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Dubai And Its Characteristic Society Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1978 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Dubai is a famous and well developed city where a lot of different cultures meet forming a characteristic society that is adherent to the original heritages and responding the up to dates life requirements. Dubai is a dream for many people all over the world. Dubai or as known the pearl of the Gulf is one the seven United Arab Emirates. It lies on the Arabian Gulf. It has strong roots in the history as well as strong position nowadays. Dubai is a good famous city for these various advantages.

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      Firstly ,in 1966 it joined the newly independent country of Qatar and they set up a new currency unit, the Qatar-Dubai Riyal. Then in the 2nd of December 1971, Dubai joined the other Emirates to form the United Arab Emirates. In 1973, the United Arab Emirates set a new currency unit, the United Arab Emirates dirham. After that the United Arab Emirates including Dubai have been known all over the world strongly.

      Secondly ,oil was discovered in Dubai in 1966 and that was followed by rapid and massive immigration of foreign workers to Dubai especially from India and Pakistan. Dubai’s Economy has grown gradually and was mainly depending on the oil. Dubai was established as new dependent city and all means of life was supplied. Electricity, telephone services, and an airport were established in Dubai in the 1950s which make Dubai more convenient to the modern life.

      After, the discovery of oil and the growth of Dubai’s economy, Dubai’s tried slowly to depend on other resources for economy and it succeeded in that. Beside oil, Trade is a strong support of Dubai’s economy. Dubai was known years and years ago in trade of natural pearls and boats building. Till now Dubai is a known strong site for trade. Jabal Ali is the site of numerous and different factories. Also, it has a port through which Dubai exports and imports goods to and from any spot in the world. Dubai imports different products mainly from China, India, USA, Japan and Europe. Also, it exports its products to many countries especially to the Arabian countries. The status of economy in Dubai is a fertile land that attracts investors from all over the world to invest in Dubai. The great immigration to Dubai and good trade make Dubai a familiar name worldwide and make the travel to Dubai a dream to many people as workers or tourists. Dubai was keen on maintaining the beauty of the city. Dubai is a clean and has a well organized infrastructure like roads, tunnels and buildings. Dubai holds a lot of activities the attract people from the whole world as well as from the other Emirates like Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. Dubai Shopping Festival started for the first time on 15th of February 1996 and it is held annually in the winter months. During this festival the shops make marked discount on their products and offer many gifts for the visitors. Dubai Shopping Festival has a great role in the tourism activity. In contrast to Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Summer Surprises is held on summer months with different activities and events every week of the summer vacation. In addition to these activities Dubai has an interest in construction. When you visit Dubai you can see the tops of many skyscrapers before reaching the city. Burj Al-Arab is an example for beautiful architecture. In Dubai there is the tallest skyscraper in the world which is Al-Khalifa Tower. Its length is 828 meters. Its construction began on the 21st of September 2004 and was completed on the 1st of October 2009. It was opened with a ceremony on the 4th of January 2010. Many people are visiting Dubai now to see the tallest human-made tower in the world. Also, tourists like to visit Dubai to see the nice green parks. Many green parks in Dubai are facing the see to make a beautiful harmony between the green land and the blue see and sky. They are good attractor for tourists especially during February, March, April, October and November when the weather is nice and temperate.

    Fourthly ,visitors of Dubai are not only coming for tourism but also a great number of people are coming to Dubai for education. Dubai the city of knowledge pays a lot of attention on building new generations with strong bases of knowledge. In 2009, there were 79 public schools as well as 145 private schools. Public schools and some private schools are Arabic speaking schools serving the Arabian nationality kids and teaching them English as a second language while most of private schools are English speaking schools and teaching the kids French or Urdu as a second language. Dubai Knowledge Village was built to allow Universities to open branches and campuses in Dubai to help the United Arab Emirates residents to achieve their future ambition. There are many colleges in the knowledge village as well as other parts of Dubai offering education in any branch of knowledge and providing an alternative for traveling abroad for higher education. In vision of Dubai that is trying to improve the educational level, it didn’t forget the religious aspect and it tried hardly to encourage learning the Holy Qur’an. Dubai International Holy Qur’an Award is given annually during Ramadan to people who memorize the Holy Qur’an. Every year people from all over the world are visiting Dubai and competing for this award.


     Moreover,Dubai’s Heritage is still alive unlike other well known cities in the world. Dubai tries as much as it can to keep the heritage alive by building museum, encouraging the traditional industries as boat building, and the traditional camels and horse races. Dubai museum is one of the most famous museums in Dubai. Some parts of the museum were built in 1787 and are believed to be the oldest building in Dubai. This museum presents the traditional life, jobs and instrument of daily life of the United Arab Emirates. As a part of heritage, Boat building is still practiced in many parts of Dubai by the old generations using the traditional materials to build strong and waves resistant boats as their grandpas used to do. Camel and horse racing are the traditional sports of the whole Gulf countries including the United Arab Emirates. The yearly races attract tourists from different countries all over the world. Camels and horses during the races were controlled by kids in the past but nowadays Dubai mixed the heritage with modern technology touch by using robots instead of kids in the races. Robot-controlled camels and horses provide more safety to races as whole.


     Furthermore ,in Dubai you can see a unique combination between the past and the modern life. Although oil industry stimulated the cities to grow rapidly, but the faithful and loyal sons of Dubai are keeping the features of the traditional life alive and trying to show it to the others. Also, they are keeping the advices and manners of their grandpas in mind and behave generously as they did. New projects are seeing the light and breathing the oxygen of life in Dubai. Such creative projects supplies Dubai with a good outcome. These projects include Palm Islands and World Islands. These are artificial islands being made in Dubai. There are three palm islands: Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. World islands are also artificial islands resembling the world map. These islands contain residential flats and villa, shopping centers, schools and all life requirements on their lands. The tallest building in the world as I had mentioned previously was opened in 2010 in Dubai and was also one of the outcomes of Dubai development and growth.


    Also, Dubai population is multinational. It is a mixture of United Arab nationals, Arab expatriates and people from other nationalities as Indian, Pakistanis, European, Africans, Philippines, Americans and people from South East Asia. You can imagine who different cultures are living in Dubai and react with each other producing a new culture unique to Dubai. Dubai resembles the whole world in combining different cultures and languages on its land. All people living in Dubai are blessed by living in peaces in this beautiful city. Although there are many people from different sites of the world, no one is dominating and all are living in peace and enjoying the religious, cultural and lifestyle freedom equally. This multinational lifestyle of Dubai is obvious through its restaurants, shops, celebrities and social clubs.

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    In addition ,ways of transportation in Dubai has grown to meet the development of the aspects of the cities. In the past grandfathers used to move using animal as camel and they used the boat to move from Deira to Bur-Dubai. Nowadays, roads in Dubai are clean and well formed and organized. Roads consist at least of three or four lanes. Emirates Road consists of six to seven lanes. This helps the ease of flow of cars through the road. Emirates Road is a large street connects the seven Emirates. On Dubai roads there are many new beautiful vehicles. The public buses are modern buses. They have a digital monitor on which the destination is written. It is provided with air conditioners and comfortable seats to be more convenient during your journey in the busy crowded city. Dubai airport was built in 1950s but now the airport is made of the three building where flight from and to any site of the world. Dubai metro was open in the 9th of September 2009. This new way of transportation bypass the crowded roads and is less pollutant to the environment.


   Then  Dubai takes part in all fields of life requirement. In addition to education, transportation and entertainment, Dubai is stepping forward in the medical field. There are many hospitals and health centers in Dubai. There are well equipped and developed governmental hospitals that provide medical services for Dubai residents and visitors also. Dubai has opened the way for the international private hospitals to open branches in. Rashid Hospital Trauma Center is the most developed and equipped trauma center in the Middle East. Also, Dubai is opening the door widely for doctors from all over the world to work with attractive salaries.


   Finally, there are plenty of things that can entertain you in Dubai. Entertainment activities are throughout the year in Dubai. Dubai Shopping Festival is an opportunity to see the international and multi cultural shows that are performed in the shopping malls and The Global Village mainly. In the Global Village you can see many small villages each is from different country. Each village is selling the traditional products of the country and making traditional shows and dances for you to experience fun and entertainment.  The city has many malls such as Dubai Mall, Dubai City Centre and other malls which have international stores and restaurants and cinema theaters that show the latest Hollywood films. You can enjoy skiing in one of the largest indoor ski slop in the world that is in The Emirates Mall. There are a lot of beaches in the city like Jumaira beach where you can swim, play beach-ball, ride a jet ski and enjoy a refreshing juice under the warm rays of the sunset. If you are one of the horse racing lovers, you can attend the Dubai World Cup that is host annually by the Dubai Racing Club in Nad Al Sheba in the spring time.


     All in all ,no one can deny the advanced position that Dubai has reached throughout its hard journey. Since the union with other Emirates Dubai is working hardly to reach what it achieved today. Although, Dubai reached what was a dream for its sons, it’s continuously working hard with full ambition. I advice all people who want entertainment and pleasure to visit Dubai.


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