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Forms Of Communication Within The Workplace English Language Essay

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People who are in work tend to focus on the success of the exchange . They show compassion, awareness and concern for others, they use good listening skills, is their own concern and need to know. These people are open and approachable, the support of others. Communication is any behavior, verbal or nonverbal, perceived by another. Knowledge, feelings or thoughts to encode and send and receive at least one person, by at least one other decoder. This message means that the receiver to the interpretation of the message. Communication between the people to establish a connection. Let us understand ourselves and communicate with the world around us, to share experiences with others, to persuade and influence others, to relax and enjoy.

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Forms of communication

Each channel of communication are requires skills to the form of communication and that is used to send the message. The communication is classified into the three forms . Three forms are verbal communication either spoken or written , nonverbal and graphic . The communication skills is in the spoken , written , nonverbal and graphic communication are all important in the workplace . These forms of communication send messages through various channels. Verbal communication can take the forms of spoken words between two or more than one person , or written words in written communication . Nonverbal communication is send by any means other than words or graphics . Nonverbal communication occur in oral , write and graphic communication , and in oral communication these include facial expression , body movement , posture and dress . Format and layout are written and graphical components of nonverbal communication. Graphic communication represents ideas , relationship or connections visually with shapes , diagrams and lines . The graphic communication can have both of verbal and nonverbal components for example some of the ‘no smoking’ signs displayed in the public places . The public place like restaurant , shopping mall and so on . The ability to communicate is learn by gaining skills from others and from experience . As the experience widens ,.new learning take place . The style of communication individuals and organisations develops through using and adapting new techniques. Anyone who will believes they can control the communication process is unaware that the communication is an intricate , interactive process . An interactions of several elements affect the people communicating . You can do a great deal to influence the communication process but you cannot control someone else’s perception , outlook , values and attitudes. The each of these affects way communication will received .

The communication process

The process of the communication is the dynamic and the interactive . The process like someone sends or receives and in the between these is a message . The information flows ,people place meaning and the structure on the variety of the messages received from another . And the process of communication takes place in various situations for different reasons with the potential for many interpretations . It have seven main elements in the process of the communication . The seven main elements of the communication process are sender , message , receiver , feedback , channel , context or setting and interference or noise . There are many models of the communication process . The diagrams presented in the chapter are representations of how communication works . And it should be stressed that they cannot be a complete guide or they take the most significant elements of the process communication and place these in a useful sequence . The communication occurs , the sender and the receiver interact by sending (encoding)and receiving(decoding)messages.

The sender

The sender are individuals who react to the situations from unique vantage point and interpreting ideas and filtering experiences through their own perception. The unique to the individual senders and integral to all the communication they engage in , it is a background of accumulated attitudes ,experiences , skills , cultural conditioning and individual differences that influences how they communicate . And the sender encodes some idea or the feeling in the words or the signs that the receiver will recognize and transmits this message to the receiver .



Self-concept Self-concept

Family Family

Culture Culture

Skills Skills

Feelings Feelings

Attitudes Attitudes

Values                        Values



The messages is the idea to feeling transmitted from the sender to the receiver to achieve understanding each another . The message is make a connection between to sender and the receiver .

The receiver

The receiver decodes or the interprets the message to achieve understanding . The receiver is acting as an individual from the unique vantage point , interpreting the idea according to the particular personal perception of the messages . The perception is the result of the receiver’s unique background of the experience , belief , concerns and other factors . Perception is a significant influence on communication and it is useful to look closely at it . It is a way people understanding or give a meaning to their environment . The perception and interpretation of the same message various according to how each individual’s perception is influence by the experience , attitudes , and belief and a range of the acquired skills or the expectations . The example is one person will perceive the colour blue as cool , peaceful and comfortable while other person may see the blue clour like old fashion or formal . That meaning is influence by past experience . Even the context or the setting of the communication affects if the perception . It can be compare with a pair of spectacles , through which the process all the signals received from others . The glasses place a particular focus on what we see , understand , hear and influence way we react to the message .Particular colour and focus of the message are affected by the pair of glasses worn .

Expectation self-concept experience

Feelings perception attitudes and


Family culture communication skill                    


These is a constant feeling back of the information as people interact . Like encouraging the speaker to continue , listeners respond in the way that to show their comprehension and the acceptance or non-acceptance of the message. It is an important part of the successful interpersonal communication and the receiver’s response to the sender’s message , and can be intentional or unintentional . Feedback is gives the communication continuity , indicates understanding or misunderstanding of the message and the stimulates further communication or discussion . Both of sender and receiver need to feedback . Feedback can help or hinder your communication and climax you created . At workplace most people communicate are face to face with their leader or the manager or the supervisors , so the ability is to provide appropriate feedback can be assit the development of good working relationship and the productivity of the business .

Communication channel

It mean the technique use to signal or convey a message . The example like a conversation , television program , radio or telephone call . The information technology provides a fast channel of the communication that is become more wisely available and easier to use than in the past and it also used to store , send , receive and present information . All the organization have internal channel of communication and the external channels .

Channel tv , telephone speaking , pc writing

Sender receiver

Self-concept message Self-concept

Family Family

Culture interference Culture

Skills Skills

Feelings Feelings

Attitudes feedback Attitudes

Value Value

Context environment , status , time


It is consists of the situation , circumstances or the setting within which communication take place . The context is playing an important part in how the message is encoded and decode . Same message can have a complete different meaning depend on the situation , since the emotions and reactions to the ideas and events vary in different situations. The example communication at a conference , in the lunchroom , formal meeting or in the office is take place in different settings . It may use different language , authority and relationship to achieve the different communication purpose in each of the situation .

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Interference or noise

The message received is not necessarily the same as the message sent . Another than the intended message is received because noise , or the interference , interrupts the intended message . Send a message by electronic mail to a person who is afraid of the technology and unable to access to the computer screen and communication barrier will occur because the channel is inappropriate in the case . Write a memo or business letter to a person and the message is not easily to be understand and accept .


If either one of the communication process is fail , the whole process of communication will not be successful .


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