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How To Be An A Star Student English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 666 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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You are student counselor and have attended a seminar on how to be an A-star student. Write an article on “Study Smart and Do Well in Exams” for the Collage magazines. As a student counselor i would like to share some opinion that may help in future study and for your examination. An effective study comes differently for different students : and it mainly comes down to personal preference. By the way may some techniques and resources work best , and incorporate in your study.

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As a studying candidates first you must keep physically fit and rested always by being good to yourself for example keep yourself always taken the healthy meals and drink . Secondly you should use textbooks so that can get points for your major studies and also try to use variety studying techniques like tape chapters and use index cards for quick review by keeping them simple notes like mind mapping and at the same time you should review and read the notes out loud.

Other than that are you “normal” , a night owl or an early bird? If yes means try to study according to your biological clock by reset your schedule in a proper way. At the same time, try to eliminate stress in your life and do some exercise that became the best antidote , make extra

credit mandatory and also never miss a class.

Finally beside that you also should do well in exam like clarify the topics with the instructor that helps you covered in the exam and it is an important step because it clarifies what to study for an exam. You also have to very clarify with the major study that you have been studied by sharing your opinion with friend when you have times and it also may help you to get good grade in your exam. On the other hand create a summary of studies a guide to refer studying a topic for example annotate thorough and write down everything you need to read and practice. In conclusion student should follow above steps to get a good result in their exams.


2. What is happiness? What constitutes happiness for one and not for another?


HAPPINESS….the main purpose of life is become happy by country or society people who live in and they have the same deep desire to become happy forever and after. A true happiness found in the state of our hearts and you will never find It if you don’t challenge your weaknesses and change yourself from within. And also happiness can found in dynamism and energy of own life as struggle to overcome one obstacle after another.

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Anyway they are two kinds of happiness “relative” and “absolute” happiness. The relative happiness is depends on things outside like friends and family, surroundings , the size of our home or family income. This is what we feel or something we have longed for is obtained such things that real and change. This kind of happiness shatters easily when external conditions alter .

By the other hand absolute happiness is something we must find for it like establishing a state of life in which are never defeated by trials and where just being alive is a source of great joy. It also can say that a deep sense of joy which can only exist in the innermost reaches of our life , and which cannot be destroyed external force but it is eternal and in exhaustible.

For instance, we should compare who we are today against who we were yesterday, who we are today against who we will be tomorrow and obvious, true happiness is found in a life of constant advancement. And same worries that could have made us miserable can actually be a source of growth when we approach them with courage and wisdom.

As a conclusion, happiness can get by many way but it depends in what kind of ways we get and in what ways we go on it like example how we enjoying it in a proper way. By the end try to make people around us happy and keep or make them smile in peace so that everyone can be joy always.


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