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What Does the Future Hold with Alternative Work Arrangements?

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Background and Context

The advancement of communication technology with the power of internet accessibility has made teleworking in the United States and all over the world highly accepted and practiced in organizations. In this modern world in every organization, employees encompass various job schedules and consider that it is advantageous in sustaining they believe it is a beneficial lifestyle and work balance. According to Katz and Kruger (2016), " Alternative work arrangements, such as flexible scheduling, working from home, and part-time jobs are usual and some deals with a growth feature of the U.S. employment”. Organizations allows to opportunity of work arrangements to help aid and widen the capability of employees to dedicate their time and talent within their workplace. The business world requires skillful and talented and at the same time contented employees.

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  Businesses need to perceive that this adjustment in the association can likewise affect the length of a representative remains at an association. The organization itself and its workforce's completes the occupations that are applying in different possible work courses of accomplishment, the components adding to the ascent of utilizing elective work courses of action. The Telecommuting Upgrade can support and  aid government offices' benefit. The advantages factor that it brings to the families and what they are also as their positive just as the negative impacts on the ever-evolving workforce.

The business world, with its employers and employee's work setting with technological advancements and sudden changes in our economy, will never fail to continue to progress. With the power of alternative work arrangements, companies will need to offer their workforces the flexibility of balancing their lifestyle with their employment, the business alone can have more opportunity to regulate liabilities and operations.


According.to Nelson and Quick (2013) "alternative work arrangements. – such as compressed workweeks, flexible work schedules, telecommuting, or job sharing, among others – can have positive and negative consequences for employers or employees" (p. 548). A regular substantial job is a stipulation in a work schedule allows personnel to take one day off, so they have the day to take care of personal matters. On the other hand, Telecommuting consents of employees work at home or in other locations, geographically separated from their company's primary area (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p.534). It is a better work arrangement for workers when it comes to the benefits that it accesses to, brighter talents and skills, improved efficiency, cost savings, and trust. If employers offer the freedom to work from any place, potential employees become more extensive with their talents and abilities, acknowledging individuals to apply from every part of the globe. More concentration on getting the job done means better workforce retention, and they are highly prospective to stay when they recognize that their organization values their best interests.

On a positive note, employees focus more attention on work and are less likely to get distracted by co-workers if they as a Workforce work remotely, and they are inclined to be 100% productive. "There was a time when working from home as the modern workforce knows it wasn't even a possibility" (Caramela, 2018, para. 4). Since the intellectual invention of technology, it forces communication innovation and web accessibility, teleworking is in progress to be a correctly known hone in many organizations all around the world. One of the advantages of alternative work arrangements is that it supports and builds trust among employers and employees.

Employers offer their workforces the favor to contribute exceptional work ethics and trust you as their employers if they have alternative work arrangements. "Real estate cost will be low, causing a need for smaller office when people are few at a workplace" (The Benefits of Alternative Work Arrangements to Your Employees, 2016). There are downsides to having alternative work arrangements, such as schedules disputes, sometimes the timetable for employees' hours to work conflicts too when they want to work and when to take time off. To accommodate this schedule, employers need to face this type of issue to provide their workforce's time off while staying on task within the organization.

Organizations take into consideration that the future of workforce needs and demands work flexibility, factors such as to balance class schedules, working parents who wish they could spend extra family time, and some want to reduce commute and work stress. When organizations focus on these aspects, they will have employees that can highly function in their jobs and will have superior job satisfaction. Employers need to increase training management for those work arrangements. It is highly recommended that pieces of training are extra supportive since it can raise awareness of work-life conflict.


Alternative Work Arrangement has many factors; that's why it becomes prevalent and well accepted in many organizations. Organizations, along with its employees and administration, provides alternative work arrangements in many diverse ways to accommodate its workforce to complete daily job task and reports. They need to recognize hindrances to remove limitations that can interfere with job completions. Both employers and employees balance the benefit they both can get with the help of alternative work arrangements. Organizations secure a general interest when it comes to the prevention of employees being tardy or absent at work, stress-free work environment, and an absolute advantage of decrease utility bills. Workforces benefits with their chosen work arrangement, time flexibility they can work, and as well as a lesser stress factor. With the use of modern technology, organizations are correctly using it to bring in additional benefits to its employees. To ensure its program effectiveness, organizations have to put into an establishment to evaluate job performances and practices. For alternative work arrangements, this is imperative because job assessments need to be distinguished to be able to assess the work arrangement to improve efficiency while reducing cost and compliance reinforcement. 

In many years to arise, the future of organizations all over the globe will continue to progress and develop other alternative work arrangements because with changes and technology advancements, the workforce evolves, and needs will vary as different standards apply as time and technology collaborate over time.


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