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Automatic Stamping of Operating Parts

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Firstly this project consists of the operating hand which is a robotic arm which is equipped with a stamp under the arm surface to get is stamped on the operating parts which are sliding on the conveyor belt and it is controlled by programming. As it has objects rolling over the conveyor belts there is a sensor in the robotic arm which is used for stamping of the parts senses the object and its position of the stamping and goes down with after the signal from the sensor to give a stamp on the object.


Background of the project


Firstly stamping was introduced during the 7th century B.C by the LYDIANS people also the place I modern days is called turkey from where the coin is introduced to the world and it has been from there that stamping their own marks on the product or making of thin metal sheets from the same machines with the stamp on it of any certain company and thus this has been modified by after every passing years. Before it was done manually with the help of humans and that was the time where human efforts were more and technology was used less but nowadays it has been changed to less efforts and more technology and thus working on the project to make it automatic stamping of operating parts. (Thomas, 2015)


Problem Statement

  • This machine of automatic stamping of operating parts is not fully completed, as it does not have a collecting arm to collect all the stamped parts.
  • The previous machine did not had the control on the stamping arm and also it had an issues with the stamping arm because of it irrelevant pressure or getting too hot while in operation.



  • To stamp of any name on the object with an accuracy.
  • To reduce time and manual efforts of humans and save stamping ink as well.
  • To provide a collection unit of the stamped parts.
  • To get control over the stamping arm while in operation automatically.



  1. Description of the PLC project with some of its inputs and outputs signals is given below and also the switches in it and thus we can say that there are many things to control by programming:
  • I:0/0 – Start
  • I:0/1 – Stop
  • I:0: 2 – Level switch to detect position 1
  • I:0/ 3 – Level switch to detect position 2
  • I:0/ 4 – Level switch to detect position 3
  • I:0/ 6 – Level switch to detect lower most position
  • I:0/ 5- Level switch to detect upper most position
  • O: 1/ 10 – Motor coil for reverse direction rotation
  • O: 1/ 11 – Motor coil for forward direction rotation
  1. Working of the project is not that complicated but the programming of the project is bit complicated and thus the detailed description of the project is as such as following: When a part is placed on the conveyor belt at initial position and then the start button is pressed and part being on the conveyor belt it will start moving towards position 2 and once it reached to position 2 it will stop there and another operation is carried out that is stamping of the product, once that is done automatic movement on the conveyor belt it will go to position 3 where it is removed manually from the conveyor belt and thus the product which is stamped is being checked by human also and accuracy level will be high. Using of limit switches, interlocks, push buttons, etc. as required.
  2. Application of stamping machine can be in many different industries that are given below:
  • Automotive industries
  • Industrial machinery
  • Aerospace industry
  • Electrical industries
  • Telecommunication industries.
  • Printing industries. (botor, 2011)
  1. Robot type used in the stamping machine is drill station robot which has been picked up from the UDC library, which has been given different inputs and thus it can have its movement from up and down and stamp different parts with its head and tails where different stamps can be stuck on and in this project I have made the head of a blue color so every work parts which passes through gets a blue color on it as a stamp.
  2. Design of the system is such that there are two conveyors in which one is small conveyor and one is large conveyor and other one is small conveyor belt, there is a drill station robot which has been edited with its head and drill tool with the stamp and also there are other components which are as follows:
  • Conveyor belts small and large
  • Drill station robot
  • Work parts
  • Work-parts modifier
  • Work parts destructor
  • A containers
  • Inductive switches
  1. Parameters are as follows:
  • The lever switch 1 detects rung000- when pressing the start button and then the position 1 starts the machine, and thus the relay goes ON.
  • As CR 1 is high on its latch the continuous signal pulse from the rung007 is sent through which energizes the coil and the motor is started and it is stopped only when there is any movement in lever switch 2 and lever switch 3.
  • In case of any emergency the manual switch of the machine to avoid any accident stops the motor.
  • CR3 relay is used to operate the forward direction of the conveyor motor and which is being used in the machine in the two-way direction of the conveyor roller.
  • As the CR3 is already energized and it helps to energize the UP motor coil due to which the stamper comes in the position and thus we can have a stamper arm coming down.
  • As the stamping is done the stamper arm needs to be moved to upward position which is known as Level switch up position and thus the stamper arm moves upward due to energized CR4.
  • Stamped work part needs to be moved on to the conveyor to position 3 and there is again an inductive switch, which senses the work part, and it stops the conveyor.
  1. Block Diagram

The below given diagram is the block diagram of the automatic stamping of moving parts and get it stored in the box.

Figure 1 Block diagram of automatic stamping of moving parts.

  1. It works on the two cylinders which are known as pusher arms and they help to transfer parts from initial position to the stamping station and than from their after stamping the pusher arm 2 helps to push the stamped work part to the conveyor line 2 and thus it rolls to the container where it needs to be stored.

Results and conclusion

From the whole of the above project we can conclude that all the contacts available are open type and push buttons for starting of the machine and stopping of the machine, use of level switches to detect the different positions of the work-parts. Two coils with UP coil and DOWN coil for moving the stamper arm upward and downward directions, conveyor motor used to move the part from one position to the other and also the stamping at position 2 and than to position with the help of conveyor belt. To prevent malfunctioning we can use XIC contacts and for safety there is a manual switch given as well. The simulation and all the inputs will be shown during the presentation.


Table 1 Variables and its Inputs and outputs



Stamper arm down


Stamper arm Move down


Stamper arm Move UP


Stamper arm work Start


Stamper arm UP




New Part


Photocell 1


Photocell 2


Pusher 1 Adv.


Pusher 1 Advance


Pusher 1 Back


Pusher 2 Adv.


Pusher 2 Advance


Pusher 2 Back


Start Button


Stop Button


Work Part Modifier




Ladder program

Figure 2 Ladder programming


Control Process and simulation

As the ladder programming is done the simulation is done on basis of that and from that control process the system is based on the inputs and outputs given to different components and thus the system work as follows: When the work parts is generated from the work part creator it transmits through line 1 conveyor belt by the help of Pusher arm 1 which will make it easy to travel for work part and the initial position of the work part is sensed by the photocell and thus the work part moves to second position where the main process is carried out and thus we can say that the stamper arm works as the input and output is given and which comes down and stamps the work part with its design and the work part now moves to the conveyor line 2 with the help of pusher arm 2 and thus it travels to the box where the work parts need to be stored in.


Model Design

The below given figure is of the model design which is designed on the basis of the simulator 3 software and there are certain limitation in getting the robots and other components and the designed robot is the robot which is used a stamper arm robot and work-part movement from initial position to final position on the conveyor is also given an outputs and inputs to get the simulation work and perform different parts and thus we can say that all the parts in the simulator 3 software are arranged in such way that it gives us the perfect working machine for a industry. The model of automatic stamping of the moving parts is designed in this attempt of project and thus the figure below will show the designed machine.

System control and process

The system designed in the software for the stamping of automatic stamping of moving parts is such that the inputs and outputs are given in a pattern and order as per its availability and requirement. The process work as follow like the work part creator creates the work part and it is sent to the position 2 or stamping location with the help of pusher arm 1 which operates after the work part creator creates work part, after reaching at the position 2 the work part is to be stamped which is done with the help of stamper arm which is having its movement vertically and thus we can say that after the stamper arm comes down the stamp on the part is done and the work part modifier shows us the difference and the work part turn into blue color as the stamp for now is equipped with a blue color dye and now its time to move the work part to the position 3 which is the conveyor line and to push the work part till the conveyor line there is again a pusher arm 2 given which pushes the modified work part on the conveyor line and thus the modified work part after the stamping operation it will travel to the container where there will be storage of the product will be done and the cycle is repeated for the 12 parts in a set and there is also the work part destructor in the system which will help to destruct the work part and send it again back to the cycle and this is the way the system of the automatic stamping of the work part is done and this is just the designed model in a software but in real there can be many changes done in choosing of robots and other part.


  • Thomas. (2015, June 15). thomas engineering Company. Retrieved from http://www.thomasengineering.com/contact-us.html: http://www.thomasengineering.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-metal-stamping/
  • botor, A. (2011, february 12). II Applied automation. Retrieved from Appliedautomation.com: https://www.thomasnet.com/articles/custom-manufacturing-fabricating/precision-stamping-applications



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