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Mount Everest, Nepal

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Mount Everest, Nepal

All the famous mountain climbers must’ve felt amazed when they went onto this mountain. Come to Nepal and see the amazing Mount Everest in person! It is just around the corner of Nepal, Tibet and China. All the mountain climbers that has came to this wonderful place has gone through an amazing experience. This colossal mountain is one of the largest wonders of the world, find out how you would react once you try to climb this mountain made by nature!

You will go on an amazing trip and feel like you’ll never want to leave this structure of nature when you come to Nepal. Find out what people come here for and brag about once they come back from their trip. You’ll do the same for sure because this place is a wondrous land of nature.

Location :

The things that you would find in Nepal would be Mt. Everest. It is part of the Himalaya mountain range, and on the border of Nepal and Tibet. The world’s highest peak above the sea level! It is the world’s highest most unreachable mountain. Mount Everest was formed about 60 million years ago to reach this high of a mountain. In Tibet they called Mount Everest “Chomolungma” which means mother goddess of the universe. In Nepal they call Mount Everest “Sagarmatha” which means goddess of the sky. In china they call Mount Everest “Zhumulangma” which means goddess of the sky. In 1865, Mt. Everest was named after Sir George Everest which used to be known as Peak 15. Mount Everest is right on the border of Nepal beside our friends Tibet and China. The summit of Mt. Everest’s ridge separates Nepal from Tibet. The height of Mt. Everest is 29,035 feet (8,850 meters) or 5 and a half miles above the sea level. The latitude and longitude of this stunning mountain is 27?9?6” North as latitude and 86?5?0” East as longitude.

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In the beginning of the year, the temperatures drop to as low as -76degrees Fahrenheit which is -60degrees Celsius. Glaciers cover the slopes of Everest to its base. Individual glaciers that consume the mountain are the Kangshung Glacier to the East, Central, and West Rongbuk glaciers to the north and northwest; the Pumori Glacier to the northwest; and the Khumbu Glacier to the west and south, which is filled by the glacier bed of the Western Cwm, an enclosed valley of ice between Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse Ridge to the south. Glacial action has been the primary force behind the heavy and continuous erosion of Everest and the other high Himalayan.

Other Attractions and Accommodations:

Nepal offers amazing and unique sights and experiences that many of the typical traveling destinations lack. Nepal has been open to tourism for just over fifty years and has seen a rise in visitors. One of the main tourist magnets in Nepal is the beast of a hill, called Mount Everest. Mount Everest is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nepal. Mount Everest is truly magnificent. The summit of the mountain, which is the world’s tallest, is a goal that many climbers have looked to reach. While climbing to the top, it is an impressive goal accomplished by only those that are brave and bold enough to try. You can enjoy Everest at altitudes much lower than the highest peak. Mount Everest does not offer hiking trails to visitors. But there are many hiking routes in the surroundings of Himalayan Mountains that offer stunning views of the great mountain. You can embark on a day, week, or ten day trek up to view some of the impressive sights if you are the adventurous type. If you do go for the hike. The best time of the year to go are in the early spring and fall. While Mount Everest may be the most popular attraction in Nepal, there are many towns, cities, and countryside villages that are worth checking out too. Kathmandu is the country’s main city. It is the metropolitan capital of Nepal, and any visitor will know this when he or she steps into the bustling streets. In addition to a thriving economy, there is a place with amazingly constructed temples, shrines, and ancient palaces made in Durbar Square, located in the middle of the city. Here the tourist can engage in shopping, while viewing stunning architecture laced in Hindu charm. Most tourists will want to stay in the city for at least a night or longer because it is magnificent. There are many hotels to pick that offer a lot of accommodations. One of the more popular spots is the Hotel Yak & Yeti. The Hotel Yak & Yeti is on Durbar Marg, which is just east of the Royal Palace.


People would climb this mountain by riding on yaks. It is a large animal that resembles looks of a buffalo. They would bring oxygen tanks, warm clothing, food and other resources that can help them along the way.


There are sea carves on the mountain and along the way you will find valleys and seracs.

Effects Of The Physical Environment On Tourism:

People would ski on the mountain and have other expeditions. The people on the mountain range often pollute the air which makes the temperature warmer. It would be impossible for them to reach to peak of the mountain because they would run out of oxygen and there are many difficult obstacles along the way up. The elevation of Mount Everest increases about 2.4 inches a year which is 6.1 centimetres per year. There aren’t many things that got transport you when your on Mount Everest which brings the fun. You can do many snow activities there if you are planning to go. If you come to Mt. Everest, you would never want to leave or go to another place again!



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