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Gear Selector Plate Investigation

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Engineering
Wordcount: 4117 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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Engineering System and Investigation

Table of Contents

Table of figures









Table of figures

Figure 1Engineer square

Figure 2 Scribe

Figure 3 Old leg calipers

Figure 4 Disc sander

Figure 5 Cross cut saw

Figure 6 Pedestal drill

Figure 7 Electrical hacksaw


The purpose of this project was to emphasis on achieving an end result which is the Gear selector plate. To get through the process we had to comply with Health and Safety Regulations using the relevant documentation (design plan) including a detailed accurate measurement.



This topic consists of creating a Gear stick selector plate from a piece of MDF WOOD. The general introduction contains measurement theory, practice involved, important and the application of this topic.

The purpose of this Health and safety induction is to provide the legislative framework to promote and stimulate a high level of safe working practice within workshop areas.

All persons have a duty of care, not only to themselves, but to others that may be affected be their actions.

Before using any equipment, students must receive a Health and safety induction into the work shop and its equipment and sign the relevant documentation upon completion.

Workshop induction and practice presents the idea of working in a workshop whilst utilising all sorts of tools and machinery. (ref) This creates different kinds of things and projecting parts, and also works to assemble parts of things which can be used in daily be it in the field of engineering, the commercial field, the industrial field and the field of construction. It is paramount that everyone, working within these sectors, acquires the relevant knowledge in reference to what they will be doing, using and creating. (ref)

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Workshop induction and practice gives us the idea of working in a workshop, using all sorts of tools and machinery, creating different kinds of things and projecting parts, assembling parts of modules which can used in daily life whether if it is engineering field, commercial, industrial and construction field. Within all these sectors it is very important that everyone have the knowledge of what they will be doing, tools used and what to create. (ref)

Corresponding to preparing arrangement (2016), it appears that different contemplates have appeared that acceptance preparing straightforwardly influences worker cutting down rate. It may be a well-known reality that more than 25% of unused workers choose to stay with or stopped an organization within the to begin with week of their spell. Representative preparing is exceptionally critical for the organization, and conveying a viable acceptance preparing program to unused workers who connect the company ought to be its to begin with need (Baddapuri, Induction Training, 2016)

In a way induction training could benefit both parties, from the evaluation of the company and the new employee. The following guidelines provides as a brief idea of what a good standard induction leads to

 help you save a lot of money and time because from the given information from the induction the employee will have all the necessary information to commence work duties and make them adapt to their new roles and deliver effective results

 reducing employee turnover, most of employees have a lot of expectations so once they join a company, they’ll have certain expectations and queries so effective induction could reduce turnover in a good way.

In every workshop there is always a high level of risk and opportunity for incidents to occur. In order to avoid any injuries to staff or learners, and to minimise the level of risk, there needs to be inductions that take place. In all the trades (carpentry, welding, engineering) each role comes with different risks and can make workshops a hazardous environment to work. Example – no safety signs, outdated signs, machinery left unattended while in use, incorrect tools used for tasks (collier, 2018). These inductions are necessary in presenting a brief body of knowledge which highlights what will be taking place in the staff or learner’s surroundings and also what they will be required to do during the time of the workshop. This subsequently results in a risk assessment taking place. It is basically an overall process by which hazards and risk factors, that have the potential to cause harm, are identified. The risks are analysed and evaluated in association with hazard. It begins with being aware of the environments where the practice or work will be taking place and it simultaneously helps supervisors to lay down the basic foundation of work. This foundation includes what can be worn (Personal Protective Equipment), what can be taken into the workshop (appropriate tools), what needs to be done before they recommence the job assigned (any further project papers/plan). Personal Protective Equipment is really important for everyone that works in an industry with high level measured risks. Employers and supervisors are responsible to make sure employees are given and have the right Personal Protective Equipment suitable for the various jobs and appropriate use (limited, 2019)

According to the Health and Safety regulations human errors occurs frequently Nowadays common human mistakes can happen anywhere anytime, staff, learners and employers are mostly exposed to these kinds of common mistakes from a fellow human. To avoid any disruption during work projects and jobs every person must go through a safety training (induction). For self-employed and contractors who might be working for the company it’s the company’s responsibility to give them information on hazards and risks they may come across, how to deal with any hazards and risks and emergency procedures. For new employees must be aware to work safely including first aid, fire and evacuation. Health and Safety regulation tells us that young people are the most vulnerable to come across accidents and they need particular attention to their needs, their training to put as a priority and need to be highly supervised (providing training and information, 2019)

In the Health and Safety at Work Act its states that it is an employer’s duty is to provide employees with a safe working system along with safe equipment and machinery, they must also provide a safe work place as well having to fully inform them about any hazards to do with work process and chemical substances; they are need to carry out risk assessments to if not eliminate control and hazards. They must provide facilities for welfare at work such as somewhere that provides clean drinking water, sanitary facilities and rest and eating facilities among others also need to be provided (health and safety at work etc. Act 1974, 2019)

HASAWA 1974 (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974)

HASAWA 1974 explains how employers need to safe guard the health and welfare of any employees in the premises’ as well as clients and visitors or anyone from the general public.

It states that they should provide:

  • Safe system of work
  • Safe work place
  • Safe equipment
  • Have competent people working for them as employers are liable for any mistakes committed by their employees.

COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

COSHH regulations is a law that sates that employers need to control, prevent or reduce the exposure of hazardous substances to their employees.

COSHH covers substances like:

  • Dust
  • Gasses
  • Fumes
  • Vapours
  • Fibres
  • Chemicals

RIDDOR 95 (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations)

RIDDOR states that all accidents, near misses or dangerous occurrences that happen in the work place must be reported.

  • All fractures other than those on fingers, thumbs and toes must be reported.
  • Amputations
  • Injuries leading to loss or reduction of sight
  • Injuries causing damage to the brain or any internal organs

Fire Precaution act 1971

The Fire precaution act 1971 states that:

  • If there are 5 or more employees a fire risk assessment must be undertook.
  • There must me an evacuation procedure in the case of fires and all stuff must be informed about it. (they should be aware of where the location of the fire assembly points is outside the premises and also of any individual duty any employee has)
  • There must be a fire drill at least once every twelve months in which everyone (including trainees or temporary workers) must take part
  • There must be clearly marked fire exits and fire drill notices that explain what to do in the case of a fire on display
  • Employees must be aware of the location of all fire safety equipment
  • Every premises must have means to escape a fire

Employment Act 2002

The Employment Act 2002 contained changes such as

  • The increase of paid maternity leave to 6 months (followed then by 6 months of unpaid leave)
  • An addition of 2 weeks paid paternity leave to the 13 weeks of unpaid leave
  • All employers small or big must follow compulsory grievance and disciplinary procedures.
  • Employees with children aged under six may apply for changes in their contract like hours of work, place of work and times of work

Health and Safety Regulations 1981

Health and Safety Regulations put a duty on employers to provide adequate first aid for their workers in the case they are injured or become ill at work.

These Regulations state that:

  • Employees need to be informed about locations of first aid equipment, personnel and facilities
  • It’s states that a competent person can cover for temporary absence of a trained first aider
  • There must be an adequate number of trained first aiders as well as adequate equipment.

An induction programme is an important way of processing people into the new environment and organisation. It gives a basic introduction to the working environment and shows you the set-up of the organization. The supervisor will cover the rights and terms and conditions of employment or meanwhile if we refer at college/universities it will be the lecturer and workshop assistant that will cover induction training to the students. Every student is responsible for their own health during practical. In most companies or universities, we come across people with physical disability, those kind of (disable) people needs further assistance, different methods and instructions in the engineering sectors (Training & Workshops | Disability Awareness & Equality, 2019)

In workshop environment it’s the duty of the tutor to make sure every student follows the procedures and especially providing induction (introduce and explain the equipment’s and show them safety measures on the tools and machinery) and risk assessment (correct Personal Protective Equipment etc) because some of them might be inexperienced, not comfortable and misuse it (BIRMINGHAM, 1998)


 This project was to create a gear stick selector plate. Once induction and risk assessment has been carried out, we got a piece of MDF.

MDF is a medium-density fibreboard which is an engineered wood made through by the break downs of hard and soft wood residuals into wood fibres.

There are many different methods as well as different instruments that are used to mark out different materials used for fabricating the gear stick. It not only is important to mark out material, but it is also important that it get marked out accurately because if not might not fit wherever the part will be used or other problems can arise when the product is being assembled.

We then got issued the design of our project with all the measurements and procedures.

 To start or achieve the maximum of the of project we need to use the following instruments


engineers square – This is all-metal square used to draw lines at a 90-degree angle on the edge of our piece and it also allowed us and engineers to check if the job is at a perfect right-angle.

Figure 1Engineer square

scribe – have a thin sharp point, used to draw/scratch lines onto the surfaces of the piece of mdf. A scriber can be

used free hand but to make it more accurate a ruler us usually used.

Figure 2 Scribe

old leg capilipers – Once set to the correct required measurement, we used the odd leg callipers to draw the lines parallel to the edge of the piece of our piece of wood which is being worked on. It is used by placing the odd leg which is blunt at edge of the wood and drawing a parallel line with the other leg which has a sharp point.


Figure 3 Old leg calipers

Disc sander

Figure 4 Disc sander

 A disc sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces that needs wearing and most of them are commonly fixed a stationary machine that consists of replaceable circular shaped sandpaper attached to a rotating wheel turned by an electric motor or compressed air, this equipment is easy to use, very much handy to smooth surfaces as log flat woods, square an edged on stuff that exceeds the capacity of the belt, already made boards, planer and jointer marks.


 easy to use to and can provide a neat finishing touch to materials.

 remove the unwanted surface residue

 due to the fact that its aggressive, it can remove a lot of material surfaces in no time.

 it is beneficial to use it to remove another different surface like paint stains, renovate old furniture


 could be a messy process, requiring additional work to clean up

 the sanded can cause itching and can fly into your eyes

Cross cut saw

Figure 5 Cross cut saw

A cross cut saw is one the most powerful tool used to cut wood consisting of a circular blade which can cut through materials, most often wood although sometimes metal.

To cut whatever that is present, placing the edge of the material to the edge without pressure but only just moving the circular blade towards yourself and the force applied by the electric powered source will cut through it smoothly as desired.

Pedestal drill

Figure 6 Pedestal drill

A drill press also known as pedestal drill is a fixed style of drill that may be mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor or workbench. It consists of a base, column or pillar, table, spindle and drill head, usually controlled by an induction motor.



  easy to use

 it drills accurately

 it quick and saves time



 hard to use for unexperienced people

 if it is not correctly to drill accurately, it cost you extra work and material

awkward position to drill

Electrical hacksaw


Figure 7 Electrical hacksaw

Is a power hand tool use to cut certain type of wood and metal materials depending of the size? It can also be adjusted to accommodate blades of different sizes to be able to cut the material that would be used on. On hacksaws, as with most frame saws, the blade can be mounted with the teeth facing toward or away from the handle, depending on how you prefer to cut it on either the push or pull stroke.

Before using power hacksaw:

 Securely clamp your work in the vice.

 Do not use excessively weight on the saw to force the blade through your material faster. If the saw seems damaged or blunt inform a member of staff.

 Set up the ‘backstop’ when cutting multiple samples

 One person should clamp the material and operate the saw

 Keep clear of the blade and material being cut once the saw is in operation

 After you have finished remove all waste. Take care to use gloves or a dustpan and brush to clear swarf away. Sharp edges can easily cause cuts.

 Appropriate clothing and PPE are worn

 The work area is uncluttered and clear waste material

 You know where the emergency power off switch is located.

 Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately with the equipment provided in the workshop. Please ask a staff member for assistance.





It is always a challenge to accomplish projects and works. Workshop really do play a big role to complete certain jobs given, not only to us students but to other engineers too.

Not everyone is experienced to work in workshops where you can find any kind of machinery, equipment’s and tools to help work accordingly towards to the assigned projects.

Back to back discussion with my colleagues shows that workshop is beneficial and helps you a lot improve basic skills, gives abundant knowledge, experience of the work environment and prepare you for the future.

It is Important of attend Workshop, it is a great way for someone to learn about a particular subject, also new projects, new methods in order to improve themselves. Attending workshops can help students to achieve success in their academic year and environment by putting their skills into good practice.

Students taking part in various workshops can always improve on their leadership qualities thereby giving it the proper encourage them to grow. Skills such as learning, communicating, listening and experiencing new relationship can be developed through such platforms which can have enormous value for students and impact in their forthcoming future.

Particularly for people who work together or as a group, workshop can help to create a sense of community or common purpose among its participants.


Based on what we achieved I have understood that we can create different part using different equipment’s and instruments to aim our end result. It enables student to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.

Founded on the Health and Safety Regulations we were able to complete the assigned work in an efficient manner and good outcome which was positive without causing any damage to the tools and people in around the environment.

Finally, workshop induction helps an organization in this case increasing the level of competence in the area they worked in.


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