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Future Products Influenced By Gianni Versace Fashion Essay

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Wordcount: 2663 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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The main purpose of this report is to give some useful advice to develop future product ranges through researching the design of the late Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Firstly, as the founder of Versace fashion house, Gianni Versace was an extremely powerful designer who had won a great number of nobles and awards. Because of his glamorous design, many celebrities were his fans. Versace nurtured a group of supermodels who plays an essential role in his fashion empire. Secondly, Gianni Versace s design principles are sexiness, luxury and detail, his design philosophy is representing the energy of human body. Thirdly, through the contrast and compare the designs of Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and Roberto Cavalli, it is clearly to see the similarities and differences between these Italian fashion hierarchs. In addition, it is impossible to avoid discussing the great influence Gianni Versace had on contemporary fashion and the reason his design is still relevance today which is the spirit of innovation and luxury.

Finally, there are several suggestions may be useful to develop future product ranges such as applying luxurious materials, sexy cut and exquisite decorations.


About the Designer

Among the first-class fashion brands in Europe, Versace from Italy is undoubtedly an iconic flag which is emitting radiant and luxuriant sparkles. It presents the pioneering culture of contemporary fashion, interprets the full-bodied humanistic emotion from South Italy through a strong perception of aesthetic. The founder of the brand, Gianni Versace, dedicated his entire life into pursuing of the beauty of fashion, has been honored as one of the greatest fashion designers on the planet.

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At the very beginning, Gianni Versace s design did not cause a worldwide impact, until he met the famous American photographer, Richard Avedon who captured successful collections with innovative pictures of sultry male and female models interlocking their sprawling bodies. Versace s unique and stylish works began to appear on covers of world s most famous fashion magazines. His extremely avant-garde artistic characteristics, attractive style of the Renaissance and imaginative patterns have gradually been accepted and appreciated by fashion insiders. He has won numerous awards such as Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana , Grande Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris and the Maschera D’Argento prize for his huge professional contribution to the theatre, the most significant one is the much-coveted CFDA International Award which is known as the Oscar in fashion industry presented by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. ( Gianni Versace , 2007)

Followers of Gianni Versace have a wide range of identities from royal members to rock stars; glitterati such as Elton John, Madonna and Bon Jovi are devotees of him. He successfully combined great passion for art, high-level fashion design and top models he cultivated became one of the most energetic organizer and participant of international luxury fashion show. Tragically, at the peak of his life, Gianni Versace was shot dead in front of his mansion in Miami, Florida. The bullet terminated a romantic legend from Mediterranean.

Design philosophy and principles

Pursuing of innovation, luxury and detail was always the design principles of Gianni Versace. If consumers found some garment which made them feel ablush with shame because of the bold luxury and fearless reveal, at the same time could not help themselves trying it on. That must be Versace s work, because the philosophy of Versace is: Don t destroy body s energy, do not .

Versace s design combined classical and trendy spirit, wondering around between elegant and vulgar style. His works were symbol of avant-garde fashion which has extremely unique beauty, emphasized cheerful and sexy. The most glamorous ones are those presenting characteristic of the Renaissance which fulfilled with imagination at the same time. These patterns are beautiful, sexy, feminine and colourful, combine dramatic luxury, wearing comfort and body fitness. Speaking of classical, royal luxury is an essential element in his design, including graceful smooth linellae, bright colourway, noble and luxurious fabric and bias-cut style. (Martin, 1997)

Actually speaking, Versace s design is not as tough as it appears. Trousers with metal mesh and shiny decorations, dresses made of animal skin created a female image between warrior and enchantress. Embroidery and metal mash tones is a recurrence of deco art. The variation of black and white linellae makes individuals recollect 1920s style. A variety of tie-up dressing is a reflection of North African feeling. Bias-cut is the most powerful and precious nature of Versace s design, bonding with gem colourway and smooth linellae, generated infinite glamorous of asymmetric. He adopted luxuriant fabric, crossed over tough geometric linellae and curves of soft body through bias-cut. (Casadio, 1998)

Speaking of men s wear, Versace created a bold, magnificent even sultry style by applying of animal skin and the size is slight loose and comfortable, but the keynote is still bias-cut technique. Wide shoulder and extremely detailed treatments hint some kind of science fiction, people named it futurist design. Linellae is an essential factor of Versace s design, suits, dresses and overcoats were all marked by smooth linellae, presented sexy image of female body. Luxury, sexiness and bright colour are his style and the reason celebrities love his design.

In the fiercely competitive industry of luxury, the inherent mystique of Versace is unparalleled. Sexy, coquettish and contrasty design uniting with iconic snake-headed Medusa from ancient Greek mythology sublimed his design into legend.

Contrast to other contemporary designers

Giorgio Armani

Comparing to Versace s unique and sexy style, Giorgio Armani s design is much more unobtrusive and never trendy. He could create a perfect and marvelous balance between market demand and glamorous fashion, neutral colourway, elegant tailoring make consumers have no need to flaunt. Removing irrelevant and redundant details is a great contribution of him to fashion tailoring. Armani s concise style always roamed between classical and modern sense, blurred the boundary, expressed the unique showily temperament of European traditional garments. At the same time he masterly interweaved modern feeling into classical imagery, gave garments boundless prospect. People may find it ordinary at the first sight, but afterwards they will feel high-spirited modern passion and the pure dignity without complexity. (Armani, 2003)

Giorgio Armani s design style is mostly different from Gianni Versace s, but these two powerful Italian designers certainly have some similarities. Firstly, luxury is the common pursuit of them, regardless of the specific style; Armani and Versace are both symbols of luxury fashion. Secondly, they have great passion adopting high-quality fabrics in order to create excellent texture. In addition, Mediterranean glamour is the core spirit of their design.

Roberto Cavalli

Speaking of Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, the style of his design is similar to Gianni Versace s in some ways; he is also a pioneer and innovator in the fashion world just like Mr. Versace.

From 1960s when Roberto Cavalli founded his company, the wild and sexy style has always been the label of his design, the wildest design in Milan. In 1990s, Cavalli s works became a unique symbol apart from the fashion main stream, contradictions and conflicts were everywhere in his design: two very different kinds of fabric combining together, mixture of concise and luxury, wandering around between formal grace and free style completely collapse the inflexible fashion theory. Double-faced characteristic representing both mild and tough, steady and wild, has become the aesthetic standard of new generation. Roberto Cavalli, the hierarch of wild fashion only design following his own method. Luxury furry coat, traditional embroidery and knitwear with luxuriant pattern are well-known chic items; turning simple elements into luxuriant design, drawing materials from nature are his frequently-used technique. However, the most attractive element of his style is apparently the scent of hormone. (The Independence, 2010)

Striking colourway, sexy cut and luxuriant fabrics are the common pursue of Mr. Cavalli and Versace. Animal print, chiffon, velvet, silk, fur, leather, jewel, and baroque embroidery are highlighted words in their design dictionary. Although their designs are similar, there are apparently some differences. Roberto Cavalli s design emphasized elements drawing from nature, so it is slightly wilder than Versace s. On the other hand, Versace focused on the elegant tailoring and bias cut therefore it is more glamorous to a certain extent.

Influence in contemporary fashion

After Mr. Versace s gone, Donatella his sister has handled the torch and managed to keep Versace in the centre of fashion industry, inheriting her brother s spirit, impressing fashionistas and the fashion critics. It is impossible to neglect the great influence Gianni had on the fashion industry. His signature style was bold, maybe too bold for some critics so that they declared Versace s garments were shallow, flashy and narcissistic. He often took inspiration from the blocks, suggesting wild sexiness and even bondage.

It is still easy to find some elements which are very similar to Gianni s style in recent years collections such as animal print, sexy cut and even metal mesh. Today, most individuals believe that the style of minimalism is the main stream of fashion industry, less is more is a popular saying, even some people s favorite quote. It is true that minimalism is an elegant style through concise cut and simple colourway. However, fashion is never a monotonous world but a multifarious wonderland, and this is the reason people love it more than anything else.

The artistic influence of Gianni Versace in the fashion world and stage was actually unparalleled, because his design is extremely unique, innovative and luxury.


From 1972 he started his career in Milan as a fashion designer when he was 25 to 1997 tragically been shot to death in front of his house in Miami, Gianni Versace had received a great number of honours and awards for his great contribution to fashion industry. His fascinating design was known by colourful printing, sexy cut, exquisite decorations and luxuriant materials. Pursuit of innovation, esthetic and luxury is always his design philosophy. As independent avant-garde design, his works express innovative elements and boundless imagination, at the same time has characteristic of the Renaissance.

Through comparing to other contemporary fashion designers, it is clear to see Gianni Versace s design is comparatively unique. It is totally the opposite of concise design and style of minimalism, striking colourway and luxury are his labels. On the other hand it has its own special glamour of Mediterranean such as elegant tailoring, exquisite decorations and smooth linellae. Although Mr. Versace had been gone for more than a decade, his design is still relevance; people can easily find his impact to today s designs. No one can deny the artistic influence of Gianni Versace s design to contemporary fashion.


Through above research, it is clearly to see the great value in Gianni Versace s design. Although today s main stream of fashion may be minimalism, there are still numerous of applicable elements in his works.

There are several recommendations below may be useful to develop future product ranges:

1. Design should be more luxurious.

Although it is unnecessary to use too many exquisite decorations and avant-garde materials, at least high quality fabrics should be applied. Not any individual would pay for garments made of paper.

2. Tailoring should be sexier.

Sexy and bias cut should be applied into future products, the reason is simple: everyone likes to be sexy.

3. Selectively apply some decorations.

There is no need to use too many of them, a few exquisite decorations could be the finishing touch to the picture of a dragon.


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