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What Is Career Planning Commerce Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Commerce
Wordcount: 3320 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Destiny, faith, dreams, these unstoppable ideas are held dip in the heart of men. As long as they are people who seek freedom in this life, this things shall not vanish from the earth. But most people die without realising this ideas. Would you let that chance pass you by? So i have to stand up and stop thinking like a scalar multitude (having a point of magnitude without a direction) but act like a vector (having a direction and a point of magnitude) i.e. doing a great career planning for myself.

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Firstly, what is career planning? The act of choosing a career path. In most cases it is done during adolescence and early adulthood. But it is often modified as changes in the self, the world or work change in the course of an individual’s life. In other words career planning could be defined with different terms such as; career vocational counselling, vocational guidance and career guidance. Career planning could also be defined as the means through which we achieve our objectives and move closer to our goal. Career planning could be divided in to the vertical and horizontal direction. Horizontal career planning is based on the ways in which i will use to acquire the knowledge and skills of my dream job. In the other hand vertical career planning is based on the knowledge i have on the industry i wish to work for and how they have evolve over time.

           For a start, what is my point of magnitude? My point of magnitude is the pick of my dreams, which is becoming a branch manager in an international bank. To reach this goal i have to go through some steps. Firstly, gaining my necessary skills needed for the job. So to gain these skills i have to be orientated on how to gain a strong educational background on my career. I will start from the level of achieving an advance level certificate in social science with a good grade (mathematic, Economics, Geography and philosophy). This will lead me to the next step in achieving an HND certificate in banking and finance. From this step i will try to gain work experience by doing my internship for a bank under the customer service department. In addition, I will strive on having my bachelor degree in business management. At this point, I will look forth on holding the position of a cashier in a bank that has a promising career growth like Lloyds TSB. While trying to match up with this new responsibility, I while look on having a master degree in business management. I will try to impress my employer by showing my vocation for my job and putting in my knowledge in relation to my task in other to gain promotion in my career as a head teller which is the first line manager. After having my master degree in business management and obtaining the post of head teller in the bank, I will aim for a step forward. That is, being the vault custodian in the bank which is next to my point of magnitude. And finally, due to hard work, determination and devotion in my job, my chasse comes to an end when I am being promoted to the branch manager of the bank. All this steps sounds easy in writing or in word but actually, it is not what it seems to be. Yes they are obstacle that I will meet on my way to the top and not forgetting that the dream is not only mine so they will be competition on the way too.

Looking in to the post of customer service. After having my HND in banking and finance at the age of 21, I will aim for an internship in the bank. This should be under the department of customer service in a bank.

The point of view of an overall banking process, customer service plays a very important role in a bank’s income and revenue. The functions of this department mainly include dealing with returns, exchanges and complaints. Basically, our goal is not only to help the customers deal with their problems, but also offer them a service that exceeds their expectations. Several key points are listed as follows:

1. Know your product – Know what service we are offering to customers completely. Make sure you can answer every question the customer asked correctly and explain every process in our service programs.

2. Body Language – Most of the communication that we show to others is done through body language. Make sure to look your customers in the eye while they are speaking. It shows that we are listening to them. Also, talk with a smile is never bad.

3. Anticipate What Customers Needs – It can make customer have a feeling of “We care about them everywhere” then improve their trust about our service.

A customer service experience can change my perception of the customers: what do they want? What do they need? How can we help them? The most important is how to do an effective communication with customers. It is the so called commutation skill. Because of this is my first job, I can also learn how to get on well with each other: those who manage me, those who I manage, my colleagues, especially my customers. With these new skills I will look on to the next step, which is to further my education and career by gaining a bachelor degree in business management and trying to secure the post as a cashier in a bank which has a promising career growth like Lloyds TSB.

Moving forward, what is a cashier? A cashier is a person who receives money or card payment from the customers for the goods purchased. Wherever any purchase of goods or services involved in every institute minimum of one cashier is employed. The number of cashier employed can be varied due to the range of work and the size of company. The more a smooth transaction between a customer and supplier a cashier deals the more expert he is. His responsibilities is not just limited to the collection money, they may vary depending upon the type of employment.

Bank cashiers are the front line officers for the enquiries of customers entering a bank branch. So I will be responsible for the face to face interaction with the customers usually using customised computer systems to process transactions and deal with account enquiries. I am also entitled to undertake many of the day to day routine and administration tasks.

As I will be a fresh officer or often be called new entrant may start my job as a clerk helping the seniors in paperwork and administration in the back room of the bank to progress the bank cashier on the front desk dealing with customers’ accounts and enquiries.

Senior bank cashier may supervise branch assistants, helping the customers in completing loan and mortgage applications, authorising loans or working in the foreign exchange section. This session will come to me whenever I will be able to promote myself from junior to senior.

In the modern competitive financial services provision banks are operating a huge range of role. Bank cashiers are expected to market and sell financial products and services to customers. Cashiers should acquire a comprehensive knowledge of products and services offered by the bank.

To promote myself in the position of a bank cashier the previous experiences and knowledge needed will come from the customer care officer as I will have been serving for six months in the same banking field.

To be a bank cashier the following skills and qualities I must have:

• Communicative skills with a wide range of people

• Play a role as a part of a team.

• be honest and reliable

• The ability to pay attention to accuracy and detail ins and outs

• Increased level of confidence in selling and marketing products to customers

• Knowledge in computer.

• Be aware of confidentiality issues i.e. I must not disclose the inside information of the bank.

• Provide a high quality and customer driven service.

• Provide personalized, friendly and efficient cashiering service and also have temptation treating the customers fairly at the heart of their values.

• Have a desire in acting as the first point of contact for customers in order to identify and address their needs and assist the bank in the achievement of its plan.

• To succeed in the role, I am likely to enjoy relating to others whilst following a routine and adhering to procedures.

The day to day basic duties and tasks as a bank cashier that I will be performing are:

• Collect and check the working cash at the start of the day from Branch Manager and counter.

• Check deposit slip with accuracy before receiving the deposits in the form of cash or checks.

• Verify the customer signature on the cheques and account details and then process to the cash withdrawals.

• Prepare travellers cheque, cashier’s cheque and personal money order.

• Explain the foreign currency regulations and fees before carrying out foreign currency exchanges.

• Receive and verify the payments of loans, mortgages or any utility bills.

• Record the transactions accurately, promptly and in a standardized format. Also issue transaction receipts to the customers.

• Process the transactions like term deposits, retirement savings plan contributions, automated teller transactions, night deposits and mail deposits.

• Respond to the enquiries of the customers about their accounts.

• Attempt to resolve issues in the customers’ account.

• Explain and promote bank’s products or services like travellers’ cheques, savings bond, money orders and cashier’s cheques to existing customers.

• Organize the money received in the cash box and coin dispenser as per the denominations.

• Compute the financial fees, interest or service charges applicable to the customer’s account.

• At the end of the day or shift, I will have to balance the currency, cash and cheques in the cash drawer.

In order to carry out all the above mentioned duties effectively, I must possess strong arithmetic skills, customer service orientation, proficiency in computers and related software, problem solving skills, honesty and integrity and stress tolerance abilities.

My academic qualification for this position:

Generally, there are no formal entry qualifications. Some employers specify four GCSE (A-C)/S grades (1-3) including English and Maths. Personal qualities are often equally as important as qualifications. Previous experience and knowledge in the similar field is also necessary. As I am graduating now in BBA from a renowned university, I must qualify for this position. I also have a good result including Maths and English in my GCSE.

My desired hours and work environment:

As I can see many cashiers working in the bank, so my expected working hours will be 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday including Saturday on a rota system. The most of the bank cashiers usually work behind a glass fitted screen with a number of customer services at desks in the front office of the branch. Bank cashiers are provided with a corporate uniform. Cashiers may be posted to other locations temporarily, where several branches exist within a town or area.

Expected Annual Salary and Benefits:

As a new bank clerk my salary will start between £8750 and £10500 depending on the size of the bank. In the course of my experience I will be earning between £10,500 and £16,000 a year. As a senior cashier or specialist customer service adviser I may earn between £13,000 and £23,000. Many banks have profit-related bonus schemes. Other benefits can include subsidised mortgages, loans, pensions, share options and insurance cover.


As a bank cashier I may be promoted to senior bank cashier, a specialist customer service advisor, trainee manager and then branch manager. I have also some opportunities at the head offices of banks in the treasury, training, information technology and human resources departments or in merchant or investment banking and international divisions of the larger banks. With recent advances in IT and communications technology, there are many opportunities available in regional processing and call centres.

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Taking the next step of my career as Head Teller, this is the first line manager directly responsible for the tellers although they perform the same tasks this person has more experience in this field and has hands on knowledge of the job so the other tellers refer to her if they have any suspicions or queries about a particular transaction. She has to authorize transactions for above a particular amount of money which is usually set by the branch manager or head of operations. She usually has the highest amount of cash in her custody and if the other tellers need cash she transfers it to them rather than the vault custodian having to go to the vault every now and again depending on how busy the branch is. She is also responsible for the well being of the other tellers when it comes to taking their breaks, the tidiness of their work stations and to ensure that they abide by the rules and regulations of the bank.


You must always act professionally, set international standards, remain focused and work hard, accept results within your territory, be open to coaching, respond positively to feedback, compete effectively and win so that together we can celebrate success.

• Very honest with an impeccable character.

• Has a friendly personality.

• Is meticulous and pays attention to details.

• Works under pressure.

• Very conversant with numbers.

• Able to change at short notice and is innovative.

• Is fast and able to resolve issues quickly.

• Very vigilant and takes all transactions serious.

• Very patient and tolerant.

• Respects all policies and procedures of the bank.

• Quick in counting cash and at the same time able to detect bad notes.

Vault Custodian; By the age of 24 year, I need to be a vault custodian. In the banking system, it is one of the most important positions where sensitive security issues are related in this position (Vault Custodian). I will have to do some creative works which are security involved. Like that I will be given promotion to go next post and that will be my dream job. I will have a lot of responsibilities to continue all baking activities properly and perfectly. Some of important activities I will have to perform those are (important activities related with this position) given down.


Responsibilities of a vault custodian: Basically, I will have to use my skills, knowledge and abilities those are vital for doing things right. However, some essential activities, vault custodian, are mentioned bellow. First of all, In front of three people or individuals, I will have to close and open the vault at all the times. I will do compile all the security transaction records. Basically, I will be allowed to enter or go to vault. All the times, I will do delivery and receive securities like gold box, precious jewellery etc. To and from the vault. All securities will be deposited to bank and those calculations and monitoring will be my main job. Basically, I will have to write down the time when I opened and closed the vault. Because, it is really sensitive and safety issue for bank. When I will receive any types of precious things from customer then I will have to make sure that I did signature and description of the things which I have been given by the customer. Basically, I will need to write the details of the single or particular deposit. When anything will be pushed to the vault it is essential that make sure the account holder name and account number accurately. It is very important that release the deposit from the vault depositor (authorize) own decision. As a vault custodian I will have some important activities which are supervise the tillers and auditors. And, observing the all others activities of different other junior level activities. Basically, vault custodian just one step down the branch manager who needs to do almost same job like manager. Cash will be deposited overnight in main vault under joint custody of the dead teller and a designated bank staff. Finally I will strive forth to occupy the post of the branch manager of the bank.

       The last stage of career plan is Branch Manager in a Bank .That is the dream job after passing through all the consecutive jobs successfully to reach in this position. Let’s now look at the roles and responsibilities of a Branch Manager of a Bank.

       The role of a branch manager is multifaceted. He is responsible for the overall leadership, sales force, operation and financial goals of the branch they manage. The branch manager must be familiar with the all the products and services offer by a bank and he should also be sales oriented.


          Being a branch manager you are responsible for the success and failures of the goals and objectives. You should have Leadership qualities which influence the team members to motivate towards work; this will help to achieve the goals and objective. You should have an excellent communication skill to communicate with the employee, customers and society as you will be representing the bank with in the community. Other responsibilities include creating good budget sales and planning to monitor and act upon it.


           Being an branch manager you will be responsible for making sure that work flows run smoothly .You are also responsible for the security and appearance of the branch facilities. You must be aware of employee or staff requirements .In any conflicts or if any problem arises which involves staff and customer a branch manager should be able to solve it effectively move ahead to achieve the goal. The other responsibilities of an branch manager include to keep an duplicate key of custody, to ensure the assets are in proper condition, to sanction the staff leave.


        The role of a manager in a finance department is to ensure and to look after that the account Officer is maintaining proper books of accounts including basic accounting controls, for e.g. day to day cash in & out, etc. She/he must ensure that all the expenses are incurred under the limit of the budget.

Yes at last, finding my self in this position is in other words a dream come true. The dream I cultivated in my mind while still young has come to reality. It was not easy for me going though all those step due to the facts that; They was great competition in achieving that same post, they though time that I had to go out of my way to meet up with the customers demand and the expectations of the company, I had to match up my daily life and my work life, I had to put in great effort in my studies and I had to work as a team with colleagues that don’t like me. To go through all this I had to be, flexible, enthusiastic, charismatic and very creative. Even at some point I had to employ characteristics which are not a part of my. Though through though times I had faith and it kept me going. And I will always give thanks to those that supported me in achieving my dreams like my colleagues, superiors, friends, family, and my profs. So go forth and chess your dream and never stop,

Till it is accomplished. Don’t forget destiny, faith, dreams, these unstoppable ideas are held dip in the heart of men. As long as they are people who seek freedom in this life, this things shall not vanish from the earth.


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