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Bi Partnership between British and Maori Culture

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 2411 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Part 1: – Abstract

There is a very important role of Maori in the New Zealand culture. The treaty of Waitangi and birth of Maori people in the New Zealand was discussed in this research. The right of the Maori people at the New Zealand. This discussion shows the Maori and Crown people partnership as it is in favor or not. The result of findings is that Maori get all opportunities still that have not condition of poverty. The limitation of this study is that to find the right reason of the Maori people poverty, even they had equal opportunities in Maori and non-Maori. In this research, I used the qualitative and quantitative date to get in depth of research.


The origin of the Maori was in the 1000 year ago as they came to at Polynesia islands in New Zealand. The first European in the New Zealand came at 1700s. Now, today’s time almost 14% population of the New Zealand is consisting with the Maori people. (Janine Hayward, 2014)They are regarded as the indigenous people. They become part of New Zealand as the 14% population is not minority, where every fourth child in the New Zealand is born outside in the New Zealand. New Zealand is diverse country as the 14% population of Maori is big part as their rights and their decision does matter for them as well for other people as well. (Essay, 2015)

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The treaty of Waitangi was signed between in the year of 6th February 1840. It was signed in between with the Maori leaders that were 500 and Queen Victoria representatives. (Dale, 2005)Yet, it was signed in the dispute as the Maori people was accepting that they will get partnership of the new life in the new cloning as the British was going the establish new colony at the New Zealand as they also get permission to buy and build on the land of New Zealand.(John, 2013) New Zealand has two national languages as they are some limited part that the Maori languages teach, even it is national language. The government gave the Maori people equal opportunities as they are still in behind of Non-Maori people as they are poor. (Hayward, 2018)

Materials and Methods:

It was never easy that to get depth in research without visiting to Maori area as researched that they are really different from us as they not get equal opportunities in the New Zealand to make their nations.

Internet research

Personal visit Maori area

Journal and books reading


After the depth research it was found that the Maori get equal opportunities in the paper as they hasnot similar life as the non-Maori people has in the New Zealand. They are still poor as compare to anther people. They are giving the compromise of better life to save their culture and tradition. It can say that they are real hero of the country that they give each and every effort for the country to save their tradition and history. Otherwise, it was not a topic of discuss any more.


New Zealand is diverse country as the every fourth child is born outside in the New Zealand this shows that the New Zealand is rich from the various cultures, as there is also a culture that is oldest that is Maori as they are giving their best to protect their culture and history. (Hill, 2001)They have not that facilities as that they should have right, as they wanted to live the life as they can save their history. They make tattoo, dance, enjoy their functions, rituals as they were did in past. (Izett J. , 2015)They spoke in their own mother language also they can spoke in English language. They do welcome the all visitors as happy to provide information about their culture and value. They are very friendly. They are poor, while they are rich in culture and tradition, due to these kinds of people, the Maori people culture will not die for centuries. As they did give everything to save their culture and never be compromise with their value and tradition.(Izett, 2015)


This research is very helpful for the people that want to know about the Maori people character as the found the reason of their poverty. I would wish them very thanks to all Maori people that did welcome to me and open up all their secret of their life and still they are happy. They taught me important lesson of my life that happiness is not that comes from money; happiness is that where you want to get.

Part second:

Part Second


Kaupapa Maori is the researched and development of the Maori to the westernized notions with the knowledge, research, culture etc. it has done with the form of the resistance and methodology strategy as well. It is research that started and carried out by the Maori as well as end up with the benefits for Maori people. In this research, Maori three principles as well, information about treaty of Waitangi are also discussed. Overall, it is finding in the research that the Kaupapa Maori research that it is relevant research as self-determination approach of Maori people. It also provides the laudable information about the indigenous people in the more general. (Jones, 2017)



Part Second


Introduction: Development of Kaupapa Maori Research

Literatures review

Principles of Kaupapa Maori Research



Introduction: Development of Kaupapa Maori Research

Maori is come at New Zealand 1000 year ago as they did signed document at the year of 1840 with British crown people and Maori people. The Maori people wanted to better and secure life in the New Zealand. While, they actually not get that they want to. (Smith L. T., 2012)They were thinking that they will get all equal opportunities in the New Zealand. Maori culture was started to neglected, as the British wanted to more civilization at their nation. (Smith G. H., 1997)They wanted to make the nation that has more urbanization. The day by day the Māori culture started to ignore, after the Kaupapa Maori it was reemerged. After that the Maori has done with three principles that would have favor of them and build with them better relation with Non-Maori people as can secure their life in New Zealand. (LIncoln, 2014)

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Literatures review

Maori is the people that are one of the oldest people that come to New Zealand as they had 14 populations in the New Zealand and they will more in future. They are not on that condition that they would be as they are average in poor condition. (Dana, 2010)This may have many reasons behind of this as they not get all opportunities at everyplace as their tradition and life style may distract to get white collar jobs. Some of the reason may have while, the actual reason that they want to make their tradition and culture more and more popular. They live for their culture as they are happy with their tradition as value, while the government has duty that they should work on their safe environment.

Principles of Kaupapa Maori Research

The principle of the Kaupapa is tino rangatiratanga that is also translated asto sovereignty, self‐determination, governance, autonomy, and independence. This is about the power and control that Maori culture must have in the New Zealand. Maori of the people is that they are birth of nation Kaupapa is tino rangatiratanga want to give better life to the Maori people. (Essay, 2015)Today’s era business is very competitive as the many of the business in the New Zealand is 100% owned and secure by the Kiwi as the Fonterra is the one of the biggest example that has worldwide business as it is 100% owned by Kiwi farmer. New Zealand has two national language as one is English and second is Maori language as the importance is given more in the New Zealand is English, while Maori is just limited in government paper.This is language that provides the deep information about the history tradition of the Māori as the people are unknown about the language that these historical things get wasted. This is unfortunate that most of the Maori just spoke the basic words of this language as the urbanization makes the poor impact of the language. (Love, 1992)

It is important that every Maori get equal opportunities at New Zealand as they can live better and secure life in the New Zealand. (Izett, 2015)

Another important principle of the Kaupapa is that Maori world view. It is about that the offers the epistemology it will help the researcher to know about the Maori culture in more details. It is also need to understand that to get understand this language need knowledge of tapu is compulsory. The treaty of Waitangi is based on the three principles that are partnership, protection and participation. It does secure the Maori life at New Zealand with given them protection of their health and disability and give them permission to do decision in important decision of the New Zealand. (Izett J. , 2015)


Maori is the people that are live in the New Zealand from over centuries as the duty of government that they would keep their tradition and culture more secure in the future as they can live better life in the New Zealand. Maori are doing their best to secure their culture and tradition as these is need of the people and government equal efforts to keep their tradition alive for upcoming centuries as it can only possible as the government bring some ideas for income as their beautiful village that they need to give some of amount that as they are working for the keep their culture alive as well, government should have to bring their language more popular as they need to made compulsory on their most of their school as this would help to keep their tradition alive.


Maori are the people that are history, present and future of New Zealand. Kaupapa principles are made for the better life of the Maori people in the New Zealand. It needs equal efforts from the people of New Zealand, government and Maori people that they would make the better life of the New Zealand people and also need to bring more opportunities for the Maori people as well.


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