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Evaluation of Training and Development Needs to Improve Efficiency

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An organization’s efficiency is directly determined by its workforce. Human Resources (HR) are key to developing and improving the competencies required for new and existing employees to increase productivity at the workplace. New programs continue to be developed for improving employee efficiency. Lacking opportunities for growth and development results in higher employee turnover due to job dissatisfaction and stagnation. Providing a well thought-out training and development plan for the customer service supervisors will afford them with a clear direction on how to increase their skills for career advancement. Upon implementation of this plan, the supervisors will have the skills to help their people, and the organization reach their goals. This paper seeks to review and evaluate the training and development needs of the book and audio retailer to improve the efficiency and job satisfaction of the employees.


Before any training is designed and implemented, HR must first determine if there is a need for training. To determine the gaps that are hindering an organization from accomplishing its goals, a needs assessment must be performed (Weisberg, 2017). Because the information presented in the case is only from a director’s perspective, additional information will be needed to complete the assessment (Weingarden, 2009). Some data we would like shared include the gross profits of the company for the current and previous three years, and what the market share of the company was for the same period. We would also like to know what supervisory and managerial training is currently being offered. Third, if available, we would like to see the data on how each supervisor’s group is meeting the needs of the company.

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Since there is concern that the supervisors of today may not have the skills necessary to perform their managerial duties, a gap analysis will be used. The gap analysis will allow us to compare actual performance to potential/desired performance. The assessment will need to identify individuals’ current level of competency, skills, or knowledge in one or more areas and compare that to the desired competency standard already established for their respective positions within the organization.


Upon completion and review of the assessment, the design of a training program must be started. The program must cover the areas of concern found in the assessment or it is of no value to the company. Because there is no department-specific supervisory training at the company, it will be beneficial to have the training designed specifically for the customer service’s division as this is the area of concern. Since we are targeting the customer service supervisors, we want the training to align with the goals of the corporation. To quantify our data, the training should be designed using the SMART concept: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. We also need to be aware of the cost of the design, how the training will be implemented, how the training will be delivered, and the goal of training. We should also consider training in coaching for the customer service directors.


Once we have assessed what training is needed and have designed a program that benefits both the company and its employees, we need to implement it. How we implement the training will determine its effectiveness. The training will create a useful, personalized, and engaging experience. When considering the approach to training current employees in leadership and management, it would be best to train via classroom, which allows the participants to interact and gain more from the experience. Computer-based training, as an ongoing refresher, should also be implemented. Concerning newly-hired supervisors, training should be conducted during the onboarding process. Since onboarding is the adjustment period for new employees, training would be most effective when done early in the new job. It is also recommended including follow-up support to the participants at implementation (Greany, 2018).


Successful measurements of the effectiveness of training and development can be a difficult task. We need to include the emotional reaction and knowledge gained after the training is complete. Further, we should measure any behavioral changes and the training’s impact on the organization. Research shows that balancing the measurements above is key to the success of a training and development program (Endres & Kleiner, 1990). Also, using survey or interview data from directors on high and low performing supervisors would provide us with quantitative data that will aid in evaluating our training program.


Because training and development within an organization must meet the goals of the company, it is a continuous process. By identifying and designing effective training, company goals can be met and profits and market shares can continue to increase. The training should be implemented when it becomes available and should be one of the first things newly-hired supervisors accomplish. Continually monitoring the effects of the training will identify any shortfalls where it may need to be adjusted to ensure the company comes out on top. Failing to do so could adversely affect the status of the entire organization.



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