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Polaris Human Trafficking Organisation

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Polaris is NGO whose soul motto is to stop human trafficking and slavery. The organization helps those who are victims of human trafficking and provide them legal help. Polaris is also one of the anti-trafficking organization in the united states. Headquarters of Polaris is in Washington, DC; and also operates from Newark, New Jersey. They also control the National Human Trafficking Resource Centre (NHTRC) which is the countries hotline for human trafficking. Polaris also allows it data to be used by other NGO’s such as International Justice Mission & Truckers against Trafficking.

Polaris hase taken few steps and has some initiatives to help the victims of Human & Sex trafficking:

  • Global Safety Net

Polaris collaborates with border forces of countries to prevent illegal and cross border development in human trafficking

  • Temporary Visas

Polaris helps the victims of human trafficking attain temporary visa to help them travel to their home country safely.

  • Hotels

Polaris engages in the hotel industry and identifies the human trafficking activities in the hotel industries. According to Polaris hotel are most common venues for sex trafficking.

Polaris supports almost all the laws that help get justice to the victims of human trafficking. They have a specific set of priorities regarding their policies:

  • Run away and Homeless Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act.

This act focusses in prevent the crime before if happens. They make sure that the government take all possible step and provide basic necessities to homeless youth

  • Supply Chain Transparency.

The Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act of 2015 (H.R. 3226 and S.1968) makes sure that all the business have a transparency in their supply chain and the decisions they make for their labor force in the supply chain.

  • Prioritizing the strategic action plan.

Polaris ensure that the victims of human trafficking are given justice on time and also makes sure that all the agencies are working together effectively.

Polaris is also partnered with The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) which a US based collaboration of 14 NGO’s that fights against human trafficking and sex trafficking and provide justice to the victims.

Polaris is a NGO who is focused only in aiding and proving justice to the people who are the victim of Human Trafficking, so they take the help of every last law to provide the justice. There is no law they oppose as there is no law that allows or supports crimes like human trafficking, so there’s no such law (according to my research) that Polaris should appose.

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NGO’s such as Polaris who fights human trafficking may impact business a lot, businessmen indulge in human trafficking to lower their employee cost and increase their profits. In some case victims of human trafficking are not paid at all. So NGO’s like Polaris would not only stop trafficking but also help the victims to get justice and punish the guilty, which inturn would affect the business scenario. Though, the affect would not be good for the business but it would, definitely be good according the Natural Law (humanity).

Human trafficking is a very serious topic in today world as it no long legal but is still practiced in some parts of the country. Polaris along with the federal government make sure that all the aspect of human traffic is covered by creating new law without leaving any loop holes. Polaris in it’s web site mentioned “Polaris works to ensure that the U.S. government prioritizes efforts to eradicate all forms of human trafficking and protect victims of this crime at home and abroad. We build government support for promising practices in our field, including anti-trafficking hotlines, the development of data standards and data-sharing, and protection policies for victims and vulnerable populations.” to which Polaris is very much dedicated.

To do so Polaris has helped create laws relate o trafficking with are very affective in tacking the issue in the United States. Traffic victim’s protection reauthorization act 2003, 2005, 2008 & 2013 is a law to which has Polaris contributed. Another legislative law to which Polaris influenced is the safe harbor law, which provides protection to children who area victim of child labor, human trafficking of children and sex trafficking. Polaris does what it takes to influence the legislative process (the reason it is one of the largest human trafficking NGO in U.S.) and help wipe human trafficking and crimes related to it once and for all. Polaris also mentioned on its website that “Our public policy focus drives legal and regulatory changes that enable the United States and international governments to better protect victim populations, reduce worker vulnerability, increase support to survivors and increase human trafficking investigations.”

According to Polaris; South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and few states in the east U.S. lack few aspect in fighting human trafficking (2013), either due to high activity in trafficking or laws supporting trafficking. Their aim is to help reduce these statistics in the next 3 year. But Polaris’s aim is to need complete the task in less than 3 years as they believe that the more time it takes the more people suffer and Polaris will continue support the victims whenever they need them.

Mind map:

Polaris helps human trafficking victims to travel to their country safely buy helping get temporary visas. To do so, Polaris must become an intermediary between the international laws of the other country and the American federal law. Polaris has to follow certain international laws in order to send the victims to their home country.


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