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GGSB admissions board

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Wordcount: 1275 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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What would you like the GGSB admissions board to know about your professional work and / or academic experience?

I think one of the best qualities which I posses is my dedication towards work. It is this quality which has helped me achieve my dreams and progress successfully in my career. I am an Engineering graduate specialized in the field of Information Technology possessing high technical and analytical skills.

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Apart from the regular studies I showed greater interest in understanding the application of technology in the real world. Motivated by my lecturers I presented papers with innovative ideas which were highly appreciated. One of the most outstanding works was the Simulation of Cellular Network which was presented in various Institutions in the state and earned many awards. It is now being used by my Institution in the classes to demonstrate basic functioning of cellular networks for better understanding.

The final year project was the most challenging work I encountered in my academic life. I had chosen to apply my knowledge of IT in the field of Biotechnology. Being an abecedarian in this field I initially struggled to improve my understanding of the application. Leading a team of three the responsibility of success of the project weighed more on me. Together we spent all days and many sleepless nights to bring out a working model of a concept which was only paperwork. This work was taken further and later presented by my project guide in an international conference in Hong Kong.

Soon after my graduation I stepped into the next phase in my career joining as a fresher with L&T Infotech. During the initial days I had the opportunity to observe what a real professional’s work is. In no time I became a part of this world interacting with clients all around the globe and providing back end support. Responsibilities increased with time and now I single handedly support the back end system of a global reporting application.

My most substantial accomplishment has been the implementation of an online system in the backend for testing purpose. The experience I gained through these many years made me guide the entire team technically, also helping in bridging the their gap between functionality of the system and its technical implementation. Due to the short span of time allocated for this project I had to be pro-active, take lead in motivating people and completing the task.

This testing tool was shared with the clients and was highly appreciated.

Why are you interested in our particular program, and how do you see it helping you to reach your future goals?

The world is full of opportunities, comprising of a vast array of sectors, each having its own global implications. Many industries now being driven by Technology, reaches unbelievable heights within a short span of time through its efficient management. The need of the day is to be in pace with the change and evolution of technology. By this not only can one provide solution to real-time problems but also present the most effective ones.

Working with an IT firm has opened up a fascinating world of science and technology to me. It has been more than a dream to understand the nuances of this field and to expand my horizons. I want to learn more about the industry and look at the business and its technology from a much broader realm rather than from the individual components for which I have been responsible. I would consider it my professional achievement to be placed high up in the corporate ladder, and be involved in the decision making and planning of the organization.

I strongly feel that technology and management are two sides of the coin which in unison form the foundation of an organization. But the application of innovative technology and making it successful requires an in depth understanding of business and the risks involved. These are some of the nuts and bolts that I require when I foresee myself in a position making strategic business decisions. A proper amalgamation of technology and management plays the key role here.

While possessing a strong technical background, I feel a management degree will help me sharpen my skills and provide me an opportunity to excel in both the fields. This will also provide me a window to new ideas from different perspectives. As I go higher up in my profession, I will have the responsibility of building strong teams, making critical decisions, communicating with distinct customers from different backgrounds and coordinating with other team members to work towards a common goal.

I am confident that my creative, strategic and analytical abilities will aid me in becoming an able manager. For this, I look forward to graduate with a MBA degree from a top-class college so that I can enter the corporate world fully equipped with all diverse skills that will aid me in facing the complex business environment.

GGSB – One of the revolutionary institutes with world-class infrastructure, highly experienced faculty and research base has been my first choice. The Management of Technology being one of the pillars of Grenoble Ecole de Management’s development and its international level recognition appeals to my professional interests. I am eager to interact with a diverse and lively peer group. I feel that the learning, which comes from a competitive, dynamic and fulfilling atmosphere, will enable me to take up challenging roles in the field of management. I hope the excellent facilities and exposure at GGSB will help me out in realizing my dreams.

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What did you experience when you first went abroad or visited a different culture than your own? How did you overcome the cultural differences?

If you have never been abroad, what would you say to a foreigner moving to your home country?

India is a land where diversity varies from state to state. India is only 1/3rd the size of USA with three times the latter’s population. Though there are 14 different major languages spoken across various states, India has one of the largest English speaking population in the world.

India is the largest democracy in the world and it fiercely protects freedom of speech, press, legal rights, religious rights, minority rights and human rights. The civilization in India is the longest surviving, which dates back to 3300 B.C. The culture and civilization has been gradually shaped over time by many great thinkers. In Indian thinking there are no absolutes, in the sense that there is a cyclic order in everything and finite and infinite, dark and light, matter and energy, beginning and end, and so on, co-exist .There is an uncanny similarity between this way of thinking and the findings of modern science.

There is a marked difference between India and countries in the West when it comes to the sense of privacy. People would drop in at any time without giving any notice whatsoever and would be welcomed and served sweets or a meal and even an invitation to stay overnight in some instances.

People in India almost intuitively live within their means. Even the very poor tend to save for hard times. Houses almost never use heating or air-conditioning and are made bricks or earth. The notion that if a person earns $ 2 a day is miserable is not quite true. His or her purchasing power for life’s essentials or simple needs are like $ 80, since a $ is the equivalent of Rs. 40. So, the vast majority of people in India pursue life, liberty and happiness and hence rather successfully.


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