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Era Of Information Explosion English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 2286 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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We now live in an era of information explosion and the digital revolution that changed a lot in the world has seen in recent years major changes as a result of rapid technological developments in different aspects of life, where they became dependent on information technology and knowledge. Because modern technology has become a partner in the workplace, where they entered in all places of work in developed countries. Today we need to take us from this complex reality into reality more flexible Where we must take advantage of smart technology and computers and used to facilitate the analysis and interpretation of natural language automatically must be a computer program is able to detect the syntactical structure of the sentence or tracking semantic meaning of text, it may be impossible to do all these tasks machine .

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There a great relationship between the content analysis, artificial intelligence, where serves content analysis of artificial intelligence in many fields, including sociology, psychology, marketing and media where the effect content analysis at the point of linking the concepts and what kind of relations with each other, artificial intelligence is the science of respect simulated intelligence began in the fifties the last century

has been concerned by the other sciences became of artificial intelligence now many applications, where he became artificial intelligence exists around us in a lot of places

Definitions :

“content analysis is a research technique for the objective, systematic, and quantitative description of the manifest content of communication, Berelson (1952) ” .

“says that it is any technique for making inferences by systematically and objectively identifying specified characteristics of messages ,Holsti (1968)” .

“Artificial intelligence is concerned with the attempt to develop complex computer programs that will be capable of performing difficult cognitive tasks, (Eysenck,. (1990)” .

“The art of creating machines that perform functions that require intelligence when performed by people, (Kurtweil, 1990) ” .

content analysis & Artificial intelligence (AI) :

Content analysis of the relationship words together and put synonyms and the relationship of the word in the text and other things on the analysis of the content plays an important role in the development of the science of artificial intelligence …

Natural language processing :

There are many similarities between the natural language processing and content analysis. Where that content analysis based on disassembly and deduction. That is mean it dismantles the text to see the single-frequency in the text or article, Then extrapolates the relationship between every other word. On the other side, we find that the natural language processing depends on :

First: morphological analysis: interested in learning about grammatical relations between words and sentences and also interested in knowing pronouns that is matching words and sentences together and all grammatical information in general .

Second: grammar analysis: interested in learning about relationships between words between each other also cares about and structure of the sentence . and based on morphological stage .

Third: semantic analysis: the part that is interesting in understand the meaning of the sentence by matching logical information and it depends on both the morphological and grammatical stage .

We find that the natural language processing has several stages first is automated reading of texts and speech recognition, which is morphological analysis and know what type of words and the relationship between the pronouns between each other and accurate understanding of it because often we find two sentences completely alike in the way of writing, but the meaning of the two is quite different. Example: “we gave monkeys banana because she was hungry,” and ” we gave monkeys banana because it was ripe ” , Grammatical configuration is similar, but the pronoun in the first word back to monkeys, and in the second back to banana .Understand correctly sentence is not possible without knowledge of the properties of monkeys and behavior of bananas .

The third phase is to generate text or speech and can automatically generate speech in several was, including the previous generation of speech recording, which is characterized by a limited number of recorded vocabulary, and this way has art technical nature only; This means that they do not have any relationship with the language. also the former can generate speech analysis, where it is in this way coded list of vocabulary required pronunciation audio signal pressure. But in a way to generate speech by the rules, demonstrating aspects of language to generate continuous speech without being restricted to a limited number of vocabulary. The next stage is the automatic translation of the text a similar way to generate texts where written words are converted into machine codes understand .

Search engine :

Libraries in traditional form was the main source of information when a lot of the beneficiaries, and with the advent of modern technology, which has become ubiquitous and the emergence of what is known as a network Web (WWW) World Wide Web thus the libraries convert their holdings to digital format to become available on the web, to good classification and collection of such massive amounts of information and millions of pages that on the Internet and that arise daily need to artificial intelligence means we need to machine a smart play these operations to provide for beneficiaries in manner warehouse and organizer .Increased information on the Web has forced designers to develop intelligent systems for high efficient in exploration .

The beginning the search engines is a software program that helps to find documents stored on the Web and retrieval has been built so that it is building indexes of documents form the basis of the data helps in finding the required data.

the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista

There is the possibility of developing new tools for search engines to search for information based on artificial intelligence. Where artificial intelligence systems have characteristics closer to natural language understanding .intelligence systems know the things Because it do text and Concepts analysis , and thus it provides greater capabilities of current search engines .

Search engines regular see the web is a block of words jammed in millions of pages ,Search engines google discriminate efficiently of linkage between words,

the relationship of the text word, its proximity word from word by user searches

by efficient linkage between words .

For example, when you search in the Google search engine for a word and there is wrong grammatical or linguistic Thus Google gives word says Did you mean this, of course, the search engines don’t understand the word, but programmed to compare the words with each other and their Keyword Match or conformity .

example when you search for “books about women,” it may looking for word books and the word woman without searching for the word “about” thus results show approach to the search result for books women .

search engines seeking to link between words and put the conclusions and determine the relationship between words to find her outside web pages that abound in which these words and therefore usually appear at the top of the search results list .. and this engine can think and future task for intelligent engine Which he relies in his work on the link between the important parts of the information in the different pages and spaced pages on the web to get and find intended result .

If we seek to Smarter Information processing, (Search engines with artificial intelligence techniques) , (Smart engines on the web):

Is the engine that understands what is meant by the user

So that machines can know what is meant by user and make use of the technology and the potential of artificial intelligence to facilitate and increase the efficiency of search and information retrieval .

the field of communications technology, artificial intelligence and computer have significant capabilities in processing digital content sources on the Internet from the analysis and formulation of synonyms and other upgrade services

There intelligent engine was developed looking at images for example browser displays the image and shows similar things, in addition to the stores that you can Buy them, etc. All of this needs analysis and intelligence together

There is also Google Squarad is engine enjoy artificial intelligence in that it does not display pages only, but looking for the facts that it finds on the Internet and categorizes them . Its aim is to meet the needs of beneficiaries and access directly to the information they want.

Summary for the Semantic Web :

Web inventor is Tim Berners-Lee ,Its aim is to make machines understand what means the contents of the web page .Therefore can for future programs that serve us because it gives the smart results supported by artificial intelligence.

we need in the Semantic Web for Ontology: it is a representation of the concepts in a particular area and their relationship to these two languages​​, and other languages ​​are built together. Ontology use the RDF or OWL language

Semantic Web provides a logical outcome of such thinking humans. Where we can ask the future of search engines that are looking for a particular concept and bring pages does not mention concept, but it’s a smart engines know that talking about this concept requested by the user .

“Seeks artificial intelligence in providing machinery and search engines are able to simulate human intelligence, the artificial intelligence systems to come for us to looking for everything and perhaps to search for you” .

Expert Systems:

Are programs artificial intelligence that mimic human performance and behavior. It was built to storing The knowledge and experience in a particular field. Is aims to transfer human intelligence to computer systems through the design of software and computing that mimic human behavior , thinking and Find appropriate solutions to Problems and ability the system to be Processed that Problems in correct ways or the lowest possible errors .

Expert system consists of three main parts :

Knowledge base (Contains information and knowledge about Particular field) ,

inference engine ( system for Sort and select appropriate knowledge bases and processed the knowledge and management )and User Interface ( Preparation of appropriate tools for interaction between the user and the knowledge ) .

Using of expert systems in indexing processes it is indexing descriptive or indexing objective a particular topic through which rules are arranged access points and lists of subject headings and therefore the use of indexes to facility the search and retrieval process .The expert systems have been contributed to the development Create MARC record 6 and to apply some of the rules in AACR2 for cataloging

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Using Expert Systems to analysis of Full texts or in the form of texts and multimedia (voice, image, animated movies … ect) and in accordance with specific criteria . He is allows the user to enter appropriate words to him in a system where the apparent meaning of the words that you have the same meaning or has the relationship between him .This system for the management of electronic texts as well as linking information more easily with the knowledge base and which lead to the development of the ability to search and retrieval in a particular subject or particular field . And also the systems able to classification the text into predefined categories based on their content and Availability the content in electronic form then retrieval the text by text retrieval systems and when user searching for this content and find . The systems describes his works a successful text classifier .


Through this research conclude that artificial intelligence is the science of helped solve a lot of problems which require high accuracy and response speed and has been able to simulate the machine and It has many of the capabilities such ( logical thinking, planning and cognition, as well as the ability to make decisions and change things)and the ability to store and handle with the vast amounts of information

This has helped artificial intelligence in analyze the content either using expert systems, which is one of the programs of artificial intelligence and capacity to know and experience in several fields including field of analysis, whether analyzing texts or analyzing media , classification and information retrieval . Easy operation describe the information and analyzed in accurate manner to become easy retrieval .Or natural language processing that morphological analysis and linguistic analysis of the sentences to reach on a clear meaning. In general artificial intelligence helped in facilitate and develop many things, including reported above and the development of many areas such(Computer Science, medicine and other ). but is considered the areas of artificial intelligence is limited compared to human activity.


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