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Communcation Through Different Sensory Channels Communications Essay

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Many people only think about communication through verbal message. But other communication method is extremely important and useful. Discuss how to use other means (other sensory channel) to communicate effectively. Show examples of communication using each type of sensory channels; also show how to use combination of sensory channel to express a message.

Other sensory channels:

Gesture and expression: actions and body languages will influence people in a potential way and the effects of this method depend on the use and accept of positive and negative messages sent by gesture and expression.

Vision image: it must be the understandable image. Vision image delivers powerful conscious and subconscious messages.

Multi-media: the mixture of verbal and non-verbal methods. The participation of media is very influential. It will generate more value and effectiveness when more professional media is applied.

Examples of these communication sensory channels:

Do use eye contact to catch people’s attention when we are talking. Use simple gestures, for example, V, to show success or happiness.

Use PowerPoint when we conclude our business performance to give out clear information by using charts, photos or videos.

Use World Wide Web, for example, face-book, to announce activities.

The way to use these combinations of sensory channels to express a message:

When we do presentation, we have to use a combination of many different sensory methods. We can use eye contact to catch audiences’ attention and use body language to interact with audiences. Also remember to control speech speed and tone according to feedback from audience and use PowerPoint, videos and images to present information clearly.

Every one understands the importance of communication, and yet most of us do not communicate enough. Why? How can we overcome this problem?

The main reasons for lack of enough communication are:

Though every one knows the importance of communicating, we don’t share enough time to develop communication skills.

We cannot figure out the specific developing side because we always stick to the current communicating situation and communicating custom.

Sometimes not face-to-face communication can lead to insufficient information receiving and misunderstanding.

According to the reasons listed above, there are corresponding solutions to overcome the problems:

By learning communication techniques and paying attention to ways to achieve better communication. We can read books on effective and clearly communication and attend lectures on the same topic.

Enlarge our social networking. By getting close to various kinds of people and networking with them, we can improve our communicating skills and learn from people with good communication methods and custom.

Find problems or shortage in our daily communication and try to solve them by using techniques we get in solution a.

Try to make more face-to-face communication so that we can get information by reading people’s expression and gesture.

Quite often people misunderstand of each other even they try to communicate with each other. Please discuss what can cause the distortion of message. How one can fix these problems?

There are several reasons that can result in the distortion of message. Some reasons are natural constraints, such as different languages, different culture background, different education levels, and different generations. Another reason is poor quality of communication, such as unidirectional conversations (messages always from A to B, no response from B), multi-stage conversations (B reported the speech from A to C).

For fixing the above problems, the following measurements are suggested to solve them:

Language problem – use more body language to express your meaning. Body language is the common and the easiest one to communicate.

Different culture background – try to understand and accept different culture. Then, you will understand more the difference between the culture backgrounds of different peoples to avoid misleading messages.

Different education levels – more tolerance on people with lower education level and try to use more simple terms rather than abstruse one.

Different generations – the elder usually speak slowly. When talking with the elder, pay more patience to listen in order to receive the whole message.

In order to avoid unidirectional conversations, bi-directional conversation is better to have feedback from the others to ensure the message delivered completely.

Face to face communication is recommended to prevent messages transferred via reported speech by other people.

Besides communicate information, idea and message, is there other important things that you should communicate? How about feeling? How do you communicate feeling and why sometimes it is more powerful to communicate feeling than a verbal message?

Besides ideas, messages and information, feeling is one of the important things to be shared among the people. People can express their feelings by facial expression, conversation, written messages on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter…etc). Communication of feeling is a very powerful tool to make friend with people, feeling sharing among the friends to deepen the relationship between each of them, gain trust from the friends and eventually become close friend and intimate friend.

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Discuss techniques of communication that would invite cooperation. What can bring hostility instead of cooperation?

To invite cooperation, we first identify, set and accomplish the common goals with other parties. That is to act in accordance with common goals and give others the incentive to do the same. Otherwise, conflict may occur. Effective communication can change the destructive conflict into constructive conflict, which increases cooperation and even strengthens relationship and improves quality.

Besides create common goals, there are several techniques we can use during communication:

Introduce yourself thoroughly to show your sincerity to cooperate.

Let the parties think of the goal is also their own interest.

Focus on the facts and avoid getting “people” become the focus of disagreement.

Use humor can relieve tension and create harmony atmospheres. This can help to develop trust.

Share your ideas proactively can also help to develop a platform to cooperate.

If the parties are emotional or irrational, which only consider self-interest and focus on people, can bring hostility. Instead of cooperation, competition can increase and relationships may weaken, reduce the total outcome quality and create new problems to all the parties.

Discuss what can you learn in body language?

Body language can deliver important messages that enrich, support, or contradict the words people use. This type of nonverbal communication and adjustment occurs every day in business, but frequently it goes unnoticed. Messages that are the keys to a situation, but those participants feels cannot be publicly or verbally acknowledged, are sent through these channels.

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Body languages can help to develop professional image and to show ones confidence. Also, body languages are useful and account for most of the communication between people and appropriate body language can make people more attractive and friendly. For example, the face is the most obvious conveyer of feelings but is very difficult to reading facial expression as it often shows a mixture of several feelings.

Instead, eye-to eye contact is one of the most direct and powerful ways people communicate nonverbally. In a presentation, the speakers are looking directly at individual members of an audience to enhance the impact of their presentation. Similarly, a good listener should show attention by spending more time looking at the speaker. This can make easier for the speaker to continue.

In addition to verbal messages, small movement such as nodding the head, moving the hand, or using eye’s gaze mark a pause and change body position altogether can serves as punctuation for verbal messages sent.

B. Study on EQ – please discuss the following:

Emotional internal conflict – What cause it? Effect on one’s energy? How to minimize it?

There are several reasons which could cause emotional internal conflicts: Family violence, growing-up environment, over-stressed, facing too many choices, desire for more.

Emotional internal conflict would have negative effect on one’s energy: distract people’s attention and energy into conflicting.

The cause which results in emotional internal conflict would be recent experience and events. To minimize the negative effect, we can put awareness on the underlying conflict which lies on recent experience and events and rationally look at and dealing with conflicting desires and needs.

Sometimes what we need to do is just relax and calm down to get rid off big pressure or stress.

Identify and overcome your own emotional barrier which can limit your own success – Quite often, the biggest enemy is ourselves. Also quite often, behind a great man, there is a lady. What is the role of these wonderful ladies who make great man? Also please identify some of the barriers set by ourselves, and how one may overcome them?

Fear, nervous and pressure act as emotional barriers to limit people’s success. When they feel these, they will not act as good as performance as usual and eventually get lose. Therefore, first of all, people should clam down when feeling nervous. They can take a deep breath or walk slowly to relax the muscle. Thoroughly find out all possible problems may be faced in the coming future when we pursue the goal. it can greatly reduce the fear and build confidence. Moreover, treat the pressure as driving force to lead you to the success.

Behind a great man, there is a lady. The supporting role of the lady is very important. She can support the man in many ways, such as family, networking, career and business and mentally. In family, she can take care of his family members: parents and children so that he can concentrate on his task. She can also help him in networking when attending some gatherings and conference with him to make friend with the others. She can act as a secretary to help the man on business scheduling, give some advice or ideas on business. Hence, the man can experience no trouble back at home and fight for his career so as to boost his chance to success by the lady’s support in these aspects.

There are some barriers set by us, such as unrealistic target or achievement, unsatisfied with the current situation, heavily focus on the result and lack of confidence.

However, the barriers can be overcome. First of all, set an easily achieved goal. People often set a much higher bar for them to achieve. This will greatly increase their pressure and hence perform not well. An easily achieved goal can gain people confidence when they complete the goal. Then try a harder task. This method can greatly increase the chance to achieve the final target. Furthermore, people should often self-motivation and practice more the difficult part of the task. Also, they should try to enjoy the process and satisfied with the situation.

Please discuss the effect of positive and negative feelings on you. Should one eliminate all the negative feelings?

The examples of positive feelings are happiness, relaxation, self-realization and enlighten, etc. As the positive feelings make us full of hope, we will eventually enjoy our study, our work and our life. This can help us create new ideas for the future. The positive feelings also give confidence for us to do the best job. With positive feelings, we will become more energetic to achieve better performance.

When we encounter difficulties, we won’t shrink back. Instead, we can hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The examples of negative feelings are stressed, tension, scare, worry, anxiety, frustrated, etc. The negative feelings make us feel nervous to all things, bringing us less courage to overcome problems. This can lower our efficiency and productivity. As a result, we will lose confidence on any activity. This will further deteriorate the situation.

When there is half of a bottle of water, positive thinker may consider he still have half to drink while negative thinker will consider he has only half.

Therefore, think positively or negatively can make two different situations.

Nevertheless, negative feelings are still worthwhile. Pressure has the positive effect on performance. One example of this is sportsmen would tend to flood their bodies with fight-or-flight adrenaline to power an explosive performance when facing big challenges such as attending the Olympic Games. Another example is where deadlines are used to motivate people who feel bored or unmotivated.

Also, scare or worry can help people aware of dangers. Sometimes people may be over-confident on what they are used to. Accidents often happen more frequently on experienced driver or worker than a freshman.

“No pain, no gain” Do you agree? Would happiness always be bad for your career? Please discuss your view.

“No pain, no gain” means whenever get success (gain), ones must paid effort (pain) beforehand.

We believe when anyone overcomes difficulties and losses, he or she will become stronger. This is because after and overcome the difficulties, we will know our weakness and strength. Also, we can find the way to solve the problems. Taking River Analogy in Inventory Management as example, when a ship sail along the river, the captain will not notify the rock in the river bed if the river level do not lower down.

From the discussion above, we can conclude that positive feeling such as happiness can help to generate positive effects on our lives. For example, when we get achievement in our business career, we feel happy. This kind of happiness can stimulate us to further efforts.


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