers.

Managers External Roles:-

The external role of pizza hut management is they give ads to the social websites regarding the innovation to attract and tell the customers about the new technology. This is very beneficial for pizza hut to increase the customers and the sale.

Technology management cycle:-

The innovation of mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machine and online ordering introduced by the technology management of pizza hut. When pizza hut technology management introduce this technology, management of pizza hut managed this technology through a technology cycle, which is given below.


Experiment Reflection


Customer Analysis on the Innovation:-

When Pizza hut introduce or adopt new technology. Pizza hut takes feedback from the customer to evaluate the success of technology.

(Q No#1) Are you happy with the Pizza hut Service?

When we are conducting an interview from the customer round about 88% of the peoples said that they are satisfied and happy with the Pizza hut services. In an interview customers told us that they have chosen the Pizza hut because they give hot and fresh pizza very quickly deliver at home. The food of pizza hut is not cheaper than the gogo pizza, papa johns and domino pizza. But customers are also very happy and satisfied because Pizza hut provides good food as well s the quality of the products.

(Q No#2) Are you happy by using self check outs services and online ordering?

In an interview round about 83% customers said that they are very happy and satisfied by using online ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and mobile text ordering, Pizza hut implemented this technology before couple of years. According to the consumers this innovation is very helpful to complete the process of buying very fast, reliable and efficient. According to the customers they do not like to stand in the queue, so such kinds of technology attract the customers and save the time.

(Q No#3) Are you known about the term of technology management?

Almost 60% customer said in an interview that they have good information/knowledge regarding the term of technology management.

(Q No#4) Are you known about the change management and how the change affects the customers/people?

Many customers whom were interviewed found that they have very good idea as well as knowledge about the change management; round about 75% customers said that yes change management affects the customers as well as the staff. The example is this people can give order online as well as through mobile text. It saves their time.

(Q No#5) Is Pizza hut should have to adopt new technology?

Almost 92% customer said during the interview that Pizza hut should have to adopt new technology with the passage of time and also give more flexibility as well as advantages to the customers, because new technology always unique and special for customers.

(Q No#6) What would you say that organization change management has been effective on the innovation?

The 80% people said that yes organization change management has been effective on the innovation and pizza hut should have to carry on innovating, it is very helpful for pizza hut to remain and gain the sustainable competitive advantage.


Martin in 2006 suggested that it is the responsibility of the experienced co-worker to train and guide new staff this reflects the fact that organizational structure needs to change with the introduction of new technology, in return the workforce with look towards the management for training guidance. (Martin, 2006)

Technology today improves the quality of life. It improves choice in foods, transportation, jobs, housing, healthcare, water quality and entertainment, further more. It is looked upon as a source of progression in most societies. (Henry & Mayle, 2002)

This new concept not only improves staff image but also helps to increase in customers. This would be communicated to the general public through the Ads, media, radio, television etc.

My Recommendation:-

We will recommend that pizza hut should have to improve this in future and provide more reliable online ordering system to the customers. Many products are not online pizza hut should have to provide such products online. In future pizza hut should have to expand this innovation in good manner.


Pizza hut is the biggest pizza company in the United Kingdom. It is the no.1 largest company in the world. It provides the quality of products and services. Pizza hut has many kinds of products according to their customer needs and desire. Pizza hut always give tough time to their competitors. So pizza hut technology management introduced mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and online ordering. This innovation is very helpful and reliable for the customers,

Before introducing innovation the technology management ensure that the innovation should be understandable and supported by the staff and the top management. However in the organization the staff must have training before using the mobile text ordering, mobile portable card payment machines and online ordering in the meanwhile this innovation is very beneficial and favourable for pizza hut. Pizza hut can gain and remain the sustainable competitive advantage.


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