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Benefits And Detrimental Effects Of Internet English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 2668 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Internet is basically a network of many computers all over the world which is connected in a way and let other computers access to get information from any sources that is available. It has changed our life in educational environment and in our daily routines. The internet enables to exchange the information among the users anytime of day as well as provides convenience with regard to such activity as paying any bills. In the law, if the computer connected to the internet it means the computer can be joined to any other computer on the network. There are many districts, nationwide and also global network connects millions of people through internet including schools, universities, companies and many more.

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The computers communicate via a protocol called as Transfer Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) (Gray, 1999). It has been a tool for students and public who are going to internet as they can find those journalism, literatures, solutions for certain problems and also to find latest news that is happening currently. Internet had been also a tool as it is convenient for students to look for information in detail without going through any reference books and if she/he has a great interest using the internet, it will smooth the progress in finding information’s. For an example, Halasz (1997) said that in this modern year, the education has come up with online studies which offers flexibility, accuracy and convenience which is cost and time savings for the students. The intention of these studies is to observe the use of education and other technologies of the internet in global. It talks about the application applied, education and crisis on the educational utilized on the internet and to check on the effective of the internet using in primary, secondary and universities education systems. However there are many advantage and disadvantage of using internet in global.

Benefits of internet

There are so many benefits that students can get through internet. They can communicate with other users in this global such as international students. Not only that but they can increase their knowledge and experience, join in discussion forums, share ideas among the students, search for solutions and also can learn about many different kind of cultures all over the world. There are also advantages for parents and teachers while the internet gives a lot of information for the students who are looking for it. The internet provides interactive learning for students, parents and teachers who don’t have an English skill to gain knowledge by learning in a proper way. Furthermore, parents also can watch their children’s education by linking libraries, school or any other resource to improve their skills. Moreover, students can change the learning styles in internet and in the classroom. There will be more individual techniques that will be gained by the students rather than attending a physical class. In addition, they will be more independent in their studies and they will know how to handle most of the situations although it is hard in the beginning.

2.1 Up to date digital content

One of the internet benefits is up to date digital content. It shows that internet is much more important as it is growing up larger in this global and the resource availability is very much convenient to students as they can easily access to it to find the information needed. Not only that, but students are also able to access to any resources available virtually to do homework, prepare for their examination from any place with an internet connection, via digital library or can be called as digital technology as it allows students for a flexible time of teaching and learning. If the students are not able to follow the traditional way of lesson being conducted in school or any institutes for that matter, they can learn in their own pace and time whenever they can. In this new era, the traditional textbooks can become outdated and they are expensive to buy. With the use of internet, the content of textbook is refreshed and updated with a click of a button so students and also teachers can find recent updates in science, history and other curriculum subjects that is up to date.

2.2 Conducting research

According to Deore (2012), it will be easier for students and educators to conduct research using the internet as it is a dominant tool to search all the materials that is useful. In past years, the students and educators need to go to library and search through books in order to get either the particular information or any solutions. It can be difficult and inefficient compared to looking for information in internet on a computer. Meanwhile, nowadays most of the colleges offer online library systems which let the student to find any information regarding the subjects using their lab computers and also allow the students and educators to access information database of many articles that they can read through online.

One of the great advantages of the internet in education in these years is its function in e-learning as it is using course materials that exist partly in internet on a computer. It is learned to reduce a hard copy material which is a time waster. Even in some schools, they offer subjects that are utterly based on e-learning, assignments, and exams which are accessible online without face to face meetings that is required. By using e-learning, it consent students and educators with limited mobility, inflexible schedule to take the courses offered and study at times which is suitable for the learners. In addition e-learning also let the students and educators to learn in different rates and also subjects. The students and educators can also go through a specific course and finish it in half of the time of another learner. Most of the colleges are offering courses that are based on e-learning where the educator will be providing sufficient notes, course materials and also formative and summative exams through online such as assignments, quizzes and exams.

2.3 Huge source for students

Deore (2012) also said that internet can be the biggest source for students who are trying to search and look up for more and detailed information for a project or to do homework. In addition, the use of internet will also reduce the communication barriers for disabled students whereby they might have difficulty in getting to a library in the colleges. Moreover, students can have access to information such as in encyclopedias that may be set by their family. It also let the student and educators to read the latest news of course subjects that they are studying and also global news that happening currently. For an example, if they are studying any politics matter, they can do a news search on the politics and also find out the latest event that is happening in the world at that moment which can be helpful for them to look up and apply what they are learning in this current global.

In addition, it can also keep the students and educators paying attention in the subject so that the information that they receive will be up to date and they can also control the information input which will not be out of the topic. Meanwhile, the students may have concentration towards latest technology rather than using other type of traditional education. In the current world activity, the internet is very important for almost everyone. It is because the use of internet is one of the great and safest ways to help students and educator in education. It is also an advantage for tutors to look for information on subjects for giving lectures and it also allows the tutors to efficiently communicate with students through email. If in case the tutors want to spread important information regarding the assignments or tests, they can send an email to all their students to inform or give better tips or ideas on the topic being discussed.

2.4 Developing computer skills

Deore(2012) also said that using an internet will develop students’ and educators’ computer skills. The main computer skill will be typing words as fast as possible and look for information needed in correct and efficient way. When the educators and students use internet, definitely they will enhance their typing skills. They will become better at typing words, essays, etc. In addition, it also helps student and educators to improve their writing skills, searching for information and their readings. When the students start typing, the errors will be shown on the computer which will eventually teaches the students on writing correct sentence structures and this will improve their writing skills.

In some situations, the use of internet can help the students and educators with their thinking skills whereby they are facing with a lot of information than they possibly will ever use or need. When the students read more, they can gain a lot of information which can stimulate their brain to think deeper. They will have various ideas to discuss or argue on. It also involves them to sort out through the information found and decide what and which one is most important and relevant.

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The students can also have conversation with a lot of different type of students around the world who are studying the same things to exchange the information. For an example, nowadays many online courses use discussions boards, chats, and online student forums. The students need to know how to go into discussion board or forums and access notes that the lecturer uploaded. So, by knowing these basic skills, students will able to improve their computer skill and they will be able to make or create their own forums or discussion topics on the website. At the same time they can get more information from their friends from all over the world to make their points rich.

Detrimental effects of the internet on students

Even though there are plenty of benefits of internet on students, there are also many disadvantages of using internet. Since internet is a huge hub for information, everything can be found there and students may get exposed to all the unsuitable content in the internet that may affect the students’ attitude and behavior.

3.1 Exposure to inappropriate content

The disadvantage of internet for students is exposure to inappropriate content. The internet has a huge content which is not appropriate for the students. Especially when they are not supervised, the students may fall upon a large range of unsuitable content. For example the students might get exposed to self harm sites, pornography, sites with bad languages, music that is not suitable which has inappropriate language and violence, and also advertisement for adult products. Accordingly, the students may not talk to their parents and family about what they see online and with long-drawn-out exposure, they may build up behaviors that replicate what they have viewed or searched in the internet. They will be very eager to share what they see with their peers and influence will be lingering all over their friend and they will tend to do inappropriate things bravely with the support from their friends.

3.2 Addiction of internet

According to Young (2010), there are many activities which may encourage students to be addicted. Let’s say if a person has an addictive personality, they can be easily fall in doing the same activity for a longer period of time in line to change their mood or to get emotional. More time and battle is being needed to keep the same level of mood so, the activity can become like a drug. The addictive activities is like Facebook, games, interaction in forums, finding the latest information or starts a group of friends for chatting and gossips as the net effect is a form of addiction. Additionally, if the students have a minor social adjustment, emotional or mood confusions, the internet is used as a way to solve the variance or tension by doing something out in forums, blogs and addicted in group gaming or in any other ways. This will let the students suffer from the reactions of others which can make them to be far more aggressive than others and this will also let the person for emotional upset. This may also lead the students to react more aggressive and she/he will be going after the person who caused problems otherwise starts negative reaction or violence.

3.3 Stalkers/predator

As stated by Demerica (2009), another disadvantage of using the internet is about predators or stalkers. In this new era, there are many victims fall with predators or stalkers, most of them are students. Many cases involving students who were fascinated into a bad situation is with predators. It is easy for the stalker to act as if they are someone they are not, as the person on the other side of the chat can’t see them. Before the stalker attracts the students, they find out the personal information which is easier for them to make the students fall to them. It is like giving a gun to a cold blooded murderer. By getting the information of a person, the stalkers use it for every advantage so the student must be aware of the ways whereby they can protect their personal information when the students are on the internet. Virtual social network such as facebook, stalkers easy to get information of one person through it and the stalker will copy out the victims pictures and publish it using a fake facebook account and also to multiple sites. And the messages will be transmitted to the victim whereby they can be received it anytime or anywhere through email and also text messaging to the phones.

3.4 Fraud and theft

As said by Goessl (2010), the internet fraud and theft is the largest complaints that had been made by students and also public. There are many types of cyber crime such as cyberspace lurk identity thieves, embezzlers, structured group of cyber criminals, malware creators, copyright criminals and counterfeit businesses system for the reason of ripping people off whereby the student nor public easily get cheated by these cyberspace crime. “Unfortunately these and many other cyber crimes are continuing to rise. At the top of the list are those crimes related to some sort of fraud and theft. The Internet Crime Complaint Center logged 336,655 complaints in 2009 with a $559.7 million loss. This is a significant rise from 2008; the 2010 statistics will likely be released early spring 2011” (Goessl, 2010). In this current global, the internet has given cyber criminals with an ideal environment to lie, cheat and steal financial grow. They can easily target their victims globally which does not make an easy problem to solve as the law from corner to corner at the borders do not essentially align or agree. These situations make it easy for the criminal to create the actions in a country and then they will attack globally.


As a conclusion, internet may have detrimental effects on students but the benefits that the students can gain from the use of internet are plenty. Students cannot be halted or blocked from using the internet just for a few negative effects. They should be able to control the use of internet as they will not get addicted to it. Some privacy settings should also be set so that the students will not be able to visit unwanted websites and retrieve all the unwanted information. If the students use the internet wisely mainly for education purpose, they will definitely excel in their studies as many high-quality points or information related to studies are there. They can use all the information they get in their daily lives and that will eventually improve students’ critical and high thinking skills which will be very useful in their education as well as bringing up their own first-class lives.


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