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Communication As A Process Of Transmitting Information English Language Essay

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What is communication? Communication is a process whereby meaning transmit information from one person to another. Communications are the important in the world for every human or animal. While many of people think communication only belong of human, in fact, animal will also know communication, they using like as body language. We have spent more than 70 percent to speak for working or communicate daily in our life.

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Today’s, communicate are helping businessman to get success in their job, for example promotion of a product, customer services, and etc. A success company required a high quantity business communication. It is because communication can affect the customer’s confident and reliance. For example, have two salesmen are selling same of product, the first salesman has detail to promote his product and other one is simple to promote, when you asking them question, first salesman answer can make you satisfied, other one answer not fluent, even can’t answer. According to the above situation, you will buy with which one salesman? In addition, good communication can help business to solve a lot of problem, let business just move upward.

One will know other thinking and moods through communication language. It is hard to imagine a life where there is absolutely without communication.

1.3 Defined answer

Communications divided to 2 types that are verbal communication and non-verbal communication. Verbal are easy to appear in our normal life, is one way for people communicate face to face. As a child grows, start to learn how to form these sounds into words. Some of key components of verbal communication are sound, words, speaking, and language.

The other type of communications is non-verbal. It is transferring information a lack of words, but no meaning lack of vocalization. Some of key components of non-verbal communication are body language facial cues, personal grooming, hand gestures and graphical signs.

On the basic of a communication process, is including a sender, Encode, channel, decode, a receiver and feedback only can be communicate. The communication process begins with the sender and ends with the receiver, the communication process is made up of key components are encoding, medium of transmission, decoding and feedback.


Diagram 1

1.34 Sender

Firstly, Sender is faced with involves the encoding process to initiates the communication process. In order to convey meaning, the sender must begin encoding, which means translating information into a message in the form of symbol that represent idea or concepts and then, send that message to another person or organization to achieve some objective. The symbol can take on numerous forms such as, languages, words, or gestures. The senders may be an editor, a reporter, a filmmaker, a teacher, a writer or anybody who take the initiative to start a dialogue.

1.35 Encoding

Encoding is the formulation of messages in the sender mind, that is, the sender not only translates his purpose into a message and also decides on the medium to communicate his planned message. Senders need to choose the media are suitable for receiver can comprehend well. For example, an illiterate receiver will fail to understand a written, but can understand it well if told with the orally. Actually the purpose of communication is to influence the receiver and get favorable responses. a message can enhance or distort effective communication.

1.36 Channel of medium

To begin transmitting the message, the sender need used some kind of channel to convey the message. The kinds of channel have face to face, email, phone, fax, text message, advertising, group presentation, etc. choosing the appropriate channel, is can affect receiver to receive the message. It is because Success and fail of communication depends on the selection of the right channel. If sender relays a message through wrong channel, the message may not reach to the right receivers. That why senders need to keep in mind to selecting the appropriate channel will effectiveness of the receiver’s understanding.

1.37 Decoding

After selected the right channel, the message will enters the decoding stage of the communication process. Decoding is conduct by the receiver. The receiver begin to receive the symbol sent by sender, then the symbol message sent to the receiver’s brain for interpreting, in order to make the symbols be meaningful. A successful communication takes place, when the receiver can correctly to interpret the sender’s message. It is these processing stages that make up are called decoding.

1.38 Receiver

After decoding the process stages, the message is reach receiver’s brain. The receiver is the destination of the message. He may be a listener or a reader or a viewer of the message. He is a decoder who having understood the spirit of the message responds to it or gives necessary feedback. Sender can send their experiences, attitudes, knowledge, skills, perceptions, and culture to receiver through a message. But, needed follow sender between receivers their receptivity to the message, and the relationship and trust that exist.

1.39 Feedback

After the receiver process stage, arrive the feedback process stages. Feedback is receiver’s response of the message. Feedback is the final link in the communication process. Feedback tells the source how the receiver has interpreted each message. The message, which conveys lack of understanding, is known as negative message. Positive feedback, on the other hand indicates that the receiver has understood the source’s message. The effective communication is always sensitive to feedback and constantly modifies his or her messages as a result of the feedback received.

1.4 Noise

Noise is can damage or disruption the communication and make it ineffective at anytime. Environment is one of the major causes in the case, which can interfere with message reception. For example, noise from the roadside, like blaring loudspeaker, faulty transmission, etc, there are can making communication be disruption. Noise also can occur in other form. Such as poor handwriting, heavy accent or soft speech, communication in a poorly lit room, etc. For the smooth and effective communication, required have a nice timing, suitable place, right receiver and necessary to eliminate noise as far as possible.

1.5 How to know audience has received the right message

There are several ways that, we can ensure our audience get the right message, such as clarity, Completeness, Correctness, Conciseness and confident.

1.51 Clarity

Clarity of purpose is wanted to add much to the meaning of the message and making the message easier to understand. The first stage is clarity in the mind of the sender. The next stage is the easier transmission of the message in a manner which makes it simple for the receiver to understand. Clarity written message is avoid receiver misunderstanding of message and save the time. The now of world, everyone doing their work or anything also required fast, so that, they will take very little time to read and understand the message. Therefore, sender will require send a clarity message to receiver, avoid waste more the time. Actually, clarity is depends on the four factors. That is short and simple sentences, proper punctuation, giving definite and concrete details and logical sequence of ideas.

1.52 Completeness

Completeness is meaning completeness to show out your meaning or your point, when you in talking or writing. Sender required sending all of point in the message to receiver, if just sending half of point meaning to receiver. Receiver will cannot to understand the message.

1.53 Conciseness

Conciseness is meaning expressing a message in few words. It is means keeping to the point, using few words as possible without lack of clarity. Conciseness is achieved by eliminating all redundant words. Only relevant words and phrases are permitted in conciseness. It is because those redundant words can make confuse to receiver, on another way, long written can let receiver be weary of listen or watch, then cannot to get main meaning. As far as possible, only simple and brief statement should be made.

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1.54 Correctness

Correctness of purpose is correct use of grammar, message composition and appropriate words and adapting the right level of communication to suit the receiver’s level, determine the correctness of communication. At the time of encoding, the sender should ensure that his knowledge of the receiver is same level. It is because same level of knowledge only can be communicated. For an example, one of people use the broken English to talk with another people, but that people is use profession English. Thus, they cannot talk with each other. Over writings, wrong spellings, faulty grammar, poor sentence construction etc may distract the readers and lead to misunderstanding. Therefore, it is essential that the sender should be sure the correctness of the information before transmitting it to the receiver.

1.55 Confident

When to talking, presentation, explaining something or promoting, people should be confident. It is because, as humans have faith, do what matter will also can success. When be confident, your voice should be loud enough and at a controlled pace, and your body language should be strong with a straight back, meaningful gestures. When you have researched and prepared well, you feel confident, and you can let that shine through.

2.0 Question 2

As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product*, explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one (1) advertisement for your product.

*student may decide on whatever product that they wish

2.1 Define question 2

The now advertisement is very important in the world. It is purchase or takes some action upon products, ideas, and services to its target audience. They required know their name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer. As in the following, consumer will buy these products and buying rate will increase. In fact, there are many ways to spread an advertisement message in the world. Such as online advertisement, print advertisement, electronic advertisement, and mobile advertisement.

2.11 Online medium

Online advertisement is a simply a term relates to advertisement, it a form of promotion that via the internet for expressed purpose of marketing the message transmitting to the customers and attract them. In the online advertisement, the website web page is very important, that is could success on consumers being drawn to their products only in home page. It is because, every consumer will be watched in this home page, then decision whether he wants the information. The now, majority of the people spend their work and leisure time to sit in front of their computer on the internet. Thus, online advertisement also is the nice way to promote their product. In the online advertising have several different type of advertisement. Such as email advertising, web banners, pop-up advertisements and etc.

2.12 Print medium

Advertisements are many forms to found in many places in the world. One of forms is known as print advertising, it forms is a traditional forms and very popular in the advertisement medium. It is because these categories of medium can reach such large audience, and the great numbers of specialized publications on the market enable businesses to focus on a target audience with a specific set of characteristics. Actually, print advertising have to divide into several type. Such as Newspaper, magazines, yellow pages, flyer and etc. there are all of print advertising type.

2.13 Electronic medium

Electronic medium primary purpose is promoting to audience via electronic medium. Such as video recording, audio recording, multimedia presentations, slide presentations, TV advertising, etc. electronic medium also be a famous medium at the world. It is because the now multimedia are very useful, and very popular. Therefore, they using promoting their product via multimedia will have a lot people to watching. In addition, using multimedia have many color and important is have 3D images that is can to attracting many of audience. These are advertising can detail and lively to explain their product.

2.14 Mobile Medium

According to human survey, people have 60 percent is in outside a daily. So that, use the mobile medium also is a best choice. It is because when people in outside will can using the vehicle or can see the vehicle. So that, at the time showing some advertising at the vehicle, people will go and see it. Mobile medium have to appear in some of place such as train the cases, bus the cases, etc. Another of mobile medium, is needed using in hand phone such as SMS, MMS, etc. These are use the message be advertising via hand phone. So that, this type of medium need from a people to send to each other.

2.2 Print medium to advertising Computer Pen

Our companies are choosing the print medium to be our advertising. It is because print medium have many of benefit for our used and suit for use in today’s world. Today’s world, the pollution is more and more grave, we needed reduce any pollution are continues. So that, using print medium is the best choice, cause by print medium can recycle. We can use print medium such as newspapers to promote our company new launch product. Newspapers are inexpensive to promote the product, our only need to use a little money can do a very good advertising and it is wide a type of advertising, many of people are have to watch the newspaper. Another advantage of this medium is different rates and sizes, look at the various sizes of advertising in the newspaper. Newspapers normally have several standard sizes and all the sizes have their price in the newspaper. Actually, a newspaper is by a lot of news or advertisement being formed. So that, this also is a very popular of reason. In another of print medium, such as magazines, flyer, etc. those are also very popular for young people, magazines have to attracting young people, it always is appear up to date new in the magazines, so that, young people very like. So that, our product if using this print medium to promoting is a best choice.

Above of flyer is our company product, purpose of flyer is let audience can be understand what the product are produce in our company and attracting them to buying it. This flyer has to using WordArt to be the product’s name, let audience known what the name of product. In the top left and right corner have to use two picture to explain the function of production. Let audience can be clearing to know the function of product. The yellow color is to telling benefit of the product and it having to use Gungsuh font and 20 size fonts. It of purpose is let audience can be attention it. At the base, that is our company of name address and contact no, it is using red color to design the fonts.

3.0 Conclusion

As a conclusion, business communication is an important and the best thing. In the business communication have teaching us how to communication with each other. In fact, communicate have a several of stage to process the communication. We need to clearing understand all of communication process. Therefore, afterwards we can use in society and our daily life.

In my opinion, business communication is very useful in our life, this can when we are in the society, no need to scare about the communication and can process efficiency increased. Therefore, we must need to learn it, avoid afterwards have to appear any problem.


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