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Operating System Questions and Answers Example

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  1. What are the relationships between operating systems and the hardware?


  • Operating system is the mediator between computer hardware and application programs .It also makes all possible effort to utilize hardware resources for the application programs which are install over operating system.
  • Without any Operating system we cannot even access any computer hardware to perform any task required by application. Operating system provides the set of instructions to hardware and takes tasks from the application program.
  1. What are the differences between distributed systems, network operating systems?


Sr. No.

Network Operating System

Distributed System


The main difference in network operating system is made up of software and supplementary protocols that allow a group of computer network to be used together.

On the other hand, distributed operating system is just a conventional centralized operating system however runs on numerous independent CPUs.


Network Operating System users are aware of multiplicity of machines.

Distributed Operating System users are not aware of multiplicity of machines.


Performance is badly affected or even stalled if hardware is faulty.

It is more reliable or fault tolerant and can perform even if certain part of the hardware starts failing.

  1. What is multicasting?


  • In computer networking, multicast is collection of message where information is addressed to a group of destination computers simultaneously.
  • In other words the information from the source can be transmitted to many destination in a single transmission or also it can be the information from many sources transmitted to many destination in a single transmission using different network devices and different transmission mediums.

4 What is the meaning of paging, explain by providing examples?


  • A technique used to create virtual memory inside operating systems which can confirm that the data you need is available as fast as possible. The operating system fakes a certain number of pages from your ROM (storage disks) to RAM (main memory slot). When an application needs a page that is not in RAM, the operating system copies the required page into RAM and copies another page back to the disk. For example, it reserves some size on disk which acts as ram when needed and if it does not require that size on disk is kept empty for any other data which cannot be addressed on the RAM
  • Example: Some heavy sided application need more RAM than the usually running applications, so to deal with this paging takes place the operating system fakes the size of ram by combining the actual RAM and the virtual paged size on disk to run that application.
  1.  What are the features of the operating systems for security?


  • Authentication: encompasses confirming the identity of the person who communicated a message.
  • Encryption :The simple idea of encryption is to encrypt a communicated message so that only the anticipated receiver can decrypt and read it
  • Intrusion detection: Efforts to detect attacks, together which can be based on successful and unsuccessful efforts numbers.
  • Virus Protection: They are basically detection systems, which also have the ability of quarantine the affected files and rebuilding them back to their original state.
  • Firewall: Firewalls are devices that sit on the border between two security fields and observes /log movement between them, occasionally limiting the traffic that can permit between them which are based on assured principles.

6 How do you choose between different accounts on Windows 10 and how do you specify allow/deny for users?


  • If all the family member are going to use the same pc then they can setup family account.
  • Furthermore it can be also setup for home ,work, school accounts as per need but in all the user who are creating account must have Microsoft account or Also can create a local account that computer.
  • Every user account is also categorised as one or the other:

An Administrator account

A Standard (User) account

  • This grouping provides a specific level of authorisation to accomplish many system tasks on the Computer.
  • Standard user account permits a user to do make changes that affect only that account,


  1. Change or remove the credential.
  2. Change the user account image.
  3. Change the theme and desktop settings.
  4. View, create and delete files, folders.
  • Administrator account credentials are essential to do things such as:
    1. Make, change, and remove accounts.
    2. Alteration of settings that can affect all the users.
    3. Modification in security-related settings.
    4. Install and remove apps.
    5. Can modify system libraries and files in other user account.
    6. Tasks that need administrator authorisation are done via windows dialog

Boxes under a Windows Security icon.

  1. Add other people to a home PC
  2. Add an account to a work or school PC


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