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Why We Love Coca Cola Commerce Essay

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Wordcount: 3834 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Coca-Cola is just water, sugar, a few secret flavourings and bubbles so Coca-Cola is something else. Brilliant marketing the company believes that it has got to be more than just beverages it has got to be a reminder of the good times and warm feelings so each of us buy Coca-Cola again and again (so the brand would need to portray these feelings)

Coca-Cola fans and Pepsi fans market used to be divided Coca-Cola the largest beverage company in the world known it needs to catch consumers eyes (so the brand would distinguish the difference between most popular seller – competition )

Making the connection with the consumer and the brand reminding them that if you are hungry a hot dog and Coca-Cola drink were made to go together (colours – ketchup – red)

In the precious few seconds of decision making when shopping Coca-Cola relies on the instant association the shopper makes to a memory like the Coca-Cola logo on a team stadium or a sport hereo being sponsored by Coca-Cola and indorsing the brand in public by drinking it in a press conference or award ceremony, end of fight of car race (brand visibility)

PHOTO OF THE BEATLES DRINKING COCA-COLA ^^^^^ what Coca-Cola have tried to do is continue to build a memory bank of positive associations between the brand and what it stands for and these moments of happiness (brand connected to emotions – beetles being emotional to fans )

***Coca-Cola is one of those brands that inspire emotions, best success stories of all time Coca-Cola have done a great job of marketing and it is not just because they have a beautiful label (label is a big part of it but, the marketing of the label helped with association)

When Coca-Cola talk of a memory bank that has been established of pleasant times of celebrations and that helps them sell Coca-Cola (along with the labels association)

There is not many famous advertisements that people remember although Coca-Cola, is at the top end with some, like the famous hill top song advertisement quote “I would like to teach the world to sing” which is still etched in peoples memory (like catchy colours in the brand)

It was a clever advertisement because it had a catchy jingle that people could associate with over their native language. The advertisement was also multi-cultural with people from different multi-national backgrounds (have to make brand understandable and noticeable to all nations)

Clever advertising, people want to sing it you can still see this advertisement on (online) you tube today with people putting their own creative twist and jingle on top of it (fun popular product)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL ADD playful humour, mean Joe turned nice (football association)

Coca-Cola owns the unique, unmistakable bottle shape I THINK THAT THE CORVATIOS SHAPE HAS A CERTAIN MAGIC NO ONE ELSE IN THE MARKET HAS THAT CLASSIC DESIGHN LIKE THE Coca-Cola CONTURE BOTTLE. (works well with the brand association)

Something as simple as a label a look of the bottle (has big impact)

Little moment of joy (this is how people may see Coca-Cola and its brand and what name t has made for itself)

The depth of which Coca-Cola belonged to the American people (red – American flag)

More to the consumer people part of their lives – personal memory bank (everyday living and culture)

Perhaps no product is more embedded in to the American culture than Coca-Cola that history has been protected and cultivated * powerful marketing can turn something simple like a fizzy drink in to an icon (brand visibility) Coca-Cola has thousands of different mediums of marketing examples are print television advertisements

For Coca-Cola to get its name in front of everyone Coca-Cola have put their name on everything from illustrated calendars and pens to pocket mirrors (brand visibility)

A well known artist of the day Norman Rockwell


Being a myth commonly spoke about that everyone may believe and talks about gets Coca-Cola free advertising which may lead to conversations and debates which in return leads to more noticablity of the brand

A campaign featuring Santa Claus in his trade mark (associate to seasons in a month and special occs) red and white coincidentally Coca-Cola colours (on brand) led to that question “is it true that Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus?” – No, they created the modern image of Santa Claus as we know him today

Coca-Cola were trying to create an advertising campaign that would get people associated with the holidays so they thought about Santa Claus who has to go all around the world in twenty four hours so, he must get thirsty in that time (this relates back to different cultures – around the world product) so let’s get him a Coca-Cola and that is how Coca-Cola got to indorse the well known iconic and much loved character around the world which kids and parents love and trust (associate with Coca-Cola clever endorsement)


The inventor pharmacist John Penberto in 1856 invented the original energy drink Coca-Cola and marketed it as having restorative powers because of its main ingredients extracted from cola nuts and the coca leaf (key source of cocaine) (was originally green – leaf?! Relates to old brand) (where the name stems from for the brand)

Secret formula book by Rick Allen Allem Fluid extracted from the coca leaf part of the original formula and fluid extract of the coca leaf is the drug known as cocaine so there is a small amount of cocaine in the original formula recipe for the first five years of the recipe (addictive)

The exact recipe method of Coca-Cola today remains a closely guarded secret which is kept locked in a volt in a santrust bank in Atlanta. USA


that did not prevent many different companies trying to imitate Coca-Cola and cash in on there successes in the 1900’s it was hard to tell what was the real thing and what was not with similar names and designed bottles like Coca Nola, Sola Cola and the same brown bottle (write more) so Coca-Cola needed a way to distinguish its products from the imposters trying to imitate Coca-Cola so Coca-Cola put out a design brief to glass manufacturers to design a unique bottle that could be distinguished by its shape with your eyes closed

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The contour hobber skirt bottle was then designed it was inspired by the hobber skirt Betty wear female clothing range of the day. Now the consumer could be sure they were purchasing the real Coca-Cola , the new contour bottle was so unique it became instantily famous and Icon for Coca-Cola itself, that is how the Coca-Cola contour bottle became such a recognised product throughout the world (inspiration – female body. Patented in 19what?)

Due in large part because of Robert Woodruff who helped design some of the iconic items that we recognised to be Coca-Cola today like the six pack, ice box and product sponsorship with the Olympics (worldwide recognition)

Robert Woodruff had a vision that put Coca-Cola with local events they would enjoy this product (popularity)


World war two most large companies were putting global expansions on hold although Coca-Cola were not.

Robert Woodruff said quote “I will get Coca-Cola to the America tropes for a nickel regardless of what it costs the company” he then sent sixty-four portable bottling plants with American tropes all across western Europe the south pacific north Africa and south America. The end result was the eleven million soldiers who came back from war with a keen loyalty for Coca-Cola it was like letters from home or a release like a pack of cigarettes it was to the m a symbol of something they have been fighting for (emotions and loyalty to America)


Coca-Cola soon had another new battle to fight with Pepsi an epic battle that started with some clever advertising with an advert that had a catchy jingle and Pepsi slogan quote “twice as much and better, too” they were offering twice as much for the same price as Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola had some tough competition on their hands they hit back with king size bottles which did not help and Pepsi continued to fight with a campaign called the Pepsi challenge which was blind testing the consumer and it showed that (nationwide more people prefer the taste of Pepsi over Coca-Cola) (branding is so important in making people believe what they prefer in competition because the visual is linked to the taste and reputation of the brand) after Coca-Cola did its own tests with similar results Coca-Cola decided to change their ninety nine year old recipe which got a backlash from the consumer audience

I THINK this is because the consumer grew up and got to love and trust the brand and it was something Coca-Cola were changing and this was changing their history of what Coca-Cola was three years later Coca-Cola came back and re launched Coca-Cola Classic

GLOBAL Coca-Cola have managed to get their product to everyone everywhere like remote places in Africa

Quote “if you grow up in an environment where there are many challenges as Africans face every day, you need an extra dose of optimism to drive yourself everyday (Bill Egby the president of Coca-Cola south Africa

Coca-Cola means a lot of different things to different people I THINK that Coca-Cola gives people opportunity in Africa to happiness and success this success comes in money and jobs one thing Africa has been short of in its history (America successful country with lots of opportunity and money – luxury) this is because everybody who sells Coca-Cola makes money so more and more people have been buying Coca-Cola to sell on so this is how Coca-Cola have managed to get in to the most remote places not just in Africa but the world everybody has tried to get a bit of Coca-Cola success (there are one o six o bottling plants in Africa in fifty six African countries)

Coca-Cola targets all markets, middle class

Success in Africa for Coca-Cola has been critical because of Coca-Cola growing independence of overseas markets (eighty percent of Coca-Cola global sales are from the international markets) Bill Edby Coca-Cola has never failed or had to pull out of a country once it has started marketing itself within it and has always succeeded (red a successful colour)

Coca-Cola is a global sponsor of south Africa supporting community events and small businesses by providing them with signs and fridges with the Coca-Cola brand stamped upon them in return for this Coca-Cola have managed to secure brand loyalty with the African community

Coca-Cola have ensured their logo is stamped on everything and everywhere possible – billboards, posters, buildings and cans ^^^^

Coca-Cola has managed to tap in to the world and local communities with what excites them like football (passion) (football one of the most popular sports in the world with passionate people throughout the world loving it) spending thousands of US dollars and sponsoring the south African world cup thus ensuring worldwide publicity * Coca-Cola associate itself with popular passions and historical moments

This Will only pay off for Coca-Cola if people in the emerging markets can get their hands o Coca-Cola

BOTTLING Coca-Cola, Coca-Colas changing with the times by designing new drinking technology to interact with the consumer they have got with Ferrari (powerful expensive car) to design a new drinks machine it has the touch screen technology from an i-phone and power provided by the trust of millions of thirsty consumers in an age when shoppers demand products tailored to their individual taste Coca-Cola has designed a super high tech drinking machine to satisfy all their customers it is called the free style jet machine this is allowing the buyers to allow them full control letting them create one hundred and four different variations of Coca-Colas products fizzy drinks, juices, teas and flavoured waters

This is the way Coca-Cola can stay in touch with a fast changing way of the twenty first century consumer market but, it is part of their push to attract new drinkers and bring back old ones (evolution)

This free style jet machine manages to get in to the minds of the consumer by reporting and logging what different variations of Coca-Cola are being sold were when and in what quantities for Coca-Cola this could be marketing gold by knowing how much of their different brands are being sold where and when (clever) all of this information of what the consumers like could point to the next drink sensation and that could be critical because the new Coca-Cola flavours build excitement and this is important to the Coca-Cola brand which is what Coca-Cola need to stay on top and survive

In this industry new is where the growth is so in 2007 Coca-Cola established an entire division who’s mission is to create or discover Coca-Cola next billion dolla brand.

“we look for beverages that are ahead of the game, that are meeting needs that are not being meet by an exciting offering and these are brands we are really interested in”

Derek Van Rensburg head of venture of emerging brands Unit VEB

Like the company ZICO Coconut water, Zico is 100% coconut water, Coca-Cola try and pick up what is next in the market and with recent health trends there is a larger potential market for healthier products like this for Coca-Cola to market

Coca-Cola gamble huge amounts of money investing in small niche products and turning them into a phenomenon

Coca-Cola has the money to by big brands in 2007 Coca-Cola paid 4.2 billion dollars for Glaceau makers of vitamin water and smart water in the future Coca-Cola will make the next big drink brand or buy it before it becomes a hot commodity the market under someone else’s name

Environmental energy, social responsibility, health and wellness

For hundreds of years Coca-Cola only offered one drink that being the classic Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola did not have to offer more but now Coca-Cola is not it, change is it, and the Coca-Cola company need to keep an eye on its ever changing taste to find its next great successes weather that is orange flavoured Coca-Cola or the coconut water.


Amazingly enough even though the freestyle machine offered the chance to concoct a number of different exciting drink combinations the one shoppers chose mare than any other was not a combinations at all it was classic Coca-Cola more than a century ago Coca-Cola was just a drink but today it is a corporate empire determined to bring its famous logo to every inhabilitated corner of the world, there are still a few places that you cant yet buy a Coca-Cola for now….


Since 1955 Coca-Cola have had a billboard at Piccadilly to remind consumers which refreshment should quench there thirst this is one example of aggressive marketing strategy which has played a huge role in the company success

One small corner shop in Tunbridge Wells to millions of sales worldwide

OUTLINE history

For 125 years the signature Coca-Cola bottle has been familiar presence threw out the world from billboards dominating landscapes to small little corner shops in seemingly remote locations the history of the pharmaceutical syrup from the small Chemist in 1886

John Pemberton had introduced a number of different products ion the market place he had hair dyes, liver pills and a number of different beauty aids none of which had been successful. Coca-Cola was not John Pembertons first attempt to manufacture and market a soft drink but it became his most successful unfortunately for John Pemberton he died a year and a half after he introduced the product so he never saw it become a commercial success write more about what the product was and

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“In 1887, another Atlanta pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca Cola from inventor John Pemberton for $2,300. By the late 1890s, Coca Cola was one of America’s most popular fountain drinks, largely due to Candler’s aggressive marketing of the product. With Asa Candler, now at the helm, the Coca Cola Company increased syrup sales by over 4000% between 1890 and 1900.”


By Mary Bellis, About.com Guide


Asa Candler was a clever business man and saw Coca-Colas potential Asa Candler was a brilliant at marketing and understood how to promote new products in countless creative way in how to get potential consumers to try them one of the things that Asa Candler did that was different from a lot of other business in how they promoted there company with advertising campaigns, Asa Candler used very good illustrators and he used a lot of colour in his advertising he got the very best lithographers to do a promotional calendars and trays (clever promotional pices as they would be used everyday and insusing it would be used daily throught out ther year blab bla bla)

Asa Candler would commission great illustrators to create illustrated advertising campaigns for the magazines of the day

And so Coca-Colas marketing stratergy was set (talk about it what it was clever aggrisive bold fresh the best better than the rest)

When people think of Coca-Colas Icon the unmistakable uniquely shaped contour bottle (input history of the bottle here) it is a perfect balance of form and function it looks beautiful and it works as good as it looks it is so functional you can find it with your eyes closed (insert design brief history here)

Between 1910 and 1920 this was a critical decade for Coca-Cola because most of what we know of the Coca-Cola today was decided in this decade, Coca-Colas bottling franchise system was founded by Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead. previously to now Coca-Cola was only served in Coca-Cola drinking fountains in shops throughout America but now with a bottling franchise deal Coca-Cola could sell the secret syrup formula to bottling companies enabling them to just add carbonated water and bottle it up and potentially distribute it to the furthest most remote enhabited parts of the world. It turned out that people loved Coca-Cola in bottles now the consumer could enjoy it anywhere they wanted. The iconic white cursive Spencerian Script that Coca-Cola use, the instantly identifiable shade of red that Coca-Cola have consistently used and seldom seen to stray from. The unmistakable uniquely shaped contour bottle (talk about the script remains unchanged stood the test of time)

Over the years Coca-Cola advertising strategy has been a winning formula driven by the brands ability to connect with consumers from a diverse multicultural audience throughout the world through strong storytelling, Iconic Santa Claus, quench the troops of world war two and memorably through the “Id like to buy the world a coke” 1971 advert

That projected the image of being an icon and having a point of view of the world around us and not just selling a product and encouraging the consumer to think about Coca-Cola but to really step back and think about the world around us and to have an opertermistic view of the world at that time.

The harmonios images off the the Coca-Cola advert brought a fearst battle of the brnads as Pepsi called apon the power of the celebrity endorsement and waged war on Coca-Cola

Wendy clark SVP Marketing Communications


Coca-Colas position on the battle of the brands between the to magor compititors Coca-Cola and Pepsi was not nesoserly a bad thing as two strong compititors make a more viable industry (explain how) its good for Coca-Cola to have competition and be able to push the Coca-Cola brand up against compititors like Pepsi to bring out the best marketing stratergy and marketing ability


The challange with Coca-Cola is huge being such a large globle company operating in over 200 countries thats more than the United Nations so Coca-Cola have got a larger scale than any other company in the world

The succsess of Coca-Cola marketing straturgey has rocketed Coca-Cola to 1.6billion drinks being sold world wide, this shows how they have come a far way from the pharmist in 1886

In 1990 Asa Candler sold the company to a group of investors and Robert woodruff soon became Coca-Colas new company President Robert Woodruff’s goal was to make ice cold Coca-Cola available to anyone anytime anywhere under Robert Woodruffs leader ship he invested in bottling plants throughout the world and Coca-Cola became the first truly global brand

Coca-Cola over a 100s after it all started Coca-Cola formula is still a closely guarded secret but the popularity of this iconic band is no secret it is the most recognised trademark in the world and is being marketed and enjoyed in over 200 countries produced and sold by local bottlers, where very you are whatever your thirst the Coca-Cola company and Coca-Cola bottlers answer the need for refreshment in many different way but the market leader is Coca-Cola the original soft drink

Unique delicious authentic and fun

Diffrent Logos

This is an image showing a selection of different Coca-Cola logos from around the world. It shows how Coca-Cola have branded themselves and changed and adapted the famous cursive Spencerian Script and re designed it in different way to suit and be understood in various different countries. It is clever how Coca-Cola have changed the cursive Spencerian Script to suit the oppropriate countires main langage even though English is the world local launge and many companies don’t renrand themself is this way. Coca-Cola have swapped the traditional english alphabet for the oppropriate countires alphabet

If you look at the Sri Lanka Sinhalese Coca-Cola Logo, Coca-Cola have swaped the cursive Specerian Script for the nations traditional Script of Singhalese the local Langage of Sri Lanka

(it says taste is which is translated as enjoy

Different logo design (Thai)

Bottle design compitions London fashion week

Bottle advertising (quick name a soft drink add)

Anti Islamic logo

Pop art andy warhole

The war 2

What makes an iconic brand?] know one when you see one

Rooted in culture

Who bys Coca-Cola everyone the bum on the street or the priminister money cant by a btetter Coca-Cola


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